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jessibud2 reads off her own shelves in 2019

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Jan 1, 11:12pm Top

There! It's in my title so I have to do it, right? Except for the 5 library holds that will come my way at some point (hopefully not all in the same week!), I am DETERMINED to find books from my own shelves and floor piles to fill my category challenges this year. Determined, I say! Others might use words such as ambitious, unrealistic. We shall see....

Happy New Year - let the games begin!

Edited: Dec 31, 2018, 11:20pm Top

Edited: Dec 31, 2018, 11:26pm Top

I have 2 main goals this year (apart from reading more books than I did in 2018): I want to read books from among those I own, in the hope of clearing some shelf space and I want to clear off my Bookcrossing TBR shelf. I have about 25 BC books that need to be moved on and I am determined to read through those this year. There is really no reason that this shouldn't be accomplished. Well, no reason, other than some distractions along the way….. But I will be positive and optimistic about it all!

Dec 31, 2018, 11:56pm Top

>1 jessibud2: I applaud your efforts to read your own books!! That's my goal, too! Here's to us.

Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 9:01am Top

Happy new year, Kim, and thanks for being first on my new thread!

I think LT may be hung over. When I post on any thread, then go back to my starred thread list, it still shows as unread and hasn't popped to the top of the list of new posts. Oh well, take your time, LT. Slow and easy... ;-)

Jan 1, 9:04am Top

Happy 2019! I also have a goal to read from my shelves this year and hope to remove or properly shelve at least 30!

Jan 1, 9:47am Top

Uh-oh. LT is hung over! Not saving new posts yet this morning. I have made a few and none are showing anywhere, including my own thread. This is my second attempt

Jan 1, 10:23am Top

I had the same thing happen-but everything appeared after a few minutes.
Happy Reading for 2019!

Jan 1, 10:27am Top

Happy New Year, Shelley and Happy New Thread. Looking forward to sharing another year of books and birds with you! I started my bird-feeder tally this morning and I am all ready at 7 species.

Jan 1, 10:49am Top

Happy New Year!

Edited: Jan 1, 11:21am Top

>8 torontoc: - Things seem back to normal now, Cyrel. Some weird glitch, I guess.

>9 msf59: - Hi Mark! Did you ever sign up for the official Project Feeder Watch? This is my 6th year or so doing it. I haven't seen any juncos at all so far but maybe they are confused by the weird weather. We have absolutely no snow here at all. We had a bit of a dusting earlier in the week but the heavy rain last night washed it all away and it feels like spring outside. I won't complain too much but honestly, how can anyone not *believe* in climate change?! It is a bit worrisome!

>10 The_Hibernator: - Hi, Rachel! Welcome to my thread! Happy new year!

Jan 1, 11:33am Top

Much good reading to you in 2019, Shelley.

Jan 1, 11:42am Top

Thanks, Richard. And to you.

I am beginning my reading year with a book I actually started last week, from the library: Vincent and Theo. However, it's a heavy hard cover so I just renewed it and will read it until Wednesday, and take a few lighter-weight books when I travel on the train to Montreal on Thursday. While I am not feeling wowed by the writing, the Van Goghs have always been a bit of an obsession for me so I will definitely finish it.

I also just enrolled in my doc cinema's newest Sunday morning series, called Doc Soup Sunday. I was delighted to see that one of the films featured is about Vincent Van Gogh.

Doc Soup Sundays

>8 torontoc: - Cyrel, have you seen this?

Jan 1, 12:38pm Top

Welcome back!

Jan 1, 12:42pm Top

Happy New Year. May it be filled with great reads and discoveries

Jan 1, 12:57pm Top

>13 jessibud2: No I haven't seen the film about Van Gogh yet- it is on my list of those to see!

Jan 1, 3:47pm Top

Happy reading in 2019, Shelley!

Jan 1, 4:14pm Top

Hi Shelley my dear, I have dropped my star off and will be visiting regularly dear friend.

Jan 1, 4:47pm Top

>14 drneutron:, >15 figsfromthistle: >, 17, >18 johnsimpson: - Thanks, Jim, figs, Anita and John!

Jan 1, 6:23pm Top

I love the thoughtfulness of your thread title, Shelley! I hope it helps you stick to your priorities for the year.
I'm dropping off my star. Looking forward to another year of reading with friends!

Edited: Jan 11, 10:05am Top

Happy 2019
A year full of books
A year full of friends
A year full of all your wishes realised

I look forward to keeping up with you, Shelley, this year.

Jan 1, 6:50pm Top

>20 EBT1002: - Well, Ellen, so do I! (fingers crossed...)

>21 PaulCranswick: - Happy new year, Paul! Wishing you a great year ahead, too!

Jan 1, 8:15pm Top

Look forward to following your reading in 2019 Shelley. All the best!

Jan 1, 8:50pm Top

Happy new year, Shelley!

I am also determined to read off my shelves this year. Good luck to both of us!

Jan 2, 12:25am Top

Starred! Happy New Year, Shelley!

Jan 2, 1:09am Top

Happy New Year and happy new thread, Shelley. Looks like I'll be reading The Massey Murder around the same time that you will.

Jan 2, 6:22am Top

Happy New Year, Shelley. Good luck clearing off those shelves.

Jan 2, 8:22am Top

Thanks Mary, Katie, Madeline, Meg and Beth! It's a chilly one here this morning!

I have 2 books on the go at the moment, started before the end of last month, so those will become part of my January firsts. Unfortunately, both are from the library. So much for my great big *plan*. And wouldn't you know it, I have one book and 3 audiobooks from the library all on their way to me now! I have been on wait lists for them for months and am about to get hit big-time. BUT... the 3 books I am taking with me to Montreal tomorrow are all off my shelf! Ha, so there!

Jan 2, 8:52am Top

Don't you hate when all your holds come at once!

Jan 2, 9:14am Top

>29 ChelleBearss: - Yes, I do, especially since I am not a fast reader at all. I will likely end up needing to renew at least a few of them. When I pick them up, I'll ask if any of them are not renewable due to demand and that may determine the order I read them.

First world problem, for sure, I know...

Jan 2, 10:46am Top

Happy New Year, Shelley!

Edited: Jan 2, 8:54pm Top

I hear you about trying to read more off our own shelves. A perennial struggle as this quote attests!

"The truth is, I have bought a great many books lately to a great value; but I think to buy no more books till Christmas next, and those that I have will so fill my two presses, that I must be forced to give away some or make room for them, it being my design to have no more at any time for my proper library than to fill them." ~Samuel Pepys, January 10, 1668

Jan 2, 8:59pm Top

>30 jessibud2: So true about holds all showing up at the same time! Argh. But it is a nice problem to have. Have fun in Montreal!

Edited: Jan 2, 10:19pm Top

>31 kidzdoc: - Hi Darryl. Thanks and to you, too!

>32 michigantrumpet: - Ha! It's not just *our* problem, is it?

>33 Berly: - Yes, Kim, and 2 of the 3 on their way are audiobooks (Becoming and In Pieces). Oh well.

Jan 3, 6:27am Top

Happy New Year Shelley!

Good luck with reading off your shelves.

Jan 3, 7:50am Top

Happy New Year, Shelley!

Jan 3, 8:06am Top

Hi Ella, thanks and to you, too!

Welcome to my thread, Stasia! Happy new year

Jan 3, 10:09am Top

>32 michigantrumpet: Tsundoku became a thing the day after Gutenberg invented movable type.

Hiya Shelley, hope it's not grey and gloomy there like it is here.

Jan 3, 10:16am Top

Setting my cushion down Shelley.

>13 jessibud2: I'm a big Vincent Van Gogh fan Shelley. I love his letters, and am about to take an illustrated volume of selected letters off the shelf. I have the massive 6 volume complete (as far as they had them, but think more have been found since) set, but read slowly through those.

I met three of his paintings in Bilbao last weekend.

Jan 3, 10:44am Top

Happy New Year, Shelley! I love that topper image.

Jan 3, 5:03pm Top

Hi Shelley! Happy new year and happy new thread.

Good luck reading off your own shelves. Maybe your success can be my inspiration.

Edited: Jan 4, 8:17am Top

I finished my first book of 2019 during my train ride to Montreal this afternoon. Exit West got a lot of buzz here, if I remember correctly and it's the book up for discussion at the end of this month at my library so since it was on my shelf, I read it in the hope that maybe I will drop in and see if this is a group I may want to join. However, I am not sure what I think of it.

It's a story of migration and that is, of course, timely and important. It's more than that, though; I liked the introspective parts, and the philosophical aspects of it, too. But - call me anal - I really felt annoyed and at times, put off by the author's *structure*. There were pages and pages where entire paragraphs were comprised of one massively long run-on sentence. The word *and* appeared in those sentences over and over again. And the magical realism of the *doors*, well, maybe that's a style, but it isn't my style. I don't know what I actually expected this book to be but I was left feeling that I missed something. It may be worth joining the library discussion group for that aspect alone!

I will start Old Men at Midnight tonight, for the AAC challenge for January.

Jan 4, 1:10am Top

>42 jessibud2: I still want to finish this one, but I started it and was not impressed. I am taking a long break.

Jan 4, 8:15am Top

>42 jessibud2: - Sorry that one didn't work for you, Shelley. I loved it, and have read it twice now. My book group had a great discussion of it early last year.


Edited: Jan 4, 3:59pm Top

I started Old Men at Midnight last night and so far, so good. Almost from the first page, I realized that one of the main characters is Davita and that her *harp* is a major *thing*, so I feel it's not a stretch to assume that this book may be a sequel to Potok's book Davita's Harp. I am hoping that I don't need to have read that one first but in any case, that isn't going to happen. I will finish this one then definitely go home and find the other.

This is another book that was on my shelves so that's good. Not even a dent, though.... ;-)

Jan 4, 4:03pm Top

>43 Berly: - Thanks, Kim. I am always a bit mystified when I don't see the greatness that others see in a book that is getting a lot of love. But, for me, this is not a new thing...;-p

>44 katiekrug: - Well, Katie, I am thinking that maybe the discussion will open me up to directions I hadn't considered. There is always that possibility. I will give it a try. My library holds their book club discussions once a month and they are always *drop-in* format, which suits me, I think. I'm not comfortable with book clubs if I haven't managed to read the book, and after trying 2 different book clubs and had that happen because I just couldn't get into a book, I decided that formal book clubs aren't for me. I am too much of a whim/mood reader. But we'll see.

Jan 4, 4:18pm Top

Happy New Year, Shelley!

I was glad to see what you say in your >1 jessibud2: post. Madame MBH and I plan to focus on reading off our bulging tbr shelves this year. It will be a plus to have you doing the same thing.

My Chaim Potok is going to be The Promise, and, yes, it's been sitting on my tbr shelf!

Jan 4, 4:32pm Top

>47 jnwelch: - From what I hear, there are quite a few of us with that goal this year, Joe! Join the party; the more the merrier, and who knows, maybe we will keep one another accountable! ;-)

Happy new year!

Jan 5, 7:13am Top

Hi Shelley!

>46 jessibud2: I'm not comfortable with book clubs if I haven't managed to read the book, and after trying 2 different book clubs and had that happen because I just couldn't get into a book, I decided that formal book clubs aren't for me. I am too much of a whim/mood reader. But we'll see.

I end up finishing about 60% of the books our book club reads each year. We meet once a month after having picked 12 books for the book club year - with a book selection month that makes for a 13-month year. We're going to pick books Sunday night for February - January. Each person gets to select a book without input from the group unless asked for, each of us hosts a meeting, typically not the month our book is discussed. We're used to upwards of 2 or 3 people saying they hadn't finished the book or had abandoned the book. Of course, we've been 'in business' since 1997 and are all very comfortable with each other and have stabilized with the same group of people since 2006. (My book is Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. Haven't read it but it sounds intriguing and it will be my first Butler - some people have books they've read before, some like me prefer to experience the book at the same time as the group.

Jan 5, 12:16pm Top

>40 Crazymamie: - I think I missed you up there, Mamie! Sorry. Happy new year to you, too. That topper image is from a calendar I had last year, all about books. Each page was one week, and had a different pic. There were many I loved but that one kind of had my name on it, if you know what I mean... ;-)

>49 karenmarie: - I read Kindred last year, Karen. It was interesting. I didn't love it but liked it well enough. I would try something else by her some day.

Jan 5, 6:27pm Top

Shelley the bookclub that I was in was fantastic and the books were extremelty good choices but then I moved away 2 years ago. That club is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary. There are 12 members, one person hosts, one person does some background research and presents and then there is a good discussion to follow (all sip on some wine!). It started out as a read Canadian only but then that changed. I tried to join a bookclub at my new place but it was a free-for-all discussion with no background research and it didn't work for me (no structure). I am swamped with ideas here on LT so really don't feel the need to expand my horizons from a bookclub from that point of view, but it sure was fun to be a member for 36 years! Of course I am still in touch with friends from the club and try to read many of the books they are reading (still lots of Canadian authors).

Jan 5, 6:45pm Top

>51 mdoris: - Hi Mary. The first book club I ever joined was many years ago and it was through our school board. It cost something like $25 (incredibly cheap, considering what it entailed) and that covered the cost of 4 books (all hardcover), and 4 dinners at a local restaurant, where we met once a month for 4 months to discuss the books. I never figured out how they made that work, financially but who was I to argue. I completed but did not enjoy the first book, couldn't even get half way through the second one, and even less for the final 2. It was then that I suspected that I might not be a good match for books not of my own choosing. And only one other teacher from my school was part of the group. Not that that was an issue but there wasn't a lot of mingling and it just never felt like a good fit. The last time I tried to join a book club, it was (like my library's) a loose format, drop-in, with the book list posted online ahead of time. I went to the first meeting but hadn't enjoyed or finished the book either. Never went back.

I will try this library drop-in group, mainly because this time, I actually HAVE finished the book and although I can't say I loved it, I think it might generate good discussion.

I wish I could have found a group I liked that would be long-lasting, like yours. Mary, have you ever read a book called Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons by Lorna Landvik? I read that one maybe 10 years ago or so. It's about just such a group of women and their book club but it's not nearly as fluffy as it sounds from the title. I really liked it.

Jan 5, 9:25pm Top

>52 jessibud2: My book club is so problematic- some very nice people, some bossy people and we really need to hire a guest speaker! -we do a few times a year. The times that we just meet as a group-there are issues with people taking too much air time when they haven't read the book!

Jan 6, 1:00pm Top

Helloooo, Shelley.

Looked up Green Book via Google, and learned that several of Shirley's family members are cranky about aspects of the film. Deja vu all over again. David Foster Wallace's books and papers and manuscripts are in, I think, U. of Texas library, but whole chunks are sealed from view due to delicate family feelings. Wallace Stegner's Angle of Repose has been vilified as being copied from articles by a woman writer-illustrator. Well, what are you going to do?

I've got Exit West hiding in the TBR. Might excavate to locate it. Could use a book-sniffing dog.

Hope you can find my thread.

Edited: Jan 6, 5:23pm Top

Well, I finished book #2, Old Men at Midnight by Chaim Potok. In fact, it is really 3 novellas, linked by one common character who appears in each, at different ages. I liked the first and the third sections well enough, did not like the second at all. The bulk of Potok's writing, in this book at least (I read most of his others too many years ago to remember them in this way) seems to be more tangent than straight storyline. An interesting construct but it sometimes felt awkward. I wish the first novella had been longer, and more developed. I felt left hanging when it was over. I think this reinforces for me precisely why I generally do not enjoy short stories.

So, my first 2 reads of the year have been somewhat disappointing. I am ready to start my next one, a non-fiction by an author I know is good. I am looking forward to this one with higher expectations. So, tonight I'll be starting The Massey Murder by Charlotte Gray, for the January NF challenge.

edited to add in a line I underlined; couldn't help myself:

"In my world we sized people up by the books they read and the libraries in their homes."

Hehe, Potok could have been an LTer!

Jan 6, 5:23pm Top

>56 torontoc: - I am eager to jump in, Cyrel!

Jan 7, 11:33am Top

Here is what I just learned about the 2019 Canada Reads competition:

The longlist will be revealed on Jan. 10, 2019.
The final five books and the panellists who will be defending them will be revealed on Jan. 31, 2019.
The debates will take place March 25-28, 2019.

I am looking forward to seeing what awaits us!

Jan 7, 3:42pm Top

>58 jessibud2: look forward to seeing the list Shelley. I've read a few Canadian writers over the years, but I'm sure I'm missing loads of interesting writers.

Jan 7, 4:29pm Top

>55 jessibud2: He surely could've!

>58 jessibud2: I will be glued to CBC on the 10th.

Jan 7, 7:52pm Top

>58 jessibud2: Oh amazing, that's so soon!

Jan 8, 9:37am Top

Hope your next read is more satisfactory!

Edited: Jan 9, 7:15pm Top

>54 weird_O: - Missed you up there, Bill. Yes, I had read that too, about Don Shirley's family. But one of the other actors in the film was actually the son of the driver, (Vallelonga), who was only a kid in the story, and he corroborated that Shirley was indeed a lifelong friend of the family and that his mother kept all the letters he helped Tony write to her during the tour and that they used those letters verbatim in the film. So, controversy aside, it certainly rang true enough and I was thrilled that it received all the love it did at the Golden Globes. I hope it does well at Oscar time, too. I'll be eager to hear your impressions once you see it.

Jan 10, 10:22am Top

Here is the long list for Canada Reads:


I very recently read The Boy on the Beach and am pleased that this is getting attention here. I already own Brother by David Chariandy and will read it (I read his most recent book, I've Been Meaning to Tell You which I loved). A few of these on the long list were finalists for the Giller Prize, too, I notice. It will be interesting to see what whittles down to the short list. I hear An Ocean of Minutes is good and I would be interested in reading that one, too.

Jan 10, 10:41am Top

I read An Ocean of Minutes and really liked it- is there a theme this year for Canada Reads?

Jan 10, 11:04am Top

>65 torontoc: - Good question, Cyrel. I will have to go back to the site and read it more carefully to see if that is mentioned. Right now, I am on my way to the library to pick up yet more *holds* that have arrived. Yikes. Too many all at once! I had been on the wait list for some of them since the summer!

Jan 10, 11:45am Top

>64 jessibud2: Great list! Seven memoirs, three SF novels (I already skedaddled to Ammy for a Kindle copy of Corvus), out of fifteen books~great country, Canada is.

Jan 10, 1:57pm Top

>64 jessibud2: as a big fan of primates, The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary went straight in my cart.

Jan 10, 2:09pm Top

>67 richardderus: - Richard, do you really get CBC where you are or do you listen/read/follow online? Just curious. I know, I know, I really ought to get with the 21st century; everything is accessible online these days. But I am always tickled to hear that people outside Canada know and follow the CBC. :-)

>68 Caroline_McElwee: - Caroline, I am also a fan of primates and will be looking for this one, too. I have read most everything Jane Goodall has written and have seen her speak a few times when she was here in Toronto, along with Birute Galdikas, another of *Leakey's Angels*.

Jan 10, 4:01pm Top

I too heard Jane Goodall, isn't she great Shelley. I have Birute's book as well, and was a fan of Dian Fossey.

I worked in a monkey sanctuary in the UK for a few months years ago. The monkeys were Brazillian Woolley Monkeys. I'll post a photo of one on my thread.

Jan 10, 5:34pm Top

>70 Caroline_McElwee: - I will look for it! Caroline, have you read Walking With the Great Apes by Sy Montgomery? It's about the three of them.
And lucky you, to have worked in that sanctuary! I sometimes think I missed my calling....

Jan 10, 6:07pm Top

>69 jessibud2: I'm a net-radio listener, as I don't possess any sort of airwave-catching device. It's just too tedious to listen to all that advertising.

Jan 10, 8:24pm Top

>65 torontoc: - Cyrel, I just saw this on Mary's thread: The theme is One Book to Move You.

Jan 10, 8:40pm Top

>64 jessibud2: Interesting list there! And it sounds like an interesting format, not a group of judges who decide and discuss behind doors, but an open discussion that everybody can follow. Would this be on radio?

Jan 10, 8:50pm Top

Thanks for the Canada Reads List. I always enjoy following along every year. I also followed the French version last year as well.

Jan 10, 9:40pm Top

>74 EllaTim: - Hi Ella. It's actually broadcast both live on radio and on tv for one week (actually, 4 days), with video clips posted on the CBC website each day, as well. The host moderates the discussions by asking specific questions, to which each defender answers. At the end of each day, there is a vote for which book will be eliminated. The book that is eliminated is no longer in the running but the defender remains at the table and continues to participate in the discussions and votes, for the rest of the week. By Thursday, they are down to the final 2 books. The discussions often get heated and emotional but it's riveting to watch. I have never managed to read all 5 books before the broadcast but I did read 2 of the 5 last year and my favourite won! It was Forgiveness by mark Sakamoto. I have already read one of the long list and hopefully, that will make it to the short list. We'll see!

>75 figsfromthistle: - Anita, I hadn't realized there was a French version, though why not, I don't know! Are the books all French or is it just a translation of the English version? And is it held at the same time as the English Canada Reads?

Edited: Jan 11, 8:01am Top

>76 jessibud2: Last year it was held at the beginning of May. The books are all in French- some translated from the English to French, others coming from Quebec authors. The novels are different choices than the English version with some overlap


Jan 11, 8:12am Top

>71 jessibud2: will look out for the book Shelley, thanks.

Jan 11, 8:38am Top

>77 figsfromthistle: - Thanks for that, Anita. I honestly had no knowledge of that before! It's good to know that the CBC does that! I wish my French were good enough to read a book in that language. Or follow the broadcast. I can understand much more than I can speak but still, not nearly enough to follow a lively conversation - they do speak fast! I think the last time I attempted to read a French book, it was one by Georges Simenon, one of his Maigret books, and it was for school (high school? maybe college) but that was eons ago so to say I'd be *rusty*, well, that would be a huge understatement.

Jan 11, 10:04am Top

>64 jessibud2: I feel rather ignorant right now but not only do I not know any of those books, I also don't know any of those authors! Doh!

Jan 11, 10:40am Top

>80 ChelleBearss: neither did I.

Jan 11, 7:39pm Top

Hi Shelley, I hope that you are finding The Massey Murder a better read than your first couple of books this year. I am about half way through. I know what you mean about the library holds. At the end of last year a whole bunch of holds came in at the same time. I got through that batch but it looks like it is happening again. I have 3 ready to pick up and 3 in transit.

Jan 11, 8:32pm Top

>76 jessibud2: Thanks for the explanation, Shelley. So much attention and time for books, I love it, may be I can follow part of this through radio or the website. It seems Canada is a good country for readers!

Edited: Jan 11, 10:04pm Top

>82 Familyhistorian: - I really am enjoying it, Meg. I have put it aside, though, for a bit as I try and scramble to finish the library books. I am about half way through Vincent and Theo - The Van Gogh Brothers and while it isn't great writing, it's still holding my attention. It's a hefty hardback but I am thinking that maybe it is written for a younger audience. Still, it's good enough that I wont be abandoning it. I also have an audiobook going in the car though I did bring it in to listen a bit in the house today. I have also picked up Washington Black and I really want to get to it but I think that before I start it, I will ask if it's renewable because for sure I won't be able to finish it within the time frame and I know it's a high demand book. If it isn't, I may give it back and wait for it to come out in paperback and just buy it.

Waiting for me to pick up is the audiobook by Michelle Obama, Becoming and a children's book as well (quick read). In transit are the Sally Field audiobook, In Pieces. So you can see why Charlotte Gray may have to wait a bit!

>83 EllaTim: - Canada is a great country for readers, Ella, and our CBC is a great place to feed that addiction. Here are links to a few wonderful book programs. You can find lots of great interviews with authors there:

The Next Chapter, which focuses on Canadian literature

and Writers & Company. which covers a range of local and international books and authors.

Also, there is this one, which is the website; I don't think there is a radio show per se: CBC Books. You might be able to follow the Canada Reads broadcast through here.

Jan 11, 9:20pm Top

>80 ChelleBearss: - Most are new to me too, Chelle. I only know the Tema Kurdi one because I recently read it and I already own the Chariandy (saw him speak about his newest one not long ago). The one on this list is his first book, from a few years back. There is another in between the two, which I also have but haven't read yet. To be honest, I am usually in the same camp as you, as most of the books and authors are usually new to me. But I love following the broadcasts and hearing the books being defended! It's like *Survivor* for books!

Jan 11, 9:57pm Top

>84 jessibud2: Chelle, Have you read

Johanna by Claire Cooperstein. She was Theo's wife. If not for her, we would have have Vincent's art today! Knowing how close the brothers were, she vowed that she would honor her husband by saving Vincent's work. She was very sauvy at finding the right dealers to show and purchase his works.
It is a wonderful book that I read a few years ago and still think about it.

Jan 11, 10:11pm Top

>86 Whisper1: - Linda, I had not even heard of this one! Thanks! As soon as I get through some of the flood of library holds that have arrived in the past (and into next) week, I will seek this one out. (By the way, the touchstone leads to a different title.)

Jan 12, 5:31am Top

>86 Whisper1: Adding this to my list too Linda. She served her brother-in-law and us very well.

Edited: Jan 12, 6:45am Top

Morning, Shelley. Happy Saturday. I appreciate my pals reminding me about Robert Bateman. Like many things in my bookish life, he got lost in the immense shuffle. Have you been seeing any good films?

Jan 12, 6:53am Top

Hi Shelley. I finally set up a thread. As far as the Canada Read books go, I had heard of a couple, Heart Berries and Brother. In fact, I think I own Brother - and did I tell you that last fall, I saw David Chariandy in Chapters/ Indigo downtown just browsing the books. He looks exactly like he does on the book jacket. I did not say hi, of course, but I mentioned to my husband - ohh - there is David Chariandy and of course my husband had no idea who that would be. I played it cool :-)

Jan 12, 7:28am Top

>90 vancouverdeb: - I will go find your thread, Deb! And, isn't David Chariandy gorgeous! He looks so much younger than he actually is. I think he's 49 or 50, thereabouts. He looks like a kid! I saw him at a book talk/reading a few months ago, when his latest book came out. It's a great book, too, written for his daughter, called I've Been Meaning to Tell You.

>89 msf59: - Hi Mark. The most recent film I have seen was Green Book which was excellent. I predict Oscars for it! It got some well-deserved love at the Golden Globes. I also recently saw a documentary about the making of the stage musical of Come From Away, called You Are Here, about the real people in Gander, Newfoundland who rose to the occasion and took in thousands of people on September 11, 2001, when US airspace was shut down due to the disaster in NYC. It was wonderful.

Hope you are having a good Saturday so far!

Jan 12, 8:11pm Top

Shelley, yes, David Chariandy is gorgeous indeed! You are correct, he is about 50 - but I could have easily mistaken him for 34 or 35 , and he is so slim, with perfect skin. Are we crushing on David Chariandy here, Shelley? :-) I have not been to a literary reading so seeing David Chariandy was new to me. I'd likely gawp and faint if I saw the likes of Susan Hill, or Kate Atkinson or any number of my admired authors. Clearly I need to get out more often.

Jan 13, 12:58am Top

Hi Shelley!

>91 jessibud2: You Are Here sounds interesting. Come From Away is one of my all-time favorite plays ever so I'll seek out that documentary.

P and I are going to try to see RBG before we head to Arizona this week.

I'm sorry Exit West fell flat for you, and that your first two reads of the year have been disappointing. Hopefully the reading year will pick up (I'm actually rather confident that it will).

Edited: Jan 13, 3:48pm Top

I rarely watch tv on Sunday morning because I am usually listening to my regular radio program at this time. But for some reason, I turned on the tv this morning to watch CBS Sunday Morning (an American show). I was so glad I did. The first segment highlighted the history of the real Green Book, upon which the recent excellent movie was based. Here is that segment:


And in case I haven't mentioned it enough: Go see the film!!

There was also a segment about the 5th anniversary of the Carole King musical on Broadway, called Beautiful, which I saw here in Toronto last year. Carole herself was in this segment and talked about the musical and her life:


(and that clip of Aretha...!!)

Ok, back to the books....

Jan 13, 11:25am Top

Just a quick hello, Shelley - I am so far behind on threads that it's ridiculous.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Jan 13, 11:39am Top

>94 jessibud2: Thanks for mentioning the story about The Green Book, Shelley. IIRC my maternal grandparents used that book when they traveled from NYC to visit relatives in Alabama and elsewhere in the Deep South. I'll look at it later today or tomorrow.

Edited: Jan 13, 4:07pm Top

>93 EBT1002: - Here is a review and clip, Ellen. It was an excellent follow-up and behind the scenes look after having seen Come From Away:


I think I had tears all the way through, even when I was laughing my head off, which was often enough!

Also, RBG was outstanding. I know you will like it. I am going on Wednesday to see the new bio pic about her, On the Basis of Sex, starring Felicity Jones as RBG. I hope it's good and does her justice (no pun intended).

>96 kidzdoc: - It was pure luck that I caught it this morning, Darryl. I had no idea this was going to be on but I really love knowing the history and back stories of films I see or books I read. It's why I often spend so much time googling after reading or seeing something that grabs me. The CBS piece was well done and riveting.

Edited: Jan 13, 3:59pm Top

>95 karenmarie: - Hi, Karen. I am often behind on threads, too. So much that I sometimes just skim. Whatever. I know that I will eventually either catch up... or not! :-) Hope you had a good weekend and a good week ahead!

Jan 13, 4:02pm Top

>92 vancouverdeb: - Yes, Deb, I believe we are, lol!

Jan 13, 10:42pm Top

Happy fresh new week, Shelley.

Jan 14, 2:28pm Top

This (above) is from Green Book. Below is a remarkably similar photo of Eric Clapton chauffeuring the late B. B. King, taken 20 years ago. I surfed upon it yesterday.

Jan 14, 6:25pm Top

I really liked the film "On the Basis of Sex"

Edited: Jan 14, 7:09pm Top

>101 weird_O: - LOL, Bill! Very cool. So, have you seen the film yet?

>102 torontoc: - Thanks, Cyrel. Good to know. Can't wait to see it.

I am going to see Prosecuting Evil tomorrow afternoon at Hot Docs. Have you seen this one yet? It's on at 4:30 (scroll once to the right to see a clip)

Jan 14, 7:08pm Top

>100 richardderus: - Hi, Richard! Didn't mean to miss you up there! :-)

Edited: Jan 14, 7:17pm Top

^My wife took this photo of a male cardinal, hanging in the snowy hedges, directly behind our feeders. I would not be surprised if Mama cardinal was at the feeders. They take turns.

Happy Monday, Shelley. The books and the birds have been treating me fine. I hope you had a good weekend.

Jan 14, 7:56pm Top

>103 jessibud2: ...but...but...what about meeeeeee

>104 jessibud2: *unruffles feathers* Very well then.

Jan 14, 10:46pm Top

>103 jessibud2: Yes I saw that film at the Film Festival in the fall- it is very good- enjoy!

Yesterday, 12:47pm Top

>103 jessibud2: No. No, I haven't seen the film. Yet. I think I missed it when it was in local, reasonably accessible theaters. Worse, I haven't been able to lay my fingers on the Don Shirley album that I have. It must be hiding with the original edition I have of Dali's Mustache. Bah!

Yesterday, 1:44pm Top

>108 weird_O: - Don't give up, Bill!! As Alan Funt used to say... when you are least expecting it..... ;-)

Yesterday, 8:29pm Top

>105 msf59: - Great shot, Mark! Though they are common around here (daily visitors to my feeder), those cardinals are among my top faves!

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