Awaywithfairies Reading List for 2019

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Awaywithfairies Reading List for 2019

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Jan 1, 2019, 2:42am

For the past few years, I have participated in the "75 Books in a Year" Challenge. I have generally gone past that and come closer to 100 books in each year.

So this year I have decided to step up and actually participate in a "100 Book" Challenge!

Jan 1, 2019, 6:33am

Welcome awaywithfairies and good luck with your reading in 2019 !

Jan 1, 2019, 9:50am

Welcome to the group!

Jan 2, 2019, 1:27am

Hello, are you the same awaywithfairies as on Bookcrossing? In which case, have some enthusiastic waving from me, Tania, aka tqd over at bookcrossing. :) (And if you're not, have some enthusiastic waving anyhow.)

Feb 2, 2019, 6:26am

Yes, I am!

Edited: Feb 2, 2019, 6:45am

January Reads

1 Butterfly on a Pin - Alannah Hill
Autobiography about an Australian fashion designer. I never realised until reading the book that Alannah Hill has never really owned the fashion line that bears her name. And, indeed, never owned the rights to her own name in a business sense!

2 Any Ordinary Day - Leigh Sales
Book about trauma.

3 Hooray For Books! - Brian Won
Children's book.

4 Hiccups! - Holly Sterling
Children's book.

5 Show Day - Penny Matthews
Children's book.

6 A Patch From Scratch - Megan Forward
Children's book.

7 George Flies South - Simon James
Children's book.

8 How to Save a Superhero - Caryl Hart
Children's book.

9 Good Morning, City - Pat Kiernan
Children's book.

10 New Year Surprise! - Christopher Cheng
Children's book.

11 The Road Trip - Danny Parker
Children's book.

12 Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate - Peter Bently
Children's book.

13 The Land Before Avocado - Richard Glover
A book about Australia's (relatively) recent history.

14 Plant the Tiny Seed - Christie Mathesom
Children's book.

15 Something Quite Peculiar - Steve Kilbey
Autobiography from a member of The Church.

16 Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Eric Idle
Autobiography from one of The Pythons. Prepare for a LOT of name dropping!

17 Puffin the Architect - Kimberly Andrews
Children's book about (funnily enough) architecture!

Feb 10, 2019, 11:37pm

Oh, I saw Leigh Sales in conversation with Annabel Crabb last year, launching Any Ordinary Day. It sounded like a great book, but also one that I might require several hugs in order to get through.

(I do love their podcast, but don't listen to it very regularly. I tend to binge on fiction podcasts, when I have the time...)

Mar 1, 2019, 9:42am

February Reads

18 Anna at the Art Museum - Hazel Hutchins & Gail Herbert
It's all in the title - Anna's at the art museum!

19 Frankfurt - Mia Cassany
If a children's book could take human form as a hipster, this'd be the book!

20 Baby Turtle's Tale - Elle J. McGuinness
A children's book with holographic pictures!

Edited: Apr 1, 2019, 5:44am

March Reads

21 10 Silly Wombats - Ed Allen
A free children's book from Big W.

22 Caviar for Breakfast - Betty Roland
A woman's memoir of time spent living in Stalin's USSR in the 1930s.

23 Caterpillar Butterfly - Vivian French
A children's book about a caterpillar's life cycle. Surprisingly technical.

24 If You're Happy and You Know It! - Aussie Edition - P. Crumble
A free children's book from Big W.

25 There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Mozzie - P. Crumble
A free children's book from Big W.

26 I Can't Remember the Title But the Cover is Blue - Elias Greig
A bookseller's memoir in the form of anecdotes from behind the shop counter.

27 Bully Beef and Boiled Sweets - James Mannion
A history of (and recipes using) UK military food.

28 Piggy Parade - Araldo de Luca
A strange little book consisting of photos of pigs and seemingly unrelated quotes about pigs.

29 May Gibbs Tales From the Bush - Jane Massam
A free children's book from Big W.

30 The Bear Went Over the Mountain - Louis Shea
A free children's book from Big W.

May 2, 2019, 5:37am

April Reads

31 The Wheels on the Ute Go Round and Round - Lorraine Harrison
Children's book.

32 Chalk Boy - Margaret Wild
Children's book.

33 My First Book of Chinese Words - Faye-Lynn Wu
Children's book.

34 Bella Up, Up, and Away - Ryan O'Rourke
Children's book.

35 Prince of Pants - Alan MacDonald
Children's book.

36 Superhero Hotel - Abie Longstaff
Children's book.

37 How to Dress for Every Occasion by the Pope - Daniel Handler & Lisa Brown
Short humorous book.

38 Fun Finland - Ian Bowie
Short humorous book.

39 Tortoise and the Hair - P. Crumble
Children's book.

40 There Was an Old Bloke Who Swallowed a Chook - P. Crumble
Children's book.

41 28 Days in Provence - Shannon Bennett
A combined travel/cook book. An Australian chef takes his young family to France for a month.

42 Rose Boys - Peter Rose
The family history of two brothers.

43 Hokey Pokey (Aussie Edition) - Ed Allen
Children's book.

Edited: May 2, 2019, 5:55am

Hey everyone :)

I'm working on getting on your level of reading, so I'll stay tuned here to get inspired.

I wanted to share, however, that I'm building a social reading platform called "bookself" in order to encourage younger generations to increase their long-form reading, and one way to do it is by letting them follow people in their network and people who inspire them, to see what they are reading. The app will also allow users to listen to /read the books in the platform and interact around the books.

I'm pretty convinced that many of you often get asked about what you're reading, and I would love it if you wanted to try the app out and share what you're currently reading!

please check it out on!

Thank you for supporting the next generation of readers :)

Edited: Jun 2, 2019, 6:15am

May Reads

44 Mama Mia - Mia Freedman
An autobiography of a woman who created a high-flying career in Australian women's magazines.

45 10 Hooting Owls - Ed Allen
Children's book.

46 May Gibbs Tales From the Gum Tree - Jane Massam
Children's book

47 The Magic Apple Tree - Susan Hill
A year in the life of a small cottage garden in a Yorkshire village in the 1980s.

48 The Change Your Name Store - Leanne Shirtliffe
Children's book.

49 Finding Monkey Moon - Elizabeth Pulford
Children's book.

50 Lucy's Book - Natalie Jane Prior
Children's book.

51 We're Getting a Cat! - Vivien French
Children's book.

52 A Curry For Murray - Kate Hunter
Children's book.

53 Being a Butterfly - Annabelle Lynch
Children's book.

54 The New born Child - Jackie Morris
Children's book about the nativity story.

55 Mr Men: A Christmas Extravaganza - Roger Hargreaves & Adam Hargreaves
Children's book.

56 I Capture the Castle - Dodie Smith
Classic book that I have only just got around to reading. I'm not what kind of story I was expecting but I'm sure it wasn't this...

57 Yarn Bombing - Mandy Moore & Leanne Prain
Tips, tricks and patterns for aspiring yarn bombers. The authors seem to take themselves (and yarn bombing) *very* seriously!

Jul 6, 2019, 6:14am

June Reads

58 Lion King Read to Me Storybook Book & CD - Parragon Books Ltd
Children's book.

59 Reading Allowed - Chris Paling
Amusing stories of life "at the coal face" in a UK library.

60 Cicada - Shaun Tan
Children's picture book. Although beautifully illustrated, I found it quite depressing and not really suitable for children...

61 The Cruise Handbook - Lonely Planet
As the name suggests, Lonely Planet guide to cruising.

62 The Mostly True Story of Matthew and Trim - Cassandra Golds
A comic book/graphic novel depicted the life and adventures of Matthew Flinders and his cat, Trim.

63 Peter Rabbit Loves... - Unknown
A Peter Rabbit board book.

64 The Full Catastrophe - Rebecca Huntley and Sarah MacDonald
Stories of situations where it all goes terribly wrong...

65 Masiva's Best Day - Valenisia Sinisa
A children's book written in both Tongan and English.

Jul 8, 2019, 9:55pm

I'm not sure if Shaun Tan should be thought of as a children's author, I think he's more of an artist who writes stories. I got to see him (at the infamous Sydney Writers' Festival YA Day last year) and he had some of the concept art for Cicada. Was wonderful hearing how he was inspired and put it all together.

I also read I Capture the Castle later than I should have - I really liked it, but I think I would have LOVED it if I'd read it as a teenager. :)

Edited: Sep 2, 2019, 3:48am

July Reads

66 The Jacket - Sue-Ellen Pashley
Children's book

67 Bella: Lost and Found - Ryan O'Rourke
Children's book

68 Take Your Octopus to School Day - Audrey Vernick
Children's book

69 How to Give Your Cat a Bath in Five Easy Steps - Nicola Winstanley
Children's book

70 Big Book of Aussie Dinosaurs - Kel Richards
Children's book

71 Sunk! - Rob Biddulph
Children's book

72 How to be on the Moon - Viviane Schwarz
Children's book

73 The Tooth Fairy's Royal Visit - Peter Bently
Children's book

74 There's Broccoli in my Ice Cream! - Emily MacKenzie
Children's book

75 Little Mouse and the Red Wall - Britta Teckentrup
Children's book

76 I Built No Schools in Kenya - Kirsten Drysdale
The story of the time the author spent as a carer to a dementia sufferer in Kenya. I would never have coped being caught up in such family politics and wonder if the family involved recognise themselves as the subject of the book...

77 Boy From the Bush - Lee Kernaghan
An autobiography which I suspect was mostly written by the credited co-author. It reads like a tour itinerary (a list of "places I've been") rather than a biography.

Edited: Sep 2, 2019, 3:59am

August Reads

78 East of Croydon - Sue Perkins
A biography/travel/TV series spin-off. I'm pretty sure I've recorded the TV series on my PVR but haven't watched it yet.

79 In the Night Garden: Ooh, Pretty Flower! - Andrew Davenport
A children's book.

80 The Making of a Chef - Luke Mangan
A memoir/biography of an Australian chef. Suspect it's been ghost written but is officially endorsed. I've actually seen the book on display at one of his eateries.

81 Under the Duvet - Marian Keyes
Humorous short stories in the style Marian is known for.

82 Harry and the Dinosaurs: Roar to the Rescue! - Ian Whybrow
Children's book.

Edited: Oct 1, 2019, 6:18am

September Reads

83 Say Hello - Carly Findlay
The biography of an Australian disability advocate. Quite interesting.

84 Full Bore - William McInnes
A collection of personal stories and musings on a variety of topics. Similar in vein to a previous book, "Holidays".

85 A Dog Walks Into a Nursing Home - Sue Halpern
A woman and her dog become a pet therapy team in a nursing home.

86 Cyclone Fever - Sally Morgan
Children's book. A free giveaway from Big W.

87 Donald Duck and the Biggest Dog in Town - Walt Disney
A Little Golden Book.

88 Donald Duck : Some Ducks Have All the Luck - Walt Disney
A Little Golden Book.

89 Tomato Sauce, of Course! - Moya Simons
Children's book. A free giveaway from Big W.

Edited: Nov 1, 2019, 2:11am

October Reads

90 Crikey! - Jane and Zannah Carroll
Children's book. A free giveaway from Big W.

91 The Monkey With a Bright Blue Bottom - Steve Smallman
Children's picture book.

92 A Fearsome Beast and a Dumpling Feast - Yves Stening
Children's picture book.

93 Winter Walk - Virginia Brimhall Snow
Children's picture book.

94 Cat in a Box - Jo Williamson
Children's picture book.

95 Platypus - Sue Whiting
Children's picture book.

96 How to Raise a Mum - Jean Reagan
Children's picture book.

97 The Pocket Dogs Go On Holiday - Margaret Wild
Children's picture book.

98 If Your Monster Won't Go To Bed - Denise Vega
Children's picture book.

99 Dogosaurus Rex - Anna Staniszewski
Children's picture book.

100 One Hundred Things to Spot - Naomi Wilkinson
Children's picture book.

101 Bush Holiday - Leonie Norrington
Children's book. A free giveaway from Big W.

102 The Life of a Scilly Sergeant - Colin Taylor
An account of life as a police officer on the Scilly Isles.

103 Year One - Marianne Faithfull
London in the sixties, and Marianne Faithfull's first fateful encounters with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. A Penguin 60s book.

104 The Great Barbie Disaster - Tanis Ingram
Children's book. A free giveaway from Big W.

105 Life With My Sister Madonna - Christopher Ciccone
The title is self-explanatory. Madonna's brother writes a memoir about life with his sister.

106 How to Talk to a Frill-Neck Lizard - James Moloney
Children's book. A free giveaway from Big W.

107 You Turkeys! - Michael Gerard Bauer
Children's book. A free giveaway from Big W.

Nov 7, 2019, 10:25pm

Congratulations on reaching 100! :)

Edited: Dec 1, 2019, 2:56am

November Reads

108 Lucas's Christmas Wish - J.D. Green
A personalised children's Christmas story.

109 F**k, Now There Are Two of You - Adam Mansbach
A follow-up book to "Go the F**k to Sleep".

110 A Hero in the Making - Elaine Leong
An interactive storybook for children with the message that all children can be heroes by simply being kind and including others.

111 Chook Shed Snake - Phil Cummings
Children's book. A free giveaway from Big W.

112 1979 : A Big Year in a Small Town - Rhona Cameron
Rhona Cameron's autobiography about growing up in Musselburgh, Scotland. Sounds like it was grim!

113 The Gift - Libby Hathorn
A children's book about a child left behind when the Pied Piper visited Hamelin.

114 I'm Talking - Kate Ceberano
Kate Ceberano's autobiography. Surprisingly, only a tiny amount of the book is actually about her best-known band, I'm Talking.

Edited: Jan 1, 2020, 3:39am

December Reads

115 Merry Christmas Rugrats! - Kitty Richards
Children's book.

116 How Do Penguins Play? - Diane Muldrow
A Little Golden Book. It always throws me when Little Golden Books come out with new titles more recently than the 1970s!

117 A Friend For Dragon - Dav Pilkey
Children's book.

118 Born at the Right Time - Ron McCallum
An autobiography written by a blind Australian lawyer.

119 Ninja Boy's Secret - Tina Schneider
Children's book.

120 Taxi Ride With Victor - Sara Trofa
Children's book.

121 I Was Only Nineteen - John Schumann
Children's book based on the well-known song released in the 1980s.

122 Small in the City - Sydney Smith
Children's book.

123 I'm a January Birthday Boy - Heath McKenzie
Children's book tailored for boys with a January birthday.

124 I'm a December Birthday Girl - Heath McKenzie
Children's book tailored for girls with a December birthday.

125 Ziba Came on a Boat - Liz Lofthouse
Children's book based on the refugee experience.

126 Me - Elton John
Elton John's autobiography. Quite an entertaining read.

127 The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career - L. M. Montgomery
Based on diaries written for publication by L. M. Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables.

128 Cheryl: My Story - Cheryl Cole
Autobiography written by a member of Girls Aloud (and ex-wife of footballer Ashley Cole). A reasonable read - not quite as vacuous as other celebrity biographies I've read.

129 Aaaarrgghh, Spider! - Lydia Monks
Children's book.