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Katie Commits to Nothing in 2019, Part 2

This is a continuation of the topic Katie Commits to Nothing in 2019, Part 1.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Jan 7, 9:40am Top

(Painting by Vasile Ion)

Hello Old Friends and Welcome New Ones!

I'm Katie, and I've been with the 75ers since 2011. I live just outside New York City with my husband, "The" Wayne, and our cat, Leonard. I work from home for a global engineering association, which allows me to scratch my travel itch a few times a year. In addition to reading and traveling, I enjoy taking advantage of all that my current location has to offer, from bars and restaurants to theater and museums to seasides and mountainsides. I lived 12 years in "exile" in Texas and am glad to be back in the northeast :)

My only "goal" for this reading year is to not have any goals. I am hoping to read more of the 3500 books I currently own rather than shiny new ones, but I'll just be happy with a year of excellent reads, regardless of where they come from.

Edited: Jan 13, 4:17pm Top

(Kindle) (audio) (print)

Off my shelf (pre-2019): 2
Off my Kindle (pre-2019):

4. Good Neighbors by Ryan David Jahn (4 stars)
3. A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh (audio) (3.5 stars)
2. By the Book by Julia Sonneborn (3 stars)
1. Going Back by Penelope Lively (3.5 stars)

Edited: Jan 11, 2:10pm Top

My Ratings (revised, once again, as I continue the fruitless search for the perfect scale...)

2 stars = below average
3 stars = average
4 stars = above average
5 stars = perfect *for me*

(Anything below 2 stars is unlikely to be finished)

Edited: Jan 7, 9:43am Top

A Book You Should Read
(A new, regular feature on my threads...)

Partitions by Amit MAjmudar

Blurb: A dramatic, luminous story of families and nations broken and formed, Partitions introduces an extraordinary novelist who writes with the force and lyricism of poetry.

Edited: Jan 7, 9:44am Top

And with that, this thread is open for business!

Jan 7, 9:41am Top

Happy New thread! Also, congrats on being the first one in 2019 to start a second thread :)

Jan 7, 9:45am Top

Hi Katie!

I really like your topper painting.

Ain't These Truths wonderful?

Edited: Jan 7, 9:46am Top

>6 figsfromthistle: - Thanks, Anita! I can't be first. I'm never first at anything :-P

Edited: Jan 7, 9:47am Top

>7 karenmarie: - Hi Karen! The topper was a random find using a Google search...

And yes, These Truths is very good! I'm only into Chapter 2 but am learning a lot.

Jan 7, 9:48am Top

Happy new thread. So that's all of a week to need a new thread. *faints* What hot topic are you going to introduce in this thread so it sets off like a rocket?

Jan 7, 9:48am Top

A second thread? In less than a week?? You are on a tear!! :-) Happy new one!

Jan 7, 9:49am Top

Happy new one, Katie! And you are first, so you're just going to have to deal with it. *grin*

I am just adding the "Book You Should Read" to your Dirty Dozen as you present them, so look at you with two on the list already this year!

Jan 7, 10:04am Top

>10 Helenliz: - It was the costume period porn that did it, Helen! I expect things will slow down now that's out of everyone's system :)

>11 jessibud2: - Ha! Hi Shelley. See above comment to Helen... Completely not of my own doing!

>12 Crazymamie: - Hi Mamie! Deal with it I shall :) I am glad the overlooked books are making it onto the DD list!

Jan 7, 10:11am Top

Happy new thread! So fast! :)

Jan 7, 10:15am Top

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? What a snooze-fest! I was glad Rachel Brosnahan won for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but I'd seen few of the shows or movies nominated so wasn't super invested in the winners. I did find it curious that the two films that won ('Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Green Book') have been considered problematic and somewhat controversial. I haven't seen either, but Twitter is all, er, atwitter about it...

And speaking of Twitter, I got into a bit of a dispute with fans of Jodi Picoult who took exception to my criticism of her using Twitter to publicly shame a company and encouraging her followers to do the same. And then SHE responded, and was, I thought, pretty disingenuous in her defense of herself, so now I'm debating whether to ever read another of her books. Also, cheesy romance author Susan Wiggs weighed in, and now she's on my no-go list, too. Heh.

Jan 7, 10:16am Top

>14 ChelleBearss: - Just a perfect storm of hot dudes, Chelle!

Jan 7, 10:24am Top

Happy new thread, Katie! I was a bit alarmed at the 65 unread posts on your last thread one day last week, but it turned out to be hot guys and not disaster. LT could introduce some little emoticons, maybe - a flame to signify hot guys people are being discussed, a pacifier for baby news, a paw for pet photos...

Jan 7, 10:27am Top

>17 susanj67: - I love that idea, Susan! Then we'd all know what could be safely skipped, depending on our individual interests :)

Jan 7, 10:39am Top

Wow! Second thread already. Go, Katie. Well, the two best movies were my two favorites of the year. I probably average 10 movies a year including the ones I see with my grandchildren. Award shows are watched by me with iPad in hand playing catch-up on LT or FB.

Jan 7, 11:00am Top

Awards shows definitely lend themselves to some multi-tasking, Donna!

Jan 7, 11:27am Top

>1 katiekrug: Beautiful!

>4 katiekrug: Intriguing....

>15 katiekrug: Not a favorite of mine, La Picoult, so I lose nothing (nor does she, to be fair) in following your boycott. Who's this Wiggs person? Name unknown to me.

Jan 7, 11:31am Top

Holy crap, Katie. A new thread already!

>4 katiekrug: I love it - a great new feature. I might copy it, if that's OK.

I missed the Golden Globes but got a summary on the morning news.

>15 katiekrug: You almost make me wish I was on Twitter. ??

Jan 7, 11:34am Top

>21 richardderus: - Partitions is good. About the 1947 partition of India...

Wiggs writes romance novels - both contemporary and historical. I've liked some of them. And I'm only kidding about the boycott :)

>22 BLBera: - Copy away, Beth! I wanted to do something new on my threads this year...

Twitter is just another time sink, but I enjoy it. Also, they just hired The Wayne, so they are my new 2nd favorite social media company (LT being the first of course!)...

Jan 7, 12:31pm Top

>23 katiekrug: The Wayne works for Twitter? I didn't know that.

Jan 7, 12:39pm Top

>24 lauralkeet: - He starts next week. Wasn't happy where he went when he left Bloomberg in July...

Jan 7, 12:44pm Top

Hi Katie!

Having seen Bohemian Rhapsody twice and still fangirling over Freddie Mercury since last May, I'm very happy to see it and Rami Malek win. When I lived in California I saw most movies up for Oscars, now I see perhaps one or two movies a year. Oh well, the closest movie theater is 28 miles away, so it's a lot more difficult than it used to be. And rural NC isn't a hotbed of interesting flicks, either.

Jan 7, 12:53pm Top

A new thread already, Katie? You have had a busy start to the new year, opera, plays and a twitter tiff. What can be next? Congrats to the Wayne on his new job. I hope it works out better than the one he is now in.

Edited: Jan 7, 12:55pm Top

>26 karenmarie: - I don't see a ton of movies, either, Karen, though I would like to see more now that I have more options than the local multiplex. To be honest, I wasn't interested in seeing either of the winning films, and then the issues with each made me even less inclined. The Wayne is a big fan of Queen, but he didn't express any interest in the movie.


For anyone interested, this piece sums up what some people take issue with: http://collider.com/green-book-bohemian-rhapsody-problematic-inaccuracies/#image....

The 'Green Book' issues remind me of an essay in Bad Feminist about The Help and why it is so problematic for a lot of people.

Either way, there's a lot to think about on both sides.

Jan 7, 12:57pm Top

>27 Familyhistorian: - Hi Meg! Yep, a busy start... I am sure it will slow down!

I also hope he likes this job more than the current one. I think he will, as he was a bit more disciplined in his approach to looking for and evaluating options. Plus, he'll go to San Francisco several times a year, and I want to tag along, so hopefully he'll stay long enough for that to happen at least once ;-)

Jan 7, 12:59pm Top

Happy New one Katie

>29 katiekrug: How exciting! I can recommend a San Diego meet up. And if you go to wine country I will be v jealous.

Jan 7, 1:08pm Top

>30 charl08: - Well, San Diego is pretty far from San Francisco, but you never know... :)

And yes, I do plan to hit some wineries at some point (was this really in question?)!

Jan 7, 1:16pm Top

>30 charl08: and we would love to have you visit, Katie!! San Francisco is pretty cool too, of course, but the meet-ups are better here I'm sure :>

Jan 7, 1:28pm Top

>15 katiekrug: giving up Jodi Picoult books is like giving up cauliflower

Jim (not a fan)

Jan 7, 1:47pm Top

>28 katiekrug: It's been a source of morbid amusement to me as, over the years, Mary and Paul fought out their competing claims on Freddie Mercury on his Wikipedia page. Since Mary's the last one standing, her view prevails.

The part that pisses me off is that these are the views and images that will define Freddie for the ages. What a gigantic waste it all is. I liked the film as a film, but its bi erasure and censure made me cringe.

Freddie Mercury wasn't straight. Freddie Mercury wasn't gay. Freddie Mercury was bisexual, had a male lover and a female lover to both of whom he was deeply attached as evidenced by the fact he left each of them significant assets.

Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist, was never musically important; I think he resented and resents that, so he's getting his own back by spinning his bandmate's story. It was ever thus: Those whose fame was reflected resent the light.

Jan 7, 1:59pm Top

>32 RebaRelishesReading: - I'd love that, too, Reba!

>33 magicians_nephew: - That made me chuckle out loud, Jim (not a fan). I do like cauliflower, though...

>34 richardderus: - Interesting, Richard! I knew/know nothing about him, other than that he died of AIDS. Wasn't even aware he was bi.

"Those whose fame was reflected resent the light." Amen.

Jan 7, 2:07pm Top

>25 katiekrug: that's cool, congratulations to TW!

Edited: Jan 7, 2:29pm Top

Thanks, Laura - he's very excited. He'll spend his first two weeks in San Francisco, so I'll get a week to myself at home (next week, we'll both be out of town)! His first week is on-boarding - they call it "Flight School," which I think is super lame, but I'm a cranky stick-in-the-mud, so.... :)

Jan 7, 2:54pm Top

>35 katiekrug: Wasn't even aware he was bi.

Exactly my point. Oh heavy, heavy sigh.

Jan 7, 2:55pm Top

Jan 7, 3:06pm Top

>33 magicians_nephew: LOL! Except that I like cauliflower---I would substitute tofu, maybe.

Jan 7, 3:14pm Top

>40 laytonwoman3rd: - Yes, tofu!

Jan 7, 4:15pm Top

Hi, Katie.

I loved that "Girls Who Read" video HelenLiz posted on the last thread. I'm going to steal it and post it over on mine.

Jan 7, 4:17pm Top

>42 jnwelch: you're welcome. I think it's great and take every opportunity to share it. >:-D

Jan 7, 4:17pm Top

Hi Joe and Helen!

It is greatness :)

Edited: Jan 7, 4:25pm Top

I know a few of us at least had one of *those* Mondays...

And no, there weren't enough.


Jan 7, 4:24pm Top

Plowing (or ploughing, as you will) on through to Tuesday.

Jan 7, 5:35pm Top

Wow, it is hard to keep up with your threads Katie! Happy New Thread!

Jan 7, 7:00pm Top

Thanks, Lori!

Jan 7, 7:05pm Top

Happy new thread, Katie!

My Monday started last night and has not let up yet. . .

Jan 7, 8:09pm Top

Sorry Monday got you, too, Stasia :-/

Jan 7, 8:27pm Top

Happy New Thread, Katie! You may be the first 75er to start a second one! You go girl!

Jan 7, 8:28pm Top

You are soooo close to Tuesday!

Jan 7, 8:32pm Top

>51 msf59: - Thanks, Mark. Just an accident of timing, I think :)

>52 bell7: - Once I "left work" (i.e. climbed the stairs up from the office bunker) things got noticeably better. Imagine that...

Jan 7, 8:34pm Top

>53 katiekrug: *snort* I can imagine. Though in my case today, work was the easy part. Walking the dogs in 20 degree weather all day, not so much.

Jan 7, 8:39pm Top

Oh, yikes!

Edited: Jan 7, 10:25pm Top

Congrats to The Wayne on his new job, Katie. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a trip or two to San Francisco - one of my favorite cities!

BTW I love your post at >45 katiekrug: and may just have to steal that for my own use on of these M-days. ;)

Jan 8, 12:59am Top

You can all come out from under the covers it is now Tuesday. >:-D

Jan 8, 7:21am Top

Congrats to the Wayne on his new job. Too bad he was unhappy in the last one. Lucky he found another so soon. Yes! To SF trips.

Jan 8, 8:04am Top

>56 DeltaQueen50: - Thanks, Judy! And feel free to steal that graphic. It's certainly appropriate some Mondays...

>57 Helenliz: - Oh, thank goodness, Helen. I feel like I can make it through the rest of the week now!

>58 BLBera: - Thank you, Beth. One of the best things about moving here is the wealth of opportunity for The Wayne and his talents. He rejected two offers before accepting this one. It's nice for him to be in the driver's seat...

Edited: Jan 8, 8:07am Top

I hope to finish By the Book today - I'm getting a pedicure after work. After the foot/leg massage, my favorite part of a pedi is the reading time :)

I'm really enjoying the audio of A Handful of Dust, which is acerbic and funny in a very British inter-war sort of way.

And my library hold for my book club selection - The Incendiaries - came in, so I may start that next...

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It can't be worse than Monday ;-)

Jan 8, 9:36am Top

Happy Tuesday and enjoy your pampering after work! I love pedicures!

Jan 8, 9:43am Top

Morning, Katie! Hooray for The Wayne's new job - may it be very happy making and fulfilling for him.

I love how you didn't set the bar too high for Tuesday.

Jan 8, 9:55am Top

>61 ChelleBearss: - This pedicure is long overdue, Chelle :)

>62 Crazymamie: - I feel it's important to manage expectations, Mamie!

Thanks for the good wishes on The Wayne's new job...

Jan 8, 11:23am Top

When y'all get to SFO, go to 999 Green Street on Russian Hill, pause in front of the *hideous* 1970s apartment building there, and curse my effin' parents for redeveloping the lot to help pay for their vicious divorce.

I left this in Joe's place, but figured you'd appreciate it too:

I made these at the YGC's yesterday, he has an oven, and the little ratfink ate half the pan as they were cooling. I had to apply elbow to breadbasket to save a corner piece for myself.

Jan 8, 12:38pm Top

>64 richardderus: - I'll keep that in mind when I get to SF :)

And, um, YES PLEASE on the gingerbread bars!!

Jan 8, 12:56pm Top

Happy new-ish thread! I have added Partition/i> to my library TBR list since the public library has a couple of copies.

I don't think I've read anything by Jodi Picoult and I'm less likely to now.

Jan 8, 1:05pm Top

Hi Carrie! I hope you like Partitions.

I've read a few Picoults and founds them to be solid entertainment. But she really annoyed me with this Twitter thing, so I'll at least need a cooling off period before picking up another!

Jan 8, 1:11pm Top

My core group of girlfriends back in Dallas are all turning 40 this year, and we wanted to do a girls trip to celebrate (they are kindly letting me, their elderly friend, tag along). But getting 6 women, 4 of whom have multiple children, organized is a challenge. One finally took the lead and got the ball rolling, and we've finally agreed on 5 days in St. Lucia next summer (please, gawd, no hurricanes)! I'm super excited, especially as I currently can't feel my fingers or toes in my cold office bunker :) Unfortunately, one of them can't make it (she's going to Disney World with her family and in-laws which, frankly, sounds like a nightmare to me, but whatevs)....

Is it just me, or is that pool shaped reeeaaallllly interestingly?!?!

Jan 8, 1:22pm Top

>68 katiekrug: I hope you and your friends have a great time!

Jan 8, 1:30pm Top

>68 katiekrug: Quelle hen party! And that pool, well, dirty minds think alike. Porn legend Colby Keller's blog has an "I See Penis!" feature, I'mma submit that one.

Jan 8, 3:29pm Top

>68 katiekrug: nope, not just you!
St Lucia sounds great. Sounds more sensible than my 40th, I decided to run a marathon in lieu of a mid life crisis. Never again. Never ever again.

Jan 8, 3:33pm Top

>69 alcottacre: - Thanks, Stasia. I'm sure I'll report back!

>70 richardderus: - Glad it's not just me :)

>71 Helenliz: - And Helen, too! Phew. I had my 40th last year and just ate and drank my way through it with a bunch of friends who came up to NYC for the weekend. It was good times. But good on you for the marathon. And better you than me ;-)

Jan 8, 3:53pm Top

The Millions has put together it's list of most anticipated releases of the first half of 2019. They always include great titles...


Jan 8, 4:16pm Top

Take a look at this, too.

Jan 8, 5:01pm Top

It seems silly to wish you a happy new thread after 74 messages, but... Happy new thread!

Jan 8, 6:29pm Top

>73 katiekrug: Thanks Katie! I've been waiting for this.

Jan 8, 8:14pm Top

I'm commenting here before you move to a new thread!

Jan 8, 8:20pm Top

>68 katiekrug: Sounds like a rip soaring time will be had by all Katie and no it’s not just you lol.

Jan 8, 9:19pm Top

>74 richardderus: - Noooooooo! Not another challenge.... You're the devil.

>75 drneutron: - Never too late, Jim. Thanks!

>76 BLBera: - I've bookmarked it, Beth, so I can go over it with a fine-toother comb when I have a good chunk of time :)

>77 thornton37814: - Hi Lori!

>78 brenzi: - LOL, Bonnie.Dirty Great minds....

Jan 8, 9:21pm Top

Jan 8, 9:22pm Top

>15 katiekrug: Oh my, One would think Jodi Picoult would accept some feedback! I have read a few of her books...some good, some just ok.

Edited: Jan 8, 9:24pm Top

By the Book by Julia Sonneborn

A not-completely-successful re-telling of my favorite Austen novel, Persuasion, set on a college campus in contemporary California. I appreciate that Sonneborn didn't feel the need to slavishly follow the original, but more often than not, I was annoyed with the heroine, an English professor specializing in 19th century women writers. After a slow start, it was diverting enough, though there was no "You pierce my soul" at the end.

Probably not worth seeking out, but if you are stuck somewhere and it's the only book available, you could do worse.

3 stars

Jan 8, 9:25pm Top

>80 richardderus: - My nickname in college was "Satan," so you're in excellent company :)

>81 Whisper1: - I've found the same with her work, Linda. And I'm always disappointed when people disappoint me!

Jan 8, 10:02pm Top

>83 katiekrug: Katie, My partner Will is a confirmed introvert and enjoys being by himself. I often wonder why he chose me given the fact that I am a chattery extrovert. There are a few times when he smiles and says "Linda, sometimes a little quiet is a good thing!" I laugh!

He often remarks that people disappoint. He has a wonderful circle of kind, good friends . He chooses wisely.

Jan 8, 10:18pm Top

>82 katiekrug: What a shame By the Book is disappointing, even though they could never be the same as the original I do love the modern day retellings of the classics. Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice run close for title of favourite for me.

Jan 8, 11:54pm Top

Katie, oh my. The backwash from your thread has pulled me off my feet and rolled me in the dirt.

Jan 9, 1:08am Top

Looks like you are on your way to the first third thread of 2019, Katie, and no, it is not just you.

Jan 9, 8:21am Top

>84 Whisper1: - I agree with Will about a little quiet being a good thing!

>85 fairywings: - At least it wasn't terrible, Adrienne. And of course, nothing will live up to the original :) P&P is a close second for me, but Persuasion takes top honors.

>86 weird_O: - Better go grab a shower, Bill!

>87 Familyhistorian: - Heh. Glad it's not just me, Meg :)

Edited: Jan 9, 8:23am Top

Dentist appointment this morning and then lots of work. The Wayne has his going away happy hour in the city tonight, so I'll be on my own much of the evening, which is just fine with me (see comment above to Linda about a little quiet...).

Having finished By the Book, I've now picked up Good Neighbors which is based on the Kitty Genovese murder in the 60s. It's been on my shelf forever...

Jan 9, 8:28am Top

>89 katiekrug: I'm anxious to hear your impressions of Good Neighbors. I also have this in one of my piles of books. If you like it, I'll hunt for it and read it. I remember learning of this murder in one of my abnormal psychology classes in college. It was a good springboard for conversation.

Jan 9, 8:48am Top

"Probably not worth seeking out, but if you are stuck somewhere and it's the only book available, you could do worse."

This cracked me up! Wishing you the best of luck at the dentist.

Jan 9, 9:10am Top

>90 Whisper1: - I'll be sure to report back, Linda.

>91 Crazymamie: - Thanks for the good luck, Mamie. Hopefully nothing pops up during the routine cleaning. Dentists don't bother me, but don't get me started on eye doctors....

Jan 9, 9:15am Top

I really hate having my teeth flossed by someone else.

Jan 9, 9:16am Top

Understandable. But it's not as bad as having that puff of air blown at my eye ;-)

Jan 9, 9:20am Top

True. So true.

Jan 9, 10:55am Top

Hope the fangs are in fine fettle by now.

Jan 9, 11:24am Top

WOW, I really got behind on your thread and in less than 24 hours! Anyway, your trip to St. Lucia sounds like a lot of fun. There is nothing like a group of girlfriends. St. Lucia is beautiful and pretty far south so I don't think it gets many hurricanes.

Jan 9, 11:29am Top

I cannot believe I forgot to comment about the trip! Sounds full of fabulous, and that pool made me snort my drink just a bit.

Jan 9, 11:55am Top

>95 Crazymamie: and >96 richardderus: - I'm pleased to report no problems with my teeth, other than some slight evidence of grinding. I got fitted for a night guard, and $370 later, I left :)

>97 RebaRelishesReading: - Good to know about the hurricanes, Reba! Should be a fun trip with some of my favorite people.

>98 Crazymamie: - There are several pools at the resort, but I will, of course, be spending most of my time at the Penis Pool. Heh.

Jan 9, 1:56pm Top

Anybody want to road trip to Rochester, Vermont with me?

Jan 9, 2:15pm Top

>100 katiekrug: books, a bakery and coffee? Oh deary deary me. That could get messy...

Jan 9, 3:15pm Top

>100 katiekrug: I'm ready. I want some zippy donuts for the trip, though, so stopping in Brooklyn for the Doughnut Bakery's faux-Voodoo flavors is a must.

Jan 9, 3:28pm Top

>101 Helenliz: - But *good* messy, Helen! I'll put you down as a yes. Better start looking at airfares...

>102 richardderus: - No road trip is complete without donuts!

Jan 9, 3:48pm Top

The Kitty Genovese case still fascinates after all these years.

Good Neighbours looks interesting

Jan 9, 4:06pm Top

Jan 9, 4:24pm Top

>100 katiekrug: How cozy and cute looking!

I am supposed to wear a night guard to sleep too but I hate how bulky feeling mine is and can often be found "forgetting" to put it in. I'm sure to hear all about it when I go to the dentist next month :(

Jan 9, 4:30pm Top

>104 magicians_nephew: - I've only read the first (very short) chapter, Jim. Hoping to dig in a bit more tonight!

>105 BLBera: - *makes note to detour to Minnesota to pick up Beth*

>106 ChelleBearss: - Chelle, my dentist originally suggested getting an "over the counter" (for lack of a better term) one to at least see if it would tell me that I was grinding. I couldn't sleep with it in. Hopefully this custom one will not be as bothersome, but I have my doubts.

Jan 9, 4:43pm Top

>106 ChelleBearss:, >107 katiekrug: - For what it's worth, night guards, for all the good they claim to do, just aren't for everyone. I have tried 3 different custom-made models at different times in my life: a hard plastic, upper, a hard plastic lower, and a soft mold for the lower. I absolutely could not tolerate any of them. The soft mold was the most comfortable, if comfortable were a word I'd apply to any mouth guard. For me, that was never the case. I know I grind. I have chronic jaw pain and neck pain to prove it. Instead, I do neck and jaw stretches and exercise before going to bed and first thing when I wake up. I want to say it helps. Goodness knows how much worse off I'd be if it doesn't. I also ingest probably far too much acetaminophen for my own good.

Good luck

Jan 9, 4:56pm Top

>94 katiekrug:, One eye appointment when they did the puff of air I flinched and hit my chin on the bar you have to lean on and then bit my tongue. But I think the drops they put in your eyes are even worse than the puff of air.

Jan 9, 6:01pm Top

>100 katiekrug: yes.

>102 richardderus: I'll meet you there, as soon as I figure out which Brooklyn donut shop you mean.

Jan 9, 6:29pm Top

>108 jessibud2: - Yikes! I hope I have a better experience, Shelley!

>109 fairywings: - They usually have to do it a few times with me before I don't react and cringe and blink....

>110 ELiz_M: - Mmmmm, donuts.....

Edited: Jan 9, 7:30pm Top

Whoops, double post!

Jan 9, 7:29pm Top

>100 katiekrug: That looks amazing!

Also, what an amazing trip with your friends! (I'd much rather do that than Disney...with a huge group of people?) Hope you have a great time :D

Jan 9, 7:43pm Top

>110 ELiz_M: #4...The Doughnut Plant...they blatantly copy Portland's Voodoo Donuts' flavors (the mango one is the steal of a lifetime) and I am so so so so so glad they do. The next time my Young Gentleman Caller is in Brooklyn he's under strict injunction to get me six of the carrot cake donuts. I ***need*** them!

I'm almost done with Snapshot, and can't wait to get to the next one in the series. I like these Australian detectives, even though the slang defeats me sometimes. Luckily I know people there who are willing to help me out when Google fails.

Jan 9, 8:51pm Top

>113 bell7: - It may be within an easy drive for you, Mary! Go scope it out!

>114 richardderus: - Haven't heard of Snapshot, but it seems like Australian crime writers are finally getting some recognition here.

Jan 9, 9:13pm Top

Hmmm and tomorrow I have an appointment for an eye exam that includes the “puff”.

Jan 9, 9:18pm Top

>115 katiekrug: This interview with Disher is interesting; he discusses several facets of Challis's character and world. The Dragon Man is the first of the series. I recommend.

Jan 10, 2:49am Top

>114 richardderus: Slang is so ingrained into the Aussie culture that half the time we don't even realise we are using it. Some terms even differ between the States so that doesn't help those that find it difficult either. Sometimes the slang is so centralised to a particular area that a lot of Australians don't even know it.

Jan 10, 7:25am Top

>116 brenzi: - Good luck, Bonnie! Don't blink!

>117 richardderus: - I'll keep it in mind.

>118 fairywings: - I've traveled a lot overseas and Australia was one of the places I had a harder time understanding some people! Also Scotland...

Jan 10, 9:46am Top

Hi Katie!

Congrats on The Wayne's job switch.

I've only listened to one Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper, but I still think about it.

St. Lucia next summer sounds wonderful.

I got a night guard, cost a freaking fortune, and it turns out that I'm allergic to the material it was made of. My mouth and tongue kept getting numb, so I had to abandon it. My dentist made a very thin plastic upper that I wear to at least keep the clenching/grinding from damaging my teeth. I also take a muscle relaxant every night just before bed. I hope the night guard works for you.

I was born and raised in Southern California, so we went to Disneyland a couple of times a year. I remember a drawer filled with left-over tickets - that's when you had A,B,C,D, and E rides - the Matterhorn was an E ride. When I moved to NC in 1991, I was amazed that people plan week-long trips to Disneyworld. I went to Disneyworld once when daughter's Jazz band competed there, and that's good enough for the rest of my life.

I hope you have a great Thursday.

Jan 10, 11:06am Top

Hi Karen! I hope the night guard is successful. Right now, the grinding isn't too terrible - just some achiness in the morning that goes away quickly.

I'm really looking forward to the trip next summer - which reminds me, I need to see about getting my plane ticket using American Airline miles. I think St. Lucia sounds way better than Disney World, but hey. To each her own :)

Happy Thursday!

Jan 10, 11:49am Top

I've worn a night guard for over 30 years now. I try to put it in 1/2 hour or more before I go to bed and then I'm not so aware of it by the time I'm actually going to sleep. I was very motivated when I got mine because my grinding had led my jaw to actually lock up and for three or four days I literally could barely get a straw in for nourishment and had to talk with clinched teeth -- when was rather awkward in professional meetings. Good luck, I hope it works for you.

Jan 10, 11:53am Top

>122 RebaRelishesReading: - That's something the dentist recommended - putting the guard in and getting used to it before you try to sleep with it. I will definitely be following that advice.

Oof, that locked jaw sounds awful!

Jan 10, 12:15pm Top

Well, it was a good motivator to get used to the night guard :)

Do I have you to thank for Cinnamon Gardens? It seems to me I heard about it on your thread. If so, there's another BB to your credit.

Edited: Jan 10, 12:19pm Top

>99 katiekrug: I had to have my night guard adjusted several times because it felt like it was pulling my jaw forward. After that, it was fine. I now find I can't really fall asleep until I put it in - it's a sort of signal to relax. Good luck with yours.

Jan 10, 12:37pm Top

Morning Katie. I was looking at your rating scale. I love that I'm not alone in the eternal search for the "perfect" rating scale. It's like the eternal search for the perfect pen. Ha. I like where you landed on 5 stars -- perfect *for you*. I also resonated so deeply with your comment on my thread that any book that makes you cry pretty much qualifies as a five-star read. It's actually hard for a book to make me cry so when it happens, well, that book was perfect*for me.*

I have a custom-made night guard and I love love LOVE it. I once bought an over-the-counter one when I was traveling and had forgotten this one and could tell that my jaw was getting stiff. It was much less comfortable and much less effective. I hope your specially made one works for you.

>100 katiekrug: If that were indeed a "road trip" for me, I would so be there!!

Jan 10, 12:43pm Top

>124 RebaRelishesReading: - Wish I could take credit for Cinnamon Gardens, Reba, but I've not even heard of it!

>125 ffortsa: - Judy, good to know it might need some adjustments. Otherwise, I might have just given up on the whole idea if it didn't feel right on the first go.

>126 EBT1002: - Ellen, I tried the OTC ones and no. Just no. They were too big and/or kept falling out. Ptooey.

I have to swing by Minnesota to pick up Beth for the road trip, so maybe you could get yourself at least that far? *grin*

Jan 10, 12:49pm Top

I thought my current audio, A Handful of Dust, was my first of Evelyn Waugh's books, but I apparently read Vile Bodies in February 2015 and liked it, according to my comments at the time and the 3.5 star rating. In my comments, I wrote "The scene at number 10 Downing Street is especially memorable."

Erm, apparently not. I have zero recollection of any of the novel... :-P

Jan 10, 1:02pm Top

>127 katiekrug: guess I'd better go back and change my "thank you" lol

Jan 10, 1:16pm Top

>128 katiekrug: *snort* I did something similar, read about 50 pages of Waugh's Decline and Fall before it clicked that I had read this before... Maybe he writes enjoyable but forgettable, books. Apart from Brideshead Revisited which I do remember with affection.

Jan 10, 1:53pm Top

>129 RebaRelishesReading: - :)

>130 Helenliz: - It's so weird. I can usually remmeber that I've read a book, even if I couldn't tell you anything about it...

Jan 10, 4:16pm Top

>120 karenmarie: "E-Ticket Ride" was an expression some of my frat brothers used to describe women they were seeing . Took this east coaster a while to figure out what they were talking anout

Jan 10, 6:42pm Top

>132 magicians_nephew: - College buys can be so classy ;-)

Jan 10, 8:20pm Top

I'm going to join Richard in recommending the Gary Disher series...I've read the first two, and they were very good.

Jan 10, 9:32pm Top

Jan 11, 8:02am Top

>134 laytonwoman3rd: - Duly noted, Linda!

>135 ronincats: - Excellent, Roni. We have quite a good group going :)

Jan 11, 8:15am Top

I'm a little over a third of the way through this, and it's very good. It's told from multiple perspectives (so if anyone is looking for a book to fill that prompt in the PopSugar or Goodreads challenge...) of people who witness a crime - or the immediate aftermath of it - and do nothing. Not the best writing, but it's paced well and some of the backstories are really interesting.

Jan 11, 8:24am Top

>137 katiekrug: Katie, thanks for the suggestion! This one is called Acts of Violence in the UK, in case anyone else looks at their library catalogue and is puzzled. (Ha - the touchstone goes straight to Good Neighbors :-) )

Jan 11, 10:10am Top

Susan, if you get it, I hope it's not stinky and stained!

Jan 11, 10:13am Top

>139 katiekrug: Me, too, Susan.

Happy Friday, Katie!

Jan 11, 10:13am Top

Happy Friday, Mamie. It feels like this one has been a long time coming...

Jan 11, 10:32am Top

Dentists. Boo.

Jan 11, 11:35am Top

Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, Bill :)

Jan 11, 2:28pm Top

A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh

Much of this book is a typical British satire of the interwar years, in which the men are clueless and the women faithless. It's acerbically funny and very cutting, and I was listening happily along.

And then.

The story swerves and becomes rather dark, and my expectations were completely shattered. I still enjoyed it, but not quite so much. In reading a bit about the novel once I finished, I learned that it's considered a bridge between Waugh's satirical novels and his more realist ones, which makes sense.

3.5 stars

Note: my audio was read by Andrew Sachs and he was quite good.

Jan 11, 4:17pm Top

>144 katiekrug: It's kind of a maladroit mash-up of the two parts of his career, but the acerbic tongue in Brenda's mouth and Tony's dimwitted adoration of his country pile are sort of hard not to love. 3.5 strikes me as a fair and balanced rating. :P

Jan 11, 4:20pm Top

Waiting to hear some fabulous weekend plans...

Jan 11, 4:28pm Top

>145 richardderus: - Brenda is a great character, if one loves to have a character to hate. Which I do :)

>146 vivians: - MY fabulous weekend plans consist of flying to Dallas for the week :-/ Yuck.

Jan 11, 7:21pm Top

>138 susanj67: It's Acts of Violence here too, Susan. I'm not sure why they change titles from one country to another. I have ended up with the same book with two different names on more than one occasion. Canada is probably worse for that because we can either chose to identify with the British or Americans depending on mood although both places seem to be having wee meltdowns at the moment.

It's the weekend, Katie. I hope you have a good one!

Jan 11, 8:11pm Top

Sigh. 2nd thread already?

>4 katiekrug: Plopped onto the TBR pile. Thank you

>15 katiekrug: Jodi Picoult has been more miss than hit for me, and since she can't take a little constructive criticism - I'm absolutely sure you were constructive - I'm even less impressed.

>82 katiekrug: if you are stuck somewhere and it's the only book available, you could do worse Airport book?

>100 katiekrug: Oh yes, please.

At least it's warmer in Dallas?

Jan 12, 1:41am Top

>144 katiekrug: The into to the edition I read said that this was written after a short story of his, "The man who loved Dickens too much" and mid way through he decided to make it a prequel to that story. Which might explain the odd veering of direction that seems to take place.
Odd is my description of it.

Jan 12, 8:23am Top

>148 Familyhistorian: - Hi Meg! Flying down to Dallas today, so, um, yay?

>149 nittnut: - Hi Jenn! Yes, it'll be warmer in Dallas, but that's about all the positive things I can say about it ;-) Hope you like Partitions when you get to it.

Yes, By the Book might be good for the airport... And I'm glad you'll be joining us on our virtual road trip to Vermont *grin*

Picoult's not high on my list - never was and now less so!

>150 Helenliz: - I read that about the short story, Helen. It sort of makes sense, though doesn't completely explain it in my view.

Jan 12, 9:09am Top

Safe travels Katie. Hope your airline reading is planned...

Jan 12, 9:42am Top

Wishing you safe travels, Katie.

Jan 12, 11:48am Top

Safe travels, Katie.

Jan 12, 11:51am Top

>152 charl08:, >153 Crazymamie:, >154 BLBera: - Thanks, ladies. At the airport now. Got here ridiculously early because I was worried about long lines at security given the shutdown, but it was fine. The TSA agents seemed genuinely appreciative that I made the effort to thank them for being there.

Jan 12, 12:18pm Top

Katie, I hope your flight goes well and Dallas is over soon :-) Waugh's Decline and Fall is very funny, if you're in the mood for another one.

Jan 12, 1:37pm Top

Have a good trip! Hope you get to see friends and have some time for reading in between work duties.

Jan 13, 8:11am Top

Adding those books to my wishlist! I hope you have a good trip!

Jan 13, 10:44am Top

Save travels and lots of good reading, Katie.

Jan 13, 4:26pm Top

>156 susanj67: - I plan to read more Waugh, Susan, so thanks for the rec! The flight was fine - I got upgraded, finished a book, and dozed for a bit :)

>157 RebaRelishesReading: - Thanks, Reba! I saw friends last night, and had brunch with my family today. Dinner tonight with friends, and then some work-related social things which will be fun...

>158 vikzen: - Thanks, Vic!

>159 karenmarie: - Thank you, Karen! I finished one on the plane, and am now focusing on finishing up Part 1 of These Truths :)

Jan 13, 4:28pm Top

>160 katiekrug: sounds like an excellent start to your trip.

Jan 13, 4:29pm Top

Enjoy your trip! Are you away for long?

Jan 13, 4:29pm Top

So what'd ya finish?! You may not have Permission to say "oh I finished a book" without juicy deets!!

So sorry you're back in Suck City, I mean Dallas!, for a WHOLE WEEK. *there there, pat pat*

Jan 13, 4:31pm Top

>161 Helenliz: - Can't complain (yet)! Heh.

>162 ChelleBearss: - I fly home Saturday morning, Chelle.

>163 richardderus: - I finished Good Neighbors which was loosely based on the Kitty Genovese murder and was quite a page turner. I'll type up some comments a little later...

"Suck City". Heh.

Jan 13, 5:26pm Top

Good Neighbors rang no bells for me until I found it as Acts of Violence, its original title. That murder was news all the way out in California, and I think though I can't be sure that this story was the main reason Mama vetoed my eldest sister going to Columbia.

Jan 13, 7:46pm Top

>128 katiekrug: LOL. Yeah, sometimes I think something is going to be memorable but....

Have a good week in Dallas!

Jan 13, 8:03pm Top

Your comment that the "especially memorable" scene no longer was remembered made me laugh. Because I try very hard not to have spoilers in my reviews, I often leave a lot of plot points/reaction out of my review and focus more on the mechanics, so I've sometimes gone back and been perplexed myself. I've thought to myself I should write a second, private review that's rife with spoilers and such reactions, but never have followed through on the idea.

Nice review of A handful of dust. I remember having a bit of a "what just happened to this story" moment reading it so it's nice to know I'm not alone!

Also... The right football teams lost this weekend 😁 I've been going for KC since the Giants are completely out of the picture, because I think Mahomes is incredibly talented and fun to watch... So we'll see what happens next week! (I'm not paying a ton of attention really)

Jan 14, 9:46am Top

>165 richardderus: - Have you read it, Richard? Or had you just heard of it under the alternate title?

>166 EBT1002: - Thanks, Ellen. Here I am, in my old cubicle, thinking longingly of my office bunker at home... :D

>167 bell7: - I'm glad it's not just me, Mary!

I was also glad both the Cowgirls and Iggles lost, but I really don't care much about any of the teams left. I'll probably keep watching, though, because football. Heh.

Jan 14, 9:48am Top

Had a lovely Tex-Mex meal last night with two former colleagues. I stuffed myself with cheesy, greasy, spicy goodness. And chips. And margaritas. *happy sigh*

Regular work today, and then a happy hour with friend-colleagues tonight. Good times.

i haven't started a new book. I'm planning to keep reading These Truths as and when I can this week, and on my flight home, I'll start my book for book club, which meets next Monday. It's relatively short, and since the Wayne will still be in San Francisco, I'll have all day Sunday to finish it up. And I may just take Monday off...

Jan 14, 9:56am Top

Hi Katie!

>168 katiekrug: Any team that Bill or I could possibly care for is out, which gives me the freedom to actually attend a February book club meeting for the first time in over a decade. Bill will watch whoever is playing, but I'll be discussing Barracoon.

I stuffed myself with cheesy, greasy, spicy goodness. And chips. And margaritas. *happy sigh* Sounds perfectly wonderful to me. I bet you slept well. *smile*

I hope your work week goes well, have fun reading all day next Sunday. What book will you be reading for book club?

Jan 14, 10:18am Top

>169 katiekrug: mmm, I have fond memories of Tex-Mex when I was in Texas. Nothing like a work trip that includes pleasurable moments with food, friends and fun as well.

Jan 14, 11:05am Top

>170 karenmarie: - Hi Karen! Book club selection this month is The Incendiaries. It sounds like it could be good, but I'm not super ocnfident because it was selected by the guy whose choices I often don't end up liking. Wow, that's some strangled syntax there...

>171 Helenliz: - Where were you in Texas, Helen? I really miss Tex-Mex. We can get great authentic Mexican in New York, but the only Tex-Mex is crappy chain restaurants.

My boss decided to take his EA and me out to lunch today. I will probably ask to go to another Tex-Mex place. Heh.

Jan 14, 11:14am Top

>168 katiekrug: I got a review copy of Acts of Violence, per my notes, but never wanted to engage with the narrative (my LitCrit is recrudescing), and it went into the facility's library when I arrived. Where it is now I couldn't say.

>169 katiekrug: Ohhhhh I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of your TexMex feast!! I miss cheese enchiladas in ranchero sauce, refritos, and Spanish rice. "The number three combo, please, extra chips and salsa, thanks Millie."

Jan 14, 11:25am Top

>173 richardderus: - My order of choice is two beef enchiladas with chili con carne on top, rice and beans on the side :)

Jan 14, 11:39am Top

>174 katiekrug: Ah...the number one combo. Yum.

Jan 14, 11:41am Top

>172 katiekrug: I was there August 91 to summer 92. Did the second year of my degree at UT Austen (go Longhorns).
Me not at all fussy, but do have a yen for the fajita. I like working for my dinner.
Yup, chains are a poor substitute for the real thing. But they suffice when you're quite this far away.

Jan 14, 11:42am Top

I have The Incendiaries on my "maybe" list so I'll wait to hear what you think. I just started another Costa winner, The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle but so far not a great start. Also...in the UK the title was 71/2 deaths, not 7, and it bugs me that such a ridiculous change was made.

Jan 14, 11:42am Top

>175 richardderus: - *grin*

>176 Helenliz: - Hook 'Em! My cousin went to UT and made me be a fan when I moved to Texas.

Fajitas are excellent and now I want some of those, too.

I have been known to frequent the chains available to me when the craving gets desperate :)

Jan 14, 11:43am Top

>177 vivians: - I've heard some not-great things about Evelyn Hardcastle, Vivian. I'll wait for your final thoughts. And I'll be sure to report back of The Incendiaries... The premise sounds promising.

Jan 14, 2:36pm Top

You have me craving some Tex-Mex right now, Katie, and up here there is very little in the way of authentic Tex-Mex. In fact the closest I have ever been to the 'real' stuff is Arizona, where we had a couple of real feasts!

I totally agree with you on A Handful of Dustwhich I read recently. Very weird.

Jan 14, 7:25pm Top

>177 vivians: Jumping in to agree that 7 1/2 Deaths was a slow start for me too. It was kind of a tangled, confusing web. I read online he had to change it to 7 1/2 in the US because the title was so similar to The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Jan 15, 1:37am Top

I'm reading Testosterone Rex, thanks partly to Charlotte who included it in the Santa Swap treasure trove she sent to me. (Thanks again, Charlotte). Am I correctly remembering that you were the LTer who winged me with a report on it? (First the report, then the sting.) If so, thanks. Good call.

Jan 15, 7:00am Top

Question from the Ignorant Corner: how is Tex-Mex different from Mexican food? Are the key dishes different? Spices? I don't think I've ever had Tex-Mex, which shouldn't be surprising from this Indiana-Ohio-Wisconsin-Ohio girl...

Jan 15, 7:51am Top

>137 katiekrug: Adding that one to the BlackHole.

Wish I could go to Vermont. . .

Jan 15, 9:25am Top

>183 scaifea: Not much tomato or beef in traditional Mexican dishes. I think most of what we call "Mexican" food outside of the Southwest is more Tex-Mex, although that could be changing with time. The chili I grew up with would be unrecognizable down there.

Jan 15, 10:54am Top

>180 DeltaQueen50: - Hi Judy! Maybe make some nachos to assuage that craving?

>181 jennyifer24: - Interesting about that particular title change!

>182 weird_O: - Twasn't me, Bill. I think Charlotte read it so maybe she's the guilty party?

>183 scaifea: - Actual Mexican food isn't really greasy and covered in cheese (at least that's how I differ).

>184 alcottacre: - Hope you like it, Stasia!

>185 laytonwoman3rd: - I think you're right, Linda. What most people in the US call Mexican food is actually Tex-Mex. I love both, but I never crave Mexican like I do Tex-Mex. I blame the cheese :)

Jan 15, 10:55am Top

Last night I stuffed my face with edamame and sushi. And red wine. Happy hour went on for 5 hours...

I think I'll have a quiet, and an early, night tonight. My real work craziness starts tomorrow.

Jan 15, 11:40am Top

>185 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Ah, I see. That makes sense, really, and so it's actual Mexican that I haven't had and not the other way around.

>186 katiekrug: Not really greasy and covered with cheese? Hm. I may stick with fake Mexican then, because just typing that made me hungry...

Jan 15, 2:43pm Top

Well, I had it again for lunch, and I think my itch has now been sufficiently scratched....

Jan 15, 3:57pm Top

>189 katiekrug: It is possible for there to be too much of a good thing...
Sometimes, anyway.

Jan 15, 4:23pm Top

>190 Helenliz: - Definitely the case here, Helen!

Jan 16, 2:39pm Top

Would it be bad to just stand up and quit in the middle of a meeting? Asking for a friend...

Jan 16, 2:43pm Top

>192 katiekrug: Yes! Yes, unless you've got a year's salary saved, no debt, and a new job ready at your whistle. Suck it up, buttercup.

Jan 16, 2:52pm Top

>192 katiekrug:. Nope. Resigning is a fabulously liberating experience. >:-)

Jan 16, 3:23pm Top

>193 richardderus: - What if I just want to be a trophy wife?

>194 Helenliz: - I bet! So tempting...

Jan 16, 3:34pm Top

>195 katiekrug: It was fabulous. >:-D I'd recommend every one do it the once.

Quite out of character, as I'm quite conservative, and so resigning without a job to go to was a bit of a leap. I'd got to the stage that I was so unhappy I knew I had to get out. The morning after when word got around, I was told to stop looking so happy. That made my point, work shouldn't be making me so unhappy that it shows in my demeanour.
Been in my new job for 14 months and am still loving it. The right decision on every level. Well apart from the occasional, like last week's filming for a video to be played at the presentation ceremony for the Mayor's business award for which we've been shortlisted. Appearing intelligent on film is certainly not in the job description!

go on go on go on go on go on!

Yesterday, 11:16am Top

>196 Helenliz: I'm with Helen. I say go for it.

Yesterday, 2:44pm Top

I am on a bed of nails wondering why you haven't said Word One anywhere...are you on a plane back to Joisey? In the holding cells awaiting arraignment on murder charges?! What?! WHAT?!

Yesterday, 3:16pm Top

>196 Helenliz: and >197 Crazymamie: - Well, I didn't do anything rash in the meeting. But I am inching my way towards making a decision :)

>198 richardderus: - Sorry for the radio silence... Long day of meetings yesterday, followed by a work dinner, and then another long meeting this morning. I'm still here - wasn't flying out until Saturday morning, but I've changed my flight to fly out tomorrow morning, hopefully getting in before The Weather hits. I will catch up over the weekend with everyone!

Yesterday, 3:28pm Top

Good luck getting home...Friday is supposed to be ok but you're right to avoid Saturday's mess!

Yesterday, 3:30pm Top

Thanks, Vivian! My flight leaves at 7:20am, so hopefully I'll be in the clear, and safely tucked up at home by the time it is unleashed. Will need to make a trip to the store beforehand...

Yesterday, 3:43pm Top

>199 katiekrug: oooooooooo! >;-)
Hope you get home in one piece without too much "weather".

Yesterday, 3:52pm Top

>199 katiekrug: *whew* Decisions made in due course are so much less likely to stress you out. But yeah, you've been heading this way for a while. Or so it's seemed to me. They will be Very Sorry when they've finished driving you away.

Yesterday, 3:54pm Top

>202 Helenliz: - Thanks for the good travel wishes, Helen!

>203 richardderus: - I'm super torn about it because there are parts of my job I absolutely love, and so many great people I get to work with...

Yesterday, 3:56pm Top

...and then there are PhDs who can't parse instructions a ten-year-old wouldn't even need...

Yesterday, 3:59pm Top

>205 richardderus: well that was more elegant than the phrase I was going to use! But yes. Them. Shooting's too good for them.

>204 katiekrug: it's never an easy decision. But you know when you've made the right one.

Yesterday, 6:20pm Top

>199 katiekrug: If you decide to do it, by all means, make a POINT when you do. If standing up in the middle of a meeting is the way, I say go for it. Of course, if it would reflect badly on people you have enjoyed working with, then more no... I still dream that I told the Big Kahuna to take his job and shove it in response to one of his annual speeches about how tough times were for everybody (meaning him, mostly).

Yesterday, 6:32pm Top

>206 Helenliz: Here's the gun. You were with me the entire time, couldn't've done it.

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