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Healthy Goals and Struggles - 2019

The Green Dragon

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Jan 9, 9:17am Top

I wanted to start a new health thread. I'm too lazy to look for the old one, although, I possibly should have so we could link it. Bother. I don't have time.

Anyway, due to several injuries last year (plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve and a blow to the head) I am way off of my health routines. The holidays saw me putting aside my eating habits as well, mostly because I didn't have the energy or mind power to work at them.

I am going back to square one and working on my posture and my foot health first. Reading Alignment Matters by Katie Bowman. This is a collection of her blogs about our physical structure, the machine that is our body and how best to maintain it. It begins with the feet since our feet have 1/4 of the bones and muscles in our body. I don't love the blog format (just give me the facts please), but the information, once you can winnow it out, is good.

So, with actual baby steps, I am mindfully working on my feet. I believe that at least two of my injuries last year were due to poor posture/feet habits. Now I am relearning how to stand and walk. I exercise my toes/feet each day, and I gotta tell you, my feet are sore in places they haven't been, but it is a good sore, like exercise sore, not injury sore. My heel and hip don't hurt as bad either, but I'm not walking for distance yet.

I have taken off my Fitbit. Was down to using it as a watch and a pedometer, but I know now how far/how much time I need to spend walking to meet my goal, so I don't really need to measure each step.

As for the food, I'm only working on portion size and upping the vegetable intake again.

Jan 9, 10:52am Top

Good for you! I'm here to cheer you on.

Jan 9, 12:28pm Top

Wishing you success in all your efforts!

Jan 9, 1:20pm Top

Cheering you on, but also interested to know how you progress.

Jan 9, 1:35pm Top

>1 MrsLee: I'm interested in how you make out with Alignment Matters. Good for you, getting yourself back on track!

I'm doing well after my heart surgery in September. Gradually increasing my activities to almost where I was last year at this time. I'm still more easily tired than I used to be, but I think that continuing to increase my activity to get my fitness level back and a change in medication will get that under control. I'm already much better than I was in August.

I'm also trying to eat a more balanced diet and especially more vegetables. I like vegetables, but they tend to rot in my fridge rather than getting eaten.

Jan 9, 11:03pm Top

>1 MrsLee: I have a friend who is a podiatrist and she encourages feet exercises. Being a runner, I really should be doing more for my feet.

The last few months I kind of slacked off as well. Between school starting, a gum graft, and two separate doses of my hormones, I wasn't able to stay on the routine I was doing. Oh, and I wasn't eating real well, either. So my pants are a bit tighter than they were at this time last year.

I have gone back to limiting my sugar intake and making healthier eating choices. And I joined a marathon training group. I plan on running the Bend Marathon in April. The training started this past Saturday. I will be working out 6 days a week. I'm hoping this helps with the pants issue. :)

Edited: Jan 10, 11:17am Top

>1 MrsLee: Well, I'm sad to say I've been ignoring my feet, most likely because they're one of the few body parts that don't ache. (I did suffer from plantar fasciitis once and it took months to heal. That was a footwear issue!) Perhaps I should be proactive and treat my tootsies with more TLC. What kinds of exercises are you doing, exactly? I still use my FitBit to track my steps, heart rate and sleep. It forces me to move a little more if I haven't hit my 10,000 step goal each day. I threw out my old treadmill before I moved, so I've been forced to be creative if the weather is bad. Dancing works. (Though the dog gets confused and tries to join me...)

>5 NorthernStar: I'm glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you've made good progress. I end up throwing out a lot of fresh veggies, myself. I might try to buy more of the frozen ones this time of year.

>6 catzteach: Good luck with the training! I get tired just thinking about it.

Jan 10, 10:18am Top

I've found that if I wash and prepare the vegetables when I bring them home, before I put them in the fridge, they are more likely to get eaten. Leaf lettuce will keep for at least a week if you wash it in a big bowl, let it soak about 10 minutes, then drain/shake gently and let air dry for about 10 min. and wrap it in a cotton kitchen towel, or paper towels and then put in a plastic bag with most of the air pushed out. I prepare all my greens this way, then they are ready to be taken out and used.

Chopped cabbage kept dry in a glass storage container keeps several days as well. We always eat it before the week is up because we all love it either raw in salad or stir-fried or sauteed.

I have peeled and chopped root vegetables up to a day in advance. Haven't tried keeping them longer, although I'm sure you could for at least a couple of days. I usually roast mine on the weekend to make for quick side dishes or salad toppings in the week.

Radishes can be trimmed and kept in a glass jar for at least a week for quick snacks, as can celery, carrots and cauliflower. Anyway, those are a few ideas to get you started. With some forethought, it works.

I wash herbs like cilantro and parsley the same as lettuce. Sometimes I wrap them in paper towels and place in a plastic bag, or if the stems are long enough and I have fridge space, I put them in a glass of water with a plastic bag over them. They keep more than a week either way.

Here is the video for the foot exercises I am doing at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Sv2EZOjj0&t=4s

I am doing a few others, but mostly trying to be mindful about how I walk and stand. My right foot in particular as it wants to turn to the side, and my feet also want to roll to the outside, so I am being mindful to keep them flat on the ground facing forward when standing or walking.

Jan 10, 10:49am Top

Now I'm trying to visualise MrsLee standing around with her feet facing backward.

Jan 10, 11:51am Top

Apart from the disconcerting behaviour of MrsLee's feet, my issue with vegetables and salads in particular is that I'm only feeding myself. All the packages I can buy here are sized for a household. The smallest package of salad leaves is too much for one meal and often has a very limited fridge or shelf life because it's imported (although there is some local growing of tomatoes, cucumbers and whatnot). The upshot is that I have to accept a percentage of waste.

Jan 10, 12:22pm Top

Good luck to everyone with individual projects and goals.

In regards to feet - I've found that going barefoot, or wearing minimalist shoes has improved my feet tremendously. I can't say that's done it alone since I lift heavy things and walk/hike a lot, but I think it's part of it. When I have to wear traditionally uncomfortable shoes like heels, I have a greater tolerance for them instead of feeling them more because I don't wear them much. YMMV.

Apart from ongoing weight issues and the leg lymphedema, I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve upped my kettlebell swing sessions and added Turkish Get-ups to my usual weight lifting routine. It’s improved my stamina and cardio capacity. I’ve also added some joint PT to help with ‘tennis elbow’ and general shoulder joint deterioration. When it was nice out my hubby and I would do ‘silly walks’ which is basically walking fast with hand weights and doing all sorts of duck walking, pseudo-boxing and running in between. It’s insane, but fun in a weird way. Until it gets warmer and less icy on the roads, I’ll just jump rope in the garage.

My diet remains primarily the same - modified paleo with little to no processed foods or sugar. We slip in a little ice cream from time to time, but not much per serving (a couple tablespoons) and only the good stuff with like 5 ingredients. We continue to buy from local farmers and have freezers full of pasture-raised pork and beef. I still fast every day, but mostly it just happens rather than being something I have to work at. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule though - I eat in the morning occasionally when the mood strikes me.

Sleep is still tough. I can fall asleep easy, but staying that way is hard. Lately I’ve been taking a melatonin tablet around 12:00-1:00 at night - basically whenever I wake from my first sleep session. It seems to work; I stay asleep longer than when I don’t take one. I wake with the sun in all seasons and I really like that. It feels natural.

Goals for this year are to not get any fatter and to keep improving my lifting numbers and resting heart rate. Also to continue with joint health. I may do the potato diet again in February since that’s the only thing that has ever gotten my weight down.

Jan 10, 8:31pm Top

>10 haydninvienna: Yes, that's my issue as well. Over the last 3.5 years I went from feeding three or four people (and often twice that when kids' friends dropped by) to feeding only two for a year until my son moved out. Now I'm feeding only myself, and I have been having trouble adjusting my shopping habits. I got tired of throwing out fresh produce. I didn't do too badly after I first moved because I suddenly had easy access to farm stands. Those goods lasted a lot longer in the fridge because it had only been a few hours since it was picked. Grocery store fare gets nasty much more quickly. It's been days or weeks since it was picked.

I like Mrs. Lee's idea of preparing a large amount of one thing at once to make it easier to consume. I did do that with several bunches of broccoli. I bagged and froze it in Clare-sized portions. I just need to do that with some other items. And then I need to actually remember that I have it in my freezer. :o)

Jan 10, 8:58pm Top

>12 clamairy: Yes, that last sentence. I have a bag of mixed frozen mushrooms in my freezer that may be nearly old enough to start pre-school. I’ll get around to using them soon, promise!

Jan 10, 9:05pm Top

>13 haydninvienna: Better get to it before they are old enough to drive! If I hadn't moved I would be in the same situation. I do have some aged goods, though. I used my own homegrown and frozen tomatoes from 2015 to make pasta sauce last month, and it was magnificent.

Jan 11, 10:06am Top

Buying whole veggies and preparing them yourself adds to the shelf life for sure. Especially lettuce types. I have found that if we buy a box of spinach, it lasts longer than if we buy a box of mixed greens with spinach in it. The spinach is always the first to go. Must be a chemical reaction of some sort.

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