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Katie Commits to Nothing in 2019, Part 4

This is a continuation of the topic Katie Commits to Nothing in 2019, Part 3.

This topic was continued by Katie Commits to Nothing in 2019, Part 5.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Feb 11, 8:55am Top

Hello Old Friends and Welcome New Ones!

I'm Katie, and I've been with the 75ers since 2011. I live just outside New York City with my husband, "The" Wayne, and our cat, Leonard. I work from home for a global engineering association, which allows me to scratch my travel itch a few times a year. In addition to reading and traveling, I enjoy taking advantage of all that my current location has to offer, from bars and restaurants to theater and museums to seasides and mountainsides. I lived 12 years in "exile" in Texas and am glad to be back in the northeast :)

My only "goal" for this reading year is to not have any goals. I am hoping to read more of the 3500 books I currently own rather than shiny new ones, but I'll just be happy with a year of excellent reads, regardless of where they come from.

Edited: Feb 11, 8:57am Top

(audio) (print) (Kindle)

Off my shelf (pre-2019): 4
Off my Kindle (pre-2019): 2

13. The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie (4 stars)
12. Murder in an English Village by Jessica Ellicott (audio) (2.5 stars)
11. The Garden Party by Grace Dane Mazur (4 stars)
10. In the Sea There Are Crocodiles by Fabio Geda (audio) (3 stars)
9. The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld (4 stars)
8. The Governess Game by Tessa Dare (4 stars)
7. Blood on the Forge by William Attaway (4.5 stars)
6. Boo by Neil Smith (audio) (3 stars)
5. The Incendiaries by R.O. Kwan (3.5 stars)
4. Good Neighbors by Ryan David Jahn (4 stars)
3. A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh (audio) (3.5 stars)
2. By the Book by Julia Sonneborn (3 stars)
1. Going Back by Penelope Lively (3.5 stars)

1. Eucalyptus by Murray Bail

Edited: Feb 11, 8:57am Top

My Ratings (revised, once again, as I continue the fruitless search for the perfect scale...)

2 stars = below average
3 stars = average
4 stars = above average
5 stars = perfect *for me*

(Anything below 2 stars is unlikely to be finished)

Edited: Feb 11, 8:57am Top

A Book You Should Read
(A new, regular feature on my threads...)

Eucalyptus by Murray Bail

Blurb: "On a property in New South Wales, a widower named Holland lives with his daughter, Ellen. Over the years as she grows into a beautiful woman, Holland plants hundreds of different eucalyptus trees on his land, filling the landscape, making a virtual outdoor museum of trees. When Ellen is nineteen, Holland announces that she may only marry the man who can correctly name the species of each and every gum tree on his property. A strange contest begins, and Ellen is left unmoved by her suitors until she chances on a strange young man resting under the Coolibah tree whose stories will amaze and dazzle her. A modern fairy tale, and an unforgettable love story, that bristles with spiky truths and unexpected wisdom about art, feminine beauty, landscape, and language. Eucalyptus affirms the seductive power of storytelling itself."

I read this ages ago and don't remember much about it except that I loved it. I might re-read it this year...

Edited: Jan 30, 10:38am Top

And with that, this thread is open for business!

Jan 30, 10:42am Top

Happy new one, Katie! Am I first?

Jan 30, 10:43am Top

I am. I AM! I love the topper you chose for this one. And your "book you should read" sounds full of fabulous.

Jan 30, 10:47am Top

You are! You are!

I love that topper, too. Wish I could remember where I found it...

I've gotten myself all excited to re-read Eucalyptus - I might pick it up when I'm done with my current print read.

Jan 30, 10:52am Top

It sounds like one that Abby and Birdy would also love, so I'm gonna see if they want to read it with me in February.

Jan 30, 10:56am Top

Let me know and maybe we can coordinate :)

Jan 30, 11:10am Top


Jan 30, 11:39am Top

Happy new thread, Katie! Such a surprise to see it!

Jan 30, 11:41am Top

>12 susanj67: - SNORK.

Hi Susan!

Jan 30, 11:43am Top

Happy New Thread, Katie. Your thread title is my favorite!

I love the laidback topper.

Jan 30, 11:46am Top

Thanks, Joe! I bet that sea (lake?) side hammock in the sun looks pretty good to you right about now :)

Jan 30, 12:08pm Top

Happy new thread, Katie! Taking a BB for your Book You Should Read feature. There’s a copy in my library consortium, so onto my list it goes!

Jan 30, 12:09pm Top

Thanks, Rachel! Hope you like Eucalyptus when you get to it!

Jan 30, 12:45pm Top

Happy new thread, Katie.
Loving the image and caption in >5 katiekrug:. I agree, a book is a requirement for all eventualies.
Glad to read that The Wayne is enjoying his new job. We spend too much time at work to not be happy (or at least accepting) of it.

Jan 30, 12:53pm Top

Happy new thread, Katie!

I'm sticking Eucalyptus on my wishlist - I love fairytale retellings in pretty much any shape.

Jan 30, 1:04pm Top

>18 Helenliz: - Glad you liked that image, Helen. I used to take a book (just one, not piles) out into the woods by my house when I was growing up, and it reminded me of that.

You are so right about work. I am feeling marginally better about my own, so that's good...

>19 scaifea: - Hope you like it, Amber!

Jan 30, 1:11pm Top

Happy new thread, and I love your new feature, A Book You Should Read.

It worked.

I've added Eucalyptus to my wish list.

Jan 30, 1:20pm Top

>21 karenmarie: - Woohoo! I love being a book pusher :)

Jan 30, 2:12pm Top

Happy new thread!

Jan 30, 2:40pm Top

Thanks, Jim!

Jan 30, 2:46pm Top

I'm crawling around the threads to say I'm not dead but woefully unread, both books and threads. Happy polar vortex.

Jan 30, 2:58pm Top

I'm sorry you're unread and (likely) miserable in this cold, but your message made me laugh :)

Jan 30, 3:18pm Top

...sorry, did you speak? Can't hear too well with the ringing in my ears and the snapping stiff old joints...

Jan 30, 3:56pm Top

You don't look day over 97!

Jan 30, 4:47pm Top

Happy new thread! I can't believe you're on your fourth already. I agree, "A Book You Should Read" is a cool idea.

Jan 30, 4:48pm Top

Happy new thread!

Jan 30, 4:57pm Top

Thank you, Reba and Anita!

Jan 30, 6:23pm Top

>4 katiekrug: Well, that sounds good.

Jan 30, 9:30pm Top

Happy new thread, Katie! I love your feature of "A book you should read."

Edited: Jan 31, 12:34am Top

Happy new thread, Katie. Your topper looks very good right about now. I also love the "book you should read" feature. I might copy you.

Jan 31, 12:55am Top

Happy new thread, Katie. Love the topper. Are you dreaming of balmy breezes?

Jan 31, 8:33am Top

Morning, Katie! Just one more day until Friday.

Jan 31, 9:20am Top

>32 EBT1002: - It is! Hi Ellen :)

>33 bell7: - Thanks, Mary!

>34 BLBera: - Feel free, Beth. The topper image is rather appealing right now, isn't it?

>35 Familyhistorian: - I don't have it quite so bad as a lot of people, Meg. It was a balmy 1F when I drove The Wayne to the train station :) But I am looking forward to my tropical vacation in July...

>36 Crazymamie: - Morning, Mamie!Yay for pre-Friday!

Jan 31, 9:24am Top

I dragged myself to yoga last night. It was 12F, so the heated studio felt good :) As always, I was glad I went. Now to just continue...

It's rather cold in my office bunker in the basement, so once the cleaning ladies finish, I will probably take my laptop upstairs and work from the dining table.

Not much progress on the reading front, but I have nothing on the agenda for after work except to throw the makings for Mexican chicken soup into the Instant Pot, so I should get some reading done then.

Jan 31, 9:27am Top

This made me giggle:

Jan 31, 9:44am Top

>39 katiekrug: Ha! Too funny!

Jan 31, 10:01am Top

I might give this strategy a try on my next trip...

Jan 31, 10:25am Top

Jan 31, 10:27am Top

>39 katiekrug: Wendy, much like our own Kickass Katie, is a seasoned frequent flyer.

Jan 31, 10:40am Top

>39 katiekrug: Heh. I once read I Am Not a Serial Killer on a coast-to-coast flight. Got some weird looks from the guy next to me. He never did make eye contact...

Jan 31, 11:21am Top

>42 charl08: - Right?!?!

>43 richardderus: - Nothing worse than a chatty seatmate!

>44 drneutron: - Ha! I love that, Jim.

Jan 31, 1:04pm Top

Jan 31, 1:06pm Top

>46 katiekrug: *groan* Actually, you made me laugh out loud.

Jan 31, 1:13pm Top

>47 Crazymamie: - You're welcome!

Jan 31, 1:26pm Top

Sometimes I think that all of LT is one big "Book You Should Read" list

Jan 31, 2:03pm Top

>49 magicians_nephew: - It is indeed! I'm trying to highlight books I read a while ago that I think are worth reading but that people might not know about.

Jan 31, 2:26pm Top

I step back from LT for a week-ish and I missed A WHOLE THREAD. Slow down, lady! Also, it was the thread where you read the Tessa Dare and so I missed gushing about how entertaining the children in the book were. Daisy's funerals may have been my favourite part. I'm also willing to take credit for the other Tessa Dare you mentioned was on your kindle as I read that last year and probably put it on your radar. At least, I like to think so. ;)

Jan 31, 2:33pm Top

Jan 31, 2:38pm Top

>51 MickyFine: - That's what you get for abandoning us!

And yes, I think I put the first in the series on my Kindle thanks to you :)

>52 weird_O: - #notfakenews

Jan 31, 2:43pm Top

>46 katiekrug: haha, well done! I'm going to complain because my office is TOO HOT. I hate overheated buildings, especially because my house is freezing and it's hard to get used to after a full day of sleeves rolled up here. End of rant, sorry.

Jan 31, 2:47pm Top

>46 katiekrug: *bwaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa*

>52 weird_O: Right?! (in the sense of "correct," you understand)

Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World came back to my ken in an unusual way, detailed in post 42.

Jan 31, 2:57pm Top

>39 katiekrug: I'd so have one of those!
>52 weird_O: *snort*

Jan 31, 3:02pm Top

>46 katiekrug: Love it! We need a weather revolution.

>52 weird_O: Ha! Truth.

Jan 31, 3:05pm Top

>54 vivians: - Overheated commercial buildings are The Worst. I hate wlaking into a store and instantly sweating. Or a restaurant! Ugh.

>55 richardderus: - I toddled right over and read your wonderful review/reminiscence.

>56 Helenliz: - Maybe I should print some up :)

Jan 31, 4:52pm Top

Happy new thread Katie

Jan 31, 6:15pm Top

Happy new thread, Katie. Your crafty plot to have us all read Eucalyptus is working - I've added it to my list as well.

Edited: Jan 31, 7:57pm Top

Sweet Thursday, Katie! Happy New Thread! I only have one more part left in These Truths, I can't stretch books out that long, one of my eccentricities, so I am trying to bookhorn in a couple more audios before wrapping it up. It has been excellent though. Quite an achievement.

Jan 31, 9:34pm Top

>59 fairywings: - Thank you, Adrienne!

>60 DeltaQueen50: - I really should get some kind of kick-back from the author, Judy!

>61 msf59: - Hiya, Mark! The slower pace of the group read for These Truths is okay with me. I get bored easily, though it is really very good :)

Jan 31, 11:35pm Top

>39 katiekrug: *smile* (especially as I get on a plane tomorrow)

>46 katiekrug: Ha!!!! Love it.

Feb 1, 9:45am Top

>63 EBT1002: - Happy to amuse, Ellen :)

Feb 1, 9:46am Top

Okay, so no soup got made and no reading got done last night, but I have high hopes for tonight!

Feb 1, 10:05am Top

Happy new thread!
>39 katiekrug: Love that!!

Feb 1, 10:46am Top

Thanks, Chelle!

Feb 1, 11:30am Top

>65 katiekrug: What's up with that, Katie?

Happy Friday! We are doing burgers tonight, but I need to decided what to put with them.

Feb 1, 11:36am Top

>68 Crazymamie: - The Wayne didn't go to an after-work shindig he thought he was going to, and the chicken didn't defrost, so I said screw it and we went out to dinner :) He is going to the gym tonight, and my chicken is defrosted, so Mexican chicken soup will be made.

My favorite accompaniment to burgers is tater tots :)

Feb 1, 11:45am Top

"...so I said screw it and we went out to dinner." Good thinking - way to keep a cool head in a crisis.

Rae would LOVE that choice! And Birdy would eat those with syrup. Ahem.

Feb 1, 12:41pm Top

>70 Crazymamie: - Indeed.

And re: Birdy - I have no words :)

Feb 1, 12:58pm Top


Feb 1, 1:09pm Top

Luckily, she has other redeeming qualities, so she needn't be voted off the island...

Feb 1, 1:10pm Top

Agreed. She is worth saving for her snark alone.

Feb 1, 1:14pm Top


Feb 1, 1:15pm Top

Favorite tots prep: Fried, semi-smashed, mixed into scrambled egg/cheese, served in a hot tortilla and liberally daubed with pico de gallo.

Feb 1, 1:19pm Top

I like them with lots of salt and pepper and a side of ranch for the occasional dip. There is a gourmet burger and wine bar we like that makes The Best tots.

And now I want some.....

Feb 1, 4:51pm Top

When you all say "tater tots", you are making me crave Ore Ida's Crispy Crowns---the royalty of frozen fried potato morsels. Sprinkled with vinegar and salt. That's what we love with burgers.

Feb 1, 4:55pm Top

Yes, the crowns! These were a treat when I was a kid.

Feb 1, 4:56pm Top

This made me snort:

Feb 1, 4:57pm Top

>80 katiekrug: Do let me know when you get that thing put together---I'm sure I'm gonna want to read it!

Feb 1, 5:00pm Top

Right now, it makes about as much sense as Faulkner ;-)

Edited: Feb 1, 5:03pm Top

>80 katiekrug: - LOL!!! What will they think of next...

Feb 1, 5:15pm Top

Edited: Feb 1, 5:27pm Top

>83 jessibud2: - The mind boggles... Get it? Boggle?

>84 laytonwoman3rd: - *grin*

Feb 1, 5:26pm Top

>85 katiekrug: - I am a huge fan of Scrabble AND Boggle, among other word games. This just tickles my fancy! :-)

Feb 1, 7:11pm Top

>87 katiekrug: - Happy to oblige, Shelley!

Edited: Feb 1, 7:20pm Top

January Summary

I read 10 books in January which is high for me. I don't expect to keep up that pace all year, but it's nice to shoot out of the gate quickly!

Most of my reads were good, but not great. And that's okay. I did stick to my goal of trying to randomize my reading, and I like the variety it allowed me.

I think the biggest surprise fo rme was how much I liked Blood on the Forge - so powerful and well-written. The most compulsive read for me - the one which I found hardest to put down - is a tie between Good Neighbors and The Child Finder. I guess that's not all that surprising given that they're both in the suspense genre :)

Onward to February!

ETA: I should also mention that I read Part 1 of These Truths, too!

Feb 1, 7:40pm Top

>88 katiekrug: That cover gallery dingus is the sauce!

Edited: Feb 1, 7:56pm Top

>88 katiekrug: Nice, Katie. I love the covers. I can see them!

Feb 1, 9:18pm Top

>89 richardderus: and >90 BLBera: - Thanks, Richard and Beth!

Beth, the covers are visible because I screen-shotted it off a Word document :)

Feb 1, 10:38pm Top

A belated happy new thread, Katie! Glad the Wayne is safely home and happy with job. Good luck on getting caught up!

Edited: Feb 1, 11:22pm Top

Look--I am wishing you happy new one and it's halfway done already!

>88 katiekrug: Congrats on reading 10 in January! A very nice start to the year. Not to mention this is thread number four...

Feb 2, 6:13am Top

>39 katiekrug: LOL

>69 katiekrug: My husband is a huge tater tots fan. I like crispy onion rings more, but have been known to take a few off his plate if we’re eating out. Poor boy doesn’t get ‘em at home.

>80 katiekrug: Excellent.

Congrats on your ten books in January. I think I would be exhausted if I had too many ‘great’ reads a month as they usually leave me emotionally whupped, in a good way of course.

Feb 2, 6:45am Top

I love the covers Katie - great month of reading. I don't think I've ever had a tater tot. >78 laytonwoman3rd: looks amazing.

Feb 2, 8:50am Top

>80 katiekrug: I love that!

I hesitate to aski, but what is a tater tot? In my head it sounds like a baby potato!

Feb 2, 9:33am Top

>92 ronincats: - Thank you on all counts, Roni!

>93 Berly: - Not quite halfway, Kim. And things will slow down over here, I'm sure. People will eventually grow tired of my bad moods and snark ;-)

>94 karenmarie: - Ooh, I like a good onion ring, too, Karen. I am very picky about them - hate when you bite in and the whole onion bit comes out at once... I think you might be right about having too many great reads at once being exhausting.

>95 charl08: - Charlotte, you must find yourself some tater tots, pronto! Crispy, potato-y goodness they are.

>96 Helenliz: - Hi Helen! Per Wikipedia:

"Tater tots (which are put under many different labels outside the US) are pieces of deep-fried, grated potatoes served as a side dish.1 They are recognized by their compact cylindrical shape and crispy colored exterior. The term is a registered trademark of Ore-Ida (a division of the H. J. Heinz Company, L.P.), but it is often used as a generic term."

They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I am a sucker for any kind of potato product, to be honest - good mostly-Irish girl that I am.

For reference, they are about an inch long usually.

Feb 2, 9:35am Top

My friend, Samantha, is British but lives and works in Dubai. I introduced her to tater tots when she was over here for work, and now she's obsessed. She called me from Dubai the day she discovered Ore-Ida tater tots at her grocery store. There was much joyous shrieking (on her end) :)

Feb 2, 9:40am Top

Lazy morning here at Casa Krug. The Wayne is still asleep (it's 9:30!) but I'm giving him a pass as he has a cold and started working with a personal trainer at the gym last night. He's beat :)

We have tickets this afternoon to see 'They Shall Not Grow Old,' Peter Jackson's documentary about World War I. We'll probably get a late lunch or early dinner out. I also need to pick up a birthday card and gift for my niece, Abby, who is turning FIVE next week. And we need to make a run to Costco. And I need to do laundry. Blech.

I made my Mexican chicken soup last night, which I am proud to say, I now make without even glancing at a recipe. *preens* It's super easy, but I'm still proud of myself for getting more confident in the kitchen.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Feb 2, 9:48am Top

Sounds like you have a great Saturday planned, Katie. Wow, your niece is five already. They grow up way too fast.

Feb 2, 10:21am Top

>97 katiekrug: I was just about to google what ‘tater tots’ were and then you very kindly explained. I’ll probably give them a miss as I’m not a sucker for potato products. In fact potatoes are probably my least favourite form of carbohydrates (with the exception of mashed potatoes with piles of butter).

Feb 2, 11:34am Top

>100 BLBera: - I know, five! And she's just getting sassier :)

>101 SandDune: - But, but, Rhian. The potato is God's most perfect food! I tend to like all forms of carbs, more's the pity...

Feb 2, 12:23pm Top

>80 katiekrug: I snatched that off FaceBook yesterday and posted it as my new topper -- great minds I guess :>

Feb 2, 1:17pm Top

We had to get up early this a.m. (RETIRED PEOPLE--on a SATURDAY!) because we had a contractor coming to get measurements for our bathroom do-over; so once he was gone (still early!) we went out to breakfast. I had tater tots with my poached eggs and bacon. I blame you.

Feb 2, 1:18pm Top

I am so very happy to be able to breathe and not hack a lung out that I could spit. It's a great deal warmer today than yesterday, which was warmer and less windy than the vortex days. It will be 40°/4C tomorrow!! Break out the swimmys, time to beach it.

Not really, but "Break out the rolly-cart, time to have a grocery run" is so much less colorful and interesting an image, no?

I'm busily tarting up a grateful warble for The Reluctant Widow's ability to engage my fragile attention span without challenging my (temporarily, one hopes) diminished powers. I'm almost at "I rilly likeded it" level, so "I found it a typical high-Heyer dish of froth" is positively Shakespearean by comparison.

I kinda agree with Rhian about potatoes...I'll take rice over most potato preparations...but tots will always rule in my estimation.

Feb 2, 2:40pm Top

>103 RebaRelishesReading: - Great minds indeed!

>104 laytonwoman3rd: - You're welcome :)

>105 richardderus: - I'm so very happy you are feeling better. PErhaps you could combine the two celebrations and trot over to the grocery store in a bikini? Heh.

And, no, you are wrong on the rice. I could easily give up rice. Potatoes (obvs), bread, and pasta would be much harder...

Feb 2, 2:43pm Top

Costco run complete. We go to the "business" Costco which doesn't have all the clothes and books and such, but it's never very busy, even on a Saturday afternoon. There are only about 5 in the whole country, and we are quite glad to have one so close. It makes the whole thing so much more pleasant. We passed the regular Costco on our way home, and it was a zoo.

I think I'll read for a bit before we head out to the movie.

Feb 2, 2:44pm Top

*note to self*win back KAK's good regard with an instant-potted recipe of cream-scalloped parmesan potatoes and a fork*

Feb 2, 2:50pm Top

Ha! It would take a lot more than a love of rice over potatoes to lose my good regard :)

Feb 2, 2:53pm Top

Checking in on thread 4, Katie!

I am going to have to see if I can track down a copy of Eucalyptus. Thanks for that recommendation!

Feb 2, 2:55pm Top

>102 katiekrug: My ranking for carbohydrates would probably go like this: pasta, rice, couscous, bulgar wheat, bread, potatoes. Sorry Katie.

Feb 2, 3:01pm Top

>110 alcottacre: - I hope you can find a copy, Stasia.

>111 SandDune: - Ooooh, I forgot about couscous. That is a favorite of mine, both the pearl variety and the smaller, fluffier kind (how's that for being technical?).

Feb 2, 5:10pm Top

After seeing your Wikipedia reference to tater-tots Katie, I now know what they are, and can fully agree with you that they are delicious. In Australia we call them potato gems.

Feb 2, 5:45pm Top

Happy Saturday, Katie. How was the Jackson doc about WW1? I have been interested in that one.

Feb 2, 5:58pm Top

Hi Katie! I'll be interested to hear what you thought of "They Shall not Grow Old". It looks interesting.

We're going out to dinner with friends tonight, and I'm pretty sure the restaurant won't have tater tots. Darn it.

Feb 3, 6:55am Top

>99 katiekrug: I think, entirely co-incidentally, that was on BBC4 last night, so I hit the record button. Not just book bullets, but visual media bullets as well!

Feb 3, 8:44am Top

>113 fairywings: - Oh, I love that they are called potato gems in Australia, Adrienne! Gems indeed :)

>114 msf59: - Hiya, Mark! The film was *excellent* - highly recommended. Do try to see it in a theater, and stay for the part after the credits where JAckson talks a bit about how they made it. Truly fascinating.

>115 lauralkeet: - I highly recommend the film, Laura. It's so well done.

We went out to dinner, too, and not a tater tot in sight...

>116 Helenliz: - Helen, ooh, I hope you like it. If the BBC4 telecast includes the "making of" part I mentioned to Mark, be sure to watch that.

Feb 3, 8:49am Top

So this film was amazing. Peter Jackson and his team took archival footage from the Imperial War Museum, and oral histories from the museum and BBC, and put together a film about the experience of regular British soldiers on the Western front of The Great War. It was truly fascinating and very moving. They restored the film and colorized it, so you see the war in a completely new light, and it makes it much more immediate. Very well done.

After the credits, there's about 20-30 minutes of Jackson talking about how they made it, from the film to the audio to the music to the sound track. One favorite bit is that over the creits at the end, the song "Mademoiselle from Armentières" plays, and they got the vocals for it by calling the UK High Commission in New Zealand and asked them for several good singers from the staff, and they recorded them singing it, so it really sounds like a motley group of soldiers would, singing as they marched. The attention to detail in the making of the film is just wonderful.

Feb 3, 11:11am Top

>118 katiekrug: that looks amazing, Katie. It's still playing in theaters here, so we might get to it before it leaves. If not I'm sure we'll be able to stream it somewhere.

Feb 3, 11:18am Top

Hi, Katie.

Wow, They Shall Not Grow Old sounds great. Thanks for blazing the trail on that one. There's so much out there about WWII, and so much less about the Great War.

I'm a carbo-vore like you, and like you, I could do without rice, but not potatoes, bread and pasta. "Potato gems" - heh. Perfect. We're big tater tots fans in this house, too. I love the story of your friend calling from Dubai after finding them there!

Feb 3, 11:21am Top

>118 katiekrug: Thank goodness it was already on my watchlist. I'd've had to sprain something looking for it after that nosegay of praise.

Feb 3, 11:28am Top

Morning, Katie!

>120 jnwelch: Exactly what Joe said!

I bought Eucalyptus on Kindle, so Birdy, Abby and I are ready to go whenever you are - should be fun!

Feb 3, 11:51am Top

>119 lauralkeet: - I really think it should be seen on the big screen, Laura. Just sayin'.

>120 jnwelch: - Joe, I was really pleased to see it in the theater without having to go into the city. It played at our regular multiplex.

And hooray for more tater tot love!

>121 richardderus: - "Nosegay of praise" - love it!

>122 Crazymamie: - Morning, Mamie! I should finish my current read today, so could start Eucalyptus then, but if that's a little too soon, I'm sure I can find something else to read in the meantime :)

Feb 3, 11:55am Top

I am feeling very smug, as it's not even noon and I've got most of my to-do list finished. Went out and brought coffee home, did the NYT crossword (I'm on a 134 day streak!), went to return some items to a store, bought a new bag (yes, Wayne, another one), did the grocery shopping, made myself breakfast, and started laundry. Now I'm going to futz around on LT, finish my book, and wait for the Super Bowl, which I care very little about but am watching in hopes of a humiliating defeat for New England.

I'll also be hard-boiling some eggs in my IP for the week, planning my meals, and continuing with the laundry. Productive Sunday!

Edited: Feb 3, 12:20pm Top

You can go off some people, you know. I have never ever in the history of the world got to the end of my to-do-list. Today I've done some ironing, but not enought to put a real dent in the ironing pile. and then I just go and do more laundry, thus creating more ironing. Ho hum. One solution is to stop wearing clothes, but I'm not sure the world is ready for that!
Hope the superbowl is appropriately super.

Feb 3, 1:13pm Top

>124 katiekrug: ...who...are...you?!?

Feb 3, 1:13pm Top

>123 katiekrug: Nope. That works fine!

I am completely impressed and amazed by all that you have accomplished today! Your thoughts echo mine on the Super Bowl.

Feb 3, 1:15pm Top

>125 Helenliz: - Don't go off me, Helen! I swear, it's an aberration!

>126 richardderus: - I have no idea :)

>127 Crazymamie: - You can add the hard boiling of eggs to the completed list, Mamie. And emptied the dishwasher and hand-washed what can't go in the dishwasher :)

Feb 3, 1:41pm Top


Feb 3, 1:47pm Top

*takes a bow*

Feb 3, 3:29pm Top

>124 katiekrug: 134-day streak! My longest is 40 some odd.

Feb 3, 3:33pm Top

I've become a bit obsessive about it, Jim :)

Feb 3, 3:46pm Top

The Garden Party by Grace Dane Mazur

Do you ever finish a book with a deep sigh, supremely satisfied, but completely unable to articulate what you liked most about it? That's me with The Garden Party. I found it a lovely read, with some beautiful writing, and if the cast of characters was a bit unwieldy, it was more than made up for by Mazur's excelling at creating and translating the ambiance and setting to the page.

4 stars

Feb 3, 8:14pm Top

>133 katiekrug: Got me with that one, Katie.

Feb 4, 9:12am Top

>134 BLBera: - Enjoy!

Feb 4, 9:13am Top

Well, the Super Bowl was super boring. There weren't even any really good ads.

The best thing I saw was on Twitter when the game was still tied 3-3. Someone tweeted, "Both teams are playing like they know the winner will be going to the White House." Heh.

Feb 4, 11:13am Top

>133 katiekrug: Not at my library! Oh dear! How sad!!

>136 katiekrug: I love that line. Still, the wrong team won. Now can we make lemonade out of these innumerable lemons and arrange for the attendees of this pointless shindig to, um, have the most interesting time of their sadly foreshortened lives?

Feb 4, 12:42pm Top

>136 katiekrug: that did make me laugh. Shame it didn't live up to expectation - big games can be fab or dull, and rarely anything in between.

Feb 4, 1:40pm Top

>137 richardderus: - I'm not sure it's one you'd enjoy, Richard. Somewhat pretentious in parts.

The wrong team definitely won!

>138 Helenliz: - Very true about big games, Helen. I can't remember a Super Bowl being this much of a snoozer in recent years, though. Oh well. Onto baseball season!

Feb 4, 4:29pm Top

Hi, Katie. I hope you had a good weekend, despite the Super Bowl outcome. "They Shall Not Grow Old" sounds great. Thanks for the glowing review.

Feb 4, 4:49pm Top

>140 msf59: - Hiya, Mark! I hope you can squeeze in a trip to see TSNGO. Time well spent.

Feb 4, 5:49pm Top

>136 katiekrug: I did like the ad by The Washington Post. Otherwise mostly agree.

Feb 4, 5:52pm Top

Hm. Where is that 'business' Costco? Maybe I can hitch a ride with a neighbor some time and avoid all the other stuff.

and >124 katiekrug: you plan your menu for the week. Somewhere around 30 years ago, I completely lost the discipline of planning my menus, if I ever had it. Then this hot table place opened downstairs - I was doomed. But I did find a recipe today for Indian baked chicken that looks so good I inventoried my spices and went shopping to fill in. Maybe next weekend, we'll be home for dinner.

Edited: Feb 4, 6:10pm Top

>142 Oberon: - Yeah, that was a good one, though I guess I'd rather they hire a few extra reporters with the money an ad costs instead :)

Have you seen 'They Shall Not Grow Old'? I feel like it would be right up your alley!

>143 ffortsa: - It's in Hackensack, Judy - kind of near I-80 and Rte. 46 if that means anything :)

Well, I don't plan for the week in the traditional sense. I go to the store and buy stuff and then make a list of what I bought so I remember to eat it. I should be more disciplined, but much like reading, once I feel I have to stick to a plan, it holds zero appeal!

I love those hot table places. If there were one that close to me I wouldn't cook either.

ETA: I usally plan for one meal a week - find a recipe, buy what I need, and make it. USually Monday or Tuesday because by the end of the week, I'm too lazy to do it. I joke with The Wayne that I should be able to retire because if I had more time and energy to cook, surely what we saved in not eating out would make up for a large chunk of my salary ;-)

ETA2: This week's recipe, which I am planning to make tomorrow because I have leftover soup for tonight, is a chicken and zoodle stir fry that I am "inventing" (i.e. I don't have a recipe for it, but stir fries are something I can handle without step-by-step instructions.

Feb 4, 10:53pm Top

>142 Oberon: I have not seen but I read your review with interest. It is right up my alley but I am not sure who I can talk into going to it with me.

Feb 5, 7:29am Top

>145 Oberon: - Oh, I love going to movies by myself so never have that problem!

Feb 5, 9:21am Top

Oh, look. It's Tuesday. Yay Tuesday. *grumble*

I am looking forward to meeting a friend for drinks tonight to celebrate her birthday. Other than that, same old same old around here.

Feb 5, 10:08am Top

Enjoy your night out tonight!

Feb 5, 10:24am Top

Thanks, Chelle!

Edited: Feb 5, 10:56am Top

Hi Katie. Tuesday. Yeesh.

Any coffee?

Edited: Feb 5, 11:09am Top

>124 katiekrug: Well done on the NYT Crossword streak, Katie. I lost my 270-day streak last month when I ran out of time to finish a Friday puzzle before work and then completely forgot to go back to finish it up later. :-(

Now I'm back up to 18 straight days, which seems to small compared to 270!

Feb 5, 11:14am Top

>150 richardderus: - Don't know what you want coffee for. Nothing to eat here... *sweeps up crumbs*

>151 rosalita: - Oh noez, Julia! That sucks. I thought a streak would continue as long as you didn't use any of their "cheats" regardless of the day you did it on. Good to know, but I'm sorry to find out at your expense :(

Feb 5, 11:20am Top

You have to complete each puzzle before midnight of the day it's published for a streak to continue (and as you said, not use any of the "reveal" options). It's very vexing to have lost my streak just because of being forgetful rather than being too sick or busy, but I'm (mostly) over it now. Sort of. :-)

Feb 5, 11:22am Top

You're a better woman than I. I still wouldn't be over it, even a little bit :-P

Feb 5, 1:23pm Top

Well, now that you mention it...


Feb 6, 9:15am Top

Feb 6, 9:19am Top

I seem to have acquired another head cold *grumble* I'm still hoping to make it to yoga tonight, but we'll see. I can't breathe out of one nostril (you're welcome) and since a lot of the practice is about breathing, and specifically through the nose, this could be a problem. Also, my favorite instructor isn't teaching the class tonight, so....

I'm getting bored with my current audio and print read, but luckily they are almost done so I can move on to something else soon.

Work is a bear, and I'm cranky - in case you couldn't tell :)

Feb 6, 9:20am Top

Feb 6, 9:29am Top

Oooh, Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is on sale for Kindle today - $1.99. Rowell wrote Eleanor & Park and Fangirl and a few others. Attachments is a fun office rom-com and a great read for when your mind can't handle much.

Feb 6, 9:43am Top

>158 katiekrug: *bwaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

So, so stealing that!

The Cold That Ate My Life did the same thing to me as it's doing to you: Went away to study my immune defense playbook and then came back to cause wretchedness. Go to bed, sleep until you can't, then take a benadryl and sleep some more.

Feb 6, 9:44am Top

I have a call with my boss at 11:00 and I may tell him I'm done for the day then. Soooo tired...

Feb 6, 10:46am Top

>158 katiekrug: *snigger*
Hope you feel back to your usual self soon.

Feb 6, 12:53pm Top

>162 Helenliz: - Thanks, Helen. I'm about to go take a nap :)

Feb 6, 12:54pm Top

This elevated my mood a bit this morning - it's Abigail's 5th birthday!

She had a unicorn-themed party :) I especially like her gold glitter shoes.

Feb 6, 2:00pm Top

>159 katiekrug: I'm sorry you're under the weather again, Katie. Winter can't be over soon enough for me. And thanks for the info about Attachments — I picked that one up ages ago in another ebook sale but I've never quite gotten around to reading it. Now that I know it's Katie Approved, I'll have extra incentive.

Feb 6, 3:05pm Top

Sorry to hear you're feeling like crap, Katie. I hope you're getting some rest this afternoon. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just give into it and not try to do all. the. things. (easier said than done, I know!)

Feb 6, 5:46pm Top

>165 rosalita: - Thanks, Julia. I'm not used to getting sick more than *maybe* twice a year or so. This winter has been bad. I blame the crazy changes in weather from day to day. And germy kids. It's always the germy kids' fault - even if I'm not really in contact with any kids :)

Attachments is light fun - hope you enjoy it!

>166 lauralkeet: - Thank you, Laura. I took a 4-hour nap this afternoon. I have tons of work but nothing that can't wait, really. So eff it :)

I feel a bit better now. Head and nose still clogged, but I'm not nearly as tired, so that's good.

Feb 6, 6:48pm Top

Sorry you've got another cold, Katie.

Abigail's a sweetie. I like the whole outfit.

Feb 6, 8:36pm Top

>164 katiekrug: Super Cute - she would cheer anyone up. Scout also loves unicorns. Her other grandma gave her a unicorn sleeping bag for Christmas.

I hope you feel better soon.

Feb 6, 8:43pm Top

>168 karenmarie: - Thanks, Karen. I'm sorry, too :( I'd be in bed right now, but I have to go pick up The Wayne from the train station in a bit.

Abigail is a sweetie, for sure.

>169 BLBera: - Unicorns seem to be very popular with the littles, Beth. I see a lot of unicorn stuff in stores these days.

Thanks for the good wishes re: my cold. I'm looking forward to going to bed tonight!

Edited: Feb 6, 9:06pm Top

Murden in an English Village by Jessica Ellicott

This was pretty lame. Not actively bad, but not worth seeking out.

2.5 stars

Feb 6, 9:03pm Top

I find wine is sometimes helpful, Katie.

Feb 6, 9:07pm Top

Wine is always helpful, Beth, no matter what ails you!

Feb 6, 10:26pm Top

Hope you're getting some good sleep now, Katie. Feeling rotten and knowing you have lots of work to do is an unpleasant combination. I think "eff it" is the only appropriate response.

Feb 6, 10:48pm Top

Katie--Feeling your pain today. Literally. In bed all day with a cold. Waiting for the meds I got yesterday from the doctor to kick in.

Also, I like your remedy plan. And I trust it since my Twin recommended it.

Feb 7, 3:55am Top

Hope you're feeling better Katie.
Wine is always the answer, no matter what the question. Big or small, wine works.
What is the meaning of life? Wine
What should I have for supper? Wine
I rest my case. >:-)

Feb 7, 4:41am Top

Good to learn some stuff >175 Berly: and >176 Helenliz: here. I'm still full of the lurgy and it's grey and wet outside. Joy!
Hope you feel properly better soon.

Feb 7, 8:37am Top

Yuck to the return cold, Katie - hope you're feeling better today. And it's Thursday, so there is that.

>176 Helenliz: Agreed.

Love the photo of Abigail! I can't believe she is five already. And what a beautiful name.

Feb 7, 9:32am Top

>167 katiekrug: So eff it :)

I like your attitude. 😀

Feb 7, 9:46am Top

>171 katiekrug: Oh dear. Better to hate than to unremember. Sorry.

Happy Thursday. I brought US some donuts. The green ones are pistachio!

Got some coffee?

Feb 7, 9:50am Top

>174 laytonwoman3rd: - I slept like carp last night, Linda. I was tired but apparently not tired enough to actually fall asleep. Ugh.

>175 Berly: - I picked up some OTC meds this morning, Kim. Hoping they do the trick. I also took today off from work which will probably be the best medicine...

>176 Helenliz: - Love that!

Feb 7, 9:52am Top

>177 charl08: - Grey and wet here, too, Charlotte, and not feeling any better :(

>178 Crazymamie: - Not feeling any better, Mamie, but I'll live. I emailed my boss this morning and said, "I'm not technically dying but I feel like I am."

I know, I can't believe Abigail is five already. And yes, it's a lovely name :)

>179 lauralkeet: - I said eff it again today, Laura and will shortly be headed back to bed...

>180 richardderus: - Oooh, donuts! I'll trade you all my coffee for all your donuts!

Edited: Feb 7, 10:00am Top

Ha! Nope. Half them sugarbombs is MINE!!!!

I forgot to mention that I watched Agatha and the Truth of Murder on Netflix and was most pleasantly surprised. It was a decent enough mystery, but I liked the characterization of Agatha Christie enough that I moved past the minor WTF moments.

Feb 7, 10:02am Top

No coffee for you, then! How about some tea?

I haven't heard of Agatha and the Truth of Murder - I will check it out.

Feb 7, 10:03am Top

I've decided to give up on my re-read of Eucalyptus. It's just not holding my interest. I still think it's a good book but I guess reading it once was enough.

Now to decide what's next...

Edited: Feb 7, 10:08am Top

Tea? Faugh! It is to laugh.

Side note. I was served, if you can even imagine such--such--HUBRIS, was actually *served*and*expected*to*eat* Earl Grey panna cotta! By someone who knew me!

The relationship was doomed to fail before that, but it failed sooner after.

ETA aaannnd bye-bye Eucalyptus which was added AND removed from my wishlist after KAK's warbles.

Feb 7, 10:36am Top

Sorry you aren't well, Katie. I can see why the photo of Abigail cheered you up though. I especially like her rainbow socks.

Feb 7, 12:34pm Top

>185 katiekrug: You bailed on me?! I have to finish because I want to know how it ends.

Feb 7, 3:09pm Top

>186 richardderus: - I've seen those tea-flavored custards and such in restaurants and it's just... no.

>187 RebaRelishesReading: - Thanks, Reba. In honor of Abby, I put on my "It's a sh*tting rainbows kind of day" socks yesterday :)

>188 Crazymamie: - I know, I suck. But it was just going on and on....

Feb 7, 3:26pm Top

>189 katiekrug: Ew! I mean, who thought that was a good idea as a dessert? Almost unflavored flavorless glop?

Feb 7, 3:30pm Top

Glop is right. I don't like flan, panna cotta, etc. to begin with....

Feb 7, 4:38pm Top

>171 katiekrug: Murder in an English Village isn't a book it's a category.

Dropping by to thank you for gifting us with the concert tickets last night. Heard a few wonderful old warhorses (Mozart's "Queen of the Night" and "The Firebird" and some new and exciting music with a Chinese bent.

Had a nice light bite dinner at the new Lincoln Center casual restaurant and home to bed

Hope you're feeling better.

Feb 7, 5:19pm Top

>192 magicians_nephew: - Glad you enjoyed it, Jim! Is the restaurant you refer to the one by the Film Society? A wine bar with light menu? I had the best BLT there last month :)

Feb 8, 6:58am Top

Well, dang. I'm sorry you're not feeling well and I hope you're already on the mend.

Feb 8, 7:50am Top

>118 katiekrug: I wanted to go see that one, but no one else in the family did. Too bad I missed it. If it is ever available on DVD in America, I will get a copy.

>133 katiekrug: Adding that one to the BlackHole!

>164 katiekrug: Love the idea of a unicorn-themed birthday party. Wish I had thought of it when my Catey was Abigail's age! Happy Birthday, Abigail!

Hope you get to feeling better soon, Katie!

Feb 8, 8:23am Top

Hi Katie, I didn't get a chance to visit yesterday and I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling like crap. Any better today? It's one thing to miss work; far worse to be sick over the weekend LOL.

Feb 8, 9:06am Top

>194 scaifea:, >195 alcottacre:, and >196 lauralkeet: - Thanks, Amber, Stasia, and Laura! I'm still not 100% but I am feeling much better!

Edited: Feb 8, 9:15am Top

Let us all send thanks to the wonders of DayQuil (and NightQuil) - I still have the cold, but I don't feel like death anymore. I even came to work :)

In book news, after giving up on Eucalyptus (sorry, Mamie!), I started The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie, which I am enjoying - probably more than most of the Christies I've read in the past couple of years.

On audio, I'm listening to Enlightening Delilah by M.C. Beaton/Marion Chesny, which is a frothy Regency romance.

I have also dipped into Part 2 of These Truths.

I am very glad it's Friday and that I have a quiet weekend to look forward to.

And all of this applies:

Feb 8, 10:07am Top

>198 katiekrug: whoot!
Happy Friday. It's blowing a hoolie here, hope your weather is more quiet and restful.

Feb 8, 10:33am Top

Morning, Katie! Hooray for not feeling like death. No worries about ditching Eucalyptus, I mean, it's not like you recommended it in the first place...OH, wait.... (Just kidding) *grin* I am worried it's not going to go where I want it to, and I think my ending would be better. We shall see.

>198 katiekrug: Love this!

Feb 8, 11:42am Top

>199 Helenliz: - Grey and damp here this morning, Helen, but it's supposed to clear out and be a rather nice afternoon. We'll see...

>200 Crazymamie: - Sure, pile on the guilt, Mamie - LOL! Part of the reason I stopped reading was I recalled the ending, so didn't feel the need to go on.

Feb 8, 11:54am Top

>201 katiekrug: You know I'm just giving you a hard time. I hope to finish it up today, so I will report back.

Feb 8, 12:20pm Top

Glad you are feeling better, Katie. By the way, isn't eucalyptus supposed to be good for coughs and colds?

Feb 8, 12:22pm Top

>202 Crazymamie: - I look forward to your final thoughts!

>203 weird_O: - Ha! Good point, Bill. I did use a eucalyptus dissolving tab in my shower this morning....

Feb 8, 1:31pm Top

Friday! Yay!!

Feb 8, 3:14pm Top

Yay! indeed :)

Feb 8, 5:57pm Top

Happy Friday, Katie. Hope you are feeling even better for the weekend.

Edited: Feb 8, 7:45pm Top

>207 Familyhistorian: - Thanks, Meg. I plan to take it easy this weekend, even if I am feeling much better by tomorrow :)

Feb 8, 8:54pm Top

Katie, glad to hear you are not feeling like death anymore. Yay NyQuil and DayQuil!! I think you are tad ahead of me on the recovery, but I hope to catch up to you soon. Here's to the weekend and recovery!!

Feb 9, 8:26am Top

>209 Berly: - I hope this weekend gives you lots of time to rest and recover, Kim!

Feb 9, 9:21am Top

It's back to being cold and blustery here today. I don't really have any plans. The Wayne has some errands he wants to run, but I may just send him off and stay warmly ensconced here. My cold is lingering - I'm now at the stage where I can't taste anything, so that's fun...

I should finish The ABC Murders today, and then I'll start one of the library books I have out - either The Captives or The Friend.

Feb 9, 10:18am Top

I'm holed up in bed with coffee and books and blankets. No thanks to 13° wind chill. Just no. So there's no butter, well it's the Goddesses telling me I need to fall off a little. The heating pad stays on my trotters.

Feb 9, 10:39am Top

>212 richardderus: - It's windy enough here, can't imagine what it's like right along the coast! Bed, books, and blanket sounds like a good plan :)

Feb 9, 11:58am Top

All I'm going to say is the windchill values in my neck of the woods are getting close to the point where Fahrenheit and Celsius match up. Brrr. Definitely nesting under blankets today.

Feb 9, 12:25pm Top

>213 katiekrug: The YGC brought me butter, so I gave him carrot cake coffee cake with pineapple icing. He ate half the cake while he was here! Not only am I too old to eat that much at a time, but I'm also too afraid of type II diabetes to conceive of suchlike! One wodge was good.

Feb 9, 1:59pm Top

Enjoy your weekend, Katie.

Feb 10, 12:00am Top

Have a relaxing and restorative weekend, Katie.

Feb 10, 8:57am Top

>214 MickyFine: - Stay warm, Micky!

>215 richardderus: - I love "wodge" - perfectly descrptive!

>216 BLBera: - Thanks, Beth.

>217 Familyhistorian: - And thank you, Meg.

Feb 10, 9:01am Top

Yesterday didn't go exactly as planned, as I went with The Wayne to run errands. I did get lunch at a great diner out of it - matzo ball soup and a grilled cheese with bacon. Perfect for a windy and cold day.

I did manage to finish The ABC Murders which was great. I made the mistake of watching the new adaptation, which I hated. Just no. Maybe it would have been okay if I didn't watch it right after reading the book and/or didn't know anything about the book/Poirot. As it was, I thought it was needlessly dark and not in keeping witht he spirit of the character.

Anyway, hoping for my quiet day today...

Feb 10, 9:39am Top

>219 katiekrug: No Malkovich luuuv from you! His accent is more realistic, and the added backstory was believable to me, but on balance? Well...it struck me as different but not worse than the pure Suchet, who pretty much channels Poirot as Christie saw him.

Feb 10, 9:44am Top

>220 richardderus: - I was wondering if maybe I hadn't read enough Poirots to perceive the back story as realistic? Is there anything in the books to indicate this deep, terrible secret? To me, a very casual Christie reader, it seemed to come out of left field, and Malkovich's Poirot had none of the obnoxious or humorous about him tht I see in the (admittedly few) novels featuring him that I've read.

I'm not an advocate of slavishly following the canon, but what's the point of making a Poirot movie if you completely change his character?

Feb 10, 9:57am Top

Morning, Katie! Happy Sunday. Sorry, to hear you were sick. I hope you are feeling much better today. I want to recommend a film to you- Can You Ever Forgive Me, with Melissa McCarthy. What a terrific film and McCarthy is excellent, as well as Richard E. Grant. I think you will love it, plus it has a literary angle.

Feb 10, 10:04am Top

Hey Katie, I just reviewed An American Marriage over on my thread. And then, remembering that you read it a while back, I dug up your comments, posted on one of your 2018 threads. We are in complete agreement! And in a funny coincidence, on that same thread you had convinced me not to read it. What happened? Book group, that's what.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Edited: Feb 10, 10:24am Top

>219 katiekrug: Bill and I watched The A.B.C. Murders last night. I haven’t read the book in at least 11 years so didn’t remember any of the detail. Last night I started the book so will be able to compare.

I hope you’re feeling better – Matzo soup and grilled cheese w/bacon should have immediately cured you.

Feb 10, 10:26am Top

>221 katiekrug: There is divided critical opinion on Malkovich as Poirot. The Guardian review is pro; The Atlantic comes down heavy on con. I'm more pro than con because it's not An Article Of Religion to me that my vision be the one on screen; and I found the source of the new backstory believable given Poirot's nationality and point of origin. The problem with the new backstory is it makes starchy, highly principled Poirot into a bloody liar! THAT isn't a good thing. And it backs the producers into a nasty corner that will reverberate through every future adaptation.

Feb 10, 11:21am Top

>219 katiekrug: Rae and I are wanting to watch that adaptation - I have read the book more than once, but it has been years. We watched Agatha and the Truth of Murder last night. I thought the premise was brilliant, and I liked the casting, but the script could have been better. Still, it was fun.

I skipped the spoilers between you and Richard for now, but I will come back and read them once we have watched it.

Hoping that Sunday is kind to you, Katie!

Feb 10, 11:36am Top

Hi Katie! I hope the weekend chases your cold away, so that you are keen to get back to work tomor - wait. Hmmm. Cancel that. But I hope the cold gets better anyway :-)

Sorry you didn't love The ABC Murders. I loved Shirley Henderson, who is fabulous, but I found it a bit confusing, possibly because I wasn't paying total attention. But, you know, crossword competitions won't fill themselves in.

Feb 10, 11:40am Top

Is current The ABC Murders not with Michael Suchet? If so, I'm not sure I can watch it.

Feb 10, 11:54am Top

There is no Poirot but Suchet. Can't imagine why anyone else would even agree to try it. I can live forever without experiencing any other "version" of this reality.

Feb 10, 12:23pm Top

>222 msf59: - Thanks for the rec, Mark! I will check it out.

>223 lauralkeet: - We were posting on each other's threads at the same time, Laura :)

>224 karenmarie: - What did you think of it, Karen? I think I would have liked it more if I went in cold...

I'm angling for more matzo ball soup this afternoon :)

Feb 10, 12:24pm Top

Oops - more responses later! Off to lunch and a grocery run...

Feb 10, 12:40pm Top

Hi, Katie.

Intriguing comments (including the spoiler ones) about the ABC Murders adaptation. Sounds like Malkovich was a lot more tolerable than Branagh as Poirot, but that they fooled around a lot with his character and the story. I have to quiz our Agatha-phile daughter on what she thought. She really disliked what Branagh did with Murder on the Orient Express, both with the character and the story changes.

Feb 10, 1:12pm Top

>221 katiekrug: "I'm not an advocate of slavishly following the canon, but what's the point of making a Poirot movie if you completely change his character?"

Hear, hear! I do not understand the point of it either. I think I will be bypassing Malkovich's go at Poirot.

Glad that you are feeling better, Katie!

Feb 10, 1:32pm Top

>223 lauralkeet: Agree with both of you on American Marriage!

Feb 10, 2:05pm Top

>225 richardderus: - I guess I don't see the point of doing back story at all. To me, there was a total disconnect and it just didn't work.

>226 Crazymamie: - I look forward to hearing what you and Rae think of the adaptation when you see it, Mamie!

>227 susanj67: - Which one was Shirley Henderson, Susan? I guess I could look online... The Wayne liked the series much more than I did, which leads me to believe it's just fine if the viewer doesn't "know" Poirot or this particular mystery...

>228 RebaRelishesReading: - I think you mean David Suchet, Reba? And no, it's with John Malkovich. I've never watched any of the Suchet Poirots, I don't think, so my problem with the film was less about the actor.

>229 laytonwoman3rd: - Well, okay then, Linda! I thought the Branaugh version was pretty awful. Malkovich did a good dark Poirot, I just don't think that's Poirot.

Feb 10, 2:07pm Top

>232 jnwelch: - Joe, I also thought the Branaugh MotOE was awful. Just. No. Apparently, he's doing another turn as Poirot in an adaptation of Death on the Nile. I'll pass.

>233 alcottacre: - Glad I could help, Stasia :)

>234 vivians: - Great minds, Vivian!

Feb 10, 4:21pm Top

Oh, I liked the Branaugh MotOE. It didn't follow the book slavishly, it made changes that would make some of the nuances more evident to a modern audience (what they did with Col Arbuthnot for example was well done, I thought). The accent was a bit hit & miss, though.
The ending certainly set up Death on the Nile as a sequel. That's not one I know as well. Just me for tickets to see that then? That's OK, I'll go on my own.

Feb 10, 4:37pm Top

Hi Katie. I didn't mind the interpretation of Malkovich as much as the pace: it felt horribly slow.

>237 Helenliz: I'll go with you Helen! I thought the 'tache alone deserved an award.

But I don't know the books well, I should probably add!

Feb 10, 5:48pm Top

>237 Helenliz: - How about I meet you for a glass of wine after the movie, Helen? *grin* I really didn't like MotOE at all.

>238 charl08: - I thought Malkovich was fine, Charlotte. I just didn't much like the changes and additions to the story. And yes, it was SO sloooooow.....

Feb 10, 5:50pm Top

I took a long nap this afternoon which was lovely, but now I'm sad I have so little of the weekend left :( And I have no wine in the house *horrors!* I think we may have to go out to dinner...

Feb 10, 7:14pm Top

>240 katiekrug: With a stop by the bottle shop!

Feb 10, 7:20pm Top

You know me so well, Richard!

Feb 10, 7:22pm Top

Projecting my failings, more like. But wit' good aim.

Feb 10, 7:30pm Top


Feb 10, 9:15pm Top

The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

This is probably my favorite of my contemporary* Christie reads - really well done with a well-drawn cast of characters. And Poirot wasn't too annoying.

4 stars

*contemporary meaning since joining LT; I read a bunch of Christie as a teenager but remember very little...

Feb 11, 6:12am Top

Morning, Katie!

I haven't seen the Malkovich Poirot, but I suspect I wouldn't like it. I'm not a huge fan of M anyway, but if the character himself is changed too much, then NOPE. I did love Branagh's Poirot, and the movie as a whole was gorgeous. I think I'm in the minority there, though.

Feb 11, 6:39am Top

Albert Finney (RIP) was a more than credible Poirot - I'm sorry he didn't do more of them.

Not much interested in the current ABC Murders Movie

Feb 11, 7:39am Top

>246 scaifea: - Morning, Amber! You are right about the recent Branaugh Poirot movie being gorgeous. I just thought the acting was pretty bad all around. I think you can safely stay away from Malkovich's Poirot :)

>247 magicians_nephew: - I don't think you're missing much, Jim!

Feb 11, 7:48am Top

>245 katiekrug: I need to read Christie again at some point. It has been quite a while since I read them and I think I own them all, including the books she wrote as Mary Westmacott.

Feb 11, 8:50am Top

>249 alcottacre: - That nom de plume is news to me, Stasia. Interesting!

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