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Roni Reads in 2019: Part 2

This is a continuation of the topic Roni Reads in 2019.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Feb 1, 7:47pm Top

As those of you who followed my first thread know, most of January was spent working on my office and installing new shelves and carpet. Here's the result.

Hi, I'm Roni. I live in San Diego with one husband, one small dog and way too many cats in a small bungalow with a garden and lots of books. I'm retired these days, after a long career as a school psychologist.

I've been a member of LT since 2008 and an active member of the 75 Book Challenge groups for that long as well. I read mostly in genre, science fiction and fantasy, but also try to read some nonfiction and mystery.

Welcome to my thread. I love visitors and promise to visit you back.

My final thread of 2018 is here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298278

Edited: Feb 16, 11:29am Top

Goals for 2018:

1. Read 150 books and 50,000 pages. I ended up reading 175 books and 58359 pages. 11/2 MET!!!
2. Read at least 40 books off my own bookshelves (BOMBs). I have 295 books tagged “tbr” and that does not count my new acquisitions this month. I only read 33 BOMBs this year, not meeting my goal of 40.
3. It looks like I have been averaging about 85 books acquired for the last 6 years, so I will keep the goal of acquiring no more than 85 books. currently at 62 books, so goal MET
I need to do better at de-accessioning books from my stash. I will set the goal of 50 books out the door once more. I only got rid of 49 books. So CLOSE! I feel like tossing one in the recycle bin just to make the numbers.

New Goals for 2019:

My goals generally stay pretty stable, and this year will be no exception.

1. Read 150 books and 50,000 pages.
2. Read at least 40 books off my own bookshelves (BOMBs).
3. Acquire no more than 80 books.
4. 50 books out the door once more. GOAL MET1


Nonfiction Challenge

January: Prizewinners (and Nominees!): These Truths by Jill Lapore (already reading for a group read)
February: Science and Technology: Innovations and Innovators
March: True Crime, Misdemeanors and Justice, Past and Present Day
April: Comfort Reads
May: History
June: The Pictures Have It!
July: Biography & First Person Yarns: Becoming by Michelle Obama
August: Raw Materials: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
September: Books by Journalists
October: Other Worlds: From Spiritual to Fantastical
November: Creators and Creativity
December: I've Always Been Curious About...

SFFKit: https://www.librarything.com/topic/299184

January: Read an SFF you meant to read in 2018, but never started/completed: The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin
February: Colonization
March: Mystery/police procedural/detective Science Fiction or Fantasy
April: Sword & Sorcery
May: International Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Non-US/UK authors
June: Road-trip
July: Space Opera
August: Alternate History
September: Series
October: Comedy
November: Award Winners
December: End-of-the-Year Wrap Up

SeriesCAT: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298613#

January: Series in translation: The Griffin's Feather by Cornelia Funke https://www.librarything.com/topic/299976
February: YA/Children's: Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend
March: Series by a favorite author
April: Series You've Been Meaning to Get Back To
May: Newest book in a favorite series
June: Series that are definitely complete
July: Genre: fantasy
August: Series set in a country/region where you do not live
September: Genre: Mystery
October: Historical Series
November: Series with a female protagonist
December: Series that's new to you

TBR CAT: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298605

January: First in, last out - read one of the oldest members of your tbr: Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov Done
February: A book you borrowed to read and still haven't got to
March: Book acquired on/for trips or for a special occasion
April: Book originally acquired for an LT group read or challenge
May: Book that I keep looking at, but never manage to open
June: Book bullet (i.e. book suggested by someone else, not necessarily on LT)
July: Book by an author with more than one book on your TBR shelf
August: Book purchased with great excitement and with plans to read right away that is somehow still on my tbr a year later
September: Classics I feel I should read
October: Book purchased because of its visual appeal (striking cover or colors, beautiful edition, etc.)
November: Book given to me as a gift
December: A book I bought because it was so cheap (library sale, remainder table, etc)

Edited: Feb 5, 8:01pm Top

Books Read in 2019

1. Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep
2. The Mortal Word by Genevieve Cogman
3. Clockwork Boys by T. Kingfisher
4. The Wonder Engine by T. Kingfisher
5. Swordheart by T. Kingfisher
6. Doorways in the Sand by Roger Zelazny
7. Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov
8. The Griffin's Feather by Cornelia Funke
9. Knife Children by Lois McMaster Bujold
10. Cast in Oblivion by Michelle Sagara
11. Lies Sleeping by Ben Aaronovitch
12. The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal

Edited: Feb 1, 7:54pm Top

Books acquired in 2019

1. These Truths by Jill Lepore
2. Clockwork Boys by T. Kingfisher
3. The Wonder Engine by T. Kingfisher
4. Swordheart by T. Kingfisher
5. New Spring by Robert Jordan
6. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
7. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
8. Time's Shadow by Arnold Bauer
9. Consequences by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
10. The Queen of All Crows by Rod Duncan
11. Knife Children by Lois McMaster Bujold
12. Cast in Oblivion by Michelle Sagara
13. The Witches of London Trilogy by Alyxandra Harvey

Edited: Feb 1, 7:55pm Top

Welcome to the new thread! I am feeling for all of you in the frigid parts of the world and want to share with you the rose my husband brought in from one of my rosebushes in the front yard today. Yes, your spring WILL arrive...some day.

Feb 1, 7:53pm Top

From my last thread,

January Summary

Books read: 10
Pages read: 3648
Average pages per day: 118
Average pages per book: 365

New reads: 10
Rereads: 0
Library books: 3
Books off the shelf (ROOTS): 2
New acquisitions read: 6/13
Did Not Finish (DNF): 0

science fiction 2
fantasy 8
children's 1
nonfiction 0
fiction 0
romance 0
mystery 0

Author gender: 8 female, 2 male

Country of origin: 8-USA, 1-England, Wales, Australia, Canada, France, 1-Germany, South Africa

Medium: 6-Kindle, 2-Hardback, 3-trade paper, 2-mass market paper

Books acquired: 13
Source: 7-Amazon; 3-Goodwill; 1-Mysterious Galaxy; 1-PBS; 1-Thriftbooks
Read: 6
Genre: 1-science fiction, 8-fantasy, 2-nonfiction, 2-fiction
Cost: $70.73

Books out the door: 104

A slightly below average reading month. Note that when EVERY book is a ROOT, I only managed to read 2 and they were OLD ROOTS, having been on my shelves for YEARS! Above average month for acquisitions; I read 5 of them (all Kindle) and one was one I had read that I bought to send on to my Mom, so it is counted as read. FAR above average month for books out the door--104, doubling the entire number sent out last year. I've already met my annual goal on that one!

Edited: Feb 1, 7:54pm Top

Happy new thread! What a beautiful rose, and I love your new desk setup. It looks like you chose the Elfa? We have a couple of Elfa desks in our family room, which look very similar.

Oops! I hope you were open - sorry for interrupting if you weren't

Edited: Feb 1, 7:54pm Top

Wow, you have been busy!
Happy new thread!

Feb 1, 8:00pm Top

>6 ronincats: I was open, Robin. Welcome. And yes, I love Elfa and of course, January is when it is on sale.
>7 rretzler: Too busy, Susan. I've spent today going through boxes of paper and other assorted objects that were moved out to the dining room in order to work on the room. So far I have a sore back and two bags full of discarded papers. And a bunch of empty boxes. A lot more to go, though.

Feb 1, 8:04pm Top

Happy new thread and happy new shelves, Roni.

Feb 1, 8:08pm Top

Happy new thread and thanks for the rose! I usually like winter, or at least certain things about winter, but this January really dragged on.

Feb 1, 8:24pm Top

Happy New Thread, Roni!

That's a beautiful rose from your front yard.

Feb 1, 8:45pm Top

Love the new set-up, looks more roomy.

Organizing has a tendency to "snowball": when I get the sorting urge it's as if I can't stop once I make a clean spot!

Feb 1, 8:49pm Top

>5 ronincats: Dreadful cruel person. See if I ever utter an aesthetic opinion here again!
Signed, Knock-kneed frostbit 12°-sufferin' former supporter

Feb 1, 9:22pm Top

Happy new thread, Roni! Your office looks great!

Feb 1, 9:38pm Top

Thank you, Beth, foggi, Joe, fuzzi, and Katie. I'm happy (or will be once I get all the odds and ends settled and one more file drawer purged).

Richard! NOOOOOO! That was not to be cruel, it was to be encouraging, there is light at the end of the tunnel, before you know it you'll be complaining about the heat, and besides, it is simply too gorgeous not to share. I DEPEND upon your aesthetic opinions; please don't let me down!

Feb 1, 9:40pm Top

>16 ronincats: hhmmmmf

Oh really, who'm I tryin' to kid, like I could stop sharing my nuggets of gold.

Feb 1, 9:48pm Top

Whew!! Thank goodness. I could not do without them, really!

Feb 1, 10:41pm Top

Happy new thread

Feb 1, 11:29pm Top

Roni--Happy new thread! Your office looks wonderful and ready for action. Your rose is gorgeous--mine are just now sprouting the very first little red tips of new branches. A few months away I think.

Feb 1, 11:35pm Top

Wow! Your new place looks idyllic! The rose is lovely, but of course, I was looking at the books. I'm afraid that I can't get particularly excited about Creative Wire Jewelry although I love to look at yours, (((((Roni))))).

Feb 2, 8:03am Top

Happy new thread, Roni!

Beautiful rose, thanks to your husband for bringing it in for you to enjoy and to you for sharing with us.

Feb 2, 10:20am Top

Happy new thread! The office looks like a great space!

Feb 2, 10:20am Top

Happy new thread, Roni! Your spruced up office looks cozy and what a beautiful rose! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Feb 2, 12:50pm Top

Love the office! It's nice to have a new space and a reason to clear out, isn't it? I still feel "lighter" from when I had my clear-out/office move last spring. Love the rose too. I was thinking about walking through the rose garden at the park the other day and then thought it was probably to early. When I had a garden and roses I used to prune back severely in January and had my best roses in May. Once the rain is over I'll have to go and see how the ones at the park are doing.

Feb 2, 12:59pm Top

Your place looks good, and I don't mind the flower photo, perhaps because I have a tropical hibiscus tree in my library at work that blooms periodically year-round, so I'm used to seeing beautiful red flowers throughout the winter. And since I pruned it this summer, it should provide even more blooms in the future! :)

Feb 2, 2:43pm Top

Happy New Thread, Roni!

And thank you for the rose! Rose time is months away here- but you're right - it will come. My cousin's wife in Portland is posting all her beautiful spring flower photos on FB.

I'm so impressed with your office space and the cleaning you did. Woot! on so many books out the door!

Feb 2, 2:48pm Top

Gorgeous rose, Roni! Do you have a lot of them growing in your garden already? I want to come visit. . .

Feb 2, 3:22pm Top

Hi Roni - I love your new office space. It must feel good to use the room now.
We just had four days of peak summer weather, wonderful sunny days all in a row. Our cats spend most of their time lying in the garden in shady spots.

Feb 2, 7:04pm Top

Lovely rose! Mine are still under frost but I hope will be back in couple of months. Well, maybe more than a a couple!

I managed to put a picture up yesterday, and was quite pleased with myself for finally Making a Decision about it (!) but your clear out/ reorganisation is really impressive.

Feb 2, 7:34pm Top

>5 ronincats: A beautiful rose! I'm one of the people who was in the arctic zone. The city pretty much shut down on Wednesday. Now everything is melting today. It felt like the snow was sublimating, and the air was not quite misty and definitely not clear with all the moisture.

Feb 2, 7:41pm Top

I love the new carpet ! Great looking new cozy office space! Did you say 77 F? Wow! I have not been in the polar vortex, but 77F would be warm summer day here.

Feb 2, 8:58pm Top

I love you all, my kind visitors. Figs and Kim, Peggy and Karen, Jim, Mary, Reba, Cassie, Janet, Stasia, Kerry, Charlotte, Chris and Deb!!

Peggy, I fear I have my craft books on this side of the room next to all the new space for my craft materials, while my reading books are on the other side of the room.

Reba, I should have pruned last month but I've been so busy inside that outdoors was completely neglected. I have a lovely crop of roses so I can't regret it too much.

Stasia, they are in their first bloom. This was the only one on my Peace bush but I had three yellow ones, a peach, and some dark red ones on other bushes.

I'm glad you haven't had the extreme heat that Australia had, Kerry, during your summer there.

Charlotte, I went to your thread to see what picture you put up--but you meant on your walls in your house, didn't you? Doh!

I'm glad you are getting some warm-up, Chris, you and all the LTers up there, especially in Minnesota and Chicago.

Yes, it was plenty warm, Deb, but it didn't last long. Right now it is a dark and stormy night, with rain and cold winds blowing right through the walls. (Older homes here were built without any insulation, you know.)

Today I cleaned out the other two drawers of the file cabinets, throwing away 20 years of school photos (yes, I kept one of each--very sobering to look at the progression). I filled another shopping bag with the paper to recycle and have a big pile of medical records to shred--they are all on the computer these days if I want to reference them. I fixed a venison stew, of which I have just had a large bowl, and I plan to go into the bedroom and read Ben Aaronovitch's latest, Lies Sleeping, for the rest of the evening.

Feb 2, 9:12pm Top

>33 ronincats: Lies Sleeping sounds like a great way to spend the evening.

>1 ronincats: I forgot to mention that it is a very lovely rug. Great colors, and nice abstract pattern. And congratulations on the new sense of order, the additional space, and organization.

I am doing the same sort of thing in dribs and drabs, but I need to scale up. I expect to be moving in the fall, and it would be lovely to simplify, simplify to make the move so much easier.

My latest impulse buy is do less, since it was marked down at Jo-Anne's, where I stopped by on my way to the grocery store to pick up some cotton thread. I am making my first attempt at necklaces, based on a few examples from the eleventh century. I'll see if I can post pictures later. New territory for me, though I have been accumulating materials and books for quite a while. You are an inspiration in this regard.

Feb 2, 9:29pm Top

>34 justchris: Good luck on the jewelry, Chris. I'd love to see pictures.

Here's us at the moment on the radar:

Feb 2, 9:36pm Top

Howdy Ro! I love your office. My next project is a coffee station in the kitchen. Cousin Joe is going to build it for me. It will have a espresso machine and I'm bringing back a toaster oven. Miss that so much!

Feb 2, 9:45pm Top

Happy New Thread, Roni, and congratulations on your amazing reorganisation!

Feb 3, 10:16am Top

>35 ronincats: Good luck with that front of...what is it exactly? We have 36F weather today. So lots of cold puddles for us!

Feb 3, 10:40am Top

It is a sunshiney 39° right now! I'm sweltering in swimwear and sipping pineapple-based fluids.

Feb 3, 2:05pm Top

Feb 3, 3:30pm Top


Feb 3, 3:35pm Top

Happy beautiful day after the dark and stormy night, Roni!! If you get roses like that after not pruning, perhaps you shouldn't bother in the future.

Feb 3, 4:08pm Top

>40 ronincats: That sounds about right, Roni.

Feb 3, 4:26pm Top

I have grocery shopping to do and then will read during the game and watch the commercials!

Feb 3, 5:24pm Top

>40 ronincats: I was checking the OTA listings to see if there was any movies that might be interesting. That's how I discovered that the Superbowl is today. I grew up as a football orphan, and it just isn't a part of my universe. My brother, on the other hand, went the opposite direction: even more of a football fanatic than my dad--fantasy football, flag football, owner of a semipro team, house full of sports memorabilia, etc.

But hey, now I'm watching Terms of Endearment. Never seen it before. Amazing cast. And tonight some classic noir with Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, and other greats. What could be better?

I'm so happy to have weekends at home after so many years. Today: a luxurious breakfast using my new Instant Pot, laundry, emails and phone calls, and getting ready to assemble my necklaces while watching TV. Plus, curried squash for dinner. In the Instant Pot again!

Good luck with the weather. That's quite a satellite image.

Feb 3, 5:53pm Top

Happy new thread, Roni!
>5 ronincats: Lovely rose, my last one lasted until after Christmas. Next ones will bloom again in May.

Feb 3, 7:46pm Top

>40 ronincats: Ha! Love that!

I hope the kitty bed is working out.

Feb 3, 11:33pm Top

Hey, Ro, Liz, Rachel, Richard, Jim, Reba, Beth, Benita, Chris, Anita and Ellen! We made it through the storm--today was sunny and 64 degrees. More rain predicted for tomorrow, though.

Today I shredded 30 years worth of medical records, employment records, and 5 years of financial papers, all the stuff I weeded out of my file cabinet yesterday that had personal information on it. That took a while, and 3 "rests" for the shredder. Also sorted some more stuff, got the electronics and hazardous waste out in a box on the porch waiting for the next recycle event. The game was blah, and only a few commercials were fun--what a waste! Off to read for a couple of hours now. Mañana!

Feb 3, 11:47pm Top

>40 ronincats: Too funny!

Happy new thread!

Feb 4, 7:09am Top

>40 ronincats: good one.

>45 justchris: we never watched football in my family, and I (thankfully!) married a man who had no interest in sports.

I prefer to read...finished #3 book for February yesterday, and started #4 last night.

Feb 4, 7:36am Top

I watched the Super Bowl and read during the commercials :)

Feb 4, 10:40am Top

Happy the-wrong-team-won day.

Feb 4, 11:08am Top

>40 ronincats: Ha, ha, that would so be me! I have no interest in football at all but do enjoy some of the commercials--the first time or two. They stop being cute after you've seen them 10 times.

>52 richardderus: If I am pressured to choose a team, I pick by mascot, and animal mascots always appeal more to me, so if I had been rooting for a team, it would have been the Rams. I don't even know where they're from, but I like their mascot better. :D

Edited: Feb 4, 11:27am Top

Thanks, Rhonda. Hope it was a good book, fuzzi. To each their own, Stasia. Hah, Richard, the right team would have been the Kansas City Chiefs! Hi, Cassie. So true.

We have rain again, but not nearly as big or concentrated a storm, although it will continue into tomorrow.

Feb 4, 11:32am Top

>53 CassieBash: It's as good a system as any for selecting "your team" in sports you couldn't care less about.

>54 ronincats: NFL teams come in two sorts: The evil, rotten-souled cheaters and the Not-the-Patriots.

Don't drown.

Feb 4, 12:48pm Top

Happy new thread, Roni! Love the result of all your hard work to organize your office. It looks fabulous.

Feb 4, 1:05pm Top

Book #11 Lies Sleeping by Ben Aaronovitch (295 pp.)

This is book 7 of the Rivers of London series, which is a delightful and novel fantasy world. This book advances the ongoing plot line but still leaves a solid direction for the next book.

The rain has let up for the moment, Richard, so we are going out to the gym and the library and the post office.

Thanks, Lori. I am enjoying it.

Edited: Feb 4, 3:04pm Top

>57 ronincats: I still need to start that series. I have the first one sitting on my TBR shelf. Maybe later this year. Glad ti see you are still enjoying it on book 7.

We are getting a lot of rain here. A couple more days of it coming too. Last night was really heavy.

and now an hour later it is hailing.

Feb 4, 2:24pm Top

Hi, Stasia. My bride, Walklover, loves watching the Super Bowl commercials, but has no interest in the game. So we call out to her whenever the commercials start.

I wanted a higher scoring game, and the other team to win, but the snacks were excellent.

Feb 5, 1:32am Top

>58 RBeffa: Ron, I predict you will love the series.
>59 jnwelch: Hi, Joe. What was her favorite commercial? (I wanted the same.)

Book #12 The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal (384 pp.)

This is the second book of the Lady Astronaut series and it is just as good as the first book. Really superb science fiction! Politics and paranoia on Earth, and the first Mars mission.

Feb 5, 12:18pm Top

>54 ronincats: it was a very good book, my first 5 star new read of 2019, Wave Without a Shore.

Feb 5, 7:00pm Top

>61 fuzzi: Oh, now that's a blast from the past. I remember liking it when I read it but that was probably over 35 years ago. Nonetheless, LT tells me I still have my paperback copy up in the attic.

So yesterday, besides wrapping up two library books, I finally made it to the gym for the first time and did an hour Silver Senior class. It stretched me all out and worked a bit on balance and strength after the aerobic part. If I were fit, it would be too easy but since I am not, it was perfect. I'm even a little sore today. Probably won't get back until next week, though, as the rest of the week is busy.

Today I am prepping for a craft show on Sunday. Got out my pottery and narrowed it down to 2 boxes I'm going to take to the International Dance Festival at Balboa Park. Also got the other stuff I need to take out of the corner of the dining room and into the living room preparatory to loading up the SUV after we get it serviced tomorrow. I needed to repair one of the wooden shoe shelves I use to display pottery--I had a stripped screw and one of the pegs for a sliding shelf kept coming out and almost getting lost so I have tried to glue it in at one end. Motley, of course, had to supervise everything.

Also received and assembled a new litter enclosure for the cats--the old one was falling apart. I still have two boxes of craft stuff to go through in the dining room, and assorted small stuff on my roll-top desk to find spaces for, and I still have space in my bottom drawer of my new system and for some storage boxes to go on the shelves above. I think that's what I'll do for my hand sewing supplies.

Feb 5, 11:13pm Top

>62 ronincats: I see Motley is very helpy. Very helpy. Very close supervision and paws-on QA.

I took my finished necklace with me to the fiber arts meetup tonight and got good feedback especially from the friend who is a successful jewelry-maker. But apparently I was too rough, and the carnelian necklace fell apart at home in my living room, scattering beads among all the things. I've found them under the loveseat, in the open accordian file, on the rug, under the drying rack, amidst the stacks of books...but I am too tired to restring it tonight. I might have to do it on the road trip on Friday because I need to concentrate on the other project due at the same time that I haven't started yet. Sigh. I did take pictures, and I'll try to upload them when I get back from the weekend trip.

Feb 6, 12:16am Top

Oh, my! Sorry to hear about the discombobulation of your necklace! What did you string it on? And I am looking forward to pictures.

Feb 6, 12:30am Top

>64 ronincats: Well, it's intended as something of a reproduction based on archaeological finds, so I used plain cotton thread twisted and wax into a 2-ply string. Not surprising that it wasn't particularly durable, just didn't expect it to fail so quickly. I rather suspect the failure point was the pendant. I got good advice tonight about a better way to string the pendant that will hopefully lead to a new improved version shortly.

Edited: Feb 6, 10:01am Top

>62 ronincats: Squee! I want to pet Motley! I love the leg inside the pottery mug. :)

Feb 6, 11:22am Top

>62 ronincats: Well poo!! I hadn't heard of the International Dance Festival until I saw your post and thought it sounded good and we should go (and check out your pottery) but we're going to Catalina on Sunday so we can't :(

Feb 6, 4:04pm Top

>60 ronincats: I've just been trying to buy The Calculating Stars as a present for J's birthday, but there is over a month's delivery delay for the U.K., so I've had to rethink.

Feb 6, 6:16pm Top

>65 justchris: I hope the design for stringing wasn't too complex, Chris. Maybe twist the cotton thread around a core of beading wire next time?
>66 CassieBash: He is eminently pettable, Cassie, with his long silky fur and his outgoing personality. I think he wanted to keep that mug. "MINE!"
>67 RebaRelishesReading: Oh, too bad, but...CATALINA!! By boat, I assume (I did fly in on a small plane once.); where do you sail out of?
>68 SandDune: That's too bad, Rhian. I think some of the buzz (and the resonance) is in the reflection of attitudes toward women and persons of color from the 60s in the US, especially for those of us who lived that time, and I'm not sure J would pick up on that. He's a sensitive guy though, and could definitely empathize with a protagonist with social anxiety.

So we went out to get the car serviced this morning (regular checkup) and then ran some errands. I went to Target because I was going to get some bins that matched the CD holders you see in the topper, second shelf above the computer on the far right. They didn't have the size I wanted in that color, but I found these fabric ones that I love and will do instead, going on the top two shelves where you see (gasp!) empty space! They are for corralling things that I had on the small shelves of my old armoire, like sewing notions.

>47 EBT1002: Here's a picture of Zoe in her bed. It has a half-dome cover that zips on, but she doesn't care for it. I see the cover fell into the bed with her.

Feb 6, 10:23pm Top

>69 ronincats: The design wasn't too complex in the end. I am still finding beads scattered about. I decided restringing will have to wait until I'm on the road Friday afternoon. I got too much I need to do between now and Friday.

Those are some lovely new bins even if they don't exactly match the other ones.

Zoe looks very comfortable.

Feb 6, 10:28pm Top

But did you notice how perfectly they match the throw on the couch? It's okay, I'm not going for a perfectly coordinated look anyway--I have a number of patterns on various boxes already.

Feb 6, 10:40pm Top

>71 ronincats: Yep, definitely noticed they blended well with the background.

My head is full of textures and patterns and colors right now. I am in the process of buying a condo that's under construction, and I have until the end of the month to pick out flooring, countertops, cabinets, appliances. And eventually I'll have to think about paint colors. So many choices! Decision paralysis!

So I am definitely paying attention to your process and choices as models for me to think about.

Edited: Feb 7, 6:14pm Top

Well, probably the main thing for me is that I am a Summer and so I choose cool colors in my palette.

As long as I stay in my season, things end up coordinating. And my colors make me happy.

Feb 6, 11:45pm Top

Ha! I am a spring and I so do not like pastels. I have not really made my peace with them. So I've been trying cozy up more to the browns and golds and purples in the spring palette instead of the pinks and baby blues. I think I like your colors better.

Feb 7, 10:28am Top

I'm an old man with gray hair and don't know an autumn from a Wednesday, but I like the same colors in my environment all the time: Purple, green, gold, red.

Others are okay, but don't make the cut if I have my druthers. Always been the same way. First time I got to choose my wall color I chose Medallion gold (over my mother's gentle discouragement) for my six-windowed, south-facing bedroom with red jacquard bedspreads and curtains with Early American walnut furniture.

Mama was reluctantly required by honesty to admit that the effect was gorgeous. It was about then that she started steering me towards a career in interior design.

Feb 7, 10:33am Top

>71 ronincats: I've only been twice in my life -- once as a young child and again 40+ years ago. We went on the "big white steamer" both times then from San Pedro. This time it's the Catalina Express from Dana Point. Weather looks like it is going to be cold but some sun and no rain so that's fine. I'm getting a bit excited.

Feb 7, 3:33pm Top

>74 justchris: Looks like there are warm spring, clear spring and light spring (the latter two may be the same). Sounds like you lean toward the warm?

>75 richardderus: My house colors are forest and teal green, rose and a cool burgundy, Richard. But your colors sound like you!

>76 RebaRelishesReading: Be sure and dress warmly--I'd guess it will be chilly on the boat.

Feb 7, 3:51pm Top

Hi Roni!

>40 ronincats: What a hoot! I went to a book club meeting instead and came home to the fourth quarter and the depressing end.

>62 ronincats: Good job, Motley!

>73 ronincats: I’m an Autumn. I think our house probably reflects my colors because they please me when I look at them.

Feb 7, 5:05pm Top

>75 richardderus: I love colors, mostly jewel tones and reds and rich warm browns, but for some reason colored walls give me an uncomfortable claustrophobic vibe, and I am usually clausto-phillic.

Feb 7, 5:20pm Top

Interesting info about colors. I did a little research online and decided I am probably "cool summer". What a coincidence, the "cool summer" colors match my wardrobe...

Feb 7, 6:30pm Top

Hi, Karen! That's probably the case.

We have always had colored walls, but with white ceilings and above the crown moldings (so about 18" down from the ceiling) on the walls to balance it, Susan. Rose for a number of years, and now the teal green for many more.

What a coincidence, fuzzi!! Imagine that!

So, it was pottery day. Here's what I brought home.

Feb 7, 6:33pm Top

I looked at the Warm Spring graphic and was ever so confused because it didn't mention FDR. Twigging at last, I had a chortle.

Colors are the way we sort ourselves out, make ourselves feel more positive, and taste is inarguable. What Susan likes and soothes her (white walls) makes me feel trapped and desperate. I spend as little time as possible in white spaces as I always expect someone to come scream at me when I'm in them.

Feb 7, 6:37pm Top

>60 ronincats: Two of the Super Bowl commercials Debbi remembers liking, Roni, were the football players at the banquet one (although she wants me to explain who everyone is in it), and the one with the coach thanking the first responders who saved him.

How about you? (Sorry if I missed your already saying).

Feb 7, 7:07pm Top

>82 richardderus: Ha! And so true.

>83 jnwelch: Those were two good ones, Joe. I liked the banquet one a lot, and there was another but I have already forgotten it! Fame is so fleeting.

Bit by bit, I am making progress on the room. Have the rolling plastic storage thingy emptied and out of the room--it was all sewing stuff and one drawer of jewelry wire. Fortunately I had not gotten rid of my sewing basket when I emptied it into this thing, and most of the sewing stuff went right back in it and what I might need for hand sewing went into one of my new bins. As did the excess wire into another bin. I called the organizer for the vendors for my show Sunday because I hadn't heard from her, and she never received my form and check!! But she had saved a place for me. Don't know what happened--I made a special trip to the PO to mail it the day after we talked 3 weeks ago. But the check's not been cashed. Good thing I followed up.

Feb 7, 7:48pm Top

>75 richardderus: The room colors you describe sound gorgeous.

>79 quondame: I too love jewel tones and reds, but especially blues greens and purples. I am learning to lean into the reds, oranges and bronzes more now.

>77 ronincats: I don't know whether I am supposed to be warm, clear or bright. The color analyst I consulted was old school and stuck with just the 4 basic seasons.

>81 ronincats: Heh. Those cat mugs are very charming.

Feb 7, 8:56pm Top

>81 ronincats: Cat mugs!! I bet those sell well on Sunday. : )

Sound like you continue to make progress with the re-organization project. Love all the color talk. Right now I am into the reds, purples and browns. I have done green as a kid. Never blue.

Feb 7, 10:02pm Top

>81 ronincats: Too bad I don't live closer. I'd be purchasing those adorable mugs!

Feb 7, 11:01pm Top

>62 ronincats: Glad to see you had assistance.

Zoe looks very comfortable in her bed. It looks like it has higher sides than Abby's. Does she spend much time in it?

I'm missing Abby this trip -- and worrying about her a bit. She seemed like she was feeling a bit off the past week - not eating her treat into which we blend her gabapentin so not getting as much of that as she should, and just seeming lethargic. P left today to spend a few days in Seattle with family; I'll join her there on Saturday and we'll drive back on Monday. I know our cat-sitter and the vet tech who comes in to give her the fluids will take care of her but.... I worry.

Feb 8, 8:54am Top

>81 ronincats: Those cat mugs are so much fun! I can't decide which one I like best.

Feb 8, 10:33am Top

The cat mugs are adorable!

Feb 8, 11:43am Top

>81 ronincats: I want a cat mug, waaaaah!

Feb 9, 2:23pm Top

Happy new thread Roni! >5 ronincats: That's a beautiful rose; I can almost smell it.

I can't remember what season I am, but I'm a dyed in the wool Libran and like all colours. As we renovated our house before we moved in, I got to choose all the colours and I'm happy with them. Except that my husband got the house repainted while I was in Sydney a few years ago and I decided to change the colours on the outside of the house and got it slightly wrong. But I can live with it - well, I have for the past five years.

Great work on the spring cleaning! I shall watch and admire from afar. I may even go as far as planning some of my own; but of course, we don't have spring in the tropics.

Feb 9, 11:34pm Top

>85 justchris:, >86 Berly:, >87 thornton37814:, >89 foggidawn:, >90 RebaRelishesReading:, >91 fuzzi: Thank you for the kind words regarding the cat mugs. These are still just rough prototypes, but we'll see how people like them at the sale tomorrow.

>88 EBT1002: I hope Abby is okay. Zoe does use it but prefers the unheated one in my office near my desk if I am there.

>92 humouress: I have more flowers outdoors--hope to get to them next week after the show, Nina, and bring some of them in.

A quiet day at home today after a haircut and farmers market yesterday. Worked on new cards to display my heart earrings.

Feb 11, 11:59am Top

Roni, I could have sworn that I posted here, but I am not seeing anything. I think the space turned out really great - nicely done.

LOVE the photo of Motley in the pottery!!

Those cat mugs are full of fabulous! They have so much personality.

Feb 11, 12:46pm Top

>94 Crazymamie: Thanks, Mamie!

So, the show turned out okay. I sold 6 pieces of pottery and 4 of jewelry. Only one cat mug. Only one pair of heart earrings, as well, and none of my heart dishes! Traffic was slow and 2 hours in I'd only sold one item, so I was glad when it picked up a bit later. Funny how tired you can get just sitting around, although it was interesting to watch the different folk dancer groups.

Feb 11, 1:20pm Top

>95 ronincats: I would buy those cat mugs if I could get to your show!

Feb 11, 1:35pm Top

Feb 11, 8:33pm Top

>95 ronincats: Sorry to hear sales weren't as robust as you'd hoped.

I told my traveling companions this weekend about your cat mugs. One of them suggested making yarn catchers in the same vein, with the tail being what keeps the yarn in check.

Feb 11, 9:00pm Top

>94 Crazymamie: I LOVE the cards! And only one sold?! What the heck.

>96 thornton37814: An impressive display, all the colors look so well together. I wouldn't recommend handing me the box of mugs with...Them...painted on. I'm ever so clumsy.


Feb 12, 10:16am Top

>95 ronincats: Yes, I especially like the ones where the mug handle is also the cat's tail. Very clever design!

Feb 12, 10:52am Top

Your office looks amazing! I did an overhaul in my studio last fall, but I still haven't sorted the papers--I did get rid of the mice though!

And those cat mugs are just fabulous. I waaaannntttt one!!!!!! Actually I want many of them.

Feb 12, 11:02am Top

>96 thornton37814: >101 sibyx: repeat after me: "Sell us your mugs! Sell us your mugs! Sell us your mugs!"

Feb 12, 1:03pm Top

I love the pic in >62 ronincats: of your 'helpy' cat! What a great word from >63 justchris: ! I also have a very helpy cat - especially when I am the phone.

Your display for the show is beautiful; I join in the vote for the cat mugs! So cute!

Your idea of 'decorating by color season' is interesting. I'm another summer - My living room furniture falls into my palette. I painted one wall sort of a coral color for contrast, and I've never been happy with it. Now I see why.

Feb 12, 5:16pm Top

>96 thornton37814:, >97 fuzzi:, >101 sibyx:, >102 fuzzi: It is not that I would not sell them to you, dear ladies, but by the time we add shipping and insurance, it has doubled the price of the mug ($20 and $22). Which makes it a very expensive mug.

>98 justchris: That would be a cute idea, Chris, and perhaps work better than my cut-out design where the swirl keeps wanting to break off.

>99 richardderus: I think your numbering is off, dear Richard, but I get your meaning. Yes, no one bought any of the hearts there on the cards at all. I appreciate your ambivalence about the you-know-what mugs.

>100 CassieBash: thank you, Cassie.

>103 streamsong: The husband is a winter, Janet, and I have to work on confining his bright red and black palette to his office space! Yes, the right color shade/tone can make a world of difference.

We actually made it to the gym again this morning! These Silver Sneakers classes seem to be exactly my speed and don't strain my bad knee or weak ankles while working on strengthening them. Father Joe's Village came and picked up our old huge coffee table (42" square with 6 drawers and loads of storage) and that also-huge computer armoire yesterday, so I finally have some room to work in the dining room. I have a last box of papers to work through and find places for, and I can get back to simply cleaning up after the cats on a daily basis! Or I could tackle the attic while it's still cool...

Feb 12, 5:19pm Top

Oh, and I forgot to comment that the Valentine's Day Heart Hunt is up! These are so fun. First pass through found 10 hearts--I'm going to have to work on the rest of them.

Feb 12, 6:23pm Top

Ok, so I'd never heard about this season colour chart thing. I've just had to look it all up. Now, I have a problem with the idea that the colours you should wear are the same as the ones you like around your house. Based on the website I found, I'd say I'm a "Winter" regarding what I wear, but a "Spring" for colours I like in my home. The difference being because I'm a freckly, pale skinned ginger with blue/grey eyes! I adore the colour orange but it just wouldn't suit me one bit! It's a source of constant frustration actually - the colours I really love are the ones that suit me least.
Also, I really want one of those gorgeous matt purple mugs! Don't the glazes normally come out shiny? But that matt-ness! Mmmm! And the lilac-y purple-ness. Double mmmmmmm! (Actually, that IS a colour I both like and can wear!)

Feb 12, 6:51pm Top

>104 ronincats: I need a conference in San Diego so I can get one of those mugs! I probably know someone from San Diego coming East for one of my conferences. Of course, even that is a bit iffy unless the person is driving, which is rather unlikely as the closest one for them would be in the St. Louis area. The others are in D.C. and Georgia.

Feb 12, 7:33pm Top

Hmm, a pale-skinned ginger would usually be a spring, Hannah. Look here and see what you think. And there is a purple for every season; it's all in the tones.


Feb 12, 10:10pm Top

>100 CassieBash: Same; I like the cats where their tails make the handles.

>95 ronincats: Looking at your display table, Roni, may I tentatively offer a suggestion? I suspect that if I were just browsing at the market, I might admire your table from afar but if I saw some matched sets, I might come and have a look. I know your pieces are unique, but maybe if you had one or two matched sets (4 cups, say) at the front, it might pull people in. Once you have a captive audience - well, that's a different matter.

Did you always intend to make pottery for sale or is that just a way to make it all useful (rather than collect it yourself) and fund your book buying habit?

Feb 13, 10:55am Top

>108 ronincats: That website is a major time-suck to anyone interested in color. "Thanks" for that. *sigh*

>109 humouress: Interesting idea! What say you, Roni?

Feb 13, 1:11pm Top

Quite an impressive set up for your show. Sorry sales were slow.

Feb 13, 8:09pm Top

I had no idea paint came in seasons. I wonder what I am? I certainly prefer lighter (but colorful) colors for walls. Something that pops without being overwhelming. But I tend to like bright clothes.

Feb 13, 9:00pm Top

>107 thornton37814: Almost missed you up there, Lori. Actually, putting socks inside and surrounding it with underwear in the very middle of your luggage is a pretty good way of transporting pottery in the air.

>109 humouress: Suggestions always welcome, Nina. Actually, for this show, I organized by uses. I had the vases clustered together around a paper heart labeled Vases, the heart dishes, the mugs, the teapots, etc. Matched sets? What is that? You think I can actually MAKE matching sets? Actually, I have two sets of a med. large bowl with 2 matching cereal/soup size bowls that I display together. I have actually made several almost matching sets of bowls and of mugs--and they always end up selling as separate pieces. Usually I organize by color families, as that makes more of an impact. Selling pottery is a survival technique. No way I could keep it all, but I want to keep making, so I have to make room, and it funds my pottery classes, not books, the cost of which has increased by 45% in the 8 years I've been there--justifiably so as the cost of everything has increased, but still...

>110 richardderus: I'm glad you enjoyed it, Richard!

>111 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks, Reba.

>112 The_Hibernator: The general idea, Rachel, is that your skin either has cool or warm tones. If rose makes your skin pop, you are a cool and if orange sets your skin off, you are warm, in general, and the difference between winter/summer or autumn/fall is how vibrant your coloring is, usually. It's all in the tones and shades that best set off each. Lots of analysis tools out there. I had my colors done many years ago, when it was first all the rage. And I find it very helpful in shopping for both clothing and environment.

So we made it back to the gym for the second day in a row (and the final time this week), total shock! Pinged my back a bit this time and felt the burn a bit more. We definitely need this! Rain started this afternoon and is supposed to continue for the next two days with 2-3 inches accumulation. I'll go to pottery tomorrow unless it is torrential, and then the hubby has a doctor appointment Friday morning, so the week is fairly full. I still don't have that paper cleared out, and I've been doing too much game-playing and not enough reading this week for sure! I brought home one more book from the library today on the way home from the gym, the sequel to Nevermoor. I'm working on Darkness on his Bones and part 2 of These Truths right now.

Feb 14, 1:49pm Top

Happy Valentine's Day!! ❤️💚💗💙

Feb 14, 3:09pm Top

>114 ChelleBearss: Thank you, Chelle!

What came home with me today:

Edited: Feb 14, 7:04pm Top

>108 ronincats:. Well, this has given me food for thought! My initial response to those colours was "Oh no! Too pale for me! But on second thoughts...maybe some of those creams and pale blues could work out nicely for me. Time to step outside of my comfort zone perhaps!

Feb 14, 5:42pm Top

>116 HanGerg: The whole goal of the colors thing is that if you are wearing the right shades, people don't say, "oh, I love that shirt" but, "oh, you are looking great (simply glowing) today!" Think about it.

Book #13 Darkness on his Bones by Barbara Hambly (250 pp.)

This is book 6 of Hambly's series about James and Lydia Asher (and she definitely gets equal billing) and their relationship with vampires. The first book in this series, Those Who Hunt the Night is IMHO the best vampire book out there (and I don't generally care for vampire books) and while the series veers closer to horror than I typically like, it's practical about vampires and the logical and scientific consequences of their existence in a way few others are. Lydia's character, in particular, makes the series stand out for me.

Feb 14, 6:59pm Top

>117 ronincats: My memory says I read Those Who Hunt the Night but hornswoggled if I recall a single glimmer of the story. I wonder if it was simply there on a shelf for a decade or something like that.

Feb 14, 7:03pm Top

>115 ronincats: Still loving those cat mugs!

Edited: Feb 14, 9:58pm Top

>117 ronincats: I have an unread copy of Those Who Hunt the Night. Someday ....

Feb 14, 11:37pm Top

Feb 15, 12:00am Top

I remember doing the colours way back when but don't remember which I turned out to be. I know that I am a cool as pink works for me. Would that be either spring or winter? I don't remember how the seasons work.

I really like the cat mugs. Too bad all us LT cat lovers couldn't easily show up at one of your craft shows.

Feb 15, 5:06pm Top

Hi Roni, I'm finally back! I remember having my colors done way back as well and if I remember correctly I was a warm Spring. Do your colors change when your hair goes grey? I find with my silver grey hair I tend to like bolder, brighter colors that I used to. BTW I love the cat mugs!

Feb 15, 5:57pm Top

Hi Roni!

>117 ronincats: I’ve read the first in the series, but like Richard in >118 richardderus:, can’t remember a single thing about it beyond remembering that I really liked it. I have the second in the series Traveling with the Dead on my shelves just waiting for me.

>122 Familyhistorian: Wouldn’t that be fun, Meg? Hoards of cat-loving LTers descending on Roni and buying up all her cat-and-other pottery and jewelry.

Feb 15, 7:05pm Top

>118 richardderus: Such a pity, Richard, if you've forgotten it, but I understand. SO MANY BOOKS!
>119 thornton37814: Thank you, Lori.
>120 swynn: I think you would like it, Steve, so don't put it off too long.
>121 Berly: How cute, Kim!
>122 Familyhistorian: Yes, spring and winter are the cool seasons, Lori. Which it is has a lot to do with how strong your coloring is. Does black deaden your complexion or bring it out? Winters can wear black and often prefer to, while summers go to a dark navy for that basic component of their wardrobe.
>123 DeltaQueen50: I don't think your season would change, as your skin doesn't, but you might move into a different palette with silver hair. I'll have to check that out. My hair is currently blue and purple, so that is in my color family. (Although there are shades of blue and purple in every season)
>124 karenmarie: Don't make it wait too long, Karen.

>122 Familyhistorian:, >124 karenmarie: Isn't it a pity that I live in such an out-of-the-way place that is so hard to get to and that no one would want to visit?

Book #14 Stars Uncharted by S. K. Dunstall (405 pp.)

I really enjoyed this adventure space opera. I had read Dunstall's Linesman books and thought they were okay, but I loved the world-building and the characters in this one much more. Yes, there are no hidden depths, but there is a lot of pure entertainment in the adventure. Recommended!

I want to encourage everyone that, yes, spring is coming. I know it is because it has arrived in San Diego. My personal indicator is the ornamental pear tree. All over town, they have burst into a cloud of white blossoms. Simply gorgeous. And from my front yard,

Feb 15, 7:51pm Top

>105 ronincats: I found 7. I'll stop there. That's pretty good for me.

>117 ronincats: Thanks for the review of this one. I love Those Who Hunt the Night (and agree with your assessment) and Traveling with the Dead. Haven't kept up with the series. Did you get a book or was this an e-book read? I get the impression that a lot of Hambly's recent works are limited to e-book formats. Maybe I'm wrong?

Feb 15, 8:16pm Top

>117 ronincats: I remember enjoying Those Who Hunt the Night but did not realize it was a series. I will have to check it out.

>125 ronincats: Adding Stars Uncharted to the BlackHole in the hopes that one day my local library will have a copy.

I am staying completely out of the colors discussion. I have no idea what I am and am afraid to find out!

Feb 15, 8:50pm Top

>126 justchris: You can always go to the Talk thread for the Hunt to get clues--I had to use them for 4 of the hearts. And actually I am very lucky. My library has the print versions of the Hamblys so I don't have to buy the later books. But they are either trade paperbacks or hardbacks. The 8th book in the series is coming out in a few weeks. Bookfinder.com shows they are all on sale used, generally a former library book, for under $10.

Decided to take a shot of my hair.

Feb 15, 8:54pm Top

>125 ronincats: ...there aren't WORDS...the sheer...the extraordinary...*flounces off*

>128 ronincats: I love the teal shade! No sense letting a chance to shine get away, and silver hair is just that.

Feb 15, 10:21pm Top

I want to put a purple strip in my hair! I love all those colors that people are doing now.

Feb 16, 8:12am Top

Hi Roni!

>125 ronincats: San Diego. I mean, c'mon on. No airport access, no freeway access, no amenities. *smile* I don't have any plans on 'going home' to SoCal any time soon, but when I do I'll see if I can get the car to head south.

>128 ronincats: Way cool. I just got my nails done a beautiful eggplant purple, a first for me. I usually get some kind of deep red but was in a mood. I think the mood will last to next time, too, and possibly even to a pedicure with the same color.

Feb 16, 9:56am Top

Edited: Feb 16, 10:54am Top

>116 HanGerg: Hmph; (my son and) I tried to find our seasonal colouring and got completely confused because we both fell into more than one season, so we tried another which was equally confusing and so we went to the Sorting Hat and found that we're both Ravenclaws. Then I went back and decided that I'm a 'deep winter' but when I looked at another site, the colours for that were different. So I give up. I've captured the hubby and we have two children so now my mission in life is to embarrass them any way I can and wear what I feel like.

>117 ronincats: Way back when (in the '80s), I read a heap of Hambly's fantasy and really liked them. Sorcerer's Ward I read a bit later, but it's one of my favourites and links back to The Windrose Chronicles. I wish she'd write more in that series; it kind of felt like part of a long battle against the dark but it wasn't decided either way in the end.

But I was a bit wary of diving into paranormal; maybe I can give Those Who Hunt the Night a go, since you recommend the series.

>125 ronincats: Beautiful colours and such a large rose!

>128 ronincats: I had similar colours in my hair at one time. But I've given up on colouring since I have to bleach it first and my hair is all frizzy in this humid climate anyway. Bleaching makes it worse and the colours don't last very long, no matter how I try to take care of them. So I'll admire yours. I do like the way you can see the two distinct colours.

Feb 16, 11:39am Top

>129 richardderus: They are gorgeous, aren't they? No wonder you are speechless.
>130 benitastrnad: It's fun, Benita.
>131 karenmarie: Exactly, Karen!
>132 jnwelch: Hi, Joe.
>133 humouress: If I had to bleach my hair first, I wouldn't do it either, Nina. But, as Richard said, having colorless (silver) hair makes for a blank palette. I wouldn't really classify Those Who Hunt the NIght as paranormal, even though there are vampires. The series started at the end of the Victorian era, is up to WWI now, and Lydia is always speculating as to the science underlying their existence.

Feb 16, 12:49pm Top

Wow, love the rose Roni. Thanks for the spring update. Some of the bulbs are up here. I do love the snowdrops and purple crocus, but can't wait for spring proper to hit the UK.

Feb 17, 6:41am Top

>125 ronincats: Are those snapdragons behind the rose, Roni?
I have them in my front garden. I thought they were annuals, when I bought them last year, but now they are starting to grow buds again. I suppose I will enjoy them a bit longer than one season :-)
The last days have been like spring. So besides the snowdrops and crocusses, the weeds grow a lot. Don't want to be late again this year, and have started to weed them early.

Feb 17, 7:14pm Top

Somebody needs this! https://www.engadget.com/2019/02/17/star-wars-lightsaber-academy-hands-on-toy-fa...

>135 charl08: It comes from being so much further south in the Northern Hemisphere than most of you, Charlotte. But it will come your way soon.
>136 FAMeulstee: Sharp eyes, Anita; they are indeed snapdragons, also from my front garden. People generally plant them as annuals but I have certainly had them last two years here. Ach du lieber, I also have so many weeds with all our rain, and I've not been outside at all to work in the garden or weed because it's been so chilly (for us).

Book #15 Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend (527 pp.)

I'm copying this description from Hope, a librarian who reviewed the book on Amazon, as there isn't much of an official one.

"It’s a delightful adventure for us even as it’s a bewildering one for twelve-year old Morrigan when she takes a train to the mystical Wunderground and begins classes with eight others, all of whom have unique magical skills…except her. She’s been identified as a Wundersmith, but, what does that mean exactly? The only other person with that label is definitely not a nice person and he’s frightened many people with his abuse of his powers. Morrigan is worried; will she discover if she has any magic like her new classmates? Will others despise her when they find out what she is? Can she make friends? With strong echoes of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, we read about eccentric and difficult teachers, the challenges to learning magical arts, secrets that must be kept, and unexpected tests to see if Morrigan’s group can support each other. And Morrigan, who’s known her weaknesses all too well, starts to see she has strengths, too."

It's like Harry Potter only in that there is magic and school and friends--the world-building is completely different and original. This is the second book in the series--start with Nevermoor, but this juvenile fantasy series is well worth reading for the sheer entertainment.

Also the second book by Aussies in a row here!

Feb 17, 9:58pm Top

Hi Roni! OMG your cat mugs are amazing - I love them! Also your hair!!! You look great!

>137 ronincats: I've been anxiously awaiting the second book after just loving the first. I have an order going, but I will likely wait until the new Colorado Children's Book Award Nominees are announced to actually purchase. Sound like a good one!

Feb 17, 11:55pm Top

>137 ronincats: App connected lightsabers? I see Christmas presents in my future.

I still have to post my review of the first book from the end of last year, but I'll keep a look out for the second. I borrowed it from the boys' school library, so I'm sure it'll turn up there soon.

Feb 18, 2:54am Top

Sending sunny greetings from Davos.

Feb 19, 9:47am Top

>128 ronincats: The 7 hearts I got were due to using the clues. The others were not something I was ever going to figure out, so I stopped there.

Feb 19, 2:45pm Top

Author Mary Balogh posted this on her facebook feed yesterday and it's getting some sharing love from readers.

Feb 19, 10:17pm Top

>138 AMQS: I think you'll quite enjoy it, Anne!
>139 humouress: And you too, Nina.
>140 Ameise1: Hope you are having a great time on the ski slopes, Barbara!
>141 justchris: I understand that, Chris.

I'm working on Last Friends, which finally came in at the library, for the group read. Still working on Part 2 of These Truths for that group read. And started the last of the Indranan War trilogy, Beyond the Empire, another space opera series that I'm enjoying. Today was clear skies but cold, up to 59 for a high. We went out for some errands, including dropping off a bunch of stuff at Goodwill, a drive by the bay and the new Library in Mission Hills, and I cooked a tuna casserole for supper.

Feb 20, 3:03am Top

>142 ronincats: All too true!

Hope you are enjoying Last Friends. What a great idea for a shared read.

Feb 20, 7:53am Top

>142 ronincats: I can't even clean out my bedroom, let alone an attic! :D

Feb 20, 9:56am Top

>145 CassieBash: ... or even my bedside table.

Feb 20, 11:13am Top

>1423 I love it, Roni.

Feb 20, 11:42am Top

>142 ronincats: Perfect. Absolutely true and well said and beautifully illustrated.

Feb 20, 3:53pm Top

Visitors!! Welcome, Charlotte, Cassie, Nina, Beth and Richard! I was wondering if it was a Norman Rockwell, Richard--it has that feel to it.

Well, it's that time again. The Nebula Award nominees have been announced.

2018 Nebula Award Finalists


The Calculating Stars, Mary Robinette Kowal (Tor)

The Poppy War, R.F. Kuang (Harper Voyager US; Harper Voyager UK)

Blackfish City, Sam J. Miller (Ecco; Orbit UK)

Spinning Silver, Naomi Novik (Del Rey; Macmillan)

Witchmark, C.L. Polk (Tor.com Publishing)

Trail of Lightning, Rebecca Roanhorse (Saga)


Fire Ant, Jonathan P. Brazee (Semper Fi)

The Black God’s Drums, P. Djèlí Clark (Tor.com Publishing)

The Tea Master and the Detective, Aliette de Bodard (Subterranean)

Alice Payne Arrives, Kate Heartfield (Tor.com Publishing)

Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach, Kelly Robson (Tor.com Publishing)

Artificial Condition, Martha Wells (Tor.com Publishing)

The Andre Norton Award for Outstanding Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy Book

Children of Blood and Bone, Tomi Adeyemi (Henry Holt; Macmillan)

Aru Shah and the End of Time, Roshani Chokshi (Rick Riordan Presents)

A Light in the Dark, A.K. DuBoff (BDL)

Tess of the Road, Rachel Hartman (Random House)

Dread Nation, Justina Ireland (Balzer + Bray)

Peasprout Chen: Future Legend of Skate and Sword, Henry Lien (Henry Holt)

Of the novels, I've read the Kowal, the Novik and the Polk. The first two were superb; I didn't care for the third.
Of the novellas, I've read the Clark, the de Bobard, and the Wells. All good, I'm betting on the Wells to win.
I haven't read any of the YA, although I have read works by Chokshi, Hartman and Ireland.

There are two more short work categories, drama and game writing that I haven't listed as I don't really follow them. Didn't used to get to read the novellas either but that has changed with epublications!

Edited: Feb 20, 5:12pm Top

>149 ronincats: Of the novels, I've only read the Novik (loved it!), though I have the Kowal in my possession. Haven't read any of the novellas. Of the YA, I've read the Adeyemi, Chokshi, and Hartman (the Hartman is my favorite of those three, though all were good), and I've been vaguely meaning to read the Ireland and Lien. Have never even heard of the DuBoff -- looks like it was self-published and not reviewed by any of the journals I rely upon. If you read it, I'd be interested to hear what you think.

Feb 20, 6:37pm Top

>142 ronincats: oh...my...YES!!!

Looks a little like a Norman Rockwell.

Feb 20, 9:33pm Top

>149 ronincats: Of all of them, the only one I've read so far is Trail of Lightning. I liked it, and it was definitely interesting. This is the only one because I showed it to a friend while we were browsing, and he bought it, read it, then loaned it to me. I am mightily tempted by Spinning Silver because I love Uprooted so much, but I am cheap, so haven't succumbed yet. I heard Huang talking about writing The Poppy War at WisCon last year. I really liked what she had to say, and it sounds fantastic, so I am very tempted by that too. But again, cheap. I've heard all the buzz here about The Calculating Stars, and it sounds like an interesting premise, but probably not my cuppa. The other 2 novels I've never heard of.

Novellas mostly aren't my thing for similar reasons, I suspect, Roni. And since I haven't yet become a habitue of e-readers, they still haven't. But I gotta say that I am dying to read the Murderbot Diaries. So I imagine Artificial Conditions will be great when I finally manage it. Not familiar with either the authors or the stories of the rest of the novellas and the YA category.

But I am old and slow. I tend to watch movies and read books once they're readily available used or part of the back catalog. Streaming? Ereaders? Bah!

Feb 20, 10:24pm Top

Do you use your library system at all, Chris? Mine has been the source of all the Murderbot books as well as the Lady Astronaut series in dead tree format. And I actually would have thought The Calculating Stars would be right up your alley, with all its subtext commentary about race and gender.

I just checked and my library does have all of the above except Fire Ant and A Light in the Dark. I love my library system.

Yesterday, 2:39am Top

>117 ronincats: Hi Roni, thank you for bringing Barbara Hambly to my attention.
It was a pleasure to read the first book of the series.

>142 ronincats: I love the picture and the quote.

Yesterday, 8:18am Top

Hi Roni!

>143 ronincats: Sounds like a lovely day, especially tuna casserole. It's one of our favs.

Yesterday, 8:33am Top

>153 ronincats: It's likely that the YA purchaser for your library relies upon the same review sources that I do, since neither of us picked up A Light in the Dark.

Yesterday, 6:41pm Top

>154 SirThomas: Already told you on your thread how happy I was that you tried it and liked it!
>155 karenmarie: It is tasty, especially with lots of sharp cheddar on top, Karen.
>157 ronincats: Very likely, foggi, although I wonder if that will change at all with this nomination.

Well, it was out the door early this morning (early for me, at least) to pottery. I spent almost the whole time on designing and glazing a plate, and then trimmed three items. This drawing stuff certainly slows down my production. But here's what came home with me today, perhaps my best yet.

Then we went and had lunch at the Dumpling Inn, amidst intermittent rain showers, before our eye exams after lunch. Prescriptions haven't changed, eyes are healthy, all is good there. Now home with a hot cup of tea and catching up on LT!

Edited: Yesterday, 7:50pm Top

>128 ronincats: Love the hair, Roni. My hair does not take hair dye for whatever reason, but I want to dye it purple!

>137 ronincats: I just finished Nevermoor today only to discover that my local library does not have the second book! I am not a happy camper.

>142 ronincats: Oh, yeah. I can relate!

>149 ronincats: I am reading Blackfish City right now. I have the Novik and the Kowal books, but have not gotten them read yet. I need to move them up the stacks. The only novella I have read is Artificial Condition. Thanks for posting the list, Roni!

Yesterday, 8:22pm Top

Finally getting caught up a little Roni.

>157 ronincats: What a great name for an eatery. The Dumpling Inn; I want to go there already!

The cat looks very pleased with himself sitting proudly in your splendid new mug.

Yesterday, 11:30pm Top

Hi Roni, I love your new cat mug! I also loved the picture you posted in >142 ronincats:. Brings back memories of time spent in my grandparents attic. Pilesl of National Geographic Magazines and big boxes full of pocketbooks. A paradise for a bookworm like me!

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