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Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #13

This is a continuation of the topic Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #12.


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Jul 29, 6:35pm Top

Please note that the birth/death dates are completely different for Winfield Scott and Winfield Scott Hancock. They are not the same person!

Winfield Scott Lt/gen 1786-1866 Cmdg Gen US Army (= CoS) 1841-61
Winfield Scott Hancock (1824-1886)


Jul 29, 6:35pm Top

Please note that the birth/death dates are completely different for Winfield Scott and Winfield Scott Hancock. They are not the same person!

Winfield Scott Lt/gen 1786-1866 Cmdg Gen US Army (= CoS) 1841-61
Winfield Scott Hancock (1824-1886)


Edited: Jul 29, 7:04pm Top

Indeed, according to Wikipedia "Various individuals, including Union General Winfield Scott Hancock, Confederate General Winfield Scott Featherston, and Admiral Winfield Scott Schley, were named after General Scott." I'm puzzled how all these people named in his honor ended up with high military ranks, but they are definitely not the same person

Jul 30, 1:04am Top

>1 lilithcat:

Oh good grief, I've got to stop the late-night combining. Thanks for catching that.

Jul 30, 8:56am Top

>4 karenb:

Either that or more caffeine!

Edited: Jul 31, 3:31am Top

Not every textbook is an accounting textbook.


I wish those suggesting combinations would look at the tag pages they want to combine.

Jul 31, 3:41am Top

>6 MarthaJeanne:

I'm willing to bet that one was accidental.

Jul 31, 4:58am Top

>6 MarthaJeanne:
>7 AndreasJ:
Yes, it was a copy-and-paste error. I figured it was obvious enough that I didn't need to add it to the boneheaded thread.

Aug 2, 8:55am Top


I can't figure out why someone would want to combine this with

Aug 2, 9:01am Top

>9 MarthaJeanne:

That's very odd. The proposer is quite active, and her mistakes are generally of the type where the two tags are very similar and a mistake can easily be made. I don't know where this one came from.

karenb - we're curious!

Edited: Aug 2, 3:14pm Top

Argh. Roebuck is Pop Staples' given name (I hadn't known, either). The combo should've been with

Roebuck "Pop" Staples

Thanks for the catch! Have proposed the combination I meant to.

Aug 2, 5:16pm Top

>11 karenb:

I thought there must be a reasonable explanation!

Aug 2, 7:29pm Top

I think people are using the tag "aka" to mean that a book has an alternate title (a/k/a/ meaning "also known as"). But aka is clearly not the same as aka "8 To 9": http://www.librarything.com/tag/detail/aka+%228+To+9%22#combinations

Edited: Aug 7, 11:39am Top


Mujer is Spanish for 'woman'. It can also mean 'wife'. It is not the same as mother.

Aug 10, 2:02am Top

OK, please vote NO to combine "Kay Scarpetta" with "Scarpetta Cornwell". I hadn't realized that there was a tag for (Scarpetta + Cornwell.)


Aug 12, 9:32am Top

"The gas station" is used for a book of poems, and there is a poem titled "The Gas Station" (in fact, there is more than one). I don't know for certain that it is included in this book, but it seems likely.

Therefore, I would not combine it with "gas station", which is used more generally.


Aug 12, 9:44am Top

>16 lilithcat: According to the Table of Contents in 'Look Inside' it includes 'The Gas Station' by C. K. Williams.

Aug 12, 9:46am Top

>17 MarthaJeanne:

Thanks! So those two tags definitely should be kept separate.

Aug 14, 3:07pm Top


A poplar is a kind of tree. If it is planted and cared for, that is 'poplar culture'.

Aug 15, 8:40am Top

>19 MarthaJeanne: Did you really just add Poplar Culture in North America to your Wishlist so that you could tag it "poplar culture" so that you could oppose this tag combination where all of the other items with that tag are obviously misspellings of "popular culture"? lol

Aug 15, 10:10am Top

There are a number of books in LT about poplar culture, just not tagged that. It seemed to make sense to get the tag onto one of them.

Aug 16, 2:43pm Top

01-discworld tag does not refer to the first volume in the series, or even a work by Pratchett, but to a book about Pratchett.


Also, the various tags that refer to volumes in the Narnia series are one huge mess, point sometimes to a dozen works, instead of say 6th volume. I'm not sure how to untanlge those, but I voted yes for proposals where a straggler tag corresponds to what the tag is supposed to be about, and no to those that would just add to the mess

Aug 16, 2:46pm Top

>22 SandraArdnas: Narnia can be especially contentious since there are two possible series orders, to the point where different editions have different book numbers printed on the spine.

Aug 16, 2:50pm Top

>22 SandraArdnas:, >23 norabelle414:

RE: Narnia - and there are films, too, if I'm not mistaken?

Aug 16, 2:54pm Top

>23 norabelle414: Yes, that is enough of a headache on its own, but the tag page/s were the majority has already been combined contain all sorts of other stuff too. I have a headache from those proposals and my attempts to reason about them, LOL

Aug 16, 3:32pm Top

>22 SandraArdnas: >23 norabelle414: >24 lilithcat: Be careful on all the recommendations by that user. They're putting in the same tag combo multiple times. I guess figuring if one fails, another may pass? Not sure, but I know I saw the same Rincewind combo at least twice.

Aug 16, 3:51pm Top

>26 gilroy: It's not normally possible to propose the same pair twice (not until the proposed pair is closed). The system registers it's already proposed and nothing happens. Either there's a space or something making them different tags, or the repetitions are some buggy behavior. I've seen seemingly same pairs appear 3 or 4 times in a row occasionally.

Aug 16, 3:57pm Top

>27 SandraArdnas: The system does allow the same recommendation multiple times. Last I checked, there's no block to recommending the same things over and over.

Edited: Aug 16, 4:18pm Top

>28 gilroy: I've done it a few times accidentally, but no additional pairs were created.

Sometimes when proposing you don't catch that two different tags are already combined, and you believe you're proposing a different pair when in reality you're proposing the same pair only different aliases. But none of those ever registered as a new pair. I know because I kept wondering why no new pair was added, and at first I tried repeatedly, LOL. It seems as if it will be added, but it doesn't

Aug 17, 8:02am Top

>29 SandraArdnas: Then maybe you're the lucky one. I've had new pairs created and seen others create new pairs.

Aug 17, 1:29pm Top

The Apple II computer is often (geekily) typed as Apple or Apple //. The books tagged this way seem to be about programming (circa mid-1980s) or the history of Apple.


Today, 9:02am Top

The tag "Sales Pitch" refers to a short story by Philip K. Dick. The tag sales pitch does not.


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