Help me find a book, please!

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Help me find a book, please!

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Edited: Sep 11, 2019, 5:58pm

I don't remember much about it but I'll give all I can. "the boy" refers to the main character of the story. I can not remember any of the characters names or the author or anything else. I only know that I read the book in early 2002 so the book had to written before then. It may not mean anything but this book was very worn. The cover was so shabby the title was near unreadable, so perhaps it was an older book written many years before I read it. It could have also just have been handled poorly by those who had gotten to it before I did. I am not sure but I think the title did have the word "knight" somewhere in it.

The story is about a young boy who lives in medieval times. He somehow ends up working for a man, I think a knight. I am not sure but I believe he worked as a stable boy. Another man sees that the boy is treated badly and challenges the boy's current owner to a game of chess. The winner gets the boy. The new man wins and takes the boy and starts to teach and care for him. This man is kind. While living with this man, the boy meets another boy a year older. This new boy is a squire in training for a knight (different than the first). At first the two boys don't get along but ultimately become great friends. Eventually the boy becomes a squire in training with the older new boy for the same knight. At some point the knight is to attend a meeting (or something. Possibly at the King's court) and will be taking along his new squire (the older boy who only recently became of age for it) with him. The knight seeing that the boy was saddened that he would not get to go, as he was a year too young to be a squire, and would be separated from his best friend, the older boy, he makes the boy a squire and heads off to the meeting with two squires in tow.

This is all I remember of the story's plot. The last bit below I am not entirely sure is accurate but I do believe it correct with 80-90% certainty.

The book ends with both boys now men and knights themselves. The knight they squired for is deceased. The last pages of the book is the two boys, now men, talking about what will happen in the coming war they are going to be fighting in.

Addendum: There is also a point in the book where the boy is stripped naked to be bathed by a woman. If I remember correctly, this is where the new boy sees the scars/marks on the boys back from the beatings from the first knight who treated him badly and kicks off their friendship as the new boy now feels sorry for the boy.

Sep 11, 2019, 6:32pm

Knight's Fee by Rosemary Sutcliff would match at least some of it, I think. (It’s a while since I read it.)