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Emily Jones

Folio Society devotees

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Nov 8, 4:25pm Top

About ten days ago there was some discussion about a new member of FSD with the tag Emily_Jones51, and some members considered she was the reincarnation of an earlier troll on this site. This has scared her away from the FSD forum for a while.
I have exchanged some private messages with her, and she has provided independent proof as to who she is that satisfies me completely that she is just what she appears to be, an enthusiastic and exuberant woman who loves FS books.
Please welcome, befriend and encourage her in this forum.

Nov 8, 4:57pm Top

Welcome again, Emily, and I hope to see your enthusiastic contributions to discussions here again : ) Your carefree and lively responses have been fun to read, if (apparently) somewhat provocative to some.

(also thanks Warwick, for all the good things you do for this community)

Nov 8, 5:38pm Top

Welcome! I never thought that it was fair to assume she was a troll just because a troll said so.

Nov 8, 5:38pm Top

Fantastic. Mr. Carter. A proper gentleman ! I love you !

I remember my first time. You wrote to me privately, welcomed me and told about some of the norm / codex of LT.


Welcome Miss Jones, my LT (librarything) friend. Del Torro might not be free .. or what do i know, i don`t care as much really. But i am, therefore if you leave - you might lose out the man of your dreams ! I mean, .. the one (in capital letters) ! So, stick around and see .. I know Ratbag likes you to, he told me in pm (no, he didn`t. But he could have)

.. Heathcliff,-

.. i mean, Øyvind. I`m reading Wuthering Heights at the moment, i had to. I have been walking around singing Kate Bush, so i had to find out who this Heathcliff character was that has been summing around in my head since i were a teen .. it`s a cathching tune .. okay !


Nov 8, 6:44pm Top

>1 wcarter: a true devotee, detective and gentleman
i think people on social media, even a platform as niche as this, can be suspicious at times for potentially justified reasons, but in this case that suspicion appears to have been misplaced.
its great to have another devotee in the mix, but may not be that great for Emily if she likes having money in her bank account!!!!

Nov 8, 8:08pm Top

I think the FS group, and any group on librarything should be welcoming to all! Enthusiasm is great!

However, there's still no excuse to call people "stupid" or put anyone down. Different people have different opinions, and when you think you know something better than someone who is far more experienced then yes, you look like a troll. All that said, I think most of us here (and in the EP group) are happy to let bygones be bygones.

Nov 8, 10:09pm Top

>6 astropi: !!!No, Vendetta!!!... Yes, just kidding, letting bygones be gone is just fine,Astropi...'We'll tak a cup o kindness yet for auld lang syne'...'it's a new dawn, it's a new day'...tho my opinion differs, greater experience does not exempt questioning, but politeness matters( is this me writing)...I loved seeing Greta Thunberg telling those older adults that they weren't mature enough, ha!

Thanks to Emily_Jones51 for unabashed and thoughtful energy, to me quite unlike those earlier a...a....well I can't say anymore.

>1 wcarter: ...are the peacemakers, you lead the way.

Nov 8, 10:52pm Top

Wait, so Folio isn't publishing a new Emily Jones book?

Nov 9, 5:32am Top

>1 wcarter:

Thanks, Warwick. Let's hope the troll hunters are finally satisfied.

Welcome back, Emily.

Nov 9, 7:14am Top

I'll join the welcomes. I'm looking forward to her many contributions to our discussions!

Edited: Nov 9, 8:57am Top

I find the posts by Emily_Jones51 repetitive, erratic and far too numerous without substance. This means many a thread gets ruined for me and therefore ignored. I don’t particularly like that, as I’m prone to reading everything posted on FSD and inevitably miss out on interesting posts unrelated to the topic and topic starter. She therefore stays on my blocked member list.

Nov 9, 10:07am Top

>11 NLNils:

I happen to agree with you. I write this with regret because it's a sad thing to say but, unfortunately, needs to be said.

Nov 9, 10:12am Top

I agree, too. I often have had to skip the discussion entirely as nothing of substantial value has been said.

Edited: Nov 9, 2:09pm Top

If wcarter says she's okay, I'll second that.

Welcome, Emily :-)

Edited: Today, 8:28am Top

Thank you everyone for these so kind words!!!! And especially thank you to sweet, wonderful Warwick. I, like the rest of you, just love Folio books, but can get rather incensed when ppl take advantage of that for personal greed. I.e. charging 10 times the price for the Fairy Books or Patrick O'Brian sets or even the now out of print Ulysses.

P.S. I'm so chuffed to be part of your little group. My officemates tune me out when I speak of my love of Folio Society and fine books!!!!!!

xx Emily

Edited: Today, 10:55am Top

>11 NLNils: I agree too. Putting aside for now the question of this user's previous history here (and I still have strong suspicions), and at the risk of further outraging some of those on the Grand Welcoming Committee above, there's no doubt in my mind that this individual is trolling the forum. I'm not sure why this person's 'enthusiasm and exuberence' should trump many other members' right to enjoy the site and I very much doubt that the further encouragement of this behaviour, as seen above, is the best strategy here. While there appear to be some for whom this kind of thing is perfectly acceptable, be aware that there are many for whom it isn't. Please respect us too.

>15 Emily_Jones51: My officemates tune me out when I speak of my love of Folio Society and fine books!!!!!!

Believe me, they're not alone. Look, if you want to continue here then that's perfectly ok, and hardly something in my power to permit or deny in any case. But know that the kind of posts you've been persistently making over the past weeks and months might begin to irritate other members and provoke a reaction. I'm talking about, for example, opening countless new threads and repeating over and over the the same statements and questions re e.g. sale dates, the fairy books, inflated secondary prices or how Folio never, ever listen to their customers. As far as I'm concerned this kind of thing has nothing to do with being new here and perhaps not knowing the ropes, or about how much knowledge you may or may not have on Folio or books in general. It has everything to do with common sense, good manners and a basic respect for other members. For someone who boasts an Oxford education, I would hope that's not too hard to grasp.

Today, 12:40pm Top

levin40 - How about you don't talk to me, or about me at all. You are among the rudest, most harassing LT members I've ever encountered on here.

Thankfully, there are still kind people on here who share my love of Folio books, like Pellias and wcarter and so many others.

Today, 12:57pm Top

Yes, Pellias are kind and am in love watching Folio Book.

Today, 12:58pm Top

fishthing -- Awww, I agree! i love Pellias!!!!

Today, 1:00pm Top

Can someone please tell me how to block Levin40 from LT? His longwinded harassing messages, while laughable and not even worth my time reading, is kind of annoying, as well as his mean-spirited private messages, which I just delete. However, I just want to block him, because I prefer surrounding myself with positive, fun-loving ppl like myself.

Thank you!!!!

xx Emily

Edited: Today, 1:29pm Top

Click on the user id then on their user page, select block from the bottom right column

Edited: Today, 1:27pm Top

Ok, re >18 fishthing: and >19 Emily_Jones51:, this is pretty much the same behaviour as the troll a year or so back: creating multiple personas and having 'conversations' with themself.

Concerning >20 Emily_Jones51: I've never sent this person any kind of private message.

I'm signing out of this conversation now. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Today, 2:17pm Top

>17 Emily_Jones51:

"How about you don't talk to me, or about me at all. You are among the rudest, most harassing LT members I've ever encountered on here. "

Even if provoked, that doesn't help your case: per the T&Cs:

"LibraryThing prohibits all personal attacks on members. As Wikipedia's policy states, "Comment on content, not on the contributor."

Today, 2:33pm Top

Thanks so much rrcbs and ratbag - I just blocked him. I think Levin broke the terms and agreements when he Private messaged me that I was unwelcome on LT (in a more rude way of course).

So back to Folio books lol!

Today, 2:44pm Top

>20 Emily_Jones51: >25 Emily_Jones51: Ok, on second thoughts I find your multiple accusations that I've been sending you any kind of private message - particuarly abusive ones - serious enough that I'll be reporting you to LT admin. Hopefully they'll take appropriate action.

I've recorded this page in case you delete the messages.

Today, 3:03pm Top

Why are people not simply blocking unwanted users and moving on with their lives?

Today, 3:35pm Top

>27 Mr.Fox:

Beats me. Emily's passions aren't always my own - I'm not too bothered when some wide-boy or algorithm tries asking a four, five or seven figure sum for unremarkable books, Folio or other - but I've enjoyed her posts, if sometimes in the spirit of "no ardour is redundant" (Rilke, at least when J. B. Leishman translated him). No need here for a Trollfinder-General.

Today, 3:37pm Top

Mr.Fox and terebinth - Thank you both! No worries, I've found out how to block out the trollfinder general. They usually live unhappy lives, hence their need to always have the last word. Not that I even care because I can't see their posts anymore. Yay!

And on we go back to talking about Folio Books again!

Today, 3:40pm Top

When the blocked user has made 12 posts so far today, the nuisance isn't much abated by blocking.

Today, 4:11pm Top

>30 Jayked:

As I'm sure you know, blocking someone means you won't see their posts unless you choose to. It works just fine for me.

Today, 4:35pm Top

>27 Mr.Fox:

No doubt. That this thread exists at all is downright bizarre. I wasn't aware that there was a new member screening committee asking for people's papers behind the scenes.

In my two or three years browsing the group there's been precisely one user whose posts I found an irritant. Once I discovered the block list function though? Problem solved and forgotten.

If anything, that should be a PSA. Dislike someone's posts? Here's how to block them!

Today, 4:59pm Top

>32 adriano77: In my two or three years browsing the group there's been precisely one user whose posts I found an irritant.

Same for me in my five or six years - can't remember who it was, but whoever it was they vanished quite some time ago. We're various, it's a strength. Then, I guess having some folk around who are more readily vexed than most of us is a part of the variousness...

Today, 5:31pm Top

Well, I haven’t blocked anyone here, so I’m not speaking from experience. I just assumed that if you block someone, you don’t see their posts any longer. If that’s true, then everyone has the power to never be bothered by someone’s posts again. I don’t understand how invisible posts would or could be an issue to anyone.

Today, 8:03pm Top

Personally speaking, I would just like the Emily Saga to be over with already so we can go back and enjoy all of the beautiful books out there.

I think it best for this chapter to end.

Today, 9:29pm Top

ratbag - It was already over to begin with, as per Warwick's very sweet initial posting here. Another clown just tried to stir problems, and he is clearly the true troll.

As I've said many times before, BACK TO TALKING ABOUT FOLIO BOOKS!!!!!!!!

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