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scaifea's 2019 Thread #15

This is a continuation of the topic scaifea's 2019 Thread #14.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Nov 15, 2:56pm Top

My new workplace!

Hey, everybody!

From the Introductions Thread:
I'm Amber, a one-time Classics professor, turned stay-at-home parent/lady of leisure, soon to turn part-time library assistant. I spend my time sewing, writing, knitting, baking, and, of course, reading. Oh, and I run an Etsy shop and I'm co-writing a Latin textbook with a former colleague. So I keep busy.

My reading life is happily governed by lists, which means that I read a healthy variety of things across various genres.

I'm 44 going on 12 and live in Ohio with my husband, Tomm; our 10-year-old son, Charlie; and our two dogs, Tuppence the Border Collie and Mario the Golden Retriever.

Favorite Books from 2018
The Hate U Give
We Are Okay
Trigger Warning
Sacre Bleu
The Sleeper and the Spindle
You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
84 Charing Cross Road
In a Sunburned Country

Nov 15, 2:57pm Top

The five-ish or so books I have going at once and the On Deck books nearly all come from the following categories and lists:

1. A book from the 100 Banned Books book (at least currently. As soon as I finish this list, I'll replace it with another, and oh, I've got tons of lists).

2. A children's book, for Charlie's library. I'm trying to collect books from various award lists, and I like reading them before reading them to Charlie or deciding to add them to Charlie's shelves. For this category, I’m currently working through three lists:
a. 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Die
b. The Newbery Honor books
c. Cooperative Children's Book Center list

3. A book from the Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy List, in chronological order.

4. A book for the Presidential Challenge. Books for this category are read in chronological (presidentially) order.

5. A list I'm working through together with my best friend, Rob: The Hugo/Nebula/WFA/Bram Stoker (and other) lists (combined, in chronological order)

6. For this category, I cycle through 9 different stacks:
a. Agatha Christie's bibliography (in chronological order)
b. Stephen Fry's bibliography (in chronological order)
c. John Boyne bibliography (in chronological order, sort of)
d. Neil Gaiman's bibliography (in some order other than chronological (don't
e. Christopher Moore's bibliography (in chronological order)
f. Maggie Stiefvater's bibliography (in chronological order)
g. The NEH Timeless Classics list
h. The National Book Award list (in alpha order by title)
i. The Pulitzer list (in alpha order by author)

7. An unread book from my shelves.

8. A book from my Read Soon! shelves.

9. A book on Buddhism or from the Dalai Lama's bibliography.

10. Book-a-year challenge: Three years ago, along with a few others in this group (*cough* Paul *cough*), I made a year-by-year list to see how far I could go back with consecutive reads. I've since been trying to fill in the gap years.

11. A book from the couple of series that I'm reading together with my mom.

12. A full-on re-read through Shakespeare's stuff.

13. A read-aloud-to-Charlie-at-bedtime book (or two).

14. An audio book, which I listen to as I knit/sew/otherwise craft/drive.

15. A Discworld book (so many of these are coming up soon on various lists, so I'm just diving into it)

16. This slot is reserved for books that just grab me and shout that they need to be read Right Now.

Edited: Today, 4:38pm Top

What I'm Reading Now:
-Lincoln (U.S. Presidential Challenge)
-Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Buddhist reading list)
-Americans before Columbus (Newbery Honor Book)
-Unseen Academicals (Discworld series)
-(awaiting library holds) (audiobook)
-The Doom of the Haunted Opera (Charlie's bedtime book)
-The Wise Man's Fear (Read Soon! Shelves)
-Still Life (Read Soon! Shelves)

Books on Deck:

-Uncle Silas (books by year - 1864)
-Read It and Weep (series read with my mom)
-The Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare re-read)
-Peyton Place (Banned Books)
-The House on the Borderland (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy list)
-Lord Foul's Bane (BSF Award)
-Secondhand Souls (Moore bibliography)
-(unread book from my shelves)
-(a book from my Read Soon! shelves)

Edited: Today, 4:38pm Top

Books Read

1. The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric (Read Soon! Shelves) - 7/10 = C
2. Viking's Dawn (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
3. Journey Outside (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
4. Leader by Destiny (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C-
5. Eugenie Grandet (audiobook) - 8/10 = B
6. The Man Who Was Thursday (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books) - 8/10 = B+
7. The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring (Charlie's bedtime read) - 8/10 = B+
8. Bhimsa the Dancing Bear (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
9. Carpe Jugulum (Discworld) - 8/10 = B
10. All the Crooked Saints (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
11. Boy with a Pack (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
12. The Robber Hotzenplotz (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
13. The Wonderful Year (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C
14. Treasure of Green Knowe (Charlie's bedtime book) - 9/10 = A
15. If on a Winter's Night a Traveler (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books) - 8/10 = B+

16. The Night Diary (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
17. The Poet X (Printz Award) - 9/10 = A
18. The Puppy Place: Cody (Charlie's bedtime read-aloud) - 8/10 = B
19. Next of Kin (Boyne bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
20. Darius the Great Is Not Okay (Morris Award) - 8/10 = B
21. The Fifth Elephant (Discworld) - 8/10 = B
22. The Knife of Never Letting Go (recommended by my BF) - 8/10 = B-
23. The Book of Boy (Newbery Honor Book) - 10/10 = A+
24. Wish (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B
25. Crime and Punishment (Books by Year, 1866) - 8/10 = B+
26. Merci Suárez Changes Gears (Newbery Medal Winner) - 8/10 = B+
27. What the Night Sings (Morris Award) - 9/10 = A-
28. Big Tree (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B

29. Storm Front (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books) - 7/10 = C
30. Young Mac of Fort Vancouver (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
31. This Is Water (Read Soon! Shelves) - 10/10 = A+
32. In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (series I'm reading with my mom) - 8/10 = B+
33. The Battle of Bubble and Squeak (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
34. Nicholas Nickleby (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
35. The Two Princesses of Bamarre (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
36. A Study in Emerald (Gaiman bibliography) - 9/10 = A
37. Howl's Moving Castle (Charlie's bedtime read) - 10/10 = A+
38. The Collectors (Schneider Honor Book) - 9/10 = A
39. Unstoppable (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B
40. Gold Dust (1001 Children's Books, audiobook) - 7/10 = C-
41. George Washington's World (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A
42. The Heavenly Tenants (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
43. The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Shakespeare Re-read) - 9/10 = A-
44. The Truth As Told by Mason Buttle (Schneider Award) - 8/10 = B+
45. The Truth (Discworld) - 8/10 = B-
46. The Swerve (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A-
47. A String in the Harp (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
48. Knight's Fee (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
49. Lolita (Banned Books) - 9/10 = A
50. Pancakes-Paris (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+

51. New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B
52. The Firefly's Lovers and Other Fairy Tales of Old Japan (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy list) - 8/10 = B
53. The Book of Three (Charlie's bedtime read) - 9/10 = A-
54. A Visit from the Good Squad (Pulitzer Prize)
55. The Well of the Unicorn (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy list) - 6/10 = D
56. The Seeing Stone (1001 Children's Books, audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
57. Down Ryton Water (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
58. Thief of Time (Discworld series) - 9/10 = A-
59. The Puppy Place: Bear (Charlie's bedtime read-aloud selection) - 8/10 = B
60. The School at the Chalet (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
61. How the Whale Became (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
62. The Mysterious Benedict Society (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B
63. Ghosts of Greenglass House (Read Soon! Shelves) - 10/10 = A+
64. Noughts and Crosses (1001 Children's Books, audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
65. Anger Is a Gift (Schneider Honor Book) - 9/10 = A
66. The Winged Watchman (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
67. The Last Hero (Discworld) - 8/10 = B
68. Witch Child (1001 Children's Books, audiobook) - 9/10 = A
69. Have You Seen Tom Thumb? (Newbery Honor Books) - 6/10 = C

70. Uncle (1001 Children's Books) - 6/10 = D
71. The Jazz Man (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C
72. When Breath Becomes Air (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
73. My Friend Mr. Leakey (1001 Children's Books) - 6/10 = D
74. The Witches of Worm (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10= B-
75. Ficciones (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books list) - 10/10 = A+
76. Dogsong (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
77. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
78. Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World (Stonewall Honor Book) - 9/10 = A
79. Smile (the book that Charlie let me borrow as a Mother's Day present) - 9/10 = A
80. Song of the Pines (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
81. On My Honor (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
82. Night Watch (Discworld series) - 10/10 = A+
83. Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy (Charlie's bedtime read) - 9/10 = A
84. Elidor (1001 Children's Books) - 7/10 = C
85. The Left-Handed Fate (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B+
86. The Lover's Dictionary (Read Soon! Shelves) - 7/10 = C+
87. Good Omens (reread before the show is released) - 9/10 = A
88. A Dog So Small (1001 Children's Books, audiobook) - 6/10 = D
89. Picture Us in the Light (Stonewall Honor Book) - 9/10 = A

90. News of the World (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
91. Afternoon of the Elves (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
92. The Wee Free Men (Discworld) - 9/10 = A-
93. You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack (picked up at the library today) - 8/10 = B+
94. The Winter Room (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B
95. A Traveller in Time (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
96. The Weathermonger (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books) - 9/10 = A-
97. The Name of the Wind (Read Soon! Shelves) - 10/10 = A+
98. Mountain Born (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
99. Ash Road (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
100. The Ghost in the Mirror (Charlie's bedtime read) - 9/10 = A
101. Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter (library impulse check-out) - 8/10 = B+
102. Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights (Read Soon! Shelves) - 7/10 = C
103. What Hearts (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
104. The Puppy Place: Lucky (Charlie's read-aloud at bedtime) - 7/10 = C+
105. Hurricane Child (Stonewall Award) - 8/10 = B-
106. Maisie Dobbs (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
107. Magic Maize (Newbery Honor Book) - 6/10 = D
108. Doraemon (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
109. Going Solo (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B+
110. Monstrous Regiment (Discworld) - 9/10 = A
111. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (Charlie's bedtime read) - 9/10 = A
112. Lament (Stiefvater bibliography) - 9/10 = A
113. The Silver Pencil (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C

114. I'm a Stranger Here Myself (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B
115. Feathers (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
116. The Swish of the Curtain (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
117. Odd and the Frost Giants (Charlie's bedtime read) - 10/10 = A+
118. Blood Water Paint (Morris Award Finalist) - 9/10 = A
119. A Fire Upon the Deep (Hugo Award) - 7/10 = C
120. A Hat Full of Sky (Discworld series) - 9/10 = A
121. Men, Microscopes, and Living Things (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
122. The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
123. Charlotte Sometimes (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
124. Hurrah for St. Trinian's (1001 Children's Books) - 7/10 = C
125. Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B+
126. Ruby Holler (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B-
127. The Moved-Outers (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
128. A Monster Calls (Read Soon! Shelves) - 10/10 = A+
129. Damsel (Printz Honor Book) - 7/10 = C
130. Check, Please! Book 1: #Hockey (Morris Award Finalist) - 10/10 = A+
131. Naked Lunch (Banned Books list) - 6/10 = D

132. Going Postal (Discworld series) - 8/10 = B+
133. The Ghost of Thomas Kemp (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
134. Naturally Tan (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A-
135. America Is Born (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
136. The Vengeance of the Witch-Finder (Charlie's bedtime read) - 9/10 = A
137. His Majesty's Dragon (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy list) - 8/10 = B+
138. A Heart in a Body in the World (Printz Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
139. Dreamtime: Aboriginal Stories (1001 Children's Books) - 7/10 = C
140. Men of Athens (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
141. The Girl with All the Gifts (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
142. Jennings and Darbishire (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
143. Apocalypse Taco (I saw this one in a Book Riot New Books list and thought it looked interesting) - 8/10 = B
144. Circe (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
145. The Master and Margarita (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy list) - 7/10 = C

146. The Avion My Uncle Flew (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
147. I Survived: The Attacks of September 11, 2001 (Charlie book) - 8/10 = B+
148. Children of Blood and Bone (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
149. Emily Dickinson: Letters (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A-
150. Thud! (Discworld series) - 9/10 = A
151. I, Claudia (Printz Honor Book) - 6/10 = D
152. Ballad (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
153. A Slip of a Girl (found on a New Releases list) - 9/10 = A-
154. The 18th Emergency (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
155. Down with Skool! (1001 Children's Books) - 5/10 = Blerg
156. Li Lun, Lad of Courage (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C

157. The Lies of Locke Lamora (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy list) - 9/10 = A
158. Dragon's Gate (Newbery Honor Book/audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
159. Wintersmith (Discworld series) - 9/10 = A
160. What Jamie Saw (Newbery Honor Book/audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
161. The Ode Less Travelled (Stephen Fry bibliography) - 9/10 = A
162. Yolanda's Genius (Newbery Honor Book/audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
163. The Broom of the System (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B+
164. The Hidden Treasure of Glaston (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
165. Hocus Pocus & the All-New Sequel (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B-
166. Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A
167. Art Matters (Gaiman bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
168. The Terrible Two Get Worse (Charlie's read-aloud at bedtime book) - 9/10 = A
169. The Brothers Lionheart (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
170. The Cow-Tail Switch and Other West African Stories (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
171. Mr. Pants: Trick or Feet! (Charlie's read-aloud at bedtime) - 10/10 = A+

172. Turtles All the Way Down (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B
173. Educated (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
174. Maria Escapes (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
175. The Great Fire (Newbery Honor Book/audiobook) - 8/10 = B
176. Our Only May Amelia (Newbery Honor Book/audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
177. Kildee House (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
178. Better Known as Johnny Appleseed (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
179. Inkheart (Charlie's bedtime read-aloud) - 9/10 = A
180. Making Money (Discworld series) - 9/10 = A
181. The Breach (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B
182. Hope Was Here (Newbery Honor Book/audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
183. The Heart's Invisible Furies (Boyne bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
184. Crusade in Jeans (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
185. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More (Read Soon! shelves) - 8/10 = B-

186. A Corner of the Universe (Newbery Honor Book/audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
187. My Great-Grandfather and I (1001 Children's Books) - 7/10 = C
188. The Voice That Challenged a Nation (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B

Nov 15, 3:00pm Top

Crowley and the Gals:

Nov 15, 3:06pm Top

*settling in*


Nov 15, 3:08pm Top

Hey! Nice workplace photo up top!

Nov 15, 3:11pm Top

Happy new thread, Amber. I've been busy with craft shows so didn't get in on the encouragement for the interview, but congrats on landing the job and to them for recognizing that even though you are ridiculously over-qualified, it is just their good luck.

Charlie looks amazing. Did he get a lot of questions about who he was supposed to be? After all, although there are a high percentage of us in this group, I don't know how aware the general public is of Good Omens.

Tuppence looks tired and Mario looks like an ADULT (I still remember her baby pictures).

On the sewing front, I sold 5 walker caddies and 2 utility aprons at my last two shows!

Nov 15, 3:20pm Top

Your library is adorable! Happy new thread and happy Friday!

Nov 15, 3:42pm Top

>6 katiekrug: *waves* Hi, Katie!

>7 lauralkeet: Hi, Laura! Thanks! Isn't is nice-looking?

>8 ronincats: Roni: Good to see you, and congrats on the craft show success - that's wonderful!

Charlie did get people asking him who he was, but that made the times people did recognize him even better. Like a Cool Person Club or something.

And thanks for the belated encouragement!

>9 MickyFine: Micky: Isn't it, though? So cozy and lovely. And thanks!

Nov 15, 4:17pm Top

Happy new thread Amber my dear, your new workplace looks really nice my dear.

Nov 15, 6:14pm Top

Will Charlie be providing us with a "First Day of Work" photo, in return for all those First Day of School photos his mother has shared with us? Asking for a friend.

Nov 15, 6:23pm Top

>12 laytonwoman3rd: - I could be that friend. Great idea!

Nov 15, 6:59pm Top

>11 johnsimpson: Thanks, John!

>12 laytonwoman3rd: >13 katiekrug: Linda & Katie: Ha! Hm, we'll see. I mean, I *do* have pants now...

Nov 15, 7:18pm Top

Happy New Thread, Amber! Love the new Digs!!

Nov 15, 7:35pm Top

>15 msf59: Thanks, Mark!

Nov 15, 8:45pm Top

Happy new thread, Amber.

Congratulations on the new part-time position. When do you start?

Have a great weekend.

Nov 16, 7:39am Top

>12 laytonwoman3rd: excellent idea!

Nov 16, 8:24am Top

>17 PaulCranswick: Thanks, Paul! I'm still not sure about a start date because they're still waiting on my background check to go through. At this point, I'm assuming it will be after Thanksgiving, although my two training days may be before then.

>18 lauralkeet: Laura: I'm starting to feel outnumbered...

Nov 16, 8:29am Top

Today's agenda:

Laundry and vacuuming, and then I think I'll spend the rest of today sewing and crafting and leave the weekend baking for tomorrow.

On the reading front:
I read a chunk of The Breach, which, despite being not really my usual thing (government espionage/thriller/and some aliens for good measure) is turning out to be about 3/4 of a hoot. I'm also nearly finished with Kildee House; hopefully I polish it off today.

Nov 16, 8:50am Top

Happy new one, Amber. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Nov 16, 9:02am Top

>21 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara!

Nov 16, 11:24am Top

>12 laytonwoman3rd: Obviously that should have read "Asking for a whole lot of friends"!

Nov 16, 11:32am Top

Nov 16, 12:03pm Top

176. Our Only May Amelia by Jennifer L. Holm (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
May Amelia lives with her parents and seven older brothers on their Washington state homestead in the late 1800's. She struggles against the idea that she should learn to be a proper young lady and that she's not supposed to do all the things her brothers can, and hopes that the baby her mother is carrying will be another girl so that she won't feel so alone.
Think Little House on the Prairie, but with Finnish immigrants in the Northwest. If you like Wilder's books, chances are good that you'd enjoy this one, too, which Holm wrote based on her great-aunt's actual diary entries.

Nov 16, 4:34pm Top

Happy new thread, Amber!

Your new working place looks lovely and I add my high hope for a first workday picture.

As always appriciating the pictures of Charlie and the girls.

Nov 16, 5:05pm Top

>26 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita!

Nov 16, 5:54pm Top

Happy new thread!

Nov 16, 6:12pm Top

Nov 16, 11:37pm Top

*leaves a ... star... to mark... her place...*

*wonders... why she is... thinking like... Will...Shatner*

Nov 17, 8:33am Top

Nov 17, 8:35am Top

Today's agenda:
More laundry and then lots of baking, I think (Hawaiian Bread, Gooey Pumpkin Butter Cake, Brownie Cookies), and then Brown Rice and Lentils for dinner tonight. It's possible I'll find some reading time in there somewhere.

On the reading front:
I finished up Kildee House and started listening to Hope Was Here yesterday.

Nov 17, 11:02am Top

177. Kildee House by Rutherford Montgomery (Newbery Honor Book, 209 pages) - 8/10 = B+
Jerome Kildee retires from his monument sculpting business, builds a small house up against a redwood tree in the middle of the California acres he's purchased, and plans on living the life of of hermit/philosopher. He didn't count on becoming host to several families of racoons and skunks, nor did he foresee befriending young Emma Lou, his neighbor from down the hill, but when he does so, his quiet retirement turns into a bustling life full of new friends, and he decides that he doesn't mind the change in plans at all.
A sweet, cozy little story that makes living in a tiny cabin and cuddling up with a skunk seem not all that crazy, really.

Nov 17, 4:24pm Top

>31 scaifea: *snarfles*

Nov 17, 5:02pm Top

Nov 17, 7:33pm Top

Happy new thread and another vote for the first day of work photo, Amber. That's a very nice looking work place as your topper.

Nov 18, 5:25am Top

>36 Familyhistorian: Thanks, Meg! I'll see what I can do about that photo...

Nov 18, 5:28am Top

Today's agenda:

Mostly I'll be in my sewing space, working on Christmas projects, I think.

On the reading front:
I listened to a bit of Hope Was Here and read a bit of Better Known as Johnny Appleseed yesterday.

Nov 18, 6:30am Top

Morning, Amber! I hope you had a fine weekend at the Scaife Manor. I had a perfectly lazy day with the books yesterday. I will finish up The Water Dancer today. Keep this one in mind, for a future audio selection.

Nov 18, 6:34am Top

>39 msf59: Morning, Mark! We had a good weekend - I hope you did, too! I've got The Water Dancer on the list, thanks to you.

Nov 18, 9:52am Top

Happy new thread!

Nov 18, 11:06am Top

Nov 18, 11:58am Top

Happy New Thread, Amber!

So nice to see Hope Was Here among your current reading. Debbi and I loved that one - and so did my mother when we gave it to her. She became a Joan Bauer fan toward the end of her life.

Great to see your new workplace. What a good feeling it must be to be surrounded by books again.

Nov 18, 1:09pm Top

>43 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! I'm really enjoying the Bauer, and the narrator is doing an excellent job, too.

I'm very excited about the job and the books-all-surrounding thing! Hopefully they'll hear back on the background check soon so I can get started.

Nov 18, 10:53pm Top

Happy new thread! I’ll send my list of books to put on reserve once you’ve had your training...

Nov 18, 10:54pm Top

Just thought I'd mention that Folio Editions is putting out a new edition, Howl's Moving Castle!

Nov 19, 5:25am Top

>45 drneutron: Thanks, Jim! Ha! I'll be ready!

>46 ronincats: Roni: Yep, I saw that! An excellent Christmas present, I think...

Nov 19, 5:28am Top

Today's agenda:
I need to make a post office run, but otherwise I think I'll be in my sewing space for most of the day. Charlie's parent/teacher conference is tonight, so we'll be walking over to the school this evening.

On the reading front:
Absolutely nothing to report from yesterday. I need to kick my reading back into gear, folks, because this is ridiculous.

Nov 20, 5:34am Top

News, everyone!

The background check finally went through (turns out I'm not a criminal, so yay) and I start my new job on December 2nd! I'm going to try to give myself permission to not do much of anything between now and then, and maybe I can get my reading groove back.

In other good but not at all surprising news, Charlie's P/T conference went well. All his teachers love that kid and say that he's kind and respectful always to all people, which makes me happy. They all volunteered that information without me even needing to break out my, "So great, he's doing fine academically, but how is he doing as a person?" question. And I love that his main/homeroom teacher commented that he's very quiet and shy, but that quiet and shy is a very okay thing to be. She seems like a pretty fantastic teacher and Charlie adores her, which is a pretty great recommendation, too.

Today's agenda:
More sewing room time today, I think, and possibly some afternoon reading time. No reading to report again for yesterday; I really need to break back into it soon.

Nov 20, 7:15am Top

Morning, Amber! Happy Wednesday. Hooray for not being a criminal and starting the new job on Dec 2nd. How exciting.

Edited: Nov 20, 8:49pm Top

>49 scaifea: December 2 will be here before you know it! I'm so glad that the cover-up of your nefarious past is holding up. :-D

And congrats to Charlie — of course we already know what a swell kid he is, but it's nice to have others realize it, too. How wonderful to have a teacher doesn't regard being quiet and shy as something to be "fixed".

Nov 20, 8:17am Top

>51 rosalita: Julia: Ha! Yes, clearly my Mr. Hyde side knows how to cover her tracks...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate his teacher having that attitude. We've had issues with guidance counselors in the past trying to push him into being more outgoing. Just, no.

Nov 20, 8:34am Top

Great news on Charlie and the job. Yay for not being a criminal! ;-)

Nov 20, 9:41am Top

>53 foggidawn: *snork!* Thanks!!

Nov 20, 10:16am Top

>49 scaifea: So you and Charlie both have official confirmation of your status as "good people"! (I personally think the opinion of umpteen LT'ers who have known that for years should have been sufficient, but still...)

Nov 20, 10:49am Top

>55 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Honestly, I'll take LT approval over the official business any day!

Nov 20, 6:09pm Top

Good to see the official start day, Amber. You’ll be there for all the fun Christmas stuff!

Nov 20, 7:04pm Top

>49 scaifea: Glad you have a starting date now, Amber, and very happy to read Charlie has such a fantastic teachers.

Nov 20, 8:42pm Top

Always good to have a background check and find our you and your evil doppelganger haven't been caught yet ;)

Glad to hear everything is going well with the new job and Charlie's P/T conference. As a fellow introvert, hooray for a teacher who knows quiet and shy is okay! Congrats again on the new job, and best wishes for your Dec. 2 start date.

Nov 20, 9:28pm Top

I'm glad Charlie is happier at this school this year - I seem to recall there were some awkwardnesses last year. And yay for the new job - great timing!

Nov 21, 5:32am Top

>57 Familyhistorian: Thanks, Meg! Yes! I'm really excited to get to be around for holiday stuff!

>58 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita! Good teachers are *so* important.

>59 bell7: Thanks, Mary! Yes, my doppelganger and I are safe for the time being. *whew*

I can't tell you how happy I am about his teacher being shy person-friendly.

>60 jjmcgaffey: Jennifer: Yes, last year was a rough transition for him after the move, but he loves his teachers this year and has made a couple of really good friends and that has made all the difference. I'm so relieved.

Nov 21, 5:34am Top

Today's agenda:

Menu planning and prepping the grocery list, a quick trip to the post office, and I need to fill out a couple of forms online for the new job, but then I'm planning on just puttering around this afternoon before Charlie's ballet class tonight.

On the reading front:
Again, nothing to report. Maybe I'll get round to some reading time today?

Nov 21, 11:32am Top

Joining others in congratulating you on not being a criminal! I had to go through one of those background checks when I became a federal employee (long story), and luckily it was before my notorious criminal career began.

What great news about the P/T conference for Charlie. Good parenting!

Nov 21, 1:20pm Top

Huzzah! Enjoy the down time before your start date. I know the first few weeks of a new job always feel exhausting even when it's the dream gig. :)

Nov 21, 2:04pm Top

>63 jnwelch: I'm not sure we've established that Amber's not a criminal, Joe. Just that she is very very good at covering her tracks. ;-)

Nov 21, 4:01pm Top

>63 jnwelch: Ha! Thanks, Joe!!

>64 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky! Yep, I'm both looking forward to starting and low-key dreading the exhaustion of those first days. Used to happen to me at the beginning of every semester teaching, too.

>65 rosalita: Julia: *snork!* Do I want to be good or clever...? That's a pickle.

Nov 21, 5:35pm Top

Charlie Crowley is ... superb.

Nov 21, 5:55pm Top

>67 Luxx: Aw, thanks!! I feel good about the vest and jacket, but he really pulls it together with that 'tude.

Nov 22, 5:32am Top

Today's agenda:
Weekly bill organizing, grocery shopping, possibly some baking, hopefully some reading. Charlie has Nutcracker practice this evening, so I'll have at least an hour of reading then.

On the reading front:
I *did* manage to sit down with a book for a bit yesterday, and spent some time with Making Money.

Nov 23, 10:46am Top

Today's agenda:
Well, most of it is already finished, to be honest: pancakes made for breakfast, Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake made for the coming week's breakfasts, Turkey-shaped sugar cookies in the oven as I type. I'm looking forward to a relaxing rest of the day, mostly filled with reading, I think.

On the reading front:
I finally finished another book! Whew. Mini review for Better Known as Johnny Appleseed on the way, along with one for Inkheart, which we finished reading aloud last night.

Nov 23, 11:19am Top

178. Better Known as Johnny Appleseed by Mabel Leigh Hunt (Newbery Honor Book, 209 pages) - 8/10 = B-
This Newbery Honor Book from 1950 is a biography of Johnny Appleseed for kids. It's not bad, but the language hasn't aged well and I suspect it wouldn't go over too well with the kiddos today.

Nov 23, 11:47am Top

179. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (Charlie's bedtime read-aloud, 534 pages) - 9/10 = A
Meggie's father, Mo, is *very* good at reading aloud. So good, in fact, that he can read things right out of books. This isn't always a fun or good thing, though, as Meggie discovers when a mysterious man shows up on their doorstep in the middle of the night and sends them all on a dangerous adventure. I *love* books that are about both the everyday magic of books and reading (books can transport you to other worlds,...) and also about books and readers actually being magic, and this one is at the top of that list. The main characters clearly love books in a way that makes me love them both, and the author, too, does a great job of sharing that same love. Definitely recommended.

Nov 24, 9:10am Top

Today's agenda:

Mostly, nothing! And I'm so excited about that. A day of sitting in my rocking chair with a cuppa and a book. *happy sigh* Tomm's working on my office (he's hoping to have it mostly finished by the end of this week): bookshelves continue to develop, and he'll be painting this week, too, which means all my stuff is out of there and in bits and pieces all over the house (yoicks).

On the reading front:
I spent most of my reading time yesterday with Making Money, and I'm hoping to finish it today. I also started Crusade in Jeans and the three of us started The Doom of the Haunted Opera as our read-aloud last night.

Nov 24, 9:31am Top

Morning, Amber! Happy Sunday! Sounds like plenty of R & R. Hooray for the new office. Go Tomm!

Nov 24, 9:34am Top

>74 msf59: Morning, Mark!

Right?! Tomm is taking the whole week off so that he can get more work done on my floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Such a good guy...

Nov 24, 4:44pm Top

180. Making Money by Terry Pratchett (Discworld series, 394 pages) - 9/10 = A
Moist von Lipwig lives for risk, impossible odds, and the view from the point of no return, but being in charge of Ankh-Morpork's Post Office no longer gives him such satisfaction. Good thing, then, that one of the city's biggest banks needs a new chairman and is in all sorts of trouble. Throw in the threat of an approaching group of golden golems and the suspicion that the Patrician is pulling all the strings (including Moist's, as usual), and Moist may just get what he wants, to his very possible misfortune.
Moist has fast become one of my favorite Discworld characters, and he remains firmly in that position after this entry in the series. Interesting twists, excellent wordplay, and equally fantastic characters. I loved it.

Nov 25, 5:26am Top

Today's agenda:
Running some errands and having lunch out with Tomm, who has taken the week off, puttering around at home this afternoon, and then taking Charlie to Nutcracker rehearsal this evening.

On the reading front:
I read a bit of The Breach and some Crusade in Jeans last night. Both are better than I expected so far.

Nov 25, 11:33am Top

>72 scaifea: I loved Inkheart but was less than impressed with the other two books in the trilogy. Hopefully you have a better experience.

Nov 25, 1:36pm Top

>78 MickyFine: Micky: I haven't read the others in the series; I'll keep that in mind...

Edited: Nov 25, 2:50pm Top

Hi, Amber.

I'm reading a new YA novel called Catfishing on CatNet that I'll probably end up recommending - I'm very near the end, so I'll finish it today.

P.S. I'm glad you're getting a day of relaxation and reading! They're the best.

Nov 25, 3:11pm Top

>80 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! I can't wait to see your review!

Nov 26, 5:30am Top

Today's agenda:
A couple of errands again this morning and then puttering at home this afternoon. Nutcracker rehearsal again for Charlie this evening.

On the reading front:
I finished The Breach yesterday (mini-review to come at some point) and read a bit of Crusade in Jeans, too.

Nov 26, 7:54am Top

181. The Breach by Patrick Lee (Read Soon! Shelves, 376 pages) - 8/10 = B
Thrillers are not my usual fare, but this one was given to me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and so I thought I should give it a go. The writing was...not great, the characters flat and unevolving, and I'm sure that if I let myself examine the plot beyond a quick glance it would be easy to find a bucketload of holes. But. BUT. Somehow or other - reader, brace yourself - I *enjoyed* it. The story was so over-the-top ridiculous and the twists so crazy and unlikely that I couldn't help but be entertained. Normally the faults I listed above would have me running in any direction that constituted Away, but I just kept wondering what could possibly happen next. So, high literature it most certainly ain't, and don't expect much at all from the characters, but the plotline itself is worth the teeth-gritting in the other categories. Guardedly recommended.

Nov 26, 8:49am Top

Hi Amber, I'd heard of Inkheart but didn't know it was about magic reading and books. Will have to have a look.
Found this quote in my recent read - hope it makes you laugh.

Nov 26, 12:25pm Top

>84 charl08: Charlotte: Ooh, I think you'll love Inkheart!

And Bwahahaha!!! That's awesome and hilarious. And true. Completely true.

Nov 27, 5:38am Top

Today's agenda:
Tomm and I have some banking business to do this morning, and then I need to do laundry and pack for Charlie's and my trip to Indiana tomorrow (we'll leave *super* early tomorrow morning when the road are empty). We'll be back on Saturday, have Thanksgiving with Tomm on Sunday and then put up the Christmas decorations.

On the reading front:
I read a nice chunk of The Heart's Invisible Furies yesterday, which is fantastic so far, and some of Crusade in Jeans.

Nov 27, 6:35am Top

Morning, Amber! Happy Wednesday. Have a great Thanksgiving with your folks. I am so glad you are having a good time with Invisible Furies. Keep A ladder to the Sky in mind too, because it is just as good.

Nov 27, 10:00am Top

>87 msf59: Morning, Mark! I'll get to Ladder eventually, since I'm making my way through all his stuff. I have no doubt that it's amazing, too.

And thanks! Charlie and I agree that this is our favorite weekend of the year.

Nov 28, 4:38am Top

Happy Thanksgiving, all! We're just about ready to head out for Indiana and we'll be back Saturday afternoon. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Edited: Nov 28, 12:30pm Top

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tomm and Charlie, Amber!

Enjoy your Indiana idyll

Nov 28, 3:33pm Top

Hi Amber my dear, hope you, Tomm, Charlie and the family have a really lovely Thanksgiving Day and send love and hugs to you all from both of us dear friend.

Nov 30, 12:38pm Top

Amber--Okay...random comments on all your news I just caught up on: Congrats on the new job and Dec 2 sounds like a perfect start date; Glad to hear Charlie continues to do well in school and that you are not a criminal; Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving in Indiana and that round two goes well tomorrow; Also good luck with the Christmas decorations! ; )

Nov 30, 1:39pm Top

>90 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe!

>91 johnsimpson: Thanks, John!

>92 Berly: *snork!* Thanks for all of that, Kim!!

Nov 30, 2:01pm Top

We had a great time in Indiana, as we always, always do, and I got some good reading in, too!

182. Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
Since she was a premature baby in the NICU and was abandoned by her mother, Hope has lived with her Aunt Addie, and since Addie is a cook who travels from job to job, Hope has lived in many places and is becoming a fairly good traveling waitress, too. She loves Addie, but hates all the uprooting, and is convinced that she will hate their latest relocation - a small town in Wisconsin. But when the owner of the restaurant where they work announces that he's running against the corrupt mayor in the upcoming election, Hope finds herself involved in this place and its people more than she would ever have guessed.
A lovely and sweet story that doesn't get too saccharine, with nicely developed characters and a thoughtful message. Definitely recommended.

Nov 30, 2:31pm Top

183. The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne (Boyne bibliography, 508 pages) - 10/10 = A+
This novel follows the life of Cyril Avery from his birth in Dublin in the 1940s through his travels in Europe and the U.S., and then back to Dublin for his later years. It follows the hardships and heartaches he suffers growing up gay in Ireland and doing his best to hide that from everyone, and my heart broke and suffered with his and cheered him on through his small triumphs and eventual happiness. Like every other of Boyne's works I've read, this one blew me away. It's gorgeous in its every turn of phrase, in its characters and how they weave in and out of each other's stories. It is fantastic and beautiful and clever and funny and gut-wrenching and gleeful-making. My favorite read of the year and will easily remain one of my favorite reads for long after.

Nov 30, 3:03pm Top

184. Crusade in Jeans by Thea Beckman (1001 Children's Books, 311 pages) - 8/10 = B
A teenage boy travels back in time and finds himself in the middle of the Children's Crusade in 1212. He quickly becomes an advocate for the children and an important member of the group, helping them through famine, disease, and battles with local peasants and townspeople. He never believes in the mission, really, and from the beginning something doesn't feel right to him about the entire business, so he works to discover what the wrongness is and then fights for the safety of the children.
It was rough at the beginning (the book jumps right into the story without any sort of lead-up or introduction to the characters or situation, and not in a way that seems well thought-out), but once the story gets going, it's a decent one.

Nov 30, 3:17pm Top

185. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More by Roald Dahl (Read Soon! shelves, 225 pages) - 8/10 = B-
Dahl is one of my very favorite children's books authors, but his short stories for grown-ups don't seem to do much for me. *shrug*

Nov 30, 3:18pm Top

I enjoyed your comments on Hope Was Here. A lovely and sweet story that doesn't get too saccharine, with nicely developed characters and a thoughtful message. Well said.

I'm going to give Becca Mr. Pants: It's Go Time for Hanukkah, on your recommendation. It looks like a hoot.

Nov 30, 4:11pm Top

>98 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe! I should also say that the audio version of Hope Was Here was very well done, I thought.

And yay for Mr. Pants! There are a few now in the series and they're all hilarious.

Nov 30, 9:17pm Top

>95 scaifea: I saw your comment on the Boyne book on Facebook, but I've been so busy that I've commented very little on anything there. Did some sorting today and trying to get some books into boxes until I have shelves for them.

Dec 1, 8:08am Top

>100 thornton37814: Hi, Lori - did you have thoughts on the Boyne book?

Dec 1, 8:44am Top

Happy not so new thread, Amber! Good luck tomorrow! You lucky girl!!

Dec 1, 9:01am Top

>102 Carmenere: Thanks, Lynda!

Dec 1, 9:09am Top

Morning, Amber! Happy December 1st! And hooray for Invisible Furies. A+ sounds about right.

Dec 1, 5:55pm Top

>104 msf59: Hi, Mark! Boyne can do absolutely no wrong.

Dec 2, 6:28am Top

Today's agenda:

It's my first day at work! Woot! So...that's pretty much what I'll be doing today. Working. At my job. At the library. *giggles with excitement*

On the reading front:
I got in some good reading time this weekend, spending time with The Wise Man's Fear, starting and abandoning The Christmas Box Collection (waaaay too syrupy sweet and preachy for me), starting My Great-Grandfather and I, listening to more of A Corner of the Universe, and starting and already loving Still Life.

Also, as I'm typing this, Charlie is making a packed lunch for me. How did I get such an adorable and thoughtful kiddo?

Dec 2, 6:42am Top

Enjoy your first day, Amber! You'll have to let us know what you had for lunch. And, well, let's face it: you'll just have to tell us EVERYTHING about your day! So exciting.

Dec 2, 6:46am Top

Go get 'em, Tiger!

Dec 2, 7:36am Top

>107 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura! Oh, I'll definitely report back. You know I will!

>108 rosalita: Thanks, Julia!!

Dec 2, 7:37am Top

As promised *cough*Linda*cough*, here's my First Day of Work photo, courtesy of Charlie (he's all about the artsy photography, apparently):

Dec 2, 8:50am Top

It looks like Charlie is having a busy morning, with the lunch-making and the photo-taking :-) Have a great first day, Amber!

Dec 2, 9:08am Top

Have a good first day!

Dec 2, 9:30am Top

>110 scaifea: Great photo! Also: nice pants. 😀

Dec 2, 9:46am Top

>110 scaifea: Sorry to be late checking in....I suppose you are hard at work already. You. look. marvelous! And I agree with Laura....nice pants. Wherdja gettem?

Dec 2, 10:00am Top

Hope your first day is going well. You look great and Charlie made sure you had a good send-off so things definitely started on a good note. Looking forward to the evening report.

Dec 2, 2:43pm Top

Happy first day of work!

Dec 2, 4:16pm Top

Good luck on your first work day, Amber!

>110 scaifea: Looking good!
(thanks Charlie)

Dec 2, 4:48pm Top

Joining the votes for "looking good", Amber. Nice photo, Charlie. I hope your first day went well.

Dec 2, 5:33pm Top

I love that Charlie made your lunch and took your first day photo, Amber. Hope your first day was fun!

Dec 2, 7:14pm Top

Thanks so much, everyone! I had a great first day, of which one of the highlights was getting my library card upgraded to some sort of special employee status. I have no idea what the perks of such a thing are, but I'm still excited about it! I spent most of the day at the circulation desk and loved it!

>114 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: The pants came from, Loft, I think. Or possibly Gap. Or Banana Republic. I honestly can't remember which store I was in at the time (that shopping day is a bit of a blur at this point).

Dec 2, 7:54pm Top

>120 scaifea: Ooooh, special library-card status! You know that's the best perk of all around these parts. :-)

So glad your first day went so well. I mean, I figured it would but I'm sure it's nice to have it behind you and feel like now you can settle in. I'm trying very hard not to be jealous!

Dec 2, 8:09pm Top

Sounds like an awesome first day from start to finish! Hope all proceeding days are as great as the first!

Dec 2, 9:05pm Top

>120 scaifea: A special upgraded library card sounds worth the work already!

I'm sure that I would love working in a library, Amber. My ambition - if it could be called that - is to cash in my chips in twelve years time and have a bookstore/coffee shop. Hani will take care of the latter part of course and probably keep the pair of us afloat and I will read all day and extract some income from it.

Dec 3, 2:57am Top

Hurray for the first day and the special library card!! And you DO look fabulous. : )

Dec 3, 5:19am Top

>121 rosalita: Julia: I have one more day of training in Newark, which will be pretty much the same as today (mostly at the circ desk, but also checking in and sorting books), and then I start at my really real library tomorrow.

>122 Carmenere: Thanks, Lynda!

>123 PaulCranswick: Paul: Right?! I don't even need to know what the special part is, I just know I'm happy to have it! Ha!

I long thought it would be wonderful to run a used bookshop/coffee and tea house/yarn shop combo, and yours (minus the yarn) sound wonderful!

>124 Berly: Aw, thanks, Kim!

Dec 3, 5:23am Top

Today's agenda:

As I said to Julia up there, more of the same today: I'll still be at the Newark library for one more day of training, and then Charlie has Nutcracker rehearsal this evening.

On the reading front:
I read a few pages of the Lincoln bibliography during my lunch yesterday, and I finished up A Corner on the Universe on my way to Newark yesterday and My Great-Grandfather and I last night before bed. Mini-reviews to follow at some point...

Dec 3, 5:44am Top

My favorite patrons from my circ desk time yesterday:

A little boy (probably about 4 years old) came up to the desk with a big stack of books. He plopped them down pulled one out of the stack, hugged it and said, "This one is my FAVORITE BOOK!" His mom, standing behind him, just shook her head and whispered to me, "He says that about a different book every time." So I immediately loved him, of course.

Then there were two older women who were sharing a large shopping bag on wheels, and between the two of them they filled the entire thing with books. As they were piling them on the desk, I asked, "So, how long until you'll need to come back for a refill?" They giggled between them and said, "Oh, about a week." I loved them immediately, too.

I also met a man who has just gotten out of the homeless shelter after beating an addiction. He's got a new apartment and said that one of the first things he wanted to do, then, is get a library card. He needed help filling out the form and I felt honored to help him; he was so happy and excited to get that card.

This job is happiness-making.

Dec 3, 6:31am Top

>127 scaifea: *heart eyes emoji* What lovely stories, Amber. (Note to self: I need to find a fellow old lady to be my library chum!)

Dec 3, 6:33am Top

Morning, Amber! I am glad to hear the job is off to a good start. Yah!!

Dec 3, 6:43am Top

Sounds like a great time, Amber! I'm super happy for you! :D

Dec 3, 7:00am Top

>127 scaifea: Ooh, favorite patrons -- this could be a new regular feature on your thread! I can see why the job would be "happiness making". I'm very happy for you!

Dec 3, 7:15am Top

>128 rosalita: Julia: Right?! I, too, want an old lady library partner. Those women were the coolest.

>129 msf59: Thanks, Mark!

>130 Ape: Thanks, Stephen! I makes me happy that you're happy for me!

>131 lauralkeet: Laura: Yes! The Favorite Patrons Regular Feature sounds like a plan to me. And thanks!

Dec 3, 7:20am Top

>127 scaifea: Glad the job is going so well, I am *of course* mighty intrigued by the special status library card. Secret book access? Extra loans? Please advise when you find out!

Dec 3, 7:23am Top

>133 charl08: Thanks, Charlotte! And yes, I'll definitely report back!

Dec 3, 7:54am Top

Glad to hear the first day went so well, Amber! Congrats on new library-employee-status on the card too. Can't wait to find what it does ;)

Dec 3, 8:01am Top

I'm 99 percent sure the special library card will unlock a secret vault under the library with all sorts of books filled with forbidden knowledge!

Dec 3, 8:02am Top

>135 bell7: Thanks, Mary!

>136 Ape: Stephen: *snork!* Well, that's torn it. If it's anything less, I'm going to be severely disappointed.

Dec 3, 8:53am Top

>136 Ape: I'm sorry to report that there is no secret vault -- I used to work there, and I think all my staff card got me was fine-free status. Unless, of course, they wiped my memory after I left, so I couldn't take any forbidden knowledge with me!

Dec 3, 9:44am Top

Morning, Amber!

Good luck with the second day of training. I love your Favorite Patron stories. That four-year-old - oh my goodness.

Special library status - love it! I was thinking you might get a discount on those free books? I like Stephen's "unlock the secret vault" idea. Maybe all the signed Gaimans are in there.

Dec 3, 11:46am Top

>138 foggidawn: That's what you WANT us to think! :P

Dec 3, 12:04pm Top

Sorry I missed your first day, Amber. I hope day two is just as great!

In my experience, staff privilege is usually just not having to pay overdue fines. :)

Dec 3, 2:08pm Top

>76 scaifea: The Industry novels are absolutely my favorite Discworld sub-series - I'm glad you're enjoying them, too!

Dec 3, 2:08pm Top

>110 scaifea: >120 scaifea: I'm glad your first day went well! I'm so happy for you

Dec 3, 2:17pm Top

Glad your first day went so well, Amber!
Love your favorite patrons, and would love to this continued :-)

I just gifted myself per December 1st a "star library subscription", for a few Euro's more I have no more overdue fines, no costs for library holds (within the province), 20 books instead of 10, and 2 times renew instead of 1 :-)

Dec 3, 3:39pm Top

Hi Amber, glad your first day at the Library went well dear friend.

Dec 3, 4:26pm Top

Just checking in to see how the first two days went. Also love the "favorite patron" stories! Excited that you will be at your "home" library starting tomorrow.

Dec 3, 4:50pm Top

Finally finding time to check my computer and so glad to find you had such a good first day!!

Dec 3, 9:31pm Top

I hope that the patrons at your home library are even more special than the ones you met at your training library, Amber.

Dec 4, 6:20am Top

>138 foggidawn: Ha! Yup, I asked yesterday and was told just that: no real benefits other than the honorary title thing (Distinguished Borrower sounds pretty fantastic, though, right?), because it used to be no fines when there actually were fines. Oh well, I still love it.

>139 jnwelch: Joe: That boy was wonderful! Made my day.

I'm still holding out hope for a secret vault at my own branch. Maybe I'll find out today...

>140 Ape: Stephen: *snork!* Right?!

Dec 4, 6:23am Top

>141 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky! And yeah. And since they've done away with fines altogether here...well...yeah.

>142 Luxx: I also think that Pratchett just got better at writing them as he went along, so the later ones are just naturally better? Anyway, yes, I'm definitely enjoying them!

>143 Luxx: Thanks!!

>144 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita! I'm so glad folks like the Favorite Patron thing. I'll try to keep it going.

I love the idea of a Star Library Subscription! Very cool!

Dec 4, 6:24am Top

>145 johnsimpson: Thanks, John!!

>146 ronincats: Hi, Roni! I'm so excited for today and the chance to get started here at my own library branch!

>147 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks, Reba!!

>148 Familyhistorian: Meg: Oh, that's a wonderful wish, and I hope so, too!

Dec 4, 6:27am Top

Today's agenda:
I'm really excited to start at my own library today! This is one of my 5-hour days, so I'll have some time at home this afternoon to relax a bit after a whirlwind start to the week, and I'm glad that Charlie has the night off from Nutcracker rehearsals, too.

On the reading front:
I took The Wise Man's Fear with me yesterday and spent my lunch hour with Kvothe, listened to The Voice That Challenged a Nation on my commute, and started Americans before Columbus last night before bed.

Dec 4, 6:55am Top

Yesterday's Favorite Patrons:

A woman came up to the desk with a stack of books in one hand and a baby on the opposite hip. She sat the baby on the counter along with the books so that she could get her card out of her purse, and I had a lovely little chat with the wee one while helping to hold him up (he had clearly just learned how to sit up and was a bit wobbly). He had dimples everywhere: cheeks (along with the sweetest, biggest grin), elbows, and knees. And he helped hand me the books from the pile to check out (well, I'm interpreting pudgy little hand slaps on the covers as helping). Definitely a future reader, and I count my day as successful because I managed to make him laugh one of those wonderful baby belly laughs. *happy sigh*

Honorable Mention:

A man and his 4-ish-year-old son (another adorable 4yo!) came up to check out a stack of movies. One of them was a collection of Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, and Thomas the Train episodes, and so the boy and I had a lovely discussion on the merits of all three: he favors Thomas, but I've always been partial to Fireman Sam, and he seemed to take that into careful consideration, and we both agreed that Bob is a pretty amazing builder, but that Wendy is certainly the real boss of the show. Then the dad was checking out a season of Mama's Family, and I hadn't thought of that show in *years* so we had a funny conversation about Iola Boylen and Mama.

Dec 4, 8:33am Top

>153 scaifea: Clearly, you were born for this job. ;-)

Dec 4, 8:34am Top

>149 scaifea: Distinguished Borrow is a wonderful status to have, even if it's now honorary :)

I have to have two library cards, one because the town where I actually live needs to be my "home" library and another because I need to be able to log in to our system with the Grand Poobah account (that's what IT calls it, so it's official) and I need to have the library I work be the home library rather than the town.... Why they didn't consider what to do with people who, ahem, live in a different town where they work I'm sure I don't know - there was going to be all sorts of confusion when I worked in two different libraries and should've had accounts that gave me different permissions so this is actually a relatively easy solution!

Dec 4, 8:44am Top

>154 foggidawn: Aw, thank you!

>155 bell7: Wow, my eyes went a bit crossed while reading that - ha! I do love the Grand Poobah label, though.

Dec 4, 9:00am Top

Ha! Your library sounds great, Amber. Thanks for sharing the stories.

A thought: when your fellow staffers start saying befuddling things, like "I enjoy pimento, too, Winston", when neither is named Winston, they're probably talking about the secret vault.

Dec 4, 2:37pm Top

>157 jnwelch: Joe: *snork!!* That's a great tip - I'll keep it in mind.

Edited: Dec 4, 3:16pm Top

Saw your badge on Facebook - one question: Why are you Licking the County Library? 😂😂😂

Glad work's going well!

Dec 4, 3:28pm Top

>159 drneutron: Yes, the county name is... unfortunate. I don't miss having to explain it to people, now that I live in a different county with a much more conventional name.

Dec 4, 3:50pm Top

>159 drneutron: Jim: *snork!* It's the thing to do here in Ohio, dontchaknow?

>160 foggidawn: I really don't mind it, to be honest.

Dec 4, 3:53pm Top

186. A Corner of the Universe by Ann M. Martin (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
Hattie Owen spends one memorable summer getting to know her Uncle Adam, about whose existence she only just found out from her family. He's been in a special school for the mentally challenged since Hattie was just a baby, but the school has closed and so Adam - a 21-year-old with the mind of a child - is coming home. Adam and Hattie soon become close friends, but Hattie discovers the true meaning of Adam's particular needs one dramatic night at the traveling fair, and that night and the events that follow will change all of their lives forever.
A good story well told, in which both Adam's and Hattie's characters are believably portrayed. Recommended.

Dec 4, 4:08pm Top

>162 scaifea: I didn't know Ann M. Martin had written anything besides Baby-Sitters Club books! Glad it was an enjoyable read.

Dec 4, 4:13pm Top

>163 MickyFine: Micky: Ha! I didn't recognize her as the Baby-Sitters Club author!

Edited: Dec 4, 4:16pm Top

187. My Great-Grandfather and I by James Kruss (1001 Children's Books, 245 pages) - 7/10 = C
A boy stays with his great-grandfather and his grandmother while his sisters are recovering from the measles, and he and his great-grandfather spend their days making up stories and poems.
Meh. This one just didn't catch my attention at all, I'm afraid. Maybe it just hasn't aged well...?

Dec 4, 6:12pm Top

>156 scaifea: Ha, sorry, that's my fault for taking a somewhat complicated situation and not making it clear. I blame it on trying to hurry up and write a post before I ran out the door to my job! :D

Dec 4, 6:30pm Top

>166 bell7: Ha! No, I meant that the actual situation you were describing sounds crazy, not your explanation!

Dec 4, 6:36pm Top

>167 scaifea: oh good, glad to know I was clear while describing the crazy situation ;)

Dec 5, 5:20am Top

>168 bell7: *snork!*

Dec 5, 5:22am Top

Today's agenda:

Work, menu planning and prepping the grocery list, taking Charlie to Nutcracker rehearsals.

On the reading front:
I spent some time yesterday with Still Life and Americans before Columbus, but didn't have much reading time at all. Will have more today because of the rehearsal time.

Dec 5, 9:32am Top

Sweet Thursday, Amber!

Do you read Patricia MacLachlan? I'm feeling like I should read more of hers. I've liked every one I've read, starting with Sarah, Plain and Tall.

Dec 5, 10:04am Top

If you're already familiar with this, then excuse me, but I'm excited and wanted to share...

Every year the wife and I watch the Hogfather miniseries together, on Amazon Prime. Having just done so, we saw that there's a Going Postal miniseries as well, and last night caved and watched the first part. It. Is. Delightful. We're not big tv watchers, but this is well done and ticks a lot of boxes for us - it's quite charming.

Dec 5, 2:31pm Top

>171 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! I have read a few of MacLachlan's books; I would highly recommend The Poet's Dog for you - I think you would *love* it.

>172 Luxx: I remember seeing that that existed not too long ago, but I had forgotten already, so thanks for the reminder!

Dec 5, 11:20pm Top

I did love The Poet's Dog! I'm glad you did, too.

Yesterday, 5:29am Top

>174 jnwelch: Joe: Great! How about The Iridescence of Birds: A Book About Henri Matisse - have you seen that one? It's a picture book, and it's just gorgeous, which makes sense on several levels, of course.

Yesterday, 5:30am Top

Today's agenda:

It's my first day off, so I'm spending it on grocery shopping, sorting through the weekly bills, and hopefully a bit of just sitting and staring off into space. We'll see. Charlie has more rehearsal tonight before his first performance tomorrow.

On the reading front:
Yesterday I started Unseen Academicals and read a bit more of Americans before Columbus.

Yesterday, 9:05am Top

Oh, The Iridescence of Birds looks like just my cuppa, Amber. Thanks. Added it to the WL.

Happy Friday! And Happy Day Off, Librarian and Seeker of the Secret Vault.

Yesterday, 9:22am Top

>177 jnwelch: You're welcome, Joe! And thanks! Ha!

Yesterday, 12:57pm Top

Sending "break a leg" wishes to young Master Charlie!

And happy day off wishes to you, Amber! :)

Yesterday, 1:21pm Top

>179 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky! I'll pass on the leg-breaking wishes!

Yesterday, 8:57pm Top

Hooray for your day off, and hope you were able to recuperate well! Best of leg-breaking luck to Charlie tomorrow and in subsequent performances.

Today, 9:01am Top

>181 bell7: Thanks, Mary!

Today, 9:04am Top

Today's agenda:

Making Gingerbread Men, figuring out my next knitting project, revising my Daily Schedule to accommodate the New Job, sorting out the Christmas gift shopping list, and then we're off to Charlie's first performance this evening.

On the reading front:
I read a nice chunk of The Wise Man's Fear yesterday and some of Americans before Columbus, oh, and I finished listening to The Voice That Challenged a Nation (mini-review to follow at some point).

Edited: Today, 10:05am Top

Ooh, The Iridescence of Birds. I like the sound of that one. Swoons a little...You might also like The Lost Words, which is also a picture book, with poetry.

Morning, Amber. Happy Saturday. It sounds like you are really enjoying the job. Yah! Funny, if I worked at a circulation desk, I would always be jabbering about books, but very rarely do these people comment on the many, many books I check out. Interesting, right?

Today, 10:37am Top

>184 msf59: Thanks for the tip on The Lost Words! I'll keep an eye out for it.

Well, so far at least, I'm definitely a book-jabberer with the patrons. We'll see if that changes as I go along, but I suspect it won't. If I were at a busier branch and things got hectic, then I suspect I would try to tone it down and just get folks through the line, but my branch is small and cozy, and although it has a healthy amount of users we never seem to get crazy-busy all at once. So there should pretty much always be time for book chit-chat. Moral of the story: You should come to my library to check out books and I'll be happy to chat with you! Ha!

Today, 4:39pm Top

188. The Voice That Challenged a Nation by Russell Freedman (Newbery Honor Book, audiobook) - 8/10 = B
A biography of Marian Anderson, the singer who broke barriers for the Civil Rights Movement and also for people of color in the music industry and sang one famous Easter Sunday on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Intended for young people, this book is a good introduction to Anderson and her influence, although it can be a bit dry at times.

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