Boy moves to new house finds ghost of little boy

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Boy moves to new house finds ghost of little boy

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Dec 2, 2019, 10:17pm

This is a children's book. A boy's family moves into this old, falling-apart house in a different town. His grandmother is somehow involved (I think). He's one day visited by the ghost of the little boy who lived in the house many years ago. The ghost keeps asking for someone called "blank blue" (I don't remember the full name). Subsequently, the protagonist finds an old toy soldier under the old floorboards, and realizes that that blank blue was the name of the toy soldier, and that this is what the ghost boy was looking for.

I think the book's title might be the full name of the toy soldier.

Dec 3, 2019, 1:43am

Goodbye, Tommy Blue by Adèle Geras?

Nell saw him the first time she walked into her new house. A boy, standing in the corner of her bedroom looking rather lost, a ghost...

Nell and her family have just moved house - and nothing seems to be settled. Nell can't even unpack her belongings because there's so much work to be done in her room. But someone else seems to feel right at home there. He's just a boy - a bit younger than her, dressed in very old-fashioned clothes. No one else seems to see him. But Nell knows he's there - and he's looking for something...

At night, he calls out, "Tommy Blue, where are you?" Nell wants to help him but who is Tommy Blue?