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Avaland's 2020 Quilts & Other Projects


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Dec 26, 2019, 5:19am Top

Just preparing a new space for the new year.

I doubt I'll get to any projects before the end of the year. The last two months have had many more distractions than usual and that affected my ability to do anything creative (or read fiction, for that matter), but I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio.

Do I have any projects planned? Not specifically as of yet, but there is on of my random scrap quilts up on the design board waiting for me to assemble. That will be a good warm-up.

I'm looking forward, as always, to following the creative pursuits of all of you, too.

Dec 26, 2019, 7:10am Top

Well I hope you have a successful quilting year whatever projects you decide on. Need to start thinking of starting my new thread also.

Dec 26, 2019, 9:56am Top

>1 avaland: Your YYYY quilt threads are always among my favourites on LT, so looking forward to another year of following your exploits with your photographs detailing it all.

Dec 28, 2019, 6:58am Top

>2 dudes22:, >3 SassyLassy: Thanks. Thoughts are percolating.

Jan 7, 2:24pm Top

New Year Assessment:

I was in the studio yesterday trying to dig it out. I made progress.

--I have four charity quilt tops ready to be assembled.
--I have one scrappy squares quilt (the kind I'm always making) partially assembled, and another on the design board.
--Cheryl the Quilter has the black-with-bright-solids quilt top but I haven't been able to decide how that should be quilted so that's in limbo.
--Melissa the Quilter has two quilts of mine (the 45 pc pineapple and the one made with scraps from all my quilts and sewing exploits over the years). All three quilts were put together last year.
--I've pawned the finished puzzle quilt (2019) off on my son. I gave him a choice of the smaller quilts scattered about the house; and that was the one that intrigued him the most.

I think my new year resolution—at least for the winter—is to continue to finish or re-purpose UFOs, and finish up the loose ends as reported above. Then I may take on something that might slow my production down! Perhaps another large quilt? Or maybe go back to garment sewing, as I'd like to make my own tops, perhaps using some patchwork, embroidery, and even some of the family handiwork & linens. Perhaps doing some Victorian crazy quilting again---I embroidered a label about a week ago and had no pain or problems, so the carpal tunnel surgery has been a great success (and even the arthritis has retreated some).

My knitting needles were all returned to me recently as my friend has finally found hers tucked away in storage. I doubt I will take it up again. My 37 year-old daughter knits very well, so I'll be content that it has been passed on to another generation.

Might do some wreath-making again, as I need to fix some wreaths in need of repair, and why not make some new ones? Not exactly needlearts but I have been saving old wooden spools of thread (empty or not) for a project like this....

I think I may put some things on Freecycle.com, too (like the 15 sweater boxes in basement that I used to use to sort my fabrics) Do you know about Freecycle? My daughter swears by it. I've been following two of the local sites but have not actually participated yet.

Jan 8, 7:06am Top

Well, I think you sound like you're in a great place to start the year. Glad it looks like your surgery went well. I haven't heard of Freecycle, but may give it a look. Took a quick look and it looks interesting. Would have been nice before I moved. I need to do some "minimalism" when we get back from FLa and will keep this in mind.

Jan 8, 8:53am Top

>6 dudes22: That's an optimist way to look at it. Safe travel down to Florida, Betty.

re: Freecycle.com Basically, it's a way to give away the stuff you don't want. Or get something you do want, for free. My community doesn't have it's own board but I joined the one for the small city east of me and the town north of me, and while I have not yet posted anything or picked up anything, I've watched it for over a year. It's fascinating — all manner of stuff being offered for free, and things requested. Only once did I see a user coyly trying to get collectible items to resale. After a few posts, he disappeared so someone may have reported him. My daughter does Freecycle in the DC suburbs in Virginia. I do have a Goodwill not too far away and there is a Savers that is much more of a schlep. They are for-profit-disguished-like-a-nonprofit so between the distance and for-profit status I try not to go there unless I'm desperate.

Jan 9, 9:40pm Top

I have a cousin that gave her waterbed away on freecycle. The father and son came with their own tools to dismantle and empty it. She said it was the best decision about furniture she ever made. lol

Jan 10, 7:01am Top

I need to remember Freecycle next time we're decluttering. We recently got rid of a ping pong table via a Facebook neighborhood "marketplace" and it was okay, but we sold it for peanuts. We weren't looking to benefit financially from the transaction, just looking to find a good home for it. Shoulda used Freecycle!

Jan 14, 6:02am Top

>8 lesmel: I didn't know anyone was still using waterbeds!

Jan 14, 10:37am Top

ODE to KNITTING (with apologies to the early 17th century)

With fondness I let thee go; needles,
long and short, wood, metal, and a petroleum brew.
So many are thee!
Light clatter, chatter of big-eyed needles, small rings,
holders of colors, and hooks of crochet against each other
Fill my aged ears (or at least one of the them)
And sing a sad melody. For I and thee
Spent many hours together, both of us
Reveling in the soft touch of yarns
Destined to whisper our tales of love and
Friendship to others in receipt these decades, five and more.

Be not disheartened. Thy work is not done.
Thou goes to younger hands, 'tis a maiden
Of the greenest leaves on mine tree.
Hail the knit & purl Gods! For your roots run deep.

Now anon comes the time we must part,
Thou in your cardboard vessel and I here
On the crafting shore. Farewell, farewell.

Jan 14, 11:35am Top

I love this.

Jan 27, 1:30pm Top

Looking forward to seeing your projects again, and I love the ode.

Jan 28, 9:27am Top

>13 mabith: Thanks, Meredith. I got a couple of quilts back from the quilter that I need to bind, so I'll post those soon (with out without binding).

Edited: Feb 6, 2:56pm Top

Well, having mostly recovered from the autumn hangover and a week-long cold, I finally got into the studio. Two of the quilts mentioned in post#1 came back from the quilter a week or two ago. First, this wild goose chase that I dumped pieces of as many pieces of clothing, curtains, quilts and other projects since about '69. My thought was that if I memorialize all in a quilt, the rest of the fabric can become part of the normal stash, and so it has. Some was donated and some trashed.

In this picture I see fabric from a valance, and two sets of curtains, two maternity dresses, a one summer dress, 3 dresses from high school. Also, toddler or girl's flower-girl dress, summer shirt, a teen's dress, several quilted pillows, some potholders, a toy bag and a marble bag.

I have already found an error in this quilt (I have one of the blocks turned around), and some of the rows with light-colored fabric seems to disappear into the background. The fabrics used in quilts (quilts that weren't scrappy) is towards the outside of the quilt. Anyhoo, this was a method of "letting go" and it worked.

And here is an accidental photo that has some cool contrasts that I thought you might like:

I should note that I usually wash my quilts after binding as I believe in giving a quilt in the condition it will be enjoyed.

2nd quilt photos coming....

Edited: Feb 16, 3:46pm Top

Here is the 45 pc. Pineapple quilt, quilted. I just cut about 30 yards of Laurel Burch fabric for the binding. This quilt also has not been washed yet. This quilt is 72" x 96" (I think)

(Photo updated below)

And a close-up:

(Photo Updated Below)

Feb 6, 3:26pm Top

It's nice that you can get pictures that really show up the quilting. I like these a lot. That person that does your quilting does a nice job.

Now - are you sure about cutting 30 yards for binding? Do you do yours on the bias? Is that why so much?

Feb 6, 4:59pm Top

>17 dudes22: Sorry, that's supposed to be 30 feet! It about 28 feet around, so with a bit extra... (no, I don't cut on the bias, it uses too much fabric :-)

Edited: Feb 6, 7:37pm Top

>16 avaland: I'll be giving you my mailing address for that beauty. You don't even have to wash it. :-}

(Yeah, yeah. I know. Don't hold my breath.)

It's really wonderful.

Feb 6, 8:29pm Top

>18 avaland: - ok that makes sense.

Feb 7, 10:46am Top

>19 Lyndatrue: ha ha, Thanks for the compliment.

Feb 16, 3:54pm Top

Here are the Pineapple45 photos after binding & washing:

Harder to see the quilting but I love the bit of wrinkling because of shrinkage! It was indeed bound with a very colorful Laurel Burch print. Worked out better than I thought it would. This quilt is #72 of 76 quilts (#1 was in 1982).

Edited: Feb 16, 4:14pm Top

>22 avaland: This may be one of my favorite quilts that I've seen (and I've seen a lot of quilts in my time). It's partly the color combinations, and the pineapple design really brings the colors out.

Quilts used to be one of the reasons I went to the county fair, but then they moved the entrance forms for quilt makers to online only, and most of the quilt makers quit entering. I actually wept over it, and I'm not usually so sentimental. I should find my old photographs, and make a thread here to show them off.

Edited: Feb 17, 6:35pm Top

That came out really nice, Lois. I wish I had kept track of how many quilts I made and where they went. It's like books - I never really kept track before LT and I know people who have lists going back to high school.

ETA - You should make this the picture for the group.

Edited: Feb 18, 12:49pm Top

>23 Lyndatrue: Thanks. I like it, too! I haven't been to a county fair in eons. I won two blue ribbons at one in 1986, one for a hand-quilted pillow, the other for a child's special occasion dress. Do they even take quilts now? Seems there would be far too many... probably that's why the changeover to online? YES! Do go find your old photographs!

>24 dudes22: Thanks, Betty. Maybe we need a QT! I kept photos and didn't make many in the 80s and early 90s because I was making more clothes, curtains...etc. Thus, it was relatively easy to create the early part of the list.

Feb 20, 9:44am Top

>22 avaland: Love that dark border and the colour bindings. They really bring out the inner colours.

Feb 21, 12:24am Top

I like the Pineapple quilt too!

Feb 22, 10:50am Top

>26 SassyLassy:, >27 sallypursell: 😋 Thanks! I’d like to say I’ve moved on to new projects but I haven’t yet.

Feb 22, 11:10pm Top

Your pineapple quilt is really beautiful! The border really does set off the interior pattern so well.

Feb 26, 5:36pm Top

>29 rosalita: Thanks, Rosalita.

Mar 11, 6:34am Top

Well, I have done little to nothing in the studio, or perhaps that should say, I continue to do nothing.... However, I was at the New England Quilt Museum yesterday getting re-orientated to resume my volunteer duties there in the library. Essentially, I staff the library on a weekend day, assist any visitors...etc. I'm very good at getting people to talk about themselves, and I love to hear stories. It's more than double the miles to get there now but I need to get out a bit more and this was always a good fit for me. I also like being in this small, historic city -- Lowell -- it's a lovely blend of history and culture.

I have had some ideas, though, so perhaps they will continue to percolate....

Mar 18, 11:12am Top

So, the Quilt museum is closed, the libraries are closed (take out only) so, I am inspired to put together a smallish quilt inspired by the pandemic. Thus, I spend part of yesterday, sewing some rows together of the scrappy block quilt that has been sitting there all winter, and the one on the design board got packed away. Then I played around with ideas and I think I know where I will go with this. I did two small online fabric orders this morning 1. to get something I need for background + two small pieces of paisley batiks that I did not need and 2. to get another fabric option for the backing + a bit of an off-white print & a sale backing both of which I did not need :-) The former was from Hancock at Paducah, the other from a shop in Mississippi via Quiltshops.com.

While I wait, I'll finish the scrappy top.

Mar 18, 11:59am Top

I'll be interested to see your interpretation of the pandemic. I too did a small order of fabric. I didn't have enough fabric for the binding of one of the quilts I made while in Fla.

Mar 18, 12:04pm Top

>33 dudes22: I won't reveal it yet until I get it going. But the idea is percolating; I think I have a further idea for a border....

I think buying fabric is therapeutic, yes? A stress-buster.

Mar 18, 6:12pm Top

I have a cross stitch stash. The store I use in Johnson City isn't open to the public, but they are open to the public for mail orders. I may need to look through some of the posts they made from the market earlier this month to see if there's something I really want. I don't need anything else. I have plenty to get me through. Also I'm still working so that makes it harder.

Mar 19, 4:43am Top

>34 avaland: Buying fabric is good for you, and only good manners. When I get started, though, I have a hard time stopping. There is so much beautiful fabric out there. That's the only cure for Quiltpox, isn't it?

Mar 19, 7:16am Top

The fabric should be here tomorrow.

>35 thornton37814: Of course, we all likely have enough to get us through, but a little more is okay:-) Are you expecting to be sent home in the near future?

>36 sallypursell: Quiltpox! ha ha. I am a recovering fabriholic. There is no cure, me thinks, so I intend to be "recovering" for some time.

Mar 19, 10:58am Top

>37 avaland: They are asking us whether we have Internet at home, if we have a computer at home, and whether we need access to resources behind the firewall. In other words, it sounds like we'll soon be working from home.

Mar 20, 5:28am Top

>38 thornton37814: That's a good thing, right?

Mar 20, 3:04pm Top

>39 avaland: I was hoping it would be better news than it apparently is yet. I will be home Monday. I need to monitor reference chat 4-7 p.m. so I don't need to come in for the day. Still need to report Tuesday to Friday. Of course, there will be additional cases in our area at the update being issued about right now. I know there will be an additional case here in Jefferson County where I work, in Hamblen County where I live, and in Cocke County which neighbors us. So things could change over the weekend. I'm taking home my "work from home" stuff.

Mar 21, 3:11pm Top

>40 thornton37814: I hope that changes for you, if you think that's best. We are all taking it day-by-day here. Not so bad for us as retirees and introverts, but my adult children & families are having a tougher time adapting. How to homeschool while trying to get work done...etc.

I have been approached about making much-needed surgical masks for hospitals and other care facilities as evidenced by posts online from various medical facilities. These are made out of 100% cotton fabric (there is a 'pocket" in the design where the hospitals insert a filter), so have elastic and others have straps.

Here is one such pattern: https://www.craftpassion.com/wp-json/mv-create/v1/creations/19/print?fbclid=IwAR... (copy & paste into your browser if this doesn't link. The pattern itself is a link within the directions and has a 2" guide printed on it so you know if it printed the right size. The one here they would like is the one with a pocket for a filter. One can make them for various sizes....

I think I will do this, perhaps after making one and see how it goes, then making another 20 factory-style (at least to begin with). I have plenty of fabric, in delightful patterns so, why not. It will take some time to set the room up for factory-style sewing.

Mar 21, 6:33pm Top

I'll be waiting to see how it goes for you. I'm not sure who I'd even approach about this. And I noticed that the cord from the pattern link is out of stock at Amazon. Looks like someone else had the same idea. Meanwhile I'll check around.

Edited: Mar 21, 11:56pm Top

There are a variety of patterns and techniques floating around for the masks. People are saying you can use bias tape to make the ties.

Also, if anyone wants to volunteer, make sure you get with a group that is working with a hospital or medical group.

All of the cotton masks will most likely go to medical personnel not in direct contact with COVID19 patients. Cotton masks are not considered PPE.

There's an effort here (my metro area) to do 3D printing of various PPE. I worry some about quality control of these things.

Also, remember that most of these cotton masks will be sterilized (probably in bleach when washed).

Edited: Mar 25, 6:29pm Top

>42 dudes22: I have some finished and many more in progress. I'm aiming for around 20 to begin with, all in the women's size.

I have a few packages of elastic in my stash, it's quite old but seems okay. Otherwise, I did one mask with 1/2 inch width bias ties that I made using that little quilting gadget that folds the sides of a 2.5" strip (bias or otherwise) so you can press them. But, it really needs to be 1/4 inch finished as 1/2 seems bulky.

The directions I posted will print as 18 pages, btw! For some reason I could not clearly follow her directions. Perhaps it was that the text didn't always print on the same page as the photo, or it was easy to mix-up the text above or below the photo...etc. In the end I just figured out myself (I'm left-handed, also, so that can add a challenge sometimes).

>43 lesmel: Yes, I've seen at least two other patterns via Facebook. And I never thought that they were going to patients with the virus, so much other personnel and perhaps other patients. One of the local hospitals is asking for these (as relayed by a state representative) so I figured I'd give it a go. Apparently, they have the filters to put in them. Heard about the 3D printing of masks -- my husband wonders if the plastics used in 3D printing can be sterilized. I don't think the masks will necessarily bleached but I suspect hot water (I was all my fabrics with a color catcher as soon as I bring them home from the store to avoid any surprises later :-)

Edited: Mar 29, 10:47am Top

Here are some of the (almost) finished mask (not all have the elastics yet). In one on the left, I was experimenting with bias binding straps but as noted in the above post the 1/2 in ties seem bulky. I tried a roughly 1/4" bias strip made from a 1.25 strip, but I had some problems not to mention folding over and ironing 1/4" on the edges. I shall soldier on and see what I can get done for the weekend. I have more than 20 cut out and in progress.

I think I mentioned before (or perhaps elsewhere) that two of these sewn together on one side resembles some of the bikini tops from the 70s!

Mar 25, 9:01pm Top

Those are great, Lois. I'm so glad you're doing this.

Mar 26, 3:16am Top

Well done for making masks, Lois. I'm sure they'll be very appreciated by whoever gets them.

Mar 26, 5:35am Top

Those are looking really good, Lois.

Mar 26, 3:00pm Top

Those masks look great. I need to make some for my friend and her co-workers who are vet techs. They've been asked to save their masks for hospitals/nursing homes. Now they're asking pet owners to stay in cars while they take the pets in alone for the most part, but masks wouldn't hurt. I'm struggling to find any elastic in my supplies so she'll definitely be getting fabric ties.

Mar 26, 7:26pm Top

Thanks, all.

I'm about to run out of 1/8 cord elastic so I may switch to ties. I just sent for a 1/2 inch bias tape maker. I have the 1 inch one but the tape folded over is just too bulky.

I will make a few for family after, I think. Just in case.

Edited: Mar 28, 7:27am Top

I found the directions in the link too confusing so I've found another one where the front is pleated so it kind of stretches down over the nose and chin and goes over the other mask rather than sliding it inside. Still deciding what to do about elastic. I think my favorite fabric store has some but I would have to order some fabric too to make it worthwhile to ship.

Mar 29, 10:54am Top

>51 dudes22: I'm glad I'm not the only one who found those directions confusing! I eventually worked it out on my own after messing up several trying to figure it out. The local hospital preferred that pattern, so I went with it.

Mar 29, 11:01am Top

I didn't have a problem finding a few things to buy from the quilt shop I ordered the 1/2 inch bias binding maker from :-)

And, I had already done two small orders via Quiltshops.com because I was going to do that Covid-19-inspired small quilt...but that's been scoured completed from my brain by too many masks. And what a mess my studio is in from those masks. I do hope they will be used.

Apr 1, 7:14am Top

Trying a different mask pattern for family masks. For what we do, we really don't need the filter, imo. The tape maker works okay and I've only burnt my finger once while trying to coordinate the iron with it!

The day before I washed that huge box of fat-eighths I was given in December and two days ago I quickly cut some of the prints into large squares and put together a simple quilt top to add to the charity pile (which are piling up again).

Apr 1, 7:45am Top

>54 avaland: - Those are the style that I decided on. They just go over the filter masks. I saw one pattern that had a pocket on the top that you could put a pipe cleaner in to fit over the nose so it fits better. But who has pipe cleaners? I'll post some pictures in a few days. I've been working to get my taxes done and need to make some bias. How long did you make your ties?

Edited: Apr 1, 9:14am Top

>55 dudes22: I sent for an inexpensive package of 200 plastic twist ties that I imagine can be zigzagged inside on the upper mask but I haven't tried it yet. Did I offer to send you half of them? I will if you like.

re: ties. For these latest masks, I've just been cutting a 1 inch strip across the width some white/natural/black fabrics, so 42-44" but I make a knot in the end which uses up an inch or so (they can be shortened, if needed, by the user). The inch width makes a perfect size (1/4") tie, imo, but it's a bit hard to sew it over the thick mask edges (thick because of the pleating). A 3/8th width tie might work better (will have to see if there is a 3/8th gadget).

Apr 1, 9:19am Top

ha ha, I just got SIX emails from Hancock's at Paducah, advertising various sales--all sent within a few minutes.

Apr 1, 6:09pm Top

I'll pass on the plastic ties, but thanks. I found some elastic cord and bias tape on Etsy today and ordered some of each. Since I never use these I hope what I spent wasn't too outrageous. So I'll just cut and pleat and wait to get it. I'll have to go check out Hancocks. I've been looking at a piece of red toile for the back of the red and white quilt. Maybe I can get a deal.

Apr 2, 6:16am Top

>58 dudes22: I will say that working with 1/4" finished bias tape is a bit crazy-making, especially if one is trying to squeeze it over all those pleated layers. But, it makes a much less bulky tie than the 1/2" (which being much easier, of course). Hmm, maybe I should send for a 3/8th and split the difference.

I haven't actually used the plastic ties yet. I couldn't figure out a good way to put it on the shaped masks, and while I can easily add one to the rectangular masks, I haven't because I don't want to change my machine's foot right now to zigzag.

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