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Lynda's (aka Carmenere's) Book Nook

75 Books Challenge for 2020

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Edited: Jan 15, 3:39pm Top

Happy New Year! To each I wish in 2020....

So....I'm Lynda, retired since June 5, '09, LTer since October 14, '08, mom since April 5, '99 and wife since October 2nd '93....reader since..... forever! Reading companions may be wine - usually read in winter, white in summer. Cerveza (sounds better than just beer) as the mood fits. I look forward to deck reading, fireplace reading, vacation reading, ok, just about anywhere reading.

I have reading hopes and dreams any of which can change at any moment but for now...below are my plans.

Good luck everyone!

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Edited: Jan 14, 11:01pm Top

Hoped for alliances in 2020:
Library book discussion group:
January: The Island of Sea Women
February: The Worst Hard Times
March: The Calculating Stars
April: The Elephant in the Room

Neighborhood Book Swap:
1: Where the Crawdads Sing
2: The Jew Store
3: The Giver of Stars
4: The Tuscan Child
5: North Wind
6: The Murder Room: The Heirs of Sherlock Holmes
7: The Orphan Train
8: Tattooist of Auschwitz
9: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid
10: The Silent Patient
11: The Nightingale
12: ?
13: The Death and Life of the Great Lakes (my submission)

Modern Miss Darcy's Challenge
1. Decade you were born (1961)
2. Debut Novel
3. Recommendation by source you trust
4. Local Author
5. Genre outside your comfort zone
6. A book in translation
7. Nominated for an award in 2020
8. A re-read
9. Classic not read in school - The Little Prince
10. Three books by the same author

County Library 100 book challenge
24/100 complete by 1-28-21 (76 to go)

Recommendations from John E (cousin)
1. The Rook
2. Stiletto

NetGalley's to read and review
Bourbon Curious
Fred Minnick
03 Sep 2019

The Old Success
Martha Grimes
15 Nov 2019

Big Lies in a Small Town
Diane Chamberlain
14 Jan 2020

When We Were Vikings
Andrew David MacDonald
01 Feb 2020

A Good Neighborhood
Therese Anne Fowler
10 Mar 2020

There You Are
Mathea Morais
22 Oct 2019

The Book of Science and Antiquities
Thomas Keneally
10 Dec 2019

The Long Call
Ann Cleeves
03 Sep 2019

Trace Elements
Donna Leon
03 Mar 2020

All Quiet on the Western Front
By Erich Maria Remarque; Adapted by Wayne Vansant
12 Jun 2019

The Tenant
Katrine Engberg
14 Jan 2020

The Family Upstairs
Lisa Jewell
05 Nov 2019

Edited: Jan 14, 3:57pm Top


1. The Radium Girls - 100 book challenge (county library) 78 to go
2. The Island of Sea Women - Library discussion group
3. Ghosts - 100 book challenge (county library) 77 to go
4. The Little Prince - 100 book challenge (county library) 76 to go

Edited: Jan 2, 10:15am Top

Jan 2, 9:05am Top

Hope 2020 is kind to you!

Jan 2, 9:07am Top

Happy New Year Lynda, I hope you have a great reading year.

Jan 2, 9:10am Top

Best wishes for 2020!

Jan 2, 9:26am Top

Happy Reading 2020, Lynda.

Jan 2, 9:58am Top

Jan 2, 10:09am Top

Since you are using the same gif I have been liberally sprinkling around the group, Lynda, I won't reproduce it again here but I will of course be following your thread as always in 2020.

Happy new year. xx

Edited: Jan 2, 10:25am Top

>5 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle and to you and yours as well!

>6 calm: Happy New Year, calm! Thanks, I hope you do too!

>7 DianaNL: Thank you, Diana! Happy 2020 to you!

>8 Ameise1: Happy New Year, Barbara, Thanks! Happy Reading to us all!!

>9 paulstalder: Happy New Year, Paul S! Looking forward to more of your fun TIOLI Challenges in 2020!

>10 PaulCranswick: Happy 2020, Paul C! I'm about to peruse the new threads right now. Isn't that a great gif?! I've used it on my FB page and on my 2019 thread. It's perfect!

Jan 2, 10:42am Top

Wishing you 12 months of reading
52 weeks of laughter
366 days of fun (leap year!)
8,784 hours of joy
527,040 minutes of good luck
and 31,622,400 seconds of happiness!!

Jan 2, 10:51am Top

>12 Berly: Woo hoo! I'm all for that! Thanks, Kim, I wish the same for you!

Jan 2, 11:01am Top

Happy New Year, Lynda. Glad to see you back.

Jan 2, 11:02am Top

Thanks, Beth! Wonderful to be back!

Jan 2, 11:44am Top

>11 Carmenere: Thanks - let's see what comes to mind concerning challenges :)

Jan 2, 1:11pm Top

Welcome back!

Jan 2, 3:16pm Top

Happy reading in 2020, Lynda!

Jan 2, 4:50pm Top

>16 paulstalder: Hahaha, Paul, I'm sure you've got a few ideas up your sleeve

>17 drneutron: Thank you, Jim!

>18 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita! Same to you!

Jan 2, 5:32pm Top

O.k., now I've found you! Starred!

Edited: Jan 2, 7:51pm Top

>20 mstrust: Woot, woot, Jennifer's in the house....Welcome, at last!

Modern Miss Darcy aka Anne Bogel from The What Should I read next podcast just sent me the fun little quiz. What kind of reader are you?

The quiz told me, I am The English Major :0)

Jan 2, 9:03pm Top

Happy New Year! I am The English Major, too. Maybe everyone is?

Jan 2, 10:02pm Top

>21 Carmenere: Fun quiz, Lynda. I'm the Discoverer.

Jan 2, 11:29pm Top

>22 cbl_tn: That's what I was thinking, Carrie. I answered the quiz questions twice and both times The English Major.

>23 BLBera: Aha! Thanks, Beth, for disproving that everyone would be The English Major. The Discoverer sounds very exciting!

Jan 3, 3:27am Top

>21 Carmenere: I'm an Escapist. Yep, definitely :-D

Jan 3, 5:22am Top

>21 Carmenere: Escapist :)

Jan 3, 5:47am Top

>21 Carmenere: according to the quiz, I am a Social Reader :)

Jan 3, 7:28am Top

>25 Ameise1: Ahh, that's interesting, Barbara!

>26 calm: Would you say that's accurate, calm?

>27 paulstalder: Do you think that fits you, Paul?

Today begins the annual Star Wars Marathon. Will is having 7 friends over to watch all 8 episodes and will cap it off with a trip to the theater to watch Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker. They're pretty self sufficient so I don't think they'll need much.

Perfect time for me to head back to the fitness center and walk off all the holiday goodies.

Jan 3, 7:47am Top

>28 Carmenere: I don't think that I could sit through all 8 Star Wars episodes, Lynda, but then again I'd sooner read it than watch it.

Jan 3, 8:09am Top

2019 Book Meme

Borrowed from other threads: Thanks, Paul S

Describe yourself: Quiet Girl in a Noisy World

Describe how you feel: Being Mortal

Describe where you currently live: Inland

Your favourite time of day is: Homegoing

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Your favorite form of transportation: Small Great Things

Your best friend is: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

You and your friends are: The Last Romantics

What’s the weather like: Turbulence

You fear: Sharp Objects

What is the best advice you have to give: Comfort in an Instant: 75 Comfort Food Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker, Multicooker, and InstantPot®

Thought for the day: Infinity in the Palm of your Hand

How you would like to die: Educated

Your soul’s present condition: Sourdough

What is life for you: The Good People

Jan 3, 8:10am Top

>29 PaulCranswick: I couldn't either Paul. Not watching, not reading. I like Star Wars in small doses.

Jan 3, 8:20am Top

>30 Carmenere: She's my best friend, too! It's funny we haven't run into each other. ;-)

Jan 3, 10:12am Top

>32 cbl_tn: Hahaha, nice to know we travel in the same circle of friends :0)

Jan 3, 12:51pm Top

🌟 Hi Lynda, your topper had me nodding to all those wonderful “more” intentions. Also love the “committed relationship” mug. My book group will be discussing The Island of Sea Women on January 14. I’m picking up my copy at the library later today.

Jan 3, 1:16pm Top

>21 Carmenere: Yep, I'm an English Major too. Though there were a couple of questions that I could have checked multiple answers for.

Jan 3, 2:06pm Top

>34 Donna828: We meet on Jan 13th, Donna! I'll look forward to what you and your group think about it. I've read and enjoyed Lisa See in the past and after a little hiatus I'm enjoying her style once again.

>35 mstrust: I absolutely agree with you on that, Jennifer! I took the quiz twice with somewhat different answers but each time, English Major.

Jan 3, 3:00pm Top

Happy New Year, Lynda. I've placed my star so I can follow along with your reading. BTW I took the quiz and I am an "Escapist" which I totally agree with.

Jan 3, 3:13pm Top

>28 Carmenere: If Social Reader fits me? If it means to like to be among people, yes I am social, it it's more about politics and interests, no. Some questions I had no clue to the choice of answers (i.e. the personas to chose from, or the quotes), so my answers there are not counting actually :)

I agree with Paul that the other Paul could not sit through all these episodes ....

>30 Carmenere: Ive seen it at Paul C's (other places I don't remember). Now I embellished mine with some more subjects.
I hope that Your soul’s present condition will change ... it needs some baking or it will rot ...

Jan 3, 5:02pm Top

>37 DeltaQueen50: Thank you, Judy! I need to look for your thread so I'll be popping in soon. I'm glad the quiz described you perfectly!!

>38 paulstalder: Yes, the term "Social Reader" is rather vague. Googleing the term brought me to a term described as "“Social reading,” as a concept, is actually quite simple: people want to share what they have read with other people and receive feedback about their thoughts and ideas. ... Social reading exists because of the interactions between two or more persons and the text, whether in-person or digitally." I think that fits most of us perfectly.

The guys just started Episode 4. They hope to finish 6 today, have pizza, sleep and start again tomorrow morning.

No, no Paul! When I think of sourdough, I think of something more benign. In the book Sourdough it describes the dough as a base, a starter, for the actual dough that will become bread. As a starter, it doesn't really die but one must tend to it regularly so it's ready when needed.

Jan 3, 7:34pm Top

So pizza was delivered and the guys are finishing up Episode 5. Episode 6 takes about 2.5 hours so they're right on track.

Jan 3, 7:50pm Top

>21 Carmenere: I am An Explorer: The Explorer knows that a reader lives a thousand lives. This type enjoys experiencing a world of possibilities and firmly agrees that reading builds empathy. Explorers are thoughtful about what they read next. They are likely to get their book recommendations from their fellow readers and sometimes fellow travelers, the issues of the day, and their own research.

>30 Carmenere: Love: "How you would like to die: Educated" and "Your favourite time of day is: Homegoing". These are always so much fun to fill out!

>40 Carmenere: I could never sit still that long!! Hope they are having fun and you are, too. I do want to see the newest movie and I'm sure I;ll get to it, someday....

Jan 3, 11:45pm Top

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2020, Lynda! Looking forward to following your 2020 reading.

Jan 4, 5:14am Top

>39 Carmenere: Thanks for checking the 'social reader'. I can live with that. I always want to talk books :)

Okay, in that case it sounds better to 'be' sourdough. My wife used sourdough sometimes but that was always to be used pretty fast otherwise it started to smell ...

Jan 4, 8:19am Top

>41 Berly: "The Explorer" sounds perfect for you, Kim! I like to think we all have a little bit of each type in our reading personality.
Actually, I think this was the first meme I filled out completely! Yes, fun and kinda thought provoking.
The Marathoners seem to be having a good time. Most went home to sleep but a couple stuck around. They'll be back at it soon enough.

>42 lkernagh: Thank you, Lori!

>43 paulstalder: Ewe, there's nothing worse than a smelly soul! Just in case I'll keep that starter fresh and stored appropriately. ;0)

Coffee with the neighborhood ladies this morning. Most are readers so conversation usually touches upon that subject and lots to catch up on since we met in early December.

Jan 4, 1:19pm Top

Hi Lynda, I took the quiz twice, once on Paul S' thread and once here. I got Discoverer and Escapist. I think maybe the Escapist is a better description but the Discoverer also fits because I like to find new worlds to escape to!

Happy reading in 2020!

Jan 4, 6:29pm Top

>45 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg! Both scenarios sound good. Glad they confirmed what you probably already knew :0)
Thanks, Happy 2020 reading to you too!
And the SW Marathon continues. I think they're on episode 8 now and will soon leave to go to theater for episode 9. Will saw it already but it's my understanding they are going for the 3D version.

The Christmas decorations are just about put away. Just a bare artificial tree in my living room that I'm too pooped to take down to the basement. So, after a hard days work going to go back to The Island of Sea Women and finish those pudding shots are friends brought over for New Years Eve.

Jan 5, 3:36am Top

Looking forward what you think about The Island of Sea Women my library has got several books by Lisa See.
Happy Sunday, Lynda.

Jan 5, 9:05pm Top

Dropping my star! I'm really behind on threads this year. Have a great year of reading!

Edited: Jan 11, 9:20am Top

The Radium Girls
Kate Moore
479 pages
100 book library Challenge

This book reveals the incredibly sad story of the young women who trusted their employers, United States Radium Corporation (USRC) in Orange, New Jersey and the Radium Dial Co of Ottawa, Illinois.
The 1920's saw many changes for women in the United States one of which was women entering the work force. Some young ladies were hired to paint radium on watches to make them luminous. They were taught a technique known as "lip, dip, paint" or "lip pointing". Essentially, redipping the brush in radium and continuing lip, dip and paint clock dials over and over again.
When the girls enquired if this practice was safe, they were repeatedly reassured that it was perfectly safe. Even when the employees began loosing teeth, breaking bones, limping and even dying the effects of radium were hidden from them. At one point, cause of death was reported as syphilis.
The painful and harrowing journey of the young ladies affected by what later was referred to as Radium Poisoning is remarkable and the contribution they made to science, often posthumously , is a testament to their fortitude and strength, demonstrated at their weakest point.
Highly recommended.

ETA: The audio version's narrator sounds like a robot and almost unemotional.

Jan 6, 10:10am Top

>47 Ameise1: Hi Barbara, Still working on The Island of Sea Women. At this point, it's pretty good, not marvelous, but we'll see.

>48 thornton37814: Yay! Glad you found my thread, Lori!

Jan 6, 8:59pm Top

Happy New Year, Lynda! Looking forward to following your reading adventures again.

Jan 7, 12:43am Top

>49 Carmenere: Sounds like you had a great first read.

Jan 7, 6:20am Top

>49 Carmenere: I read that one. So sad what happened to those unknowing women. A really great book though.

Jan 7, 10:54am Top

>51 Crazymamie: Thanks and Happy New Year, to you Mamie! May you have an absolutely fabulous 2020.

>52 Ameise1: Yes, Barbara, a very good start to the new year. I would have preferred the book to the audio but the tragic story would have been the same.....even more so if the book included pictures.

>53 Berly: Terribly sad, Kim, especially because it was allowed to continue for so long.

Visit to dermatologist was quick and painless. Moles are benign - no reason for concern or intervention. :0)

Short visit with mom - a stop at fitness center for treadmill/eliptical and then to dentist for the ongoing drama known as "The Crown" Fingers crossed it works this time.

Jan 7, 10:57am Top

Ugh to the dentist. Crossing my fingers for you.

Jan 7, 11:02am Top

Thanks, Mamie! I'm seriously thinking of changing dentists. I don't know what to do. Sadly, I think if this crown fails me, that's the end of our relationship.

Jan 7, 11:48am Top

May I wish you, belatedly, a happy new year, Lynda?

>49 Carmenere: I read The Radium Girls a while back and thought it was very well done.

I hope "The Crown" saga goes well!

Jan 7, 4:19pm Top

>56 Carmenere: I would not hesitate to get a new dentist - I have been through dental woes like that, and when I finally switched, I had to have a bunch of dental work redone because it was not done right.

Jan 8, 9:00am Top

>57 Dejah_Thoris: Yes, you may, Dejah. Thank you and the same to you!!
TRG, very well done indeed! Such an atrocity!
"The Crown" saga went well. Check back in a week. If it's still on then it went very, very well!!

>58 Crazymamie: Normally, Mamie, I wouldn't hesitate either. We'll see if this crown lasts. Fact is, I'm really too lazy to search for and begin a new relationship. Hope I can continue to wallow in my lazyiness.

OK cozy mystery readers! Throw out some good ones in the vein of the tv show Murder, She Wrote.
Mom requested a Kindle and I want to load it with reads she will enjoy. Ready, Set....Go

Edited: Jan 8, 9:39am Top

>59 Carmenere: I enjoyed the Nancy Atherton Aunt Dimity Series. Aunt Dimity's Death is the first one and there are 24 in the series.
There is also the Hannah Swenson series by Joanne Fluke. The first is Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. I gave up on that after a few but I know it's a very popular series.

Jan 8, 10:23am Top

>59 Carmenere: >60 ChelleBearss: I'll second Aunt Dimity. And that reminds me - I intended to read the most recent one back in December and totally forgot....

I'll get back to you with more suggestions.

Jan 8, 10:45am Top

>49 Carmenere: This one sounds great, Lynda. Lucky it's already on my list. I want to read more nonfiction this year, so I might even get to it.

Jan 8, 12:21pm Top

There is a book series based on Murder, She Wrote, so she may like those, also the books based on the Monk tv series. Or some good ol' Miss Marple.

Jan 8, 6:38pm Top

>60 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle! I will consider both but who can resist a title like Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder.

>61 Dejah_Thoris: Ha! Glad I was able to trigger your memory, Dejah! That's 2 for Aunt Dimity, thanks for your input.

>62 BLBera: It's superb, Beth! I hope you can squeeze it in soon.

>63 mstrust: Really, Murder, She Wrote? That's good to know, Jennifer. I'll run all of your ideas past her.

-----Never did make it to the gym today. It was so dang cold, I just wanted to get home. Shredded pork in the InstantPot was perfect for a cozy home cooked meal.

Maybe I'll finish The Island of Sea Women tonight. It should be a good book for discussion on Monday.

Jan 8, 7:10pm Top

Happy New Thread, Lynda. Somehow, I did not have you starred. Bad Mark. I have to drop over to the 75, 2020 Group now and then and star the folks, I have missed. It is tough to keep up.

I hope your year is off to a good start, and that you are enjoying those books.

Jan 8, 9:34pm Top

Happy New Year and happy reading in 2020 Lynda. It may have taken me a while to get here but here I am lol.

>21 Carmenere: I'm an Escapist according to the quiz which is probably accurate. I mean why not escape to a wonderful or scary or educational or mysterious world when you have a chance?

>54 Carmenere: Isn't The Crown a Netflix series?...

Jan 9, 3:20pm Top

>65 msf59: Welcome, Mark! I'm still finding threads myself. In any case, I'm glad you found me.

>66 brenzi: Congratulations, Bonnie, the Escapist! That's what reading is all about, isn't it? I consider myself an escapist in some respects but I suppose I didn't click on all the answers which pointed in that direction.
Yes, the original and wonderful The Crown is indeed on Netflix. My personal saga of The Crown involves my dental woes. :'(


Couldn't finish Sea Women last night but I will today.

Edited: Jan 10, 9:36am Top

The Island of Sea Women
Lisa See
374 pages
Library book group

In true Lisa See fashion, The Island of Sea Women is a history lesson wrapped in a human interest story.
Today's lesson brings the reader to Korea circa late 1930's. Koreans are living under Japanese control and wish for the day when Korea will some day regain there independence. Forward to World War II. Japan is out but through the spoils of war Korea is divided in half. The north to the Soviets, the South to the Americans. By focusing on the south, where Jeju Island is located, the author illustrates the horrific days of Korean independence with intervention from the US.
Into this turmoil, See, tells us the human interest side of the story. We are introduced to Young-sook as an 80 year old grandmother working near the sea. A casual acquaintance on the beach triggers memories of her childhood friend Mi-ja. Friends since birth, they are closer than sisters but for some reason Young-sook denies knowing Mi-ja. This is the catalyst which propels the reader forward. The memories begin......Young-sook and Hi-ja were haenyeo, underwater divers who helped support their families with earnings from what they harvest from the sea surrounding the island of Jeju. The somewhat dystopian lifestyle of a haenyeo is very enlightening, their story adventurous yet dangerous. What could have possibly gone wrong? The author will enthrall you with the details of their lives and you'll find you'll probably want to take a dip with Lisa See again and again.

Jan 10, 9:13am Top

Today, I'll be finishing the GN Ghosts, another 100 book challenge selection for the library and I will begin the much anticipated Were the Crawdads Sing for the neighborhood book swap. I assume they sing in the marsh or swamp but maybe a euphemism for something else....Hmmmm

Jan 10, 12:46pm Top

>68 Carmenere: Great review, Lynda.

Jan 10, 2:35pm Top

>70 Ameise1: Thank you, Barbara!

Jan 10, 8:31pm Top

The first of my book gifts to myself arrived today. Women Talking paperback from Book Depository. It will be one of my February reads.

Jan 10, 8:41pm Top

>72 Carmenere: I found Women Talking rather fascinating when I read it last year. Another F word - frustrating. I hope you enjoy it.

Jan 10, 10:31pm Top

Happy Friday, Lynda. I have not seen a lot of LT chatter on Women Talking, but it really sounds good. It is on my list.

I am loving Nightwoods. Keep this one in mind.

Jan 11, 9:18am Top

>73 Dejah_Thoris: Dejah, you are the first person I know to have read Women Talking! The synopsis sounds very intriguing to me. Hmmm, I'm interested in how you also found it frustrating. Here's another f word, I can't wait to read it in February!

>74 msf59: Happy Saturday, Mark! Stay tuned for more Women Talking chatter. I have a feeling it will be a great book for discussion.
I'm glad you're enjoying Nightwoods. I've already read it and Frazier has become one of my favorite authors.


Another rainy day but the forecast high is 64! Are we living in the matrix?! It's January!

Jan 11, 9:20am Top

Raina Telgemeier
240 pages
100 Book Library Challenge

A young couple move to northern California with their two daughters in the hope the moist air will help the youngest daughter battle cystic fibrosis.
The family quickly learn the foggy days and nights of Bahia de la Luna is a ripe place for ghosts to congregate and a wonderful location for the family to get in touch with their Hispanic roots. Ghosts is a fun read and fairly spooky Graphic Novel.

Jan 11, 10:37pm Top

>54 Carmenere: Nice to see that your skin doctor had good news.

Have a great weekend, Lynda.

Jan 12, 1:10pm Top

>76 Carmenere: I really enjoyed Raina Telgemeier's graphic novel Drama, and I've been meaning to read more of her work. You've prompted me to request Ghosts from the library - hopefully, I'll get it in time to have a shared read with you for the TIOLI Challenges. Shared reads have been hard to come by this month!

Jan 12, 5:42pm Top

I read Women Talking last year and really liked it Lynda. I hope you do as well.

Jan 13, 9:31pm Top

>77 PaulCranswick: Thanks, Paul, can never be too careful where skin is concerned. We only gets one.

>78 Dejah_Thoris: Hi Dejah, I'll check availability of Drama and keep my fingers crossed you're able to get Ghosts.

>79 brenzi: Cool, Bonnie! I'm glad I'm beginning to read good things about Women Talking. I'm really looking forward to this read!

I was disappointed to miss this morning's library discussion of The Island of Sea Women. When I stopped in later in the day our moderator said the group was tired of Lisa Sea as her books are so similar to each other. On the good side, many were intrigued to read about the history of Korea from early 20th century to present.
I also picked up our February selection.......The Worst Hard Time............This sounds really good and I know many LTers have mentioned it favorably.

Edited: Jan 14, 8:39am Top

On recommendation, I picked up two GN's by Cyril Pedrosa, Portugal and Equinoxes. I'm excited and elated! I think they were mentioned by either Joe or Mark.

Oh, oh! Tonight I will watch the final episode of Game of Thrones! I still have no idea (well, I do have suspicions) who will sit on the Iron Throne but I can say the prospects are narrowing.

Jan 14, 9:40am Top

Morning, Lynda. Hooray for The Worst Hard Time. Great book. Great pick. I read and enjoyed Portugal but not the other. I do have copy from the library, though. Big book.

I gave up on Lisa See, awhile ago, for that very reason.

Jan 14, 3:52pm Top

>82 msf59: Hey, good afternoon, Mark!! yeah, I'm pretty psyched about The Worst Hard Time. I think it will be great for discussion.

Lisa See is a great writer but to keep her audience she really needs to shake things up a bit.

I'm itching to get to Pedrosa but I have to finish my January planned reads first. Won't be long now :)

Jan 14, 3:55pm Top

The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
93 pages
100 book challenge

I'm speechless. I just don't know what to say about The Little Prince. What I've heard and read make it seem like some existential gobbledygook. Well, perhaps it is or maybe your spiritual plane sees something in it others can not. I for one, tend to be a simple minded reader. I did not see the hidden nuances in The Little Prince. Basically, what I did see here is Saint-Exupery asking adults, 'Hey, where's your imagination!? Why does everything have to be only one way?' And that's the beauty of this book. It can be many things to you or nothing at all. Children see things from a different perspective, with an imaginative mind. They have a common sense that some adults seem to have lost along the way.
So, that's all I'll say about this book, open the cover and open your mind. If nothing else, it's beautifully written.

Jan 14, 5:24pm Top

>84 Carmenere: Netflix released an animated version of The Little Prince that I thought was well done if you are interested.

Jan 14, 7:06pm Top

>85 Oberon: Thanks, Eric! I'll check it out

Jan 15, 9:14pm Top

Lynda, I’m sorry you missed the discussion of The Island of Sea Women. My group all liked it very much and we focused on the Korean History quite a bit. Several in the group researched the confusion of the events of the massacre while others were fascinated by the women divers. I enjoy books that teach me something, and this one taught me a lot.

Jan 16, 8:54am Top

>87 Donna828: Hi Donna, from what I've heard my library group thoroughly enjoyed the historical aspects of The Island of Sea Women, as did I. The divers were indeed fascinating - especially because they were the breadwinners of the family while their husbands watched the children and did household duties.
On a side note, back when I was a wee child, late '60's early 70's, I was mesmerized by the pearl divers in the Japanese Village at Sea World. You'd go to the counter, tell the clerk you'd like to purchase an oyster, you'd take the tag to the diver who would them dive for your very special oyster.
Then, you'd take it back to the clerk who'd have it opened in front of you and you could choose to pay extra and have it put into jewelry or take it home unmounted. My parents had it mounted onto a ring which I still have, but of course, no longer fits. I'd love to talk to one of those divers today and ask all sorts of questions about her life.

I watched the final episode of Game of Thrones last night and found the conclusion a little disappointing.

Jan 16, 9:08am Top

Yesterday, I listened to the first chapter of Wolf Hall on the treadmill. Wow, 30 minutes went so quickly! Today, chapter 2 is 47 minutes. Yeah - I can do 47 minutes! Off to the fitness center......

Jan 16, 6:27pm Top

>88 Carmenere: - What a fascinating story about Sea World!

>89 Carmenere: - I am planning hoping to do a re-read of both Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies in prep for the third book being released. I hadn't thought about listening to the audiobooks. I must go see if they are available through my local library system. Glad to see that the audio/treadmill walking combination is working for you!

Jan 16, 8:20pm Top

>49 Carmenere: Although I knew the story, I am adding the book to the BlackHole as my knowledge is cursory. Thanks for the recommendation, Lynda!

>68 Carmenere: Already in the BlackHole, so I get to dodge that BB!

>80 Carmenere: I very much enjoyed The Worst Hard Time when I read it. I hope you enjoy the book when you get to it.

Jan 16, 8:42pm Top

I absolutely loved The Worst Hard Time Lynda. It may be my favorite NF read ever. This morning I finished listening to Wolf Hall. It was a reread for me and it was terrific. Simon Slater was the narrator. Is that the one you're listening to? I'll be listening to Bring Up the Bodies next month.

Jan 16, 9:19pm Top

>90 lkernagh: Wolf Hall is a re-read for me too, Lori, although I'm re-reading it through the audio format this time around. I've had Bring Up the Bodies on my shelf since it was released so I'm eager to get to that and then jump into the 3rd in the trilogy. Now that I think of it, I should put a hold on it at the library. ETA: Good thing I did. I'm #34 on the wait list :0)
Hahaha: Chapter three is over one hour, I'll probably break that down to 2 thread mill sessions.

>91 alcottacre: Oh, Stasia, Radium Girls will not disappoint. What those poor young girls went through goes beyond the pale.
I'm so looking forward to The Worst Hard Time!

>92 brenzi: Woo Hoo! more love for The Worst Hard Time from Bonnie! February can not get hear fast enough!!
Yes, I am listening to Simon Slater. He's doing a wonderful job. Hmmm, perhaps if he's also narrating Bring Up the Bodies I'll listen to it as I read along.

I may have some interesting news about a volunteer opportunity that has just been presented to me. Stay tuned :0)

Jan 16, 9:22pm Top

>93 Carmenere: I am staying tuned!!

Jan 16, 9:38pm Top

Edited: Jan 16, 11:25pm Top

>93 Carmenere: - Smart move to place a hold on the second book now! I am 2nd on the list for the audio of Wolf Hall, and now scrambling to see if any of my library's digital offerings has the audio for Bring Up the Bodies. One of the service offering has everything Mantel has published BUT Bring Up the Bodies. Go figure.

Edited: Jan 17, 10:01am Top

>96 lkernagh: "One of the service offering has everything Mantel has published BUT Bring Up the Bodies. "

Whaaaat?! That's crazy! There's no figuring that at all! Good luck!

Jan 17, 10:09am Top

It's not easy being my son. Poor Will, I freaked him out telling him he has to file for graduation by Jan 24th in addition to everything he's working on for this semester. Turns out he's got till the middle of March to do so. :0/

Jan 17, 4:20pm Top

>92 brenzi: "I absolutely loved The Worst Hard Time Lynda. It may be my favorite NF read ever." Did I ever tell you how much I like, Bonnie? B.A.G.

Happy Friday, Lynda. Snow arriving soon, including plummeting temps. Glad I am off until Tuesday. B.A.G.II!

Jan 17, 5:04pm Top

>100 msf59: Woo Hoo, My 100th visitor! Mark, I can not wait to dive into The Worst Hard Time! I'm expecting amazing things!
Hahaha, no need to say it, we all like Bonnie!!
Hunker down it looks like it's going to be a snowy, icy, rainy, slushy mess! We are going to start seeing it about 9pm tonight and I'm anticipating a snow day for me tomorrow. Books and more books. Enjoy your days off!!

Yesterday, 9:49am Top

Hi Lynda: I want to read Wolf Hall this year as well. It sounds like listening to it works. I'll have to check to see if there is an audiobook available.

Yesterday, 4:39pm Top

>102 BLBera: Beth, if you can find the audio version of Wolf Hall narrated by Simon Slater, you will not be disappointed. I read it way back when and the narration adds so much to the story. I'm loving it!

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