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Coffee.Cat's Barista Books vol.1

75 Books Challenge for 2020

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Edited: Jan 10, 8:07am Top

Late Spring Afternoon by yaoyao ma van as

I’m Abigail - coffee obsessed, cat cuddling, book lover. I read a range of genres from fantasy to murder mysteries to romance, with lots of manga and graphic novels thrown in. I’ve tried a thread before - and failed - third time's the charm?

Edited: Jan 13, 9:38am Top

A Good Spot for Dreaming by yaoyao ma van as

Favorite Books of the Year:

Currently Reading:

Currently Listening to:

Edited: Jan 10, 8:23am Top

Breathe by yaoyao ma van as

Books Read : 16
Books Reviewed: 0
Recommended Books: 7
New Authors: 1
ReReads: 7
Books w/ a Cat in it: 2

Edited: Jan 10, 8:22am Top

Came For Apples, Left With A Best Friend by yaoyao ma van as

Random Discoveries of the Year

Here I will put random stuff that I have tried, and enjoyed, out of books (drinks, music, activities, etc.)

Because the small things that bring you happiness are the most important.

Jan 10, 7:58am Top

That's all she wrote, next one's yours!

Jan 10, 8:32am Top

Third time will definitely be the charm - good luck, Abigail! Looking forward to sharing our reading journeys.

Jan 10, 8:45am Top

Well, helllllloooooo there, Abby! Lovely to see you!

(And thanks to the little birdie who told me you were here :) )

Jan 10, 8:45am Top

Meow! I sat on the couch with a cat curled in my lap most of last night. I was reading and petting. The nice thing about last night was that the most aloof of the three was the one snuggling. His brothers were asleep on my bed (as I discovered when he got up to get a drink of water). While he came back to my lap after that, one of the other cats displaced him before too long. They all must have their turn. I often get two cats in the lap. It's rarer to have all three on it.

Jan 10, 9:45am Top

>6 Crazymamie: Haha, thanks Mum. Can't wait to be hit by your book bullets this year - you always pick out books for me that turn into lasting favorites.

>7 katiekrug: Hey Katie! Lovely to see you too, and very sweet of the little birdie.

>8 thornton37814: That sounds like a perfect night. Nothing is better than snuggling a cat and reading. My cat (out of the 3 we own) is notorious for only cuddling when no one else can see her - she doesn't want to be caught snuggling! My Mum is the only one in my family who can get both the baby kitties to lay with her - I'm a little jealous of it. What are your cats names?

Jan 10, 4:53pm Top

Good to see you back with us, Abby, happy reading in 2020!

Jan 10, 6:17pm Top

>9 Coffee.Cat: My boys are Sherlock, Mr. B, and Barney. Sherlock is my detective. Mr. B tried to be bossy when he was a cat, but Sherlock out-dominated him. Instead he's just a blessing. Barney is a lot like Barney Fife in that he gets all ready to do something and then gets scared.

Jan 10, 7:38pm Top

Hi, Abigail! Another cat lover here--at this point mostly feral kittens who came indoors! Sybil, Miles, Motley, Dinah, Gordo and Crooktail.

I read mostly fantasy and science fiction with a smattering of mystery, romance and nonfiction. Welcome!

Jan 10, 11:10pm Top

Welcome back! Glad to see you again!

Jan 11, 8:34am Top

Another resolution is to keep up in 2020 with all my friends on LT. Happy New Year!

Jan 11, 9:57am Top

>10 FAMeulstee: Thank you! Very glad to be back - I definitely keep better track of my reading when I'm on LibraryThing. Plus, I missed all the excellent book discussions. Book people are the best people.

>11 thornton37814: Aw! They sound like a fun grouping of felines. Barney cracks me up - isn't it funny how cats tend to live up to their names?

Jan 11, 10:06am Top

>12 ronincats: Roni! That is quite the troop of kitties. I don't know if I could keep up with so many - the three that we have definitely keep us on our toes. I was talking to one customer at work that had two carts full of canned cat food, and she told me she had 57 cats. 57. Cats. INSIDE. She told me with a knowing smile on her face, "Yes, i'm THAT crazy cat lady, but I just can't seem to stop adopting the babies. It's a sickness." I couldn't even imagine...

By the way, the mugs you made my mom and me are still my favorites. I smile every time I use mine, they are just gorgeous!

>13 drneutron: Thank you Jim, and I appreciate the help last year with my account. I didn't end up getting it back, but it turned out ok as I got to rearrange how I had my library set up here. I'm also pleased with the new name - I was a bit bored of Thebookdiva.

>14 PaulCranswick: Hey Paul, more laughter especially. It seems 2019 was a bad year for a lot of people, myself included, so I'm determined to make this year a happy one.

Jan 11, 10:56pm Top

>16 Coffee.Cat: I didn't have so much to smile about in 2019, Abigail, but I am certainly a glass-half-full kinda guy and always start the new year with a grin and high hopes.

Have a lovely weekend.

Edited: Jan 13, 1:27pm Top

True fact.

Jan 13, 1:38pm Top

>18 Coffee.Cat: Truth!

And this is me:

Jan 13, 6:15pm Top

>19 Crazymamie: *belly laugh* So true. Love ya

Also, I'm almost finished with Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (LOVE him) and it is SO good. He should narrate more books.

Jan 13, 6:25pm Top

>19 Crazymamie: & >20 Coffee.Cat: And I chuckled at both!

Jan 14, 8:08am Top

Saw this and thought of you!

Jan 14, 8:11am Top

>22 katiekrug: Oh my gosh Katie, you are never going to believe this - I was just looking at that image and thinking of posting it because I liked it so much! Too funny, Thank you!

Jan 14, 8:13am Top

Great minds.... :)

Jan 14, 8:16am Top

Hi Abby! I've just seen your thread, and my first thought was that it was such a co-incidence that Mamie was the first to visit as she also has a daughter called Abigail. And then the penny dropped :-)

Welcome back, and I hope 2020 is a great year for you.

Jan 14, 8:20am Top

It was a rough night. Thank god for cats. My cat, Mercy, knew how much I was struggling last night and she came and snuggle hugged me the entire night - almost exactly like the cat on the right above. She even woke me up from a bad dream, licked my nose, and hugged me again while smashing her face into mine with her motor running. I love that cat to pieces.

On the reading front, I hope to finish Born a Crime by Trevor Noah today and I've started rereading Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts. My mom suggested Dance Upon the Air to me (last year?) and it was instant book love. I read it constantly now and she got me a copy with decal edged pages for Christmas.

Jan 14, 8:23am Top

>24 katiekrug: *grins*

>25 susanj67: Haha, yeah, I was Thebookdiva before but lost my account. Thank you, and I hope 2020 is a great year for everybody - 2019 sucked. I think we all need a smooth, happy year.

Jan 14, 2:34pm Top

Hey, have you seen Erin Morgenstern's The Starless Sea? Damn fine piece of magical writing.

Jan 14, 5:31pm Top

>28 drneutron: I have not, but I have added it to my library here and will check and see if the local library has a copy. Love recommendations - especially magical ones.

Jan 17, 8:46am Top

Hiya, Abby! I didn't know "Coffee Cat" was you. Great to have you back!

Jan 17, 9:03am Top

>30 jnwelch: Hey Joe, yeah it's a boring story about losing my original account. But I actually like CoffeeCat better than Thebookdiva so all's well that ends well.

Edited: Jan 17, 9:31am Top

SO. I have irritated my wrist to the point that I can't draw for the next few days and I'm actually icing it. I knew it was getting painful but I went ahead and spent almost an entire day inking a drawing anyway (because I'm stubborn and you gotta ink when you're feeling it). I don't regret finishing the piece because it turned out just how I wanted, but I am thoroughly put out that now I can't even sketch. Ugh, artist problems.

As it turns out though, a lot of artists struggle with returning wrist injuries (this is definitely not the first time this has happened). Makes sense, you're doing the same motions over and over - luckily many artists have vlogged about what they did to improve their wrist muscles. So I'm going to try several of the wrist exercises and start sleeping with a brace on. Hopefully it'll help me have less wrist/hand pain in future.

Jan 17, 6:51pm Top

Welcome back, Abby! I second Joe's recommendation of The Starless Sea. I'll be looking forward to following your reading & art & random thoughts this year. Hope your wrist is feeling better soon!

Jan 17, 8:44pm Top

Happy New Year, Abby! Happy New Thread! Great to see you back. I hope it sticks this time. Hooray for Born a Crime. It is such a great memoir.

Jan 17, 8:53pm Top

Hello, Abby! I do not believe that we have been formally introduced. I am Stasia, aka AlcottAcre. I am glad to see you participating in the 75ers challenge!

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