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This is a continuation of the topic PAUL C INTO THE ROARING 20S - Part 2.

75 Books Challenge for 2020

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Jan 13, 3:09am Top

A vista I often see on my way home

Edited: Jan 13, 5:23am Top


Deaf Republic has many devotees here but it is hard pressed to match Raymond Antrobus's debut collection Perseverance. Both poets are audibly impaired but definitely gifted. This is from the opening salvo from the collection Echo

My ear amps whistle like they are singing
to Echo, goddess of noise,
the raveled knot of tongues,
of blaring birds, consonant crumbs
of dull doorbells, sounds swamped
in my misty hearing aid tubes.
Gaudí believed in holy sound
and built a cathedral to contain it,
pulling hearing men from their knees
as though atheism is a kind of deafness.
Who would turn down God?
Even though I have not heard
the golden decibels of angels,
I have been living in a noiseless
palace where the doorbell is pulsating
light and I am able to answer.

Edited: Today, 5:00am Top



1. Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift (2016) 149 pp - BAC Challenge
2. Paper Aeroplane by Simon Armitage (2014) 232 pp
3. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson (1985) 171 pp - BAC Challenge
4. The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick by Peter Handke (1970) 133 pp - Nobel winner
5. The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan (2006) 312 pp
6. Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn (1972) 93 pp
7. I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti (2001) 225 pp
8. Death Walks in Eastrepps by Francis Beeding (1931) 252 pp
9. Deaf Republic by Ilya Kaminski (2019) 78 pp

Edited: Jan 13, 7:50am Top


Edited: Jan 13, 7:52am Top


I always start out ambitiously but not having made 100 books in the last two years I am going all out to read 20 books a month next year and go well past 200 for the first time since my University days.

20 Categories for 2020 which will also give a nod to my other challenges and longer term projects.

The twenty categories are :

1. British Author Challenge
2. British Poetry
3. Contemporary British Fiction
4. World Poetry
5. 1001 Books
6. Plays
7. American Author Challenge
8. Non-Fiction
9. History
10. Current Affairs
11. Booker Nominees
12. Nobel Winners
13. Scandi
14. Series Books
15. Thrillers/Mystery
16. Classic Fiction
17. 21st Century Fiction
18. World Literature
19. Science Fiction / Fantasy
20. Pot Luck

Edited: Jan 13, 8:02am Top


January Charles Frazier
February Grace Paley
March David McCullough
April Francine Prose
May E. Lynn Harris
June Jean Stafford
July Wendell Berry
August Robert Penn Warren
September Dawn Powell
October Ward Just
November Ann Petry
December Tony Hillerman

Jan 13, 3:11am Top


Jan 13, 3:11am Top


Jan 13, 3:11am Top


Jan 13, 3:12am Top


Jan 13, 3:12am Top


Jan 13, 3:33am Top

Third week, third thread - WOW!
Happy new thread Paul!

Jan 13, 4:32am Top

Happy Thingaversary. Good to see you splurging on some books.

Jan 13, 5:09am Top

>13 SirThomas: I will slow down, Thomas - I promise!

>14 avatiakh: Lovely to see you as always, Kerry. Added a couple of Antipodean books in my thingaversary splurge.

Jan 13, 5:22am Top

Happy new thread Paul.

Jan 13, 5:24am Top

>16 fairywings: Thank you Adrienne. It is great to see you so active this year so far.

Jan 13, 5:28am Top

>17 PaulCranswick: Thanks Paul, I'm trying to be more active this year, hoping I can sustain it. It's fairly easy this time of year while I'm still on holidays, I'll need to make a much bigger effort to keep it up when school goes back and I get busy again.

Jan 13, 5:48am Top

Just setting up my deckchair to watch the next thread speed past me :)

Jan 13, 6:45am Top

Happy new thread!

Number three already!!

Jan 13, 7:34am Top

Happy new thread, Paul. A bit hard for me to keep up but I will try.

Jan 13, 7:37am Top

Holy Moly! Congrats and Happy third thread, Paul! If I pay one visit to each of your threads, I'll consider myself up to date ;0) Have a great week!

Jan 13, 7:42am Top

>18 fairywings: I am enjoying "seeing" more of you anyways. x

>19 BekkaJo: It is speeding me by too - I need to get the thing properly set up shortly!

Jan 13, 7:44am Top

>20 figsfromthistle: Thank you, Anita. I made my threads too long and stodgy last year.

>21 jessibud2: Lovely to see you Shelley. x

Jan 13, 7:45am Top

>22 Carmenere: Don't ration yourself too much, Lynda, for heaven's sake. x

Jan 13, 7:56am Top

Chatty little thread you've got going here!
Thanks for the recipe. I commented below your post, 'over there'.

Jan 13, 7:58am Top

Happy Third Thread Paul! Glad to see we've been useful in recommending Dominion. Going back to your last thread and talking about Lord Halifax and appeasement Mr SandDune has very recently read Appeasing Hitler: Chamberlain Churchill and the Road to War by Tim Bouverie covering that period that he said was completely unputtdownable. He couldn't recommend it highly enough. (The touchstone on here lists a slightly different title but I think it must be the same book.)

Jan 13, 8:06am Top

>26 SandyAMcPherson: Why thank you, Ma'am!
Hope that the recipe is helpful - I can vouch for its tastiness.

>27 SandDune: It was a great spot, I have to say, Rhian. Based on his sure eye I will certainly look up the book by Tim Bouverie. It is a gripping period especially as in retrospect Britain and France (and the USA, really) were so silly to put their faith in such a hopeless policy. Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain have been vilified by history in so many respects but they were enormously popular for most of the 1930s.

Jan 13, 8:20am Top

I’m here before Post 200!
Yay me!
And certainly yay you, Paul, on getting off to an amazing start this year.

Jan 13, 8:34am Top

>29 bohemima: Well done, Gail - I must be slacking! x

Jan 13, 8:35am Top

Happy New Thread, Paul!

As a city boy, I love that nighttime topper.

That poem from Raymond Antrobus is a good 'un; I like that finish to it.

Jan 13, 8:59am Top

>31 jnwelch: Thanks Joe. Hugely talented young man is Raymond Antrobus.

I am a villager but I am constantly in awe of how beautiful my adopted city can be at night.

Jan 13, 9:06am Top

Happy new thread!

Jan 13, 9:22am Top

Three threads already. Sheesh. 😂

Jan 13, 9:30am Top

Happy new thread, Paul!

>1 PaulCranswick: I am now wondering if their is poetry in sign language, and what it would look like:-)

Jan 13, 9:40am Top

Happy new thread, Paul!

Jan 13, 10:29am Top

>33 foggidawn: Thanks Foggi

>34 drneutron: I know Jim, I'm sort of back to my old ways.

Jan 13, 10:38am Top

>35 EllaTim: I think that there is poetry in most things, Ella.

>36 ChelleBearss: Thanks Chelle. x

Jan 13, 10:41am Top

>2 PaulCranswick: I love that poem Paul. Off to drop the collection in my basket.

Jan 13, 10:45am Top

Happy new thread, Paul. I can't keep up!

Edited: Jan 17, 12:22am Top

Happy new thread, again, Paul! Gorgeous photo of your city!

>27 SandDune: The title we have here for that is quite a mouthful. It's FIGHTING CHURCHILL, APPEASING HITLER : NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN, SIR HORACE WILSON, AND BRITAIN'S PLIGHT OF APPEASEMENT, 1937-1939. Sorry for the caps but it was so long that I copied it from my library's website. It is still on order there and I am on hold for it. Good to hear that Mr. SandDune liked it.

Jan 13, 12:16pm Top

Happy new thread!

Jan 13, 12:41pm Top

Happy new thread Paul!

Jan 13, 12:59pm Top

Good glory - another one! Happy new thread!

Jan 13, 1:15pm Top

Happy new one, Paul! Hoping that your week is full of fabulous.

Jan 13, 2:21pm Top

>41 Familyhistorian: I think that Touchstone is going to the wrong book, but I think you’re referring to the same book, if that makes sense ...

Jan 13, 2:32pm Top

Ok, you are too fast for me. Happy new one, Paul.

Jan 13, 4:16pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul!

>1 PaulCranswick: Well that's a lantern festival all in itself!

Jan 13, 4:36pm Top

Happy new thread mate.

Jan 13, 5:13pm Top

Hi Paul!

From your last thread,

On January 10, I noted your comment about fortunes in Chanel handbags and perfume and smiled.

Sorry to hear that you were under the weather, glad that had a full recovery.

Am pleased and amazed that at 12:47 a.m. my time I was #10 on the top 10 list.

And, finally, happy new thread! Number three, I’m impressed. And congrats on 5 books already reported for the year.

Jan 13, 6:02pm Top

Happy THIRD thread, Paul!
It looks like you are on a mission to maximize the chatter this year ;-)

Jan 13, 6:02pm Top

>39 Caroline_McElwee: It is certainly a great start to a debut collection, Caroline.

>40 RebaRelishesReading: Thank Reba. The beginning of a new year is always so much fun.

Jan 13, 6:05pm Top

>41 Familyhistorian: Thank you, Meg. Who knows what would have happened had Britain and France stopped Hitler in his tracks in the early 30s. Ousted him straight from the previously de-militarised Ruhr as soon as he showed aggression.

>42 amanda4242: Thank you dear Amanda

Jan 13, 6:06pm Top

>43 swynn: Thanks Stephen.

>44 Dejah_Thoris: A little more energy this early in the year, is all, Princess.

Jan 13, 6:07pm Top

>45 Crazymamie: I've missed your fabulous, Mamie, as have so many of us in the latter part of 2019.

>46 SandDune: I get what you mean, Rhian, the touchstones are being cranky again!

Jan 13, 6:09pm Top

>47 Ameise1: The ladies in my life have often said much the same thing, Barbara!

>48 quondame: The city does light up at night which is really beautiful, Susan, I think.

Jan 13, 6:12pm Top

>49 johnsimpson: Thanks John. I will get over to your thread today mate and see what you've all been doing. My mum is in hospital yet again - they think this time may be gall bladder complications. Poor old girl is becoming like the bionic woman.

>50 karenmarie: I will of course sneak the odd hint of pith into the On This Day reports, Karen!

You have run consistently top ten the last years, Karen, it is no surprise. x

Jan 13, 6:13pm Top

>51 FAMeulstee: I am always happier, Anita when the group numbers are clipping along quickly.

Jan 13, 6:20pm Top

Happy New Thread, Paul. You have been on fire, racking up old Paul numbers! Like that night-time topper!

Jan 13, 6:23pm Top

>59 msf59: Thanks Mark. If I'm the hare, I'd still back you, even without a shell, to win the race!

Jan 13, 6:29pm Top

Hi, Paul! Happy new thread! And best wishes for a speedy recovery for your mother!

Jan 13, 6:32pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul! That's a lovely skyline to get to see often. And while I know it's "not about the numbers," it is nice to see your posting and book numbers up and know it means you're doing well.

Jan 13, 8:12pm Top

>61 harrygbutler: Thanks Harry

>62 bell7: Thank you Mary. It is a sign that I am in a fairly happy place that I am managing to post more.

Jan 13, 8:17pm Top

>1 PaulCranswick: What a delightful topper! I am glad that you are in a "fairly happy place!"

Jan 13, 8:23pm Top

Your thread is moving too fast! I can't keep up. Nice Thingaversary haul back on the old thread! I'm reading Waterland by Graham Swift at the moment.

Jan 13, 8:26pm Top

>64 Whisper1: I don't know whether I am just deluding myself, Linda, but I am trying to be!

>65 thornton37814: I remember really enjoying Waterland, Lori.

Jan 13, 8:27pm Top

>41 Familyhistorian: I am going to have to see if I can find a copy of Fighting Churchill. The book sounds right up my alley.

Jan 13, 8:40pm Top

>67 alcottacre: Hi Stasia - lovely to see you off the acre and paying me a quick visit. x

Jan 13, 8:45pm Top

Well five of the Labour leadership candidates have made it to the next round.

They are :
Rebecca Long Bailey
Lisa Nandy
Jess Phillips
Keir Starmer
Emily Thornberry

I am a little surprised that the last named managed to get 21 of her colleagues to nominate her as I believe that she is every bit as unelectable as Mr. Corbyn was.

Many people have commented that it is high time a lady was made leader but Keir Starmer the only male left in the fight is clear favourite.

I have to put them in order of preference when I vote so I will be following what they say in the meanwhile.

Edited: Jan 13, 9:19pm Top

On this Day

In 1943 FDR travels from Miami to Morocco to meet Churchill and becomes the first US President to travel by airplane in office.

Born in 83 BC Mark Antony. Caesar's pal and copycat bedfellow of Queen Cleo.

Died in 1898 Lewis Carroll toddled off to wonderland.

Married in 1954 Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio - two famous ball players.

Norma-Jean and Joe. Looks like she's gonna cut her cheek on that nose.

Jan 13, 10:28pm Top

Good grief.... third thread already?!
Happy new thread, Paul.

Jan 13, 10:36pm Top

>71 lkernagh: Yes, Lori, I need to be careful or I'll run out of fingers. xx

Jan 14, 3:11am Top

>70 PaulCranswick: I have to admit to something quite embarrassing. When I am researching my On This Day segment I have to adjust the day count given that LT time is 12 hours behind me and therefore when I am in 14 January most of my pals are still enjoying 13 January.

Well today I forgot to do that so that the information I displayed all relates to 14 January and not 13 January!! Sorry all.

Jan 14, 6:28am Top

>73 PaulCranswick: That's smart, Paul, just checking if we pay attention well enough!

Just kidding, of course. Best wishes for your mum's speedy recovery.

Jan 14, 8:07am Top

>74 DianaNL: I think I was more concerned about the jokes on the Monroe/DiMaggio wedding than really checking what I was doing. I should try and get a job with Fox News my inaccuracy would be a real asset.

Edited: Jan 14, 10:23am Top

Since it is my Thingaversary today (9th year) it was both appropriate and a lovely surprise to receive from my Santa Swapee:

11. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole (1931) 757 pp
12. The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope (1864) 665 pp

Thank you so much, Ellen.

Jan 14, 10:27am Top

One day - this is less than 0,005% of my present lifetime - that hardly counts at all ;-).
I've been in 14th for quite a while now - so Happy Thingaversary, Paul.

Jan 14, 10:34am Top

>77 SirThomas: Well, when you put it like that, Thomas, I suppose it is rather a small gaffe.
Thank you.

Jan 14, 10:35am Top

Happy Thingaversary, Paul. It was a lucky day for us when you joined the group. I envy you that view of such a beautiful skyline. I have never lived in a big city but am fortunate to have a lovely view of our small lake. We had a huge group of noisy geese stop over for a rest in the middle of the night. I think I’d prefer the city noise.

Jan 14, 11:17am Top

>79 Donna828: Oh I would swap that skyline for the rolling hills of my home county, Donna.

Like this one for instance:

This is near Skipton in God's Country (Yorkshire).

Jan 14, 11:54am Top

The other day I was listening to Weller & David Gray - British male songwriters.

Today I am enjoying Aimee Mann and in particular her brilliant two albums Bachelor No.2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo (2000) and Lost in Space (2002)

Jan 14, 12:04pm Top

> The back end of Storm Brendan and gale force winds... I promise it doesn't look like that today ;)

Edited: Jan 14, 12:07pm Top

It is after midnight here so 15 January 2020 - my sweet little Belly (Karyn Ysabelle Amylea to be precise) is now officially 16 - although she remains unofficially the most mature member of the family.

Here is my absolute favourite photo of her.


Jan 14, 12:09pm Top

>82 BekkaJo: Yep, well Bekka, if you get the angle wrong KL isn't always spectacular either! Hope you are not so storm tossed by that blasted Brendan in the Channel Isles.

Jan 14, 12:12pm Top

Not too bad - to be honest the fence is still down form the pre-Christmas storms, and everything else in the house seems to be standing solid (fingers crossed!)

>83 PaulCranswick: HOW!!! Somehow I always think she's a similar age to Cass... obviously she's not and I'm insane... Happy Birthday Belle!

Jan 14, 12:17pm Top

>83 PaulCranswick: Oh, that photo is adorable! No wonder it's your favorite.

Jan 14, 12:18pm Top

Happy birthday, Belle and happy Thingaversary, Paul!

Edited: Jan 14, 12:23pm Top

>85 BekkaJo: Stay safe, Bekka.

They grow up too darned fast. I am happy with her today as I was allowed a cuddle.

On less celebratory news, I may have to go back to the UK very soon as Kyran seems to be floundering in Portsmouth - isn't enjoying his course, still struggling to come to terms with the accidental death of his best friend last year and the break up with his girlfriend. Oh the angst of youth. His mum isn't great in such circumstances as she is apt to state the blindingly bloody obvious and make him feel worse.

He wants to change course and regroup. If necessary I will bring him home and he can try again in the next academic year. He is a sensitive soul and needs a shoulder probably. My own Dad would have probably given me a whack around the ear. I cannot do that - Kyran is much taller than me and I couldn't reach his ear!

Would allow me to see my mum in hospital and perhaps a quick stopover in London Town to see what's happening in the bookshops.

Jan 14, 12:22pm Top

>86 foggidawn: Thanks Foggi. I have a blown up one on my desk in the basement of the Sapura site office.

>87 amanda4242: Thank you Amanda. Belle gets her exam results on 16 January so I hope it doesn't ruin her celebrations!

Jan 14, 12:36pm Top

A very Happy Birthday to Belle!

Sorry to hear about Kyran and about your mom - keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jan 14, 12:43pm Top

Happy Birthday to Belle, Paul, and Happy New Thread to you!

>80 PaulCranswick: Man, I love the rolling hills of your home county. Something about them feels so good.

Jan 14, 12:43pm Top

>90 Crazymamie: Thanks Mamie. My boy isn't as tough as my girls.

Jan 14, 12:45pm Top

>91 jnwelch: Yes and when I get to thinking about the old place I do miss it terribly, Joe. That is probably a half-hour drive away.

Edited: Jan 14, 1:42pm Top

British-Trinidadian poet Roger Robinson has won the prestigious T.S.Eliot Poetry Prize for his collection A Portable Paradise. I must go and seek it out.


Jan 14, 1:49pm Top

Happy Thingaversary to you, Paul and a very joyous birthday to Belle!

I'm sorry to hear of Kyran's difficulties and your mother's illness - it's wonderful that you'll be able to travel to them.

>80 PaulCranswick: Beautiful countryside - soothing.

Jan 14, 1:57pm Top

>94 PaulCranswick: Ooh, that's a book for the wish list, as I love the work of his fellow Caribbean dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson. It doesn't seem to be available in the US, so I'll look for it when I visit London in Msrch.

Jan 14, 2:09pm Top

>95 Dejah_Thoris: Thank you, Princess. I do have to see whether I am able to go back at this time as work and financial commitments are still fraught, but hopefully.

>96 kidzdoc: If I get to the UK soon I will go and find it too, Darryl. Nice to see here dear chap.

Jan 14, 3:49pm Top

Happy birthday to Belle!

I hope you can be with Kyran asap, Paul. Know that I understand your worries and think of you.

Jan 14, 4:08pm Top

Belated happy Thingaversary, Paul!
Happy 16th Birthday to precious Belle!

Sorry about Kyran, life can be harsh at that age. I hope he finds his (academic) way in time.

Jan 14, 4:12pm Top

Hi Paul, things are busy with you one way or another mate. I hope your mum is ok, nothing worse when you are a distance away from her mate, Happy birthday to Belle from both of us and I hope Kyran is ok. It does sound as if Dad's shoulder is required mate and nothing worse than the bleeding obvious stated, lol.

Sending love and hugs to you, Hani, Yasmyne and Belle and sending them down the ether to Kyran.

Jan 14, 4:21pm Top

Family life is so interesting. Happy Birthday to Belle and Happy Thingaversary to you and get well soon to your mother and my best to Kyran on finding his path forward.

Jan 14, 5:16pm Top

Hope your able to take that trip, it's always hard to be away from your parents when your in crisis mode.

Hope your mum gets better soon.

Happy birthday to Belle.

Happy Thingaversary to you :)

Jan 14, 6:25pm Top

Happy birthday to Belle.

I hope Kyran gets over his troubles, but I think it's wonderful he has a good dad to give some support when needed. And don't we all sometimes need that?

Jan 14, 7:08pm Top

>98 DianaNL: Yes, Diana, we know the delicacy of handling (or trying to) sons. xx

>99 FAMeulstee: Thanks Anita. I hope she will be happy when she gets her exam results.

Jan 14, 7:10pm Top

>100 johnsimpson: Thanks John. You have met the lot of course!

>101 quondame: Thank you Susan.

Jan 14, 7:11pm Top

>102 fairywings: Cheers Adrienne. When you set it down like that it is quite the list. xx

>103 EllaTim: He was worried to tell me because of the money wasted but it is only money which can be replaced - better he makes a decision now than later.

Jan 14, 9:08pm Top

Happy birthday to Belle!

Sorry to hear about Kyran. At least he feels comfortable sharing his troubles with you instead of hiding and bottling it up.

Jan 14, 9:14pm Top

>107 figsfromthistle: Actually Anita he has broken his mobile phone and was communicating to his mum and his sister via facebook messenger which I don't really use. I had Belle send him a message that I am not angry with him, not to stress himself too much and that I'll get there to help him resolve things including bringing him home as necessary.

Jan 14, 9:30pm Top

>76 PaulCranswick: Happy Thingaversary, Paul!

>83 PaulCranswick: Happy birthday to Belle! The 14th is my Catey's birthday :)

I hope the situation with Kyran gets sorted soon!

Jan 14, 9:33pm Top

>109 alcottacre: Thanks, thanks and thanks, Stasia.
My own happy birthday greetings to Catey, too. x

Jan 15, 3:18am Top

On this Day

In 1559 Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England

Born in 1933 Ernest J. Gaines - I'll eschew the more obvious picks of Joan of Arc and Martin Luther-King

Died in 1919 Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg German Marxist revolutionaries murdered in the events that paved the way for Nazism.

It was the Centenary of their murders last year. Luxembourg and Liebknecht were heroes of my rather radical youth. They already look doomed on this photo!

Jan 15, 3:20am Top

>83 PaulCranswick: great picture - happy birthday to Belle

Jan 15, 3:53am Top

>112 paulstalder: Thanks Paul. Sixteen today but she is still my baby!

Jan 15, 4:33am Top

>112 paulstalder: she is still my baby does she accept such designations? our daughters always complained when we called them 'child' or 'kid' or any such diminutive terms ... 'we are old enough, we are not children anymore!'

Jan 15, 4:34am Top

>88 PaulCranswick: Sorry to hear the Kyran is struggling Paul. Sometimes a course or a university just isn’t the right fit. I know of several young people whose first choice has just not worked out for them but who have thrived with a different course or location. Wishing him all the best.

Jan 15, 4:45am Top

Hi Paul!

>70 PaulCranswick: Ooohhh, snark. Two famous ball players. *smile*

I’m sorry to hear about your Mum. You’re a wonderful dad to Kyran and I hope you can help him get through this upsetting time in his life. So glad you’re not the ‘whacks around the ear’ type of dad. That's the type of dad my husband had, and it did him no good at all. Happy Birthday to your darling Belle, and happy 9th Thingaversary. You're such a major part of the group that it always surprises me that you 'only' joined LT in 2011.

>113 PaulCranswick: My daughter’s 26 now, but she will always be my baby.

Jan 15, 4:47am Top

Sorry also to hear about Kyran. Hope you can be with him soon and give him the support he needs.

Jan 15, 5:54am Top

Happiest of birthdays to Belle and all sorts of comfort to Kyran. I hope the former has a fabulous day and the latter has better days ahead.

Jan 15, 6:42am Top

>114 paulstalder: She does accept it, Paul.......through gritted teeth!

>115 SandDune: He seems to like the University as he didn't care for his mother's suggestion to move further north closer to the family for support. I don't know, Rhian, I think he just needs someone to be sympathetic to him and a change of course.

Jan 15, 6:53am Top

>116 karenmarie: I thought that one was going to slip in under the radar as I do like to twist those sorts of things once in a while.

I'm not really a physical chastisement sort of guy when it comes to the kids. I can't say that they have never been spanked (well actually I'm pretty sure that Belle hasn't been, Yasmyne and Kyran once each by me). I did slap Yasmyne's leg when she broke Belle's tooth with a jewellery case and Kyran when I caught him trying to grow muscles by eating Yasmyne's skin steroids. They laugh about the absurdity of both situations until today so I was never the disciplinarian.

Always my baby but not in a condescending way, I think.

>117 avatiakh: The girls are tougher than him, Kerry. Always cries at the movies and is such a loving and caring soul. I didn't realise that he had taken Dhea's passing quite so badly. I guess that he just doesn't want to be a lawyer. He is just too soft-hearted.

Jan 15, 6:54am Top

>118 scaifea: Thank you Amber. You think it gets easier when they grow up but it doesn't. It really doesn't.

Jan 15, 6:58am Top


At the end of week 2. These are the top 100 threads:

1 PaulCranswick 633
2 msf59 397
3 Berly 381
4 scaifea 370
5 richardderus 328
6 jnwelch 327
7 EBT1002 240
8 FamilyHistorian 222
9 KatieKrug 219
10 crazymamie 208
11 karenmarie 207
12 SusanJ67 186
13 BBLBera 173
14 ronincats 163
15 thornton37814 161
16 ChelleBearss 155
17 brenzi 154
18 cameling 149
19 FAMeulstee 148
20 Charl08 144
21 DianaNL 144
22 lyzard 142
23 figsfromthistle 136
24 drneutron 133
25 harrygbutler 133
26 laurelkeet 130
27 johnsimpson 125
28 kidzdoc 123
29 Ameise1 122
30 sandymc 120
31 lycomayflower 119
32 jessibud2 103
33 witchyrichy 103
34 Whisper1 100
35 SandDune 95
36 Streamsong 95
37 bell7 92
38 storeetllr 92
39 Donna 91
40 EllaTim 89
41 Carmenere 86
42 mstrust 86
43 quondame 83
44 SqueakyChu 83
45 PaulStalder 82
46 MickyFine 79
47 The_Hibernator 79
48 laytonwoman3rd 77
49 alcottacre 76
50 Weird_O 75
51 Caroline_McElwee 74
52 mahsdad 74
53 rebarelishesreading 73
54 lkernagh 70
55 foggidawn 69
56 Banjo 63
57 Sir Thomas 63
58 swynn 62
59 avatiakh 61
60 bohemima 60
61 Dejah_Thoris 59
62 LizzieD 58
63 coppers 56
64 cbl_tn 53
65 morphy 53
66 Chatterbox 52
67 mdoris 52
68 curioussquared 48
69 arubabookwoman 45
70 norabelle414 45
71 loving-lit 44
72 sibyline 44
73 souloftherose 44
74 klobrien2 42
75 CDVicarage 41
76 SuziQOregon 41
77 fairywings 38
78 fuzzi 37
79 nittnut 37
80 oberon 37
81 rretzler 37
82 archerygirl 35
83 brodiew2 35
84 tymfos 34
85 aktakukac 33
86 dreamweaver529 33
87 Ape 32
88 jennyifer24 32
89 PawsForThought 31
90 Fourpawz2 30
91 coffee.cat 29
92 Humouress 29
93 amanda4242 28
94 Bekkajo 28
95 jayde1599 28
96 ffortsa 27
97 lindapanzo 27
98 PersephonesLibrary 27
99 cushlareads 26
100 kgriffith 26

Edited: Jan 15, 7:05am Top

We are still slightly ahead of last year's figures at the same stage. Last year we tailed off badly so I hope that doesn't happen this one.

2019 10,785 posts 0 threads over 500 10 over 200 and 31 over 100

2020 10,965 posts 1 thread over 500 11 over 200 and 34 over 100

Compare this though to 2018

14,162 posts 4 threads over 500 16 over 200 and 35 over 100

Jan 15, 9:09am Top

>80 PaulCranswick: - Absolute heaven!!

Happy birthday to Belle (such a priceless pic!). Sorry to hear of the UK family woes. I hope your presence will help calm the waters and ease your own heart.

Jan 15, 9:22am Top

Happy birthday to your daughter. The picture is lovely!

And, I made the top 50! Trying to do my part. Did get a little distracted now that I am supposed to be working ;-)

Jan 15, 9:48am Top

Happy birthday to Belle! And I see I'm still in the top 50. But I'm lagging. I should read more and make more posts. lol

Trying to grow muscles by eating skin steroids?! I'd be pretty darn angry!

Jan 15, 10:36am Top

>122 PaulCranswick: I drop more every week! Pretty soon I'll be off the radar. That's okay though!

Jan 15, 11:31am Top

Beautiful picture of wee Belle! Hope she had a great sweet 16!

Jan 15, 12:31pm Top

Joining the Happy Birthday chorus for Belle and hoping all works out well for Kyran and your Mom. It sounds like you'll be just what Kyran needs to help him sort out what the best next step is.

Jan 15, 12:54pm Top


Jan 15, 2:50pm Top

>124 jessibud2: Thank you Shelley. Unfortunately my mum doesn't seem any better. I spoke to my brother yesterday who was at the hospital and he didn't appear very positive.

>125 witchyrichy: Thanks Karen. Work always gets in the way of us enjoying ourselves. :D

Jan 15, 2:57pm Top

>126 The_Hibernator: He got it from me because I was probably more scared than angry, Rachel and I wanted him to remember!

>127 thornton37814: Your numbers are always good, Lori.

2015 28th 1,223 posts
2016 29th 1,284 posts
2017 30th 1,062 posts
2018 23rd 1,554 posts
2019 26th 1,196 posts

Remarkably consistent

Jan 15, 2:59pm Top

>128 ChelleBearss: I think she was happy. Her and Erni are going up to Langkawi with her Aunty Bo for a few days so she is even more happy.

>129 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks Reba. Kyran needs me. I need to see my mum.

Jan 15, 2:59pm Top

>130 BBGirl55: BRYONY!!!! Almost given up hoping you'd get the TARDIS to drop you in here. xx

Edited: Jan 15, 3:05pm Top

For some reason my >134 PaulCranswick: didn't get posted originally and then suddenly reappeared so this one was sort of duplicated. Up early and cannot sleep. Thinking about my mum.

Jan 15, 4:07pm Top

Hi Paul, sorry to read that your mum isn't too well at the moment mate and both our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time mate.

Without wanting to add to your burden but what were the final stats for last year, I know they were down badly compared to 2018 and my year was peaks and troughs which I hope will be banished this year.

Sending love and hugs to all the Cranswicks from both of us.

Jan 15, 4:40pm Top

>136 johnsimpson: I will tidy up the stats and have them out soon, John. All my love to you and Karen.

Edited: Yesterday, 4:50am Top


Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn

Published : 1972
Origin : UK
Pages : 93 pp
British Author Challenge : Wildcard

Told myself that I would read more plays this year and this is the first delivery on that commitment.

Essentially updating the lives and relationships of three couples over three Christmases at and in turn their three houses. The development and regression of the three couples over the period lends to comedy and, well, absurdity. They are three deeply flawed couples.

A lot to enjoy here and some of the wordplay was excellent.

Edited: Yesterday, 5:00am Top


1. British Author Challenge - Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift READ
2. British Poetry - Paper Aeroplane by Simon Armitage READ
3. Contemporary British Fiction -
4. World Poetry
5. 1001 Books - Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson READ
6. Plays - Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn READ
7. American Author Challenge
8. Non-Fiction - The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan READ
9. History
10. Current Affairs
11. Booker Nominees
12. Nobel Winners - The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick by Peter Handke READ
13. Scandi
14. Series Books
15. Thrillers/Mystery
16. Classic Fiction
17. 21st Century Fiction
18. World Literature
19. Science Fiction / Fantasy
20. Pot Luck

Books Completed January - 6 Year to Date - 6
Pages Read January - 1100 Year to Date - 1100
1001 Books January - 2 Year to Date - 2
Nobel Winners January - 1 Year to Date - 1
BAC Books January - 3 Year to Date - 3
AAC Books

Jan 15, 7:10pm Top

>83 PaulCranswick: Belle's adorable face is always a lovely and welcome sight.

>88 PaulCranswick: Kyran's unhappiness could be fleeting or not, but having his dad to lean on will be welcome no matter the outcome.

2019 *ptooptoo* should stay in its hole with a giant stake in its guts. Yay for being statistically up over it, and if memory serves with fewer members than at the same point then.

Jan 15, 7:53pm Top

>140 richardderus: Thanks for the comments regarding Kid2 & Kid3, RD. They have a lot to put up with with their parents.

I don't really want to think too much about last year but I will put up the figures for those that do.

Jan 15, 8:10pm Top

Sorry to hear your mother is not improving, Paul. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jan 15, 8:15pm Top

>142 alcottacre: Thank you Stasia. The distance doesn't make for much comfort.

Jan 16, 5:45am Top

On this Day

In 1793 French King Louis XIV is sentenced to death by the National Convention.

and staying in France; the original Michelin man

Born in 1853 Andre Michelin

1794 saw the decline, fall and death of Edward Gibbon

Edward Gibbon

Edited: Jan 16, 6:18am Top

A quick visit to wish you Happy New Year Paul. Hope your mum’s health looks up. Belated happy birthday to Belle.

Jan 16, 7:40am Top

>145 humouress: Thanks Nina. She is now sunning herself in Langkawi - I hope she has less rain than we do here in Kuala Lumpur.

Jan 16, 10:02am Top

>144 PaulCranswick: "Another damn'd thick, square book! Always, scribble, scribble, scribble! Eh! Mr. Gibbon?"

Jan 16, 1:01pm Top

Hope things look up for your mom, Paul. If you have any doubts, go if you can. You won't regret it.

>83 PaulCranswick: Lovely photo of Belle!

Jan 16, 3:23pm Top

The last of Tolkien's sons, Christopher, has died at 95.

Jan 16, 6:17pm Top

>147 richardderus: I am sure there were so many people happy when he was finally abridged.

>148 streamsong: I will regret it if I cannot, Janet, that is for sure. The news is not promising.

Jan 16, 6:18pm Top

>149 richardderus: That is sad, RD. I guess he is off to Middle Earth.

Edited: Jan 16, 10:31pm Top

>149 richardderus: I had not heard that. Sad.

Jan 16, 8:25pm Top

>149 richardderus: & >152 alcottacre: This is from the Guardian on Tolkien's passing:


I hadn't realised he was born in Leeds in my home county. I did of course realise the huge work he did drawing the Middle Earth maps and curating his father's work.

Jan 16, 10:30pm Top

The news from the UK is not good.

The prognosis on my mum is that all the scar tissue from her lungs (several bouts of pneumonia) is blocking what bit is left of her bowel. The doctors seem to think that corrective surgery is complicated and that my mum may not survive it. They also advised my brother and sister that her quality of life would subsequently be reduced as she would need to take food intravenously.

She is calling for me.

I have some issues with tax related clearances and I am trying to resolve with immigration to allow me to travel so that I can go to her over the weekend.

Please my friends - a prayer or three would be most welcome now.

Jan 16, 10:32pm Top

>154 PaulCranswick: Prayers going up for your family, Paul.

Jan 16, 10:34pm Top

I do hope your way clears for you to get to your mother and that her health improves.

Jan 16, 10:37pm Top

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that everything will work out.


Jan 16, 10:41pm Top

I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s health problems. I’m hoping you can get to England soon.

Jan 16, 10:55pm Top

>155 alcottacre: Thank you, Stasia

>156 quondame: I will find out after lunch whether immigration will have any issue.

Jan 16, 10:57pm Top

>157 figsfromthistle: Thanks Anita. I am so lucky having all of you here to support.

>158 arubabookwoman: Poor old girl has suffered quite a bit these last couple of years. I know she wants me to come home, Deborah, and be with her and I really do hope that there is a way that it can happen.

Jan 16, 11:37pm Top

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Paul. I hope you're able to travel soon.

Jan 16, 11:58pm Top


Jan 17, 12:21am Top

My thoughts are with you and your family, my friend!

Jan 17, 12:24am Top

>46 SandDune: Ha, no Rhian, I was actually looking at that book which I see is the wrong one as it is not by Tim Bouverie. I should have been looking at Appeasement
Chamberlain, Hitler, Churchill, and the Road to War.

Jan 17, 12:50am Top

I hope that you are able to get clearance to go to the UK, Paul. Sorry to hear about your Mum and I know that you want to get Kyran sorted out.

Jan 17, 1:25am Top

>161 Dejah_Thoris: Thanks Princess. Apparently I will be able to travel so I will buy the ticket and will hopefully be on my way tonight.

>162 amanda4242: Gratefully received, Amanda. xx

Jan 17, 1:26am Top

>163 mahsdad: Thank you, Jeff.

>164 Familyhistorian: It is an interesting period of history for sure, Meg.

Jan 17, 1:27am Top

>165 Familyhistorian: Yes, I will be able to settle Kyran as well then, Meg. x

Edited: Jan 17, 2:25am Top

Glad the way is clear for you to go back to the UK Paul.

Best wishes to your mum. Hope her health improves.

Jan 17, 2:37am Top

Happy belated Thingaversary and Happy Birthday to Bella!! Love the photo >83 PaulCranswick:.

Sorry about your Mom and Kyran. So glad you got the clearance to go--they need you! Safe travels. Sending best wishes and hugs.

Jan 17, 2:50am Top

>83 PaulCranswick: So cute lah!

Jan 17, 3:00am Top

Thinking of you, and your Mum, and your lad. Safe journey.

Jan 17, 5:32am Top

>169 humouress: Thank you Nina. I have booked my ticket and will fly tomorrow evening

>70 PaulCranswick: Thank you Kimmers. xx

Jan 17, 5:34am Top

>171 humouress: That photo always makes me smile, Nina, because it is so hard to see her smile nowadays!

>172 BekkaJo: Thank you and thank you and thank you and thank you, Bekka. x

Jan 17, 6:07am Top

My prayers and thoughts go out to your mother and family, Paul. Have a safe trip to England.

Jan 17, 6:13am Top

My thoughts go out to you and your family Paul.
Safe travels tomorrow.

Jan 17, 7:17am Top

I was going to suggest you ask if they have something like *compassionate* clearance or whatever the terminology is. But I am happy to see that you did get the clearance you need to travel. Safe travels, Paul, and I am sure that being there will bring peace to you all.


Jan 17, 8:05am Top

I am so sorry to hear about your mother's continuing health issues, Paul. I am glad you are able, to get home and visit her. Safe travels and keep us updated.

Jan 17, 8:25am Top

Oh, what a shame, Paul. Sorry to hear about thedevelopments with your mother. Sending lots of sympathy and positive thoughts, buddy.

Jan 17, 8:31am Top

Sending all sort of gentle thoughts for you and your mum, Paul, and hugs all round. Safe travels, friend.

Jan 17, 8:44am Top

>175 kidzdoc: Thank you Darryl.

>176 fairywings: Thanks Adrienne. I am just working out what books I will take with me. I will have a look out for a couple of books that I want to read for the challenges in the coming months too.

Jan 17, 8:46am Top

>177 jessibud2: No it was done rather more dubiously - enough said, Shelley - I will sort out the other company director who has gotten me into the issue upon my return.

>178 msf59: Thanks Mark. I will certainly keep all updated.

Jan 17, 8:47am Top

>179 jnwelch: Thanks Joe. Nice to be going home but would that it were under different circumstances.

>180 scaifea: All gentle thoughts and hugs gratefully received, Amber.

Jan 17, 8:56am Top

Hi Paul!

I’m so glad to hear that you got the necessary travel clearances and will be able to get home quickly, for both your mum’s and your sake.

You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Safe travels.

Jan 17, 9:03am Top

>184 karenmarie: Thank you Karen. It is quite uplifting knowing that I have so many friends here keeping me and mine in their thoughts and prayers.

Jan 17, 9:22am Top

Wishing yo the best for you, your mum and your family, Paul.
And safe travels.

Jan 17, 9:40am Top

Thinking of you and your mum, Paul. I'm glad you were able to get clearance to travel.

Jan 17, 9:43am Top

>186 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas

>187 foggidawn: Thanks Foggi. I'm not looking forward to the journey.

Jan 17, 10:08am Top

Safe journey, and whatever else happens, peace and an end to suffering for Mum.

Jan 17, 10:34am Top

>189 richardderus: Thank you RD. She has been quite the soldier. Hysterectomy, bowel cancer, four times pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, brain tumour, infected stomach where the pipe thingy attaches - every time she got knocked down she would get on back up again. This seems to be a combination of surgical clumsiness and her body just about having enough.

Jan 17, 11:31am Top

So glad you're able to travel, Paul and wishing you a safe, smooth trip. Also good thoughts for both your Mom and Kyran.

Jan 17, 12:24pm Top

Thinking of you & family Paul.

Jan 17, 1:43pm Top

So sorry to see that things are not well. I will keep my fingers crossed that you are able to travel unhindered!

Jan 17, 2:19pm Top

Hi Paul
I am sorry to hear about your mother-safe travels. I am going to PM you about what happened to my nephew and how he found out what he was good at.

Jan 17, 2:22pm Top

Safe travels and gentle hugs for you and yours, Paul xx

Jan 17, 2:29pm Top

Sending comforting thoughts for you and your mother, Paul. Safe travels.

Jan 17, 4:16pm Top

>191 RebaRelishesReading: Thank you, Reba.

>192 swynn: Thanks Stephen. I think the flight will be a chore as well as an opportunity to read!

Jan 17, 4:18pm Top

>193 ChelleBearss: Thank you Chelle. I am flying with KLM which is not Yasmyne's favourite airline but I prefer to get as far as possible first flight. Couldn't get British Airways.

>194 torontoc: Thanks Cyrel. I will go and read your PM. Kyran isn't forgotten in amid the stress of worrying about my mum.

Jan 17, 4:19pm Top

>195 DianaNL: Thank you Diana - well not exactly the carefree beginning to the new decade I had had in mind!

>196 FAMeulstee: Thanks Anita. I will have a few hours stop over in Schipol on the way back.

Jan 17, 4:40pm Top

Safe travels, Paul. I’m glad things were resolved in your favor.

Jan 17, 4:45pm Top

>154 PaulCranswick: Holding your mum, your family and you in my thoughts Paul. I hope the red tape is cut speedily allowing you to travel.

Jan 17, 4:46pm Top

>200 Dejah_Thoris: Thank you Princess - me too.

>201 Caroline_McElwee: Thank you Caroline. Hopefully no issue with travelling now.

Jan 17, 4:50pm Top

>199 PaulCranswick: When will that be, Paul?

Jan 17, 5:07pm Top

In 1920 The US "enjoyed" its first day of Prohibition

Born in 1899 Al Capone who benefitted from the above. On a stellar day which also introduced Benjamin Franklin, David Lloyd-George and Muhammad Ali.

Died in 1964 T.H. White author of The Once and Future King

Married in 38 B.C. Emperor Augustus and Livia. Fans of I, Claudius will recall what a strong marriage that was.

Al Capone

Jan 17, 5:08pm Top

>203 FAMeulstee: I have two hours in Schipol from 6.00 am to 8.00 am on Sunday. With transfers etc it will be enough for a coffee!

Jan 17, 5:24pm Top

>205 PaulCranswick: For a moment I hoped this might be an opportunity to meet... not doable for me at that time.

Jan 17, 5:49pm Top

Late in getting out and about. Wishing you a great year of reading.

Jan 17, 7:56pm Top

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's health issues Paul. Hopefully you can bring her some peace.

Jan 17, 8:00pm Top

>206 FAMeulstee: Probably for both of us, Anita, as I will probably be less than at my best then too!
We will definitely meet up one day soon.

>207 Kristelh: Thanks Kristel.

Jan 17, 8:01pm Top

>208 brenzi: Thank you, Bonnie. I am looking forward to seeing her and not at the same time.

Jan 17, 8:09pm Top

I am glad that everything is sorted so that you can visit both Kyran and your mother, Paul. I will continue to pray that everything works out for the best for all of you.

Jan 17, 8:46pm Top

Wishing you safe travels Paul. I'm glad you could arrange to see your mother. And I'm also praying that everything works out for the best.

Jan 17, 8:59pm Top

>211 alcottacre: Thank you Stasia.

>212 EllaTim: Thanks Ella.

Jan 17, 9:34pm Top

Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers, Paul.
Safe travels.

Jan 17, 9:37pm Top

>214 lkernagh: Thanks Lori. Hugs are always gratefully received here. x

Yesterday, 4:56am Top


I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti

Published : 2001
Origin : Italy
Pages : 225 pp

I can see why this novel makes later editions of the 1001 Books - strangely and disturbingly compelling.

There is always something compelling in literature when a good author conveys his story through the eyes of a child. A derelict house holds a secret that is stumbled upon during the undertaking of a child's forfeit. What will the child do with that secret?


Edited: Yesterday, 5:03am Top


1. British Author Challenge - Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift READ
2. British Poetry - Paper Aeroplane by Simon Armitage READ
3. Contemporary British Fiction -
4. World Poetry
5. 1001 Books - Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson READ
6. Plays - Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn READ
7. American Author Challenge
8. Non-Fiction - The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan READ
9. History
10. Current Affairs
11. Booker Nominees
12. Nobel Winners - The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick by Peter Handke READ
13. Scandi
14. Series Books
15. Thrillers/Mystery
16. Classic Fiction
17. 21st Century Fiction
18. World Literature - I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti READ
19. Science Fiction / Fantasy
20. Pot Luck

Books Completed January - 7 Year to Date - 7
Pages Read January - 1,325 Year to Date - 1,325
1001 Books January - 2 Year to Date - 2
Nobel Winners January - 1 Year to Date - 1
BAC Books January - 3 Year to Date - 3
AAC Books

Yesterday, 7:12am Top

So sorry to hear about your mother's health, Paul. Sending hugs from all at Chez SandDune.

Yesterday, 8:23am Top

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's deteriorating health, Paul. Much love and hugs to you, and a heap full of prayers to your mum. I'll light a couple of candles in church for her tomorrow.

Yesterday, 8:56am Top

Wish you a safe journey and a meaningful and peaceful time with your mother

Yesterday, 8:57am Top

Safe travels, Paul. Will definitely be praying for you & your family. Sorry you have so much coming at you at once :(

Yesterday, 11:13am Top

>216 PaulCranswick: I really enjoyed this one too - very evocative and, as you say, disturbingly compelling.

Lost track of where you are in the world - have you headed off yet? Hope all is going okay.

Yesterday, 12:32pm Top

Glad to hear you can make that trip to tge UK and sorry to hear the reasons.

I may never get to the end of your thread in a timely way again, so I'll just say that according to your last thread, Murakami and I are the same age, and I hope we both have many years ahead!

Yesterday, 2:12pm Top

I'm glad you liked I'm Not Scared. I loved it when I read it a few years ago. I then read two other books by Ammaniti, but they did not impress me.

Yesterday, 11:08pm Top

Paul, I am adding my prayers to all the others floating your way. This will be a bittersweet trip to England for sure. I hope your mother's health is well enough to know that you are with her. It will be such a comfort to both of you.

Yesterday, 11:28pm Top

Skimming through....

Two things: I had not realized you and I joined LT so closely to one another. January 20 is my 9th Thingaversary. Cool beans.

Second thing is that I just went back and listened to the David Gray + Annie Lennox duet again. Happy sigh.

Reading about your mum and the travel challenges. I'm not one to pray but you are wholly in my thoughts and I wish you the best as you travel to her side. (((((Paul))))) I hope for the best.

Today, 12:27am Top

>218 SandDune: Thanks Rhian

>219 cameling: Thank you Caro; it will be much appreciated.

Today, 12:29am Top

>220 paulstalder: Thanks Paul, biggest part of the journey is done as 12.5 hours of flying time to Amsterdam is completed and I am typing this in Schipol Airport in the short time before I fly to Manchester.

>221 bell7: I had hoped for a fairly peaceful start to the year, Mary. Oh well!

Today, 12:31am Top

>222 BekkaJo: I am fleetingly in the Netherlands, Bekka.

I'm Not Scared was indeed compelling.

>223 ffortsa: I certainly hope so too, Judy, though I am biased and would be happy if you outlived him by quite a margin!

Today, 12:32am Top

>224 arubabookwoman: I'm glad you told me that, Deborah, so I don't go hurtling into another of his books straight away!

>225 Donna828: Apparently she is quite lucid, Donna. I am going to find out very shortly anyhow.

Today, 12:34am Top

>226 EBT1002: Thank you Ellen.

I hope I can maintain "Full Steam" for my mum. xx

Six days apart on LT - cool beans indeed.

Today, 5:37am Top

I am safely landed in UK and will see my mum in about an hour.

Did manage to get some reading done on the plane.

Death Walks in Eastrepps was finished off as well as Deaf Republic and I am halfway through Talking to the Dead which is very good.

Will put up reviews shortly.

Today, 5:39am Top


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