Basic questions for Self-Educators to answer

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Basic questions for Self-Educators to answer

Nov 16, 2021, 11:39am

The basic questions this group will seek to answer:
1) What books are foundational to a classical education?

2) What are the best learning tracks for specialized topics (eg. logic, Greek mythology, Latin study, romantic poetry)?

3) Where can self-educators find practical (preferably free) application resources (eg. workbooks, thesis questions)?

4) Can self-educators receive reciprocal "grading" from their peers?

- 4a) What are the grading criteria for each education track?

- 4b) What online platform is ideal for self-educators to share, review, and publish their work?

5) Can we establish a self-educator peer-review process for completed work?

- 5a) What are the intellectual and ethical standards that peer-reviewers must follow?

- 5b) How can self-educators support the goals of those who wish to add their published works to the lexicon of Western writings?