“Peaceful coexistence” between Christians and Muslims in Sudan

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“Peaceful coexistence” between Christians and Muslims in Sudan

Mar 15, 2023, 12:33 am

Mexican religious sister tells how Christians live in Sudan, a Muslim-majority country (Catholic News Agency)

Sister María del Carmen Galicia, a Mexican nun of the Comboni Missionary Sisters who worked in Sudan, an African country with a 97% Muslim population, stressed that “peaceful coexistence” is possible between the followers of Islam and Christianity. Speaking with ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner, the nun related that Muslims “come, attend, and participate” in Catholic celebrations, such as marriages and confirmations. “Then, when it’s Ramadan,” the month dedicated by Muslims to prayer and intense fasting during the day until sunset, “they also invited us to eat with them” in the evenings. Galicia explained that she lived in the Nuba Mountains region in central Sudan...

I fully concur with the good sister from my own experience of the Nuba Mountains area, which I have worked in and visited on and off for forty years.

Sep 28, 2023, 6:02 am

And in Ivory Coast:

May Muhammed’s Birthday Strengthen Faith, Bring “infinite graces”: Ivorian Cardinal (ACI Africa)

May the Muslim commemoration of the Feast of Maouloud that marks the birthday of the Prophet Muhammed strengthen the faith of those who believe in Allah and bring with it His “infinite graces”, the Local Ordinary of Abidjan Archdiocese in Ivory Coast, Jean-Pierre Cardinal Kutwa, has implored. In a message to the Muslim community in West African nation issued Tuesday, September 26, Cardinal Kutwa invites Ivorians to reflect on the value of fraternity that Muhammed desired among his followers. “The commemoration of the (Eid-ul-Maulud) allows us to meditate on the messages of peace, tolerance, love and brotherhood conveyed by Islam through its Prophet,” the Ivorian Cardinal says, and prays that the celebration “may enable everyone to strengthen their faith in Allah, and benefit from his infinite graces.” He describes the Muslim celebration as “a commemoration that symbolizes hope and obedience to God,” and adds, “I hope that this great moment of piety and generosity will strengthen our bonds of brotherhood and friendship, and give us hope for a tomorrow that exalts true social cohesion, where love and truth meet, justice and peace embrace.” “May (Eid-ul-Maulud) 2023 bring more blessings and peace to our country, Ivory Coast, and especially to all countries in crisis,” the Ivorian Cardinal who started his Episcopal Ministry in September 2001 as Archbishop of Gagnoa in the West African nation says. Cardinal Kutwa adds, “On behalf of the Catholic Church, I'd like to wish you a happy feast.”

Reminds me of some of the joyful celebrations of this feast which I experienced when I lived in Sudan.

Dec 13, 2023, 8:37 am

And now Senegal.

Vatican Secretary of State Lauds Muslim-Christian “respectful coexistence” in Senegal (ACI Africa)

The Vatican Secretary of State has lauded the “peaceful and respectful coexistence” between Muslims and Christians in the West African nation of Senegal... “I would like to thank all of you, civil and ecclesiastical authorities, from the bottom of my heart, and wish your country a glorious future enlightened by human brotherhood, enriched by the spirituality of each religious denominations, a peaceful and respectful coexistence of Muslims and Christians,” Cardinal Parolin said during the press conference in Senegal’s capital city, Dakar. He added, “The capital, Dakar, with all its symbolic but real responsibilities has the well-known characteristic of respect and peaceful coexistence among the Senegalese, with a view to consolidating democracy and cultivating ‘teranga’, understood as hospitality and human generosity”...