ND Experiences etc.

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ND Experiences etc.

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Jun 14, 2008, 9:25 pm

I almost didn't pick up ITLAD? because of the title. I have read many ND expererience book and they are much the same. ITLAD is very different from an ND book.
I have a couple of ideas to throw out there and would like some dialogue ... wishful thinking perhaps?...:) Anyway here goes - I was thinking maybe we are like flowers some of us perrenials and some of us annuals - the annuals sprout again in any place in time and the perrenials come back to the same time over and over ... ITLAD would purpose that we are perrenials right?
Also I think ND are similar because they are ND - it seems to me that what people think it will be like... that is what it is like. We all have our idea in us what "heaven " is like and this is where we go to begin - or maybe we think we deserve hell then that is where we go.. to begin that is. Anyone? JOSC