Problem with Library download.

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Problem with Library download.

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1atullar First Message
Jan 15, 2007, 1:38pm

I can't seem to down load my actual library. Installation of Palmthing on my computer and handheld PalmOne Zire 31 has been accomplished. I have also successfully downloaded the Libraything tab-delimited export. The instructions at that point then become cnfusing, and I am not sure how to find this missing file with my library, or what t odo with it. Specifically, I do not know what is meant by, or how to accomplish the instruction regarding opening the export in Notepad. Can anyone assist?

Jan 15, 2007, 5:33pm

The instructions are indeed confusing and I apologize. They try to cover too many cases at once. I will make a note to rewrite them to have a basic Windows installation "quick start" section and a separate advanced installation section.

I assume you are comfortable with the idea of using HotSync to do the copy. (If not, you can generate a .PDB file separately and use Quick Install. But for now, ignore that.)

When you installed, did you tell the installer where the export file would be or take the default? Is this the same place to which you actually downloaded? If not, copy the file over and run HotSync.

To open in Notepad, just select All files from the file type and click on the file. Don't worry that it says .XLS; it is a text file. You can specify Unicode instead of ANSI, but this is not necessary, actually. But I suggest not worrying about Notepad at all. That's only if you have a large library and want to do a smaller test first rather than waiting for a long HotSync. Yours is small enough that just going for broke should be fine.

Jan 16, 2007, 8:56am

Thanks for the reply. I have been able to move the file over to the Palm quick install set up, but can't get any further. The Hotsync message does pop up, and I am assured that the file will be copied when it next runs. At that point, however, I receive a message stating that the file cannot be opened. Nothing appears in Notepad. Does the Palm Pilot itself need software capable of opening the micorsoft excel spread sheet created by the export?
I am not sure what you mean by telling the installer where to place the export file. Are you referring to Palmthing or to the librarything tab-delimited export? I am not sure where to save either frankly.

Edited: Jan 16, 2007, 11:52am

When HotSync complains that it cannot open a file, is it something like C:\\Program Files\\Palm\\user\\palmthing\\LibraryThing_TD.xls? The brief instructions try to cover this case, but as we agree they are not too clear.

When you installed PalmThing onto the PC, it asked where it should look for the export file when a future HotSync was performed. The message is something like, "Select where you download the LibraryThing tag-delimited export file." This is the place to which you must download from the LibraryThing tab export page each HotSync. If you took the default originally (no directory), then you must now copy the file over into the exact place (take it from the error message in the HotSync log if unsure) or download it again to there.

I'm sorry that this is so much trouble.

Jan 21, 2007, 9:26pm

Ok, a question. I had a slight problem the other day, which was possibly related to me running out of space on the card with Plucker and that stopping proper synchronisation.

I did a new version of the LT.xls, and put that in the same spot, but it was having problems. Record addition/deletion errors.

To fix it, I deleted the backup file and put a new on in so it would load the lot again, and that seemed to work ok, is that what you should do as a standard? Or should it in general just work by copying the new file over the old one and it will handle it from there?

Might want to put an explicit paragraph in your info file about doing this? Updating the library that is?