Looking for Books!


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Looking for Books!

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Aug 13, 2009, 10:07 am

Hi Everyone,
I'm n ew to the group. I love slash and yaoi stories. But I have one pet peeve about them. I want tops to remain tops and bottoms to stay on the bottom! Does anyone have any reccomendations? I adore J.L. Langley, Laura Baumbachm, Jet Mykles and Katrina Strauss. Any suggestions of books and/or authors? I love shifters, vampires, fantasy, and more of a 'Prince Charming come to the recie' type! Any help is appreciated!


Aug 14, 2009, 5:30 am

Josh Lanyon is for example good, Adrien English Mysteries, you have to read it! Adrien is a author of crime-novels, gay, sarcastic and never lucky with relationships, and he has sick heart... It is a bit like Murder, she wrote if you know this tv-series, so he always gets caught up in crime scenes himself.
I also like Jordan Castillo Price: Psycop, its a bit similar to the Adrien English Mysteries mixed with Sixth Sense.
I also loved Mind Fuck by Manna Francis, it's a bit dangerous and bdsm, but the story is great, you can read it online on her homepage..
Zero at the bone by Seville, Jane is also a book I can highly recommend!! It is quite long, but perfect, imo.

With all the books, the tops remain tops, and bottoms stay bottom.