I can't stop buying books.

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I can't stop buying books.

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Mar 1, 2007, 7:43pm

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Mar 1, 2007, 8:36pm

You're not the only one. ;)

Mar 1, 2007, 8:59pm

Ditto. Anyone up for a bookaholic anonymous group. =)

Mar 1, 2007, 9:46pm

I don't have a problem I can stop whenever I want...

Mar 1, 2007, 10:01pm

I do. I get sidetracked so easily...but still, I'm running out of books to read because I don't get to the bookshop very often. I usually go in for one book and come out with, like, four.

Mar 1, 2007, 11:00pm

Hasn't been a problem until recently. Now I need more shelves and have started to worry about how much I'm bringing home. Lord. I am resisting going into Hatchards tomorrow. Ikea would be more to the point.

Mar 1, 2007, 11:28pm

i thought i had an addiction when it was only bookstores to deal with. now i've discovered free book trading online.... i think my unread pile is taking over.

Mar 2, 2007, 12:24am

I regularly go to a used verses a new bookstore to better afford my book buying habit. My preference is once a week, but often now I only go once every two weeks. Sometimes I actually walk out with nothing, but other times I can find up to $40 in books - way too much for my income. What I really hate are those odd-find books that I think I'll love, and later don't want to pick up. That's the unread pile that I want to get rid of! I should put them in a pile to sell back. An unread pile that I want to keep are some classics that I mean to read but just haven't yet.

Mar 2, 2007, 3:16am

I built shelves a month ago. Two of them. 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall. I went to the Goodwill. Lots of times. Shelves are full. Mostly unread. Help. Help. Help.

Mar 2, 2007, 4:32am

What? You obviously need more, and taller bookshelves!

Mar 2, 2007, 5:26pm

That's the kind of thinking that goes on at my house. More shelves, not less books! My sister's idea of a perfect room is one in which a full wall is lined with bookshelves, floor to ceiling. (She doesn't have that . . . yet.)

Mar 2, 2007, 8:22pm

#11 Take it from me, having a room full of floor to ceiling bookshelves is great - but once the shelves are full, the room ceases to be perfect, as then the books start accumulating everywhere! Then you need more rooms. . . .

I've noticed since I joined LT, my book-buying has become even more unmanageable. This week I've bought books from Goodwill, my local library, and have received books through BookMooch. And I catalogued on LT some books I bought on eBay. I'm aware, every time I buy another book, that I already have more books in my house than I could possibly read in my lifetime. I guess what it really comes down to is that I just love having books. And the bonus is that if I want to read them, they're here already.

#8 - Kerian - have you looked into BookMooch? It doesn't solve the problem of having too many books, but it does allow you to exchange books you don't want for books you do want.

Mar 2, 2007, 9:26pm

Maggie, it sounds like a fun week. I admit, LT caused the same upsurge for me, and on the whole I've enjoyed it. It's been good. But I seem to be achieving a balance which - while I don't advocate it for anyone who isn't interested - is quite welcome. I'm buying books, reading them, and making inroads on my TBR pile - all of which leaves me happier.

I second Maggie's suggestion, on BookMooch: it's been a terrific way to reshape my library, pulling out the dregs and - unlike selling them to a used bookstore where I'd immediately drop the cash :) - getting more and better books in return.

Mar 3, 2007, 1:29am

#12 - MaggieO - I've assumed we need credit cards or bank cards for that. Surprisingly enough, I'm a college student who can actually say that I've had neither. But my usual bookstore takes all sorts of books, even as donations. I just use what I make off what I sell to them on my next purchase (same visit). It's not much, but without any way of purchasing things online, it's how I go about getting rid of books I don't want.

Mar 3, 2007, 1:42am

Kerian, BookMooch itself is free; you only pay shipping at the post office. (Unlike at least one of the others, where it's done by the trading site and would be charged to you.) The disadvantage I always found selling to used bookstores is how often you cannot turn around with an equal number of books - whereas BM is book-for-book. But if you do well at the bookstore near you, wonderful. I'd never want to short them of new material. :)

Mar 3, 2007, 1:52am

New material is always nice. Sadly, my shelves have been lacking such since January, when the shop closed for expanding and relocating. (Unless you want to count Jane Austen's Mansfield Park - too thick to read with my class load right now.) I'm going to check out the BookMooch site, now that you've informed me of how it works.

Mar 3, 2007, 1:56am

Oh, good. :) I hope you'll find it useful, and as welcome as I have done.

Mar 3, 2007, 9:53pm

Yikes! I joined it last night, and four people already want me to send them books!

Mar 4, 2007, 12:33am

I am so lucky! I have more bookshelves coming my way soon. Of course this is good because the other shelves are all double stacked.

And, did I mention I run the booksale at my library?? Guess who gets their hands on books first? A lot of them end up at my house. More books for me, more money for the library. Win win.

Mar 4, 2007, 1:06am

#18 - Great, Kerian! I hope you're able to find some books you really want. I find that BookMooch is well worth the cost of mailing the books that are mooched from you.

#19 Welcome to LT, Margie402. I am also in charge of the book sales at my library, so I, too, get to have first dibs. I agree that it's a great perk, but also a constant temptation - I always try to remind myself that I do not have to own everything that looks interesting. You are indeed lucky to have new bookshelves on the way - I envy you!

Mar 4, 2007, 2:35am

Running the sale sounds like a double-edged benefit. :)

Much to my surprise, today, I received a bookshelf I had needed for well over a year. It's amazing what a difference it makes... and I'm thrilled. Many thanks go to my mother, who thankfully knew just what I wanted - though I didn't imagine she'd get it!

Mar 4, 2007, 11:50am

I too have a book buying problem. Those 3 for 2 sales at Borders get me every time . . . I don't purchase them indiscriminately, but if there are 3 books I had intended to read at some distant point in the future, I go ahead and get them! I often get cravings to go to the bookstore, even if my TBR pile is huge. Right now it's about 75 books, but I still buy faster than I read.


Mar 4, 2007, 12:33pm

#22 Cravings to go to bookstores? I don't know what you're talking about! ;)

Mar 4, 2007, 1:05pm

#22 I not only have cravings to go to bookstores, but feel a sort of anxiety if it's been too long since I've been to one, say over two weeks. And that does happen around here because there are no bookstores nearby. Well, there is one independent but their stock doesn't change that often.

And my to be read pile is ridiculous. My husband keeps building me bookshelves and I just keep filling them. I have several piles in my sewing room, artfully arranged so it doesn't look like there are too many! LOL.

Mar 4, 2007, 1:30pm

#24 readingrebecca - would you consider 'renting" out your husband? My husband keeps saying he is going to build some shelves, and I am still waiting, and no I am not the person you want to see with a saw in their hands, so I can't do it. I am sure that with everyone here on LT that could use some new shelves you would then have extra money for more book buying :} Just an idea for a possible side business ;

Mar 4, 2007, 1:53pm

I can't stop, it's a disease. Today I bought the Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch United East India Company, a magnificent large book 57 x 40.5 x 6 cm. Cost: 350 Euros. And there are 6 more volumes to come...

Mar 4, 2007, 3:51pm

I've been getting all my 'too be read pile out' of piles and into temporary cardboard boxes-on-their-side shelving. (Classy, huh? :) )

I counted them yesterday. 140+ waiting to be read. I'm sure that there are more that have't found their way to the official to be read corner yet. Some of these are 'rereads' that I found I wanted to read again as I cataloged them for librarything. Most of them are from overenthusiasm as I read about books and authors here and elsewhere, and I have been like the proverbial kid in a candy store at the bookswap sites (also goodwill, library sales and bookcloseouts.com)

My 'currently being read books' hovers around eight to ten no matter that I am working on getting them read and shelved or traded onward.

Sigh. (but also a big grin at all the good reading I have ahead of me....)

Mar 4, 2007, 4:05pm

I actually made the mistake (and I would do it a million-times over again, too) of securing a job at a big, corporate bookstore. Thousands, tens-of-thousands of books surrounding me nearly everyday, virtually any book in the world available to order, thirty-percent discount... You can imagine the temptation. It's as if I'm a drug addict working in a pharmacy full of fresh-out-of-the-lab miracle pills.

I had an especially hard time of it yesterday. I was given the task of going through the shelves and returning "shelve-warmers," if you will, to their respective publishers. When I came across a volume on the last generation of burlesque queens, oh!, I screamed inwardly, my beauties, I will give you a home! But no... fortunately, I had had the presence of mind to only bring enough money with me for lunch.

All in all, I have bought more than twenty books in the past two-and-a-half months, not including my Christmas shopping.

On another note, I, too, heartily thank MaggieO for the BookMooch recommendation. I created an account not ten minutes ago, and someone has already mooched off of me! And I, in my turn, have a mooch-pending for a collection of Langston Hughes's poetry... Actually, I tried a site like this less than a year ago called the Chesirecat.com, or something to that effect, but it's inventory was full of the most undesirable penny-novels imaginable, so I gave up. Imagine my joy at coming across a much more developed book-exchange community, not to mention that the site's layout and execution far usurps that of the other.

Mar 4, 2007, 4:09pm

#25 jerri889 - my husband says not unless you live in Florida or some warm climate near water but not in a basement. We just had about 14 inches of water in our basement, no heat last night and the temp was 30. Water out now and furnace running. Fortunately, all my late mother's books were brought up from there last month.

Mar 4, 2007, 8:23pm

#22 sarahope,

I feel your pain. I feel everyone's pain, I get cravings to go to the bookstore too. *grins sheepishly* I went to the bookstore today to return two books (I always impulse buy and when I start to read at home, the book is horrible! Thank goodness for 30 day return policies.lol) and the temptation was too great. I left with 3 books! They were 3 really good books though!

At least my TBR pile is small, less than 10 books. I always wonder to myself why I keep getting more when I know there are some at home I've yet to read. =)

Mar 4, 2007, 9:10pm

#22 I've had to be very stern with myself when faced with those 3 for 2 deals! They always seem to choose books that are either really interesting, or have intriguing covers, or are books that you think you should read. I'm drawn to those tables by some force that I can't put into words, but that I'm sure you all understand. And, of course, the remainder tables. And the new books. And that's before I even get over to the rest of the books shelved by category.

What I really crave, though, is used book stores. Bob and I get nostalgic over those golden, pre-parent weekends when we'd drive around to book barns and out-of-the-way used bookshops. We spent countless hours exploring those shops, and buying bags-full of books. Sigh. New book stores can't really compare.

I find it's better not to think about how many TBR books I have. I don't keep track of them. When I finish one book, I look around till I find another book I'm in the mood to read. I usually have several books I've started that I go back to after having been distracted from them. Or I take from the shelf a book that may have been sitting unread for years. My library has many books that I've read, many that I haven't read, and quite a lot of books that I'll never read but I just like having. I'm always reading something, and often more than one book, but I don't feel a lot of pressure to read my books. If I want to read something, I do. Otherwise, it just sits there looking nice.

But this constantly-buying-books habit of mine is a bit of a problem, since we long ago ran out of places to put them. I try to accept my addiction and not worry about buying so many books. It's just something I do.

Mar 4, 2007, 9:19pm

Well, to put it a nutshell.......WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 4, 2007, 9:25pm

Maggie, I love your post (31). :) So many things with which to sympathize and at the same time a marvelously healthy attitude on the reading and owning. Perhaps I'll learn to emulate it; for the moment, it looks promising. I feel so much more relaxed about the rhythm of my buying-reading-TBR-browsing. Enthusiasm is at work, but not obsession. (At least, not the kind beyond control.) I envy you (and others) having a book-loving husband. Even being able to reminisce about book-shopping trips sounds lovely. Perhaps someday I'll manage one of my own.... Assuming a few necessary qualities, it appears the zenith of marital happiness. :) (Well, you know what I mean.) Book-loving is an extraordinarily desirable quality to find.

I am, of course, grateful to meet it in so many friends and acquaintances, here. :)

Mar 4, 2007, 9:38pm

#33 - Thanks, Eurydice. I know that I'm very lucky.

Mar 4, 2007, 9:50pm

It's a pleasure to see it's possible. :) (And nice to have you both on LT.)

Mar 4, 2007, 11:13pm

#30 I congratulate you on returning books! Even though you bought 3 more, you still got rid of books you didn't want. I usually purchase books and set them aside for a while before reading them, so the return period is inevitably over before I get around to reading it. Luckily, I research books fairly carefully before buying, or I purchase books by auto-buy authors, so I usually don't get anything TOO terrible (unless a beloved author drops notably in quality).

Mar 5, 2007, 3:11pm

Usually I'm good about researching, I'll read reviews of the book but sometimes when I've read a good review and I get the book but then I don't like it. Everyone's tastes are different. But there are those times where I impulsively buy a book. I'm at the bookstore to get a particular book, I know exactly what I want, and I get side-tracked and find a book I wasn't looking for and then I get it spur-of-the-moment.

Mar 10, 2007, 12:30am

Hi, I am CJ and I have a book buying addiction. PLEase Do Not recommend books to me. I WILL BUY THEM. Any genre. Of course, this works well for the authors out there.
I get so overwhelmed I give them to people at work to let them read, even though I haven't read them (I get them back, I'm also a hoarder; ). Has anyone else done that?
I start a book but then it is interrupted because a serial book comes out and I HAVE to know what happens next in the series.
My achilles' heel is Amazon. They give you recommendations based on the books you own and have read. Then I discovered half! Yes, half.com. I can get them with less shipping price. Wow! But I still always check what's new at Border's, B&N, BAM, etc.

I'm so glad to see no touchstones used on this thread!

Now I need 12 twelve steps... ;)

Oh and MaggieO, you're a very lucky lady to have husband who also enjoys reading.

Mar 21, 2007, 3:59pm

Wow. I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday and pulled a few books from the shelves to read (to see if I wanted to purchase them) and I walked out of the store without purchasing ANY book! I'm amazed, as I always walk out of the store with nothing less than 2 or 3 books! It was a weird feeling.lol.

Mar 21, 2007, 4:17pm

You see before you yet another addict! I must, must, must join this group!

Bless LT! Before this I never knew any other people who had houses stuffed with books, be they read or unread!

#29 readingrebecca, I'm in line for "renting" your husband as well -- and I live in The Bahamas!

Mar 21, 2007, 9:00pm

XenaBallerina, I just read your message to my husband. He went upstairs, I think to pack his suitcase and hammer!

I also agree with blessing LT. I too never knew anyone who constantly had to rearrange their stacks of books to make room for more.

Mar 22, 2007, 7:42am

Oh no need to bring a hammer - I can beg or borrow any tools needed. Just think, he can work in the cool morning hours and the two of you can laze on the beach all afternoon! Of course there are an awful lot of shelves that need building -- and more books just coming into the house - so best to pack for a lengthy stay!

Mar 22, 2007, 1:54pm

#39 booklover79
I first time I did that, I felt pretty strange too. It happens far more frequently to me over the last few months. The person I go to bookstores with leaves with up to ten books, and when I remind myself that I'm empty-handed, I just sort of feel disappointed.

Mar 22, 2007, 2:55pm

I've made a disturbing discovery ... I managed to enter my entire library w/in the first couple months of my joining LT ... that means, of course, that now I'm entering books as I buy them ... and there's that little chart on my "Fun Statisctics" page that indicates how many books I add each month ... put those facts together, and I can now see how many books I buy each month ... in the past 6 months, with March not quite over, I'm now purchasing approx. one book every 1.5 days!

And that's with getting just 6 books in Nov./Dec., showing remarkable restraint (and lack of cash) as I shopped for my loved ones' for the holidays.

Mar 22, 2007, 2:57pm

#44 KromesTomes:
Wow! You need this group. :)

Mar 22, 2007, 3:37pm

See, KromesTomes, that's where you made your mistake. I never thought to look at the "Fun Statisctics" since I finished adding my library. It's best if I (and the people in my household) don't know how many books I buy. It's so nice here in my fool's paradise. :)

Mar 22, 2007, 3:39pm

XenaBallerina, our needs are simple--a little water, a little sand, a little sun. I'll pack lots of books.

Mar 22, 2007, 3:47pm


Mar 22, 2007, 3:53pm

Karian, definitely sunblock. But I won't put a lot on. Don't want to get the pages of the books sticky or greasy!

Mar 22, 2007, 6:00pm

Nope! :)

Apr 1, 2007, 8:00am

I just started a diary with two columns in it - one for books I've bought and one for books I've read (my own, not including borrowed books). Hopefully, this will encourage me to read more of my unread books rather than buying more.

Since I moved house two weeks ago I've bought six books and read two. Not a good trend! I've also read three library books, but I have seven library books checked out that I haven't read yet.

Apr 2, 2007, 12:54pm

#51 Akiyama:
And then you're given the opportunity to renew your library books twice! Been there! That diary sounds like a good idea. If I bought more books, I would take that idea up myself. (Usually, I'm stuck reading what I already have, though some of it's unread - college eats nearly all of my money).

Apr 2, 2007, 1:39pm

every time I go to my library I buy at least four books. They sell paperbacks for a quarter a piece, they eventually leave my house when I bookcross them, but the pile is so huge, my hubby has started complaining about my book closet! (he he) So anyway....

Hello my name is Teri and I can't stop buying books.

Apr 3, 2007, 5:17pm

I know how you feel! Whenever I go to the library I have to force myself not to browse the used book shelf or else I leave with a book or two. It's hard not to because it's cheap. I usually just check out a book instead. =)

I went to borders today to return 3 books that I just never read and decided to return and left with 2.lol.

Apr 5, 2007, 7:07am

My downfall is the free postage threshold on Amazon. I may see one book that I want to buy and think okay, one won't break the bank. But then I tell myself that if I just get a few more I'll qualify for free postage and save money in the long run. Logical, see? As a result I'm buying them faster than I can read them at the moment :(

Apr 5, 2007, 12:24pm

LOL. That's how I used to be when I shopped for my books on Amazon. That free shipping on orders at least $25 is bad!=) What's worse is if you have the Amazon Prime membership, I think you get free 2 day shipping. I cancelled it so I wouldn't be tempted!

Apr 28, 2007, 4:31am

#55 Sooo true about Amazon Prime!

Apr 28, 2007, 4:31am

#55 Sooo true about Amazon Prime!

May 6, 2007, 5:16pm

I have been very good about not buying books lately.wow. I bought 2 books at a library sale yesterday for $2.50 and then the last new book I bought was little over a week ago (and I walked out the store with only ONE book!). Feels strange to do that.

Also yesterday, I went to Borders to use up that Border's bucks (have to use by end of May.argh) and I spent 2 hours trying to find a dang book and I couldn't decide what I wanted to get so I left with nothing. *sigh* I was tempted to buy more than one book (it's a series) but well, I got $5 in Border's bucks and I just wanted to buy one book. You know how it goes, they trick you yes they do.lol. Come in to just use the discount or whatever and you go overboard (that's always the case with me anyways!) =)

May 6, 2007, 5:21pm

Oh, I definitely have a problem. You know you do when your husband and 3 yr old have to divert you from the book aisles at any store you go to. I just can't stop myself, because I know that I will read whatever I buy. I really try to just get the books from the library, but it never fails. It's closed when I have the urge to browse. So there I go back to the bookstore. Luckily, my husband and other family read as much as I do so it's more of a joke than anything.

Mar 11, 2008, 9:36am

I was doing really well with not buying any more books for some time, but then I decided to join the 1001 book challenge and I just had to pick out some books for that... I came home with 12 books... And my TBR was finally shrinking :(

Oh well, I'll never go without something to read, that sure is a comforting thought ^^

Edited: Dec 13, 2010, 3:35am

I'm buying at least 30 books in one transaction once a month...and I'm in Australia i.e. books are expensive here i.e. a large proportion of my income.

I haven't regularly read in years.


I constantly tell myself that most people on here have more books than me. :)