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How-To Get It On

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Aug 11, 2006, 11:28pm

Are instruction manuals (i.e. The Joy of Sex) really about enhancing our individual sex lives, or excused as not being pornography because they are meant to help us?

And how bizarre is The Game, anyway?

May 5, 2007, 8:50pm

I highly recommend "ESO: how you and your lover can give each other hours of extended sexual orgasm" by Alan Brauer. It is a great practical manual for those willing to put forth some effort to achieve truly long-lasting results.

As far as being pornography, there is a revealing entry in The American Heritage®
New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition: Pornography: "Books, photographs, magazines, art, or music designed to excite sexual impulses and considered by public authorities or public opinion as in violation of accepted standards of sexual morality. American courts have not yet settled on a satisfactory definition of what constitutes pornographic material."

So I guess it depends on who you ask. In any case, we're not going to let it stop us, are we?

May 25, 2007, 10:21am

There is this way of enhancing your female dominatrix desires by learning it from books together with your partner or, if he/she agrees with a sex teacher. They are everywhere on the net.

Jan 5, 2010, 3:14pm

There are a few books of interest in the Early Reviewers offerings for January. There are three books from the Dare series by Hunter House. I requested a copy of Dare to have sex everywhere but in bed. It is something I am a little too old for but thirty years ago, when I lived in a rural area, it proved to be an interesting diversion.

If I understand correctly the books are English translations of a French series written by experts. Has anyone heard of them?

May 20, 2010, 1:30am

The instruction manuals I have seen look like they were taken in the 70's with bearded men and blond bowl cut ladies looking very serious. I would call that mating not having great sex. Like they are thinking "this is the way to make the baby, make the baby" lol. I find words sexier than pictures as you get to fill in the gaps with your own imagination. In saying that I am enjoying a book at the moment called "The collected erotica: an illustrated celebration of human sexuality through the ages. by Charlotte Hill and William Wallace. Its really interesting and has little bits on the side of the pages like quotes and drawings and engravings. Filled with pictures and explanations of sex in different times of history, including the penalties for being outside of the normal. Would recommend.