Born-again virgin vs sex queen

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Born-again virgin vs sex queen

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Mar 20, 2007, 8:06am

Most people I know who read Anita Blake differentiate between the early novels 1-4 or 1-6 and the ones that come after.

The early books have complex relationships, but no sex for Anita. The later ones have sex, but are criticised for having no plot...

What do you think?

2kimluvs2read First Message
Apr 5, 2007, 10:24am

I love all the books, I was happy when Anita started having sex. I thought, "well it is about time!" I think that Anita had to change, nobody can be around that kind of World and not change. Yes the change seems fast, but the changes were forced on her, she didn't choose them, so that means that don't happen at her pace either. And there is plenty of plot, just not the kind of plot some people want.

Apr 6, 2007, 2:12pm

I guess I'm somewhat in the middle. I found the no sex thing to be somewhat ridiculous - in this day and age anyway - but when the sex started, the plots did decrease a bit. I liked the bit of mystery/detective story worked into everything else, and she has fallen away from that a little. But overall, the books are still very enjoyable.

Apr 6, 2007, 5:36pm

I thought the books were good up until Obsidian Butterfly and after that it went downhill. I picked up the later books and they were just horrible. When she came out with her new series with the sidhe I picked the first one up to see and loved it. I like the Merry Gentry series better and hopefully doesn't end up like the Anita Blake series.

Dec 19, 2008, 10:25pm

What got me into the series was a copy of Cerulean Sins on audiotape for sale cheap at a library's used book sale. Now that I've read a few more and listened to that one all the way through more than once, I have to say that the one I've liked best so far is Obsidian Butterfly because it reads like Red Dragon with vampires and shapeshifters thrown in.

I don't necessarily dislike the sex in the later books, but I do find the stop for a ten+ page sex scene after advancing the suspense plot by five pages thing to get annoying after a while.

Dec 20, 2008, 11:10pm

I liked the Anita Blake books better when there was a tension between Anita's desires and her beliefs. They made everything more interesting. I liked how she had a kick-butt job, and wore sensible clothes to do it in. Now she hardly works and hardly wears any clothes.

I like the Merry Gentry books better. The sex thing makes more sense in that world.

Jan 3, 2009, 1:25pm

I also like the Merry Gentry books better. I haven't found any of Hamilton's books I didn't like, but I just enjoy the Gentry and DO ENJOY those long sex scenes.

Jan 3, 2009, 1:33pm

Loved the books up until Blue Moon, which I thought was awful. It had the form of the old style books, but LKH made them into Pod People and they haven't recovered.

I hate the sex books where Anita becomes a necro-slut, and will hump anything that moves, multiple times, while crossing the room. She has become Merry with a gun.

Sex it fine, but there needs to be a plot. And for AB sex always had to be about love and commitment, and now its no better than blowing her nose.

I miss that she used to have a job, I miss the old cast of characters. Anita and her gang cared about each other, now only the ones who worship her are allowed. Those who don't are made nasty and crazy (Ronnie, Richard, Dolph). I hate the power of the month, and the nasty spoiled, self-absorbed attitude AB now has (can we say LKH). Mary Sue indeed.

I don't buy them in HC anymore. I have the last PB, but have yet to read it. I may be done with LKH. Can't stand the Merry books either.

Jan 5, 2009, 12:22am

Most of the books I like, but Micah and Blood Noir where she is stuck with just one of the guys are too angst-ridden for me. I think that the plots are over sexed, but I wish that Anita would just get over it and get back to the real plots.

The Merry Gentry series is more fun since Merry does not sit around in the angst over the sex. She accepts it and keeps going. It is true that it may be more acceptable in her world, but killing Nathaniel and Darien (sorry about the spelling) seem to give Anita the free check that she needs. ;-)

Mar 28, 2009, 2:24pm

im in with SusieC418.

even though I love them both, i do love the meredith gentry a little it more. but i do not mind the sex scenes in the later anita blake serie. i still thinks it is an awesome serie^^ I enjoy reading about Anita and the others and if she did not evolve like she does than the books would not move at all. she gets more power = she has to have more men, and I do not mind that. could be because i want the cookie monster more into the book. hahaha

Apr 14, 2009, 7:20pm

There is definitely a clear division between the first few books in the series and the rest. But, let's face it, the woman has the master of the city in one hand and a sexy werewolf in the other. They were bound to start getting it on eventually. Personally, I write and edit erotica, so I like to see the sex scenes going more mainstream. It's still really stigmatized, especially when we are talking about books geared toward women.

I will agree that the sex is more integral in Merry's world (sex is primal and so are the faeries), but vampires are a highly sexualized group as well. I think for the most part, the sex is necessary and well tied into the story line. Sometimes it drags on a little excessively or makes you think 'yeah right.' But that is the beauty of a fantasy world. Things are supposed to be exceptional :)

Feb 8, 2012, 3:21pm

I didn't care for Anita too much in the earlier books. But I don't have to love the main character to enjoy a book. I found in the earlier books she was so uptight and hypocritical. So for me it was a nice change in the series.