Mondragon Bookstore & Coffee House

91 Albert Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1G5



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Mondragon is a political bookstore and vegan restaurant located in Winnipeg's historic exchange district. The word Mondragon comes from the Euskadi (Basque) town of the same name meaning "Dragon Mountain" in English. Located in Northern Spain, Mondragon – or Arrasate in the Basque language – is known for its extensive network of workers' cooperatives, and has been the subject of numerous books and articles.

Inspired by this and many other examples of alternative economics and workplace democracy, our bookstore and coffeehouse is organized as a workers collective. We have no manager, and all worker members, regardless of starting skill or seniority, earn the same rate of pay. We call ours a "participatory" workplace – after the participatory economic model developed by co-authors Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert – and we feel that this structure is consistent with anarchist and libertarian socialist principles.

Mondragon Bookstore specializes in books and periodicals relating to anarchism, ecology, indigenous issues and resistance, Marxism, feminism, human and animal liberation, queer issues, sexuality, health, vegetarianism, economics, labour, media, analysis, activism, education and social change. We also carry zines, video and cd's that address these topics and more, as well as a selection of alternative fiction from around the world, alternative children's books, political posters, t-shirts and other gift items.

We encourage customers to suggest new titles or publishers for us to carry, should they feel we are underrepresented in an important area. Mondragon offers a special order service, as well as online book sales for those who can't visit us in person, in our hope to accommodate your literary needs!
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