Magus Books (Seattle)

1408 NE 42nd St.
Seattle, WA 98105

United States


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One of the best. High-quality inventory, being adjacent to the Univ. of Washington. Lots of turnover.
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Such an excellent store. Really good academic titles, collectibles in leather or slipcases, and ordinary reading copies of standard titles classic or obscure, well-organized by subjects. Books are in good shape (they are choosey about condition), and prices are incredibly fair. (I happen to know they are almost never underbid online.) If you sell books in Seattle, go there first (but call to check buying hours!). They won't buy everything but will pay best for what they take. Well-organized and very well-stocked. Staffed by smart readers; I frequently hear people ask a shelver for a recommendation, and after a couple of finely-tuned questions, they get several titles back. And the place just smells, looks, and feels like a bookstore. One of the last of its kind.
November 2015 by skholiast
I recently visited Seattle and made a special stop to check them out. Very nice. Tall stacks of used books; tight space but neatly arranged. Since it is one block from the university stacks like philosophy get picked constantly. The science fiction selection was excellent; one of the best I have seen. I would be there once a week if I lived nearby.
October 2012 by galacticus
Don't be fooled by the diminutive size of this book shop. Here there be treasure. I never leave empty-handed and I always find delightful oddities.
November 2008 by GirlMisanthrope
I think my favorite bookshop in Seattle, I always find something interesting (and I like the window displays)
August 2008 by brewbooks