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The Chester Country Book Company is now permantly closed.
September 2016 by ulmannc
Now open! Check out the web site. Haven't been there yet.
March 2014 by ulmannc
Just saw an article in the Daily Local News earlier this month that the store will be reopening in a different location in the same shopping center. As I recall the comment was the reopening would occur in late spring once some construction in the shopping center is completed! It will be great to have them back. I don't buy a lot there (mostly antiquarian purchases for my personal library) but when I needed something new they always seemed to have it. I'll try to be there when they reopen!!!
March 2013 by ulmannc
I believe the location is currently closed and is looking for a new space.
February 2013 by ulmannc
If you have a book club, Christine Weiser is a Philadelphia-area writer
and she has a new chick-rock novel out called BROAD STREET. She's looking to connect with area book clubs and is willing to come out to visit with the
group for no charge (there is also a discussion guide in the back of BROAD
STREET). If you're interested, you can contact her through her website:
January 2009 by jelfrank