The Old Pier Bookshop

287 Marine Road Central
Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 5BY

United Kingdom


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Undoubtedly one of the most apparently disorganised bookshops in the world -- one suspects willfully so. All the better for it too: it feels like someone has taken Finnegans Wake and turned it into a shop. The separation of books into themes seems to ebb and flow in an almost hallucinogenic fashion; almost none of the shelves are labelled; large quantities of the rooms are constructed from two-by-four and then filled to waist level with piles of dead books; and quite a lot of the stock is in random heaps all over the floor. You end up digging through piles of papers, peering behind giant sheets of chipboard, and holding up towers of books with a spare heal while gingerly taking down what may be a book, or may, one suspects, simply be a wad of sheets acting as structural support. Fortunately the owner seems to hold all this chaos in his head, and can apparently pin-point a specific book with disturbing accuracy. This isn't a bookshop in which you can easily browse for a set of books, for example by a specific author, nor, really, one in which you can easily browse for a specific subject. However, if you want a specific title, or just want the fun of the bibliophile equivalent of cave exploration, then this is the shop for you. More details here:
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One significant disadvantage of this shop is that you could easily spend hours in here to the dismay of your other half who will sigh and tut as you disappear around another corner in fascination and excitement at the prospect of ever more intriguing shelves and piles of books. Any book lover will be happy here. I couldn't even say what categories of books they stock because there seems to be a very loose order...but who cares!
April 11 by DaveGLeeds