Pine Grove Books and Gifts

218 South 28th Avenue
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

United States


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Pine Grove Books and Gifts is Mississippi’s only bookstore devoted entirely to behavioral health and self-help literature. Our bookstore carries all books used in addiction treatment at Pine Grove and many books recommended by our addiction treatment team. These books include titles related to AA, NA, SA, Alanon, co dependency, spirituality, eating disorders, dual diagnoses, parenting, treatment intervention, and psychological disorders. Some of these titles are written by well known authors such as Melanie Beattie, Claudia Black, Patrick Carnes, Stephanie Covington, Terrence Gorski, Harold Kushner, and Jenni Schaefer, to mention a few.

Pine Grove has offered a bookstore since the center’s inception in 1984. The first bookstore to serve Pine Grove patients was a book cart that was operated by two volunteers, Melinda Mapp and Patty Hall. As our services expanded, a very small bookstore was placed on the Pine Grove campus in a room, not much bigger than a closet. As Pine Grove continued to grow, so did our need to “grow” the bookstore.

In addition to books and literature, the bookstore carries a variety of personal growth gifts, including addiction recovery gift items.

We never want to forget our children, so Pine Grove’s Books and Gifts carries a special section of books, many having a character-building tone, devoted to our younger population. Many of the Caldecott Award Winners can also be found in this area. PINE GROVE’S BOOKS AND GIFTS is one of only two bookstores in Mississippi that sponsors the Association of Booksellers for Children.
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