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First LibraryThing Readathon


The thread that started it all.

Inspired by Do Nothing But Read Day, LibraryThing member squeakychu suggested we have our own event which doesn't limit a day's activity to just reading. (It was discovered that it's really hard to do nothing but read, when the doorbell rings, or pets/children need tending.)

Thus was born the LibraryThing 24-hour Readathon. The idea is to have LibraryThing members from across the world reading continuously for 24 hours. Each member is committing to reading for one hour, at a designated time. We've built in a redundancy, in case someone is trapped in their car in a snowstorm ... without a book.


  • Before you start editing, look at the timeline to find which time slot you'd like to fill in. Note the GMT time, as this will help you find the right line to edit.
    • You'll want to find a time that hasn't been taken, which you'll know because it has a placeholder "NAME". See below (at If table is full) if all the spots are taken.
    • The first column of names is for the top of the hour (:00) to the last minute of the hour (:59).
    • The second column is to start at the half hour (:30) and read for an entire hour, until the next half hour (:30).
  • Open up the page by clicking EDIT which is to the far right of the word "TIMELINE".
  • Each hour is a row in the table. The | (bar) marks define the columns.
    • If you want to read for the 00-59 hour, you'll want to edit the NAME that appears in the second-to-last column.
    • If you want to read from the 30-30, edit the last column.
  • Where it says NAME, you'll delete the text NAME, and replace it with the text in bold, making sure to then exchange the two spots it says USERNAME for your actual username: [http://www.librarything.com/profile/USERNAME USERNAME]
  • Click SHOW PREVIEW to see what you've changed. This has not saved your work, but it does let you see if you need to fix something.
  • When you're done editing, click SAVE PAGE.


If I want to read at 8am Eastern time, from 8:30-9:30, this is what I'll look for:

  |1300-1359||0800-0859||0001-0059 (nd)|| Name||Name

Now, I'll add my name, and create a link to my profile. This is not done with HTML. Instead, you use brackets to associate a URL with the text you want to see. Put an opening bracket ([), then the link, then a space, then what text you'd like to actually show, then a closing bracket (]).

  |1300-1359||0800-0859||0001-0059 (nd)|| Name||[http://www.librarything.com/profile/sonyagreen sonyagreen]

If table is full

  • Choose your slot (preferably one with only one name in it).
  • As above, click Edit. Find your place, and instead of deleting the placeholder put a comma and space after the user block that's already in there.
  • Enter the bold text and replace USERNAME with your username: [http://www.librarything.com/profile/USERNAME USERNAME]
  • Click SHOW PREVIEW to make sure it looks right, then click SAVE PAGE.


Find a slot:

  |1300-1359||0800-0859||0001-0059 (nd)|| [http://www.librarything.com/profile/USERNAME USERNAME]||[http://www.librarything.com/profile/USERNAME USERNAME]

Now, add your name, and create a link to your profile. Put in a comma and space, then copy the link text and put in your user name.

  |1300-1359||0800-0859||0001-0059 (nd)|| [http://www.librarything.com/profile/USERNAME USERNAME], [http://www.librarything.com/profile/sonyagreen sonyagreen]||[http://www.librarything.com/profile/USERNAME USERNAME]


When you sign up in the table below, you commit to reading for a FULL hour starting either at the beginning of an hour (if you are in the first column), or starting at the half past (the second column).

The Timeline (Saturday January 23)
GMT USEST AEDT Minute 00 - 59 Minute 30 - (next hour) 30
0001-0059 1900-1959 (pd) 1100-1159 jjmcgaffey biblioholic29
0100-0159 2000-2059 (pd) 1200-1259 WorldMaker trackbianca
0200-0259 2100-2159 (pd) 1300-1359 Joannasephine lalien
0300-0359 2200-2259 (pd) 1400-1459 BethyB,Romula brewergirl
0400-0459 2300-2359 (pd) 1500-1559 mvrdrk, lhlady gwernin
0500-0559 0001-0059 1600-1659 tardis sqdancer
0600-0659 0100-0159 1700-1759 fmrox BrieAnn
0700-0759 0200-0259 1800-1859 ty1997 marthajeanne
0800-0859 0300-0359 1900-1959 AnnieMod Lman, susanlgreen
0900-0959 0400-0459 2000-2059 kconcannon sedelia
1000-1059 0500-0559 2100-2159 TheoClarke Pratchettfan,
1100-1159 0600-0659 2200-2259 scarper kidsilkhaze
1200-1259 0700-0759 2300-2359 skittles helenoel
1300-1359 0800-0859 0001-0059 (nd) MsCellophane sonyagreen, AoifeT
1400-1459 0900-0959 0101-0159 (nd) Booksloth bell7, sandragon
1500-1559 1000-1059 0201-0259 (nd) KatyLit RuTemple Petrini1, calm
1600-1659 1100-1159 0301-0359 (nd) rosalita atlargeintheworld
1700-1759 1200-1259 0401-0459 (nd) Morphidae jillmwo
1800-1859 1300-1359 0501-0559 (nd) eabell, The Paxtonian anamukalicekathleen
1900-1959 1400-1459 0601-0659 (nd) Macophile, Delirium9 leennnadine, Jasmyn9
2000-2059 1500-1559 0701-0759 (nd) riverwillow monarchi, sockerplinga
2100-2159 1600-1659 0801-0859 (nd) ejj1955 klarusu
2200-2259 1700-1759 0901-0959 (nd) staffordcastle SamuelW, usnmm2
2300-2359 1800-1859 1001-1059 (nd) CatyM,cal8769 antisyzygy


  • How to figure out your local time as GMT: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
  • GMT is a reference time zone it is not subject to daylight savings etc
  • USEST is US Eastern Standard Time (LT timezone)
  • AEDT is Australian Eastern Daylight savings Time ('cos I'm there!)
  • (pd) means previous day
  • (nd) means next day
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