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Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1860-1905

by Roger Chesneau

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891307,665 (4.67)None
This history of iron and steel warships is complented by illustrations, photographs and accurate standard-scale drawings for most classes.

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Very detailed and contains all the statistics on the warships of the age. A lot of photo's too. Highly recommended. ( )
  bleacher | Dec 13, 2005 |
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Wikipedia in English (1,071)

1890 in Brazil

1915 in Scotland

28 cm SK L/40 gun

3rd Battle Squadron (United Kingdom)

Adder-class monitor

Admiral Lazarev-class monitor

Admiral Spiridov-class monitor

Admiral Ushakov-class coastal defense ship

Admiral-class ironclad

Adventure-class cruiser

Agordat-class cruiser

Ajax-class ironclad

Alfonso XII-class cruiser

Alma-class ironclad

Amazon-class sloop

Amethyst-class corvette

Amiral Charner-class cruiser

Ammiraglio di Saint Bon-class battleship

Amur-class minelayer (1898)

ARA Almirante Brown (1880)

ARA Buenos Aires (1895)

ARA El Plata (1874)

ARA Garibaldi

ARA Libertad (1892)

ARA Los Andes

ARA Nueve de Julio (1892)

ARA Pueyrredón

ARA San Martín

ARA Veinticinco de Mayo (1891)

Arab-class gunvessel

Aragon-class cruiser

Argentine–Chilean naval arms race

Arquebuse-class destroyer

Arrogant-class cruiser

Asama-class cruiser

Astraea-class cruiser

Audacious-class ironclad

Bainbridge-class destroyer

Bayan-class cruiser

Beacon-class gunvessel

Belleisle-class ironclad

Bibliography of 18th–19th century Royal Naval history

Bibliography of early American naval history

Bismarck-class corvette

Blake-class cruiser

Blitz-class aviso

Borodino-class battleship

Bouvines-class coast defense ship

Brandenburg-class battleship

Branlebas-class destroyer

Brazilian battleship Aquidabã

Brazilian cruiser Almirante Tamandaré (1890)

Brazilian ironclad Brasil

Brazilian ironclad Lima Barros

Brazilian ironclad Sete de Setembro

Brazilian ironclad Silvado

Brazilian monitor Bahia

Bremen-class cruiser

Briton-class corvette

Buffel-class monitor

Bulwark-class battleship (1859)

Bussard-class cruiser

Cabral-class ironclad

Caio Duilio-class ironclad

Canonicus-class monitor

Casco-class monitor

Central battery ship

Centurion-class battleship

Cerberus-class breastwork monitor

Challenger-class cruiser

Charlemagne-class battleship

Charles Martel-class ironclad

Charodeika-class monitor

Chester-class cruiser

Chilean battleship Capitán Prat

Chilean cruiser Esmeralda (1895)

Chilean cruiser O'Higgins (1897)

Chilean ironclad Almirante Cochrane

Chilean ironclad Blanco Encalada

Chincha Islands War

Chinese corvette Kwan Chia

Chinese cruiser Chaoyong

Chinese cruiser Hai Yung

Chinese cruiser Jingyuan (1887)

Chinese cruiser Jingyuen (1886)

Chinese cruiser Laiyuan

Chinese cruiser Yangwei

Chinese cruiser Zhiyuan

Chinese gunboat Tsao-kiang

Chinese ironclad Dingyuan

Chinese ironclad Zhenyuan

Cincinnati-class cruiser

Claymore-class destroyer

Coastal defence ship

Colbert-class ironclad

Colossus-class battleship (1882)

Columbia-class cruiser

Conqueror-class monitor

Cyclops-class monitor

Danish ironclad Danmark

Danish ironclad Dannebrog

Danish ironclad Gorm

Danish ironclad Helgoland

Danish ironclad Lindormen (1868)

Danish ironclad Odin (1872)

Danish ironclad Peder Skram

Danish ironclad Rolf Krake

Danish ironclad Tordenskjold

Danton-class battleship

Dévastation-class ironclad

Dévastation-class ironclad floating battery

Defence-class ironclad

Denver-class cruiser

Deutschland-class battleship

Devastation Turret Class Ship

Devastation-class ironclad

Devonshire-class cruiser (1903)

Diadem-class cruiser

Dingyuan-class ironclad

Drache-class ironclad

Drake-class cruiser

Dubuque-class gunboat

Duke of Edinburgh-class cruiser

Dupleix-class cruiser

Durandal-class destroyer

Eclipse-class cruiser

Eclipse-class sloop

Edgar Quinet-class cruiser

Edgar-class cruiser

Edward L. Beach Sr.

Egyptian frigate Ibrahim

El Plata-class monitor

Emerald-class corvette

Erzherzog Ferdinand Max-class ironclad

Etna-class cruiser

Evstafi-class battleship

Fantome-class sloop

Flat-iron gunboat

Folgore-class cruiser

Formidabile-class ironclad

Fortress of Humaitá

Forward-class cruiser

Framée-class destroyer

French battleship Brennus

French battleship Carnot

French battleship Charlemagne

French battleship Charles Martel

French battleship Démocratie

French battleship Gaulois

French battleship Henri IV

French battleship Iéna

French battleship Jauréguiberry

French battleship Justice

French battleship Liberté

French battleship Masséna

French battleship Patrie

French battleship République

French battleship Saint Louis

French battleship Suffren

French battleship Vérité

French cruiser Amiral Aube

French cruiser Amiral Charner

French cruiser Bruix

French cruiser Chanzy

French cruiser Condé

French cruiser Desaix

French cruiser Dupleix (1900)

French cruiser Dupuy de Lôme

French cruiser Edgar Quinet

French cruiser Ernest Renan

French cruiser Gloire (1900)

French cruiser Gueydon

French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc (1899)

French cruiser Jules Ferry

French cruiser Jules Michelet

French cruiser Kléber

French cruiser Latouche-Tréville

French cruiser Marseillaise (1900)

French cruiser Montcalm (1900)

French cruiser Pothuau

French cruiser Sully

French cruiser Victor Hugo

French cruiser Waldeck-Rousseau

French destroyer Arbalète

French destroyer Arc

French destroyer Arquebuse

French destroyer Épée (1900)

French destroyer Épieu

French destroyer Étendard

French destroyer Baliste

French destroyer Bélier

French destroyer Bombarde

French destroyer Branlebas

French destroyer Carabine

French destroyer Carquois

French destroyer Catapulte

French destroyer Claymore

French destroyer Cognée

French destroyer Coutelas

French destroyer Dard

French destroyer Durandal

French destroyer Escopette

French destroyer Espingole

French destroyer Fanfare

French destroyer Fanion

French destroyer Fauconneau

French destroyer Flamberge

French destroyer Fleuret (1907)

French destroyer Framée

French destroyer Francisque

French destroyer Fronde

French destroyer Gabion

French destroyer Glaive

French destroyer Hache

French destroyer Hallebarde

French destroyer Harpon

French destroyer Javeline

French destroyer Massue

French destroyer Mortier

French destroyer Mousquet

French destroyer Mousqueton

French destroyer Obusier

French destroyer Oriflamme

French destroyer Pertuisane

French destroyer Pierrer

French destroyer Pique

French destroyer Pistolet

French destroyer Poignard

French destroyer Rapière

French destroyer Sabre

French destroyer Sabretache

French destroyer Sagaie

French destroyer Sape

French destroyer Sarbacane

French destroyer Stylet

French destroyer Trident

French destroyer Tromblon

French destroyer Yatagan

French ironclad Alma

French ironclad Armide

French ironclad Atalante

French ironclad Belliqueuse

French ironclad Colbert

French ironclad Couronne

French ironclad Dévastation

French ironclad Flandre

French ironclad Friedland

French ironclad Gauloise

French ironclad Guyenne

French ironclad Héroïne

French ironclad Invincible

French ironclad Jeanne d'Arc

French ironclad La Galissonnière

French ironclad Lave

French ironclad Magenta

French ironclad Magnanime

French ironclad Marceau

French ironclad Marengo

French ironclad Montcalm

French ironclad Normandie

French ironclad Océan

French ironclad Provence

French ironclad Reine Blanche

French ironclad Revanche

French ironclad Richelieu

French ironclad Savoie

French ironclad Solférino

French ironclad Suffren

French ironclad Surveillante

French ironclad Thétis

French ironclad Trident

French ironclad Triomphante

French ironclad Valeureuse

French ironclad Victorieuse

Frolic-class gunvessel

Fuji-class battleship

Gazelle-class cruiser

General-Admiral-class cruiser

Giuseppe Garibaldi-class cruiser

Gloire-class cruiser

Gloire-class ironclad

Goito-class cruiser

Greek battleship Kilkis

Greek battleship Lemnos

Greek ironclad Hydra

Greek ironclad Psara

Greek ironclad Spetsai

Greek ironclad Vasilefs Georgios

Greek ironclad Vasilissa Olga

Gueydon-class cruiser

Habsburg-class battleship

Handy-class destroyer

Hüdâvendigâr-class cruiser

Hector-class ironclad

Highflyer-class cruiser

HMS Aboukir (1900)

HMS Achilles (1863)

HMS Achilles (1905)

HMS Adventure (1904)

HMS Ajax (1880)

HMS Albatross (1873)

HMS Alexandra (1875)

HMS Algerine (1895)

HMS Amethyst (1873)

HMS Amphion (1883)

HMS Andromeda (1897)

HMS Anson (1886)

HMS Antrim (1903)

HMS Arab (1874)

HMS Arethusa (1882)

HMS Ariel (1897)

HMS Audacious (1869)

HMS Aurora (1887)

HMS Barfleur (1892)

HMS Bedford (1901)

HMS Belleisle (1876)

HMS Bellerophon (1865)

HMS Benbow (1885)

HMS Berwick (1902)

HMS Black Prince (1904)

HMS Blake (1889)

HMS Blanche (1867)

HMS Blenheim (1890)

HMS Bristol (1861)

HMS Britannia (1904)

HMS Briton (1869)

HMS Caledonia (1862)

HMS Camperdown (1885)

HMS Canada (1881)

HMS Centurion (1892)

HMS Champion (1878)

HMS Collingwood (1882)

HMS Commonwealth (1903)

HMS Conqueror (1881)

HMS Constance (1880)

HMS Cormorant (1877)

HMS Cornwallis (1901)

HMS Crescent (1892)

HMS Cressy (1899)

HMS Cumberland (1902)

HMS Cyclops (1871)

HMS Danae (1867)

HMS Daphne (1888)

HMS Daring (1874)

HMS Defence (1861)

HMS Devonshire (1904)

HMS Diamond (1874)

HMS Diana (1895)

HMS Dido (1869)

HMS Dido (1896)

HMS Dominion (1903)

HMS Donegal (1902)

HMS Doris (1896)

HMS Dove (1898)

HMS Drake (1901)

HMS Druid (1869)

HMS Duncan (1901)

HMS Eclipse (1894)

HMS Edinburgh (1882)

HMS Egeria (1873)

HMS Empress of India

HMS Encounter (1873)

HMS Endymion (1865)

HMS Endymion (1891)

HMS Essex (1901)

HMS Euryalus (1901)

HMS Exmouth (1901)

HMS Fame (1896)

HMS Fantome (1873)

HMS Favorite (1864)

HMS Fervent (1895)

HMS Flying Fish (1873)

HMS Foresight (1904)

HMS Formidable (1898)

HMS Glasgow (1861)

HMS Glatton (1871)

HMS Glory (1899)

HMS Gorgon (1871)

HMS Grafton (1892)

HMS Handy (1895)

HMS Hannibal (1896)

HMS Haughty (1895)

HMS Hawke (1891)

HMS Hecate (1871)

HMS Hector (1861)

HMS Hercules (1868)

HMS Hermes (1898)

HMS Hermione (1893)

HMS Hibernia (1905)

HMS Highflyer (1898)

HMS Hindustan (1903)

HMS Hogue (1900)

HMS Hornet (1893)

HMS Hotspur (1870)

HMS Howe (1885)

HMS Hyacinth (1898)

HMS Hydra (1871)

HMS Immortalité (1887)

HMS Imperieuse (1883)

HMS Implacable (1899)

HMS Inconstant (1868)

HMS Inflexible (1876)

HMS Iris (1877)

HMS Isis (1896)

HMS Juno (1895)

HMS King Alfred (1901)

HMS Lancaster (1902)

HMS Leander (1882)

HMS Leven (1898)

HMS Leviathan (1901)

HMS Lightning (1876)

HMS Lightning (1895)

HMS Lily (1874)

HMS Lively (1900)

HMS Locust (1896)

HMS London (1899)

HMS Lord Clyde (1864)

HMS Lord Warden (1865)

HMS Magdala (1870)

HMS Mars (1896)

HMS Minerva (1895)

HMS Modeste (1873)

HMS Monarch (1868)

HMS Montagu (1901)

HMS Narcissus (1886)

HMS Natal

HMS Nelson (1876)

HMS Neptune (1874)

HMS New Zealand (1904)

HMS Newcastle (1860)

HMS Nile (1888)

HMS Northampton (1876)

HMS Northumberland (1866)

HMS Ocean (1862)

HMS Orlando (1886)

HMS Orwell (1901)

HMS Osprey (1876)

HMS Ostrich (1900)

HMS Ouse (1905)

HMS Pallas (1865)

HMS Patrol (1904)

HMS Pelican (1877)

HMS Penelope (1867)

HMS Penguin (1876)

HMS Perseus (1897)

HMS Polyphemus (1881)

HMS Pomone (1897)

HMS Porcupine (1895)

HMS Prince Albert (1864)

HMS Prince Consort (1862)

HMS Prince George (1895)

HMS Pyramus (1897)

HMS Quail (1895)

HMS Queen (1902)

HMS Racehorse (1900)

HMS Raleigh (1873)

HMS Ramillies (1892)

HMS Renown (1895)

HMS Repulse (1868)

HMS Repulse (1892)

HMS Research (1863)

HMS Resistance (1861)

HMS Resolution (1892)

HMS Revenge (1892)

HMS Rodney (1884)

HMS Roebuck (1901)

HMS Roxburgh (1904)

HMS Royal Alfred (1864)

HMS Royal Arthur (1891)

HMS Royal Oak (1862)

HMS Royal Oak (1892)

HMS Royal Sovereign (1857)

HMS Royal Sovereign (1891)

HMS Rupert (1872)

HMS Russell (1901)

HMS Sans Pareil (1887)

HMS Sapphire (1874)

HMS Sapphire (1904)

HMS Sappho (1873)

HMS Serpent (1887)

HMS Shannon (1875)

HMS Shannon (1906)

HMS Shearwater (1900)

HMS Sirius (1890)

HMS Skirmisher (1905)

HMS Sparrowhawk (1895)

HMS St George (1892)

HMS Star (1896)

HMS Success (1901)

HMS Suffolk (1903)

HMS Sultan (1870)

HMS Sunfish (1895)

HMS Superb (1875)

HMS Sutlej (1899)

HMS Swiftsure (1870)

HMS Swiftsure (1903)

HMS Swordfish (1895)

HMS Talbot (1895)

HMS Temeraire (1876)

HMS Thetis (1871)

HMS Thrasher (1895)

HMS Thunderer (1872)

HMS Trafalgar (1887)

HMS Undaunted (1861)

HMS Undaunted (1886)

HMS Vengeance (1899)

HMS Venus (1895)

HMS Victoria (1887)

HMS Wild Swan (1876)

HMS Wolf (1897)

HMS Zealous (1864)

HMS Zebra (1895)

HMS Zephyr (1895)

HNLMS Buffel

HNLMS Guinea

HNLMS Java (1885)

HNLMS Koning der Nederlanden

HNLMS Prins Hendrik der Nederlanden

HNLMS Schorpioen


HNLMS Sumatra (1890)

HNoMS Mjølner (1868)

HNoMS Norge

HSwMS Folke

HSwMS Sölve

Huszár-class destroyer

Hydra-class ironclad

Imperator Aleksandr II-class battleship

Imperieuse-class cruiser


Infanta Maria Teresa-class cruiser

Irene-class cruiser

Ister-class frigate

Italia-class ironclad

Italian battleship Ammiraglio di Saint Bon

Italian battleship Benedetto Brin

Italian battleship Emanuele Filiberto

Italian battleship Napoli

Italian battleship Regina Elena

Italian battleship Regina Margherita

Italian battleship Roma (1907)

Italian battleship Vittorio Emanuele

Italian cruiser Agordat

Italian cruiser Aretusa

Italian cruiser Calabria

Italian cruiser Calatafimi

Italian cruiser Caprera

Italian cruiser Carlo Alberto

Italian cruiser Coatit

Italian cruiser Confienza

Italian cruiser Cristoforo Colombo (1892)

Italian cruiser Dogali

Italian cruiser Elba

Italian cruiser Etna

Italian cruiser Etruria

Italian cruiser Ettore Fieramosca

Italian cruiser Euridice

Italian cruiser Folgore

Italian cruiser Francesco Ferruccio

Italian cruiser Giovanni Bausan

Italian cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi (1899)

Italian cruiser Goito

Italian cruiser Iride

Italian cruiser Liguria

Italian cruiser Lombardia

Italian cruiser Marco Polo

Italian cruiser Minerva

Italian cruiser Montebello

Italian cruiser Monzambano

Italian cruiser Partenope

Italian cruiser Piemonte

Italian cruiser Pietro Micca

Italian cruiser Puglia

Italian cruiser Saetta

Italian cruiser Stromboli

Italian cruiser Tripoli

Italian cruiser Umbria

Italian cruiser Urania

Italian cruiser Varese

Italian cruiser Vesuvio

Italian cruiser Vettor Pisani

Italian ironclad Affondatore

Italian ironclad Ancona

Italian ironclad Andrea Doria

Italian ironclad Caio Duilio

Italian ironclad Castelfidardo

Italian ironclad Conte Verde

Italian ironclad Enrico Dandolo

Italian ironclad Formidabile

Italian ironclad Francesco Morosini

Italian ironclad Italia

Italian ironclad Lepanto

Italian ironclad Messina

Italian ironclad Palestro

Italian ironclad Principe Amedeo

Italian ironclad Principe di Carignano

Italian ironclad Re d'Italia

Italian ironclad Re di Portogallo

Italian ironclad Re Umberto

Italian ironclad Regina Maria Pia

Italian ironclad Roma

Italian ironclad Ruggiero di Lauria

Italian ironclad San Martino

Italian ironclad Sardegna

Italian ironclad Sicilia

Italian ironclad Terribile

Italian ironclad Venezia

Izumo-class cruiser

Japanese battleship Asahi

Japanese battleship Fuji

Japanese battleship Hatsuse

Japanese battleship Shikishima

Japanese battleship Yashima

Japanese corvette Amagi

Japanese corvette Kaimon

Japanese corvette Katsuragi

Japanese corvette Musashi

Japanese corvette Seiki

Japanese corvette Tenryū

Japanese corvette Yamato

Japanese cruiser Akashi

Japanese cruiser Akitsushima

Japanese cruiser Asama

Japanese cruiser Azuma

Japanese cruiser Chihaya

Japanese cruiser Chishima

Japanese cruiser Chiyoda

Japanese cruiser Hashidate

Japanese cruiser Itsukushima

Japanese cruiser Iwate

Japanese cruiser Izumi

Japanese cruiser Izumo

Japanese cruiser Kasuga

Japanese cruiser Matsushima

Japanese cruiser Miyako

Japanese cruiser Naniwa

Japanese cruiser Niitaka

Japanese cruiser Nisshin

Japanese cruiser Otowa

Japanese cruiser Suma

Japanese cruiser Takachiho

Japanese cruiser Takao (1888)

Japanese cruiser Takasago

Japanese cruiser Tatsuta (1894)

Japanese cruiser Tokiwa

Japanese cruiser Tone (1907)

Japanese cruiser Tsukushi

Japanese cruiser Tsushima

Japanese cruiser Unebi

Japanese cruiser Yaeyama

Japanese cruiser Yakumo

Japanese cruiser Yoshino

Japanese gunboat Atago

Japanese gunboat Ōshima

Japanese gunboat Banjō

Japanese gunboat Chōkai

Japanese gunboat Hashidate

Japanese gunboat Heien

Japanese gunboat Maya

Japanese gunboat Uji (1903)

Japanese gunboat Uji (1940)

Japanese ironclad Fusō

Japanese ironclad Hiei

Japanese ironclad Kongō

Japanese ironclad Ryūjō

Japanese warship Fujiyama

Japanese warship Hōshō

Japanese warship Jingei

Japanese warship Nisshin

John Ericsson-class monitor

John Lenthall (shipbuilder)

Kaiser Friedrich III-class battleship

Kaiser Max-class ironclad (1862)

Kaiser Max-class ironclad (1875)

Kaiser-class ironclad

Kalamazoo-class monitor

Kasuga-class cruiser

Katsuragi-class corvette

Kongō-class ironclad

La Galissonnière-class ironclad

Lampo-class destroyer

Léon Gambetta-class cruiser

Leander-class cruiser (1882)

Liberté-class battleship

List of armored cruisers of Germany

List of battleships of Austria-Hungary

List of battleships of Greece

List of battleships of the Ottoman Empire

List of breastwork monitors of the Royal Navy

List of coastal defense ships of Germany

List of cruisers of Germany

List of French sail frigates

List of ironclad warships of Germany

List of ironclads of the Royal Navy

List of light cruisers of Germany

List of Peruvian Navy ships

List of pre-dreadnought battleships of the Royal Navy

List of protected cruisers of Germany

List of protected cruisers of Italy

List of ships of the line of the Royal Navy

List of torpedo boat classes of the Royal Navy

List of unprotected cruisers of Germany

Lord Clyde-class ironclad

Magenta-class ironclad

Mariz e Barros-class ironclad

Matsushima-class cruiser

Maya-class gunboat

Meteor-class aviso

Milwaukee-class monitor

Minotaur-class cruiser (1906)

Minotaur-class ironclad

Monmouth-class cruiser

Montgomery-class cruiser

Naniwa-class cruiser

Nelson-class cruiser

Nembo-class destroyer

New Orleans-class cruiser (1896)

Niitaka-class cruiser

NMS Elisabeta

NRP Afonso de Albuquerque (1884)

Océan-class ironclad

Orione-class torpedo boat

Orlando-class cruiser

Osprey-class sloop

Ottoman battleship Abdül Kadir

Ottoman cruiser Hamidiye

Ottoman cruiser Heibetnuma

Ottoman ironclad Âsâr-ı Tevfik

Ottoman ironclad Feth-i Bülend

Ottoman ironclad Mesudiye

Palestro-class ironclad floating battery

Pallada-class cruiser

Partenope-class cruiser

Pathfinder-class cruiser

Pegaso-class torpedo boat

Peresvet-class battleship

Pertuisane-class destroyer

Peruvian ironclad Independencia

Pervenets-class ironclad

Plover-class gunvessel

Portuguese ironclad Vasco da Gama

Powerful-class cruiser

Preussen-class ironclad

Prince Consort-class ironclad

Principe Amedeo-class ironclad

Principe di Carignano-class ironclad

Prinz Adalbert-class cruiser

Provence-class ironclad

QF 4.7-inch Gun Mk I–IV

République-class battleship

Re d'Italia-class ironclad

Re Umberto-class ironclad

Reşadiye-class battleship

Regina Elena-class battleship

Regina Margherita-class battleship

Regina Maria Pia-class ironclad

Regioni-class cruiser

Rhein-class monitor

River-class destroyer

Roma-class ironclad

Roon-class cruiser

Ruggiero di Lauria-class ironclad

Russian battleship Andrei Pervozvanny

Russian battleship Dvenadsat Apostolov

Russian battleship Evstafi

Russian battleship Georgii Pobedonosets

Russian battleship Imperator Aleksandr II

Russian battleship Imperator Aleksandr III (1901)

Russian battleship Imperator Nikolai I

Russian battleship Imperator Pavel I

Russian battleship Navarin

Russian battleship Oryol

Russian battleship Oslyabya

Russian battleship Peresvet

Russian battleship Pobeda

Russian battleship Retvizan

Russian battleship Sevastopol (1895)

Russian battleship Sinop

Russian battleship Sissoi Veliky

Russian battleship Tri Sviatitelia

Russian battleship Tsesarevich

Russian coast defense ship Gangut

Russian cruiser Almaz

Russian cruiser Askold

Russian cruiser Bayan (1900)

Russian cruiser Bogatyr

Russian cruiser Boyarin (1901)

Russian cruiser Dmitrii Donskoi

Russian cruiser General-Admiral

Russian cruiser Gromoboi

Russian cruiser Izumrud

Russian cruiser Minin

Russian cruiser Novik (1900)

Russian cruiser Oleg

Russian cruiser Pallada (1899)

Russian cruiser Pamiat Merkuria

Russian cruiser Pamiat Merkuria (1878)

Russian cruiser Rossia

Russian cruiser Rurik (1892)

Russian cruiser Rurik (1906)

Russian cruiser Svetlana (1896)

Russian cruiser Vladimir Monomakh

Russian cruiser Zhemchug

Russian ironclad Kniaz Pozharsky

Russian ironclad Kreml

Russian ironclad Ne Tron Menia

Russian ironclad Pervenets

Russian ironclad Petr Veliky

Russian ironclad Petropavlovsk

Russian ironclad Sevastopol

Russian monitor Admiral Chichagov

Russian monitor Admiral Greig

Russian monitor Admiral Lazarev

Russian monitor Admiral Spiridov

Russian monitor Bronenosets

Russian monitor Charodeika

Russian monitor Edinorog

Russian monitor Koldun

Russian monitor Latnik

Russian monitor Lava

Russian monitor Perun

Russian monitor Rusalka

Russian monitor Smerch

Russian monitor Strelets

Russian monitor Tifon

Russian monitor Uragan

Russian monitor Veschun

Russian monitor Vitse-admiral Popov

Russian torpedo boat Ismail

S90-class torpedo boat

Sachsen-class ironclad

Schorpioen-class monitor

Schwalbe-class cruiser

Scorpion-class ironclad

Sentinel-class cruiser

September 1914

Shikishima-class battleship

Short S.27

Sirio-class torpedo boat

SMS Arminius

SMS Árpád

SMS Ägir

SMS Babenberg

SMS Baden (1880)

SMS Bayern (1878)

SMS Beowulf

SMS Bismarck

SMS Blücher (1877)

SMS Blitz

SMS Brandenburg

SMS Budapest

SMS Bussard

SMS Comet

SMS Condor

SMS Cormoran (1892)

SMS Custoza

SMS Deutschland (1874)

SMS Don Juan d'Austria

SMS Drache

SMS Eber

SMS Erzherzog Albrecht

SMS Erzherzog Ferdinand Max (1865)

SMS Falke

SMS Fürst Bismarck (1897)

SMS Freya

SMS Friedrich Carl

SMS Friedrich Carl (1867)

SMS Friedrich der Grosse (1874)

SMS Frithjof

SMS G113

SMS Gazelle (1859)

SMS Gefion

SMS Geier

SMS Gneisenau (1879)

SMS Greif

SMS Grosser Kurfürst (1875)

SMS Habsburg

SMS Habsburg (1865)

SMS Hagen

SMS Hansa (1872)

SMS Hansa (1898)

SMS Heimdall

SMS Hela

SMS Hertha

SMS Hildebrand

SMS Iltis

SMS Irene

SMS Jagd

SMS Jaguar

SMS Juan de Austria

SMS Kaiser (1858)

SMS Kaiser (1874)

SMS Kaiser Karl VI

SMS Kaiser Max (1862)

SMS Kaiser Max (1875)

SMS Kaiser Wilhelm II

SMS Kaiserin Augusta

SMS Kaiserin und Königin Maria Theresia

SMS König Wilhelm

SMS Kronprinz (1867)

SMS Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf

SMS Kronprinzessin Erzherzogin Stephanie

SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm

SMS Lübeck

SMS Lissa

SMS Luchs

SMS Mars (1879)

SMS Meteor (1865)

SMS Meteor (1890)

SMS Moltke (1877)

SMS Monarch

SMS Odin

SMS Oldenburg (1884)

SMS Panther

SMS Pfeil

SMS Preussen (1873)

SMS Prinz Adalbert (1901)

SMS Prinz Eugen (1862)

SMS Prinz Eugen (1877)

SMS Prinz Heinrich

SMS Prinzess Wilhelm

SMS Sachsen

SMS Salamander

SMS Sankt Georg

SMS Schwalbe

SMS Seeadler

SMS Siegfried

SMS Sperber

SMS Stein

SMS Stosch

SMS Tegetthoff (1878)

SMS Tiger

SMS Victoria Louise

SMS Vineta (1897)

SMS Wacht

SMS Wörth

SMS Württemberg (1878)

SMS Weissenburg

SMS Wien

SMS Yorck

SMS Zenta

Soldato-class destroyer

South Carolina-class battleship

Spanish battleship Pelayo

Spanish cruiser Alfonso XII

Spanish cruiser Alfonso XIII

Spanish cruiser Almirante Oquendo

Spanish cruiser Aragon

Spanish cruiser Castilla

Spanish cruiser Conde del Venadito

Spanish cruiser Cristóbal Colón

Spanish cruiser Cristobal Colon (1887)

Spanish cruiser Don Antonio de Ulloa

Spanish cruiser Don Juan de Austria

Spanish cruiser Emperador Carlos V

Spanish cruiser Gravina

Spanish cruiser Infanta Isabel

Spanish cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa

Spanish cruiser Isabel II

Spanish cruiser Isla de Cuba

Spanish cruiser Isla de Luzón

Spanish cruiser Navarra

Spanish cruiser Reina Cristina

Spanish cruiser Reina Mercedes

Spanish cruiser Reina Regente (1906)

Spanish cruiser Velasco

Spanish cruiser Vizcaya

Spanish destroyer Furor

Spanish destroyer Plutón

Spanish destroyer Terror

Spanish gunboat Callao

Spanish gunboat General Concha

Spanish gunboat Marques del Duero

Spanish ironclad Arapiles

Spanish ironclad Méndez Núñez

Spanish ironclad Numancia

Spanish ironclad Sagunto

Spanish ironclad Tetuán

Spanish ironclad Vitoria

Spanish ironclad Zaragoza

Spanish sloop Jorge Juan

Spanish warship Destructor

St. Louis-class cruiser (1905)

Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino

Suma-class cruiser


Swiftsure-class battleship

Template:Bibliography of 18th- and 19th-century naval history

Topaze-class cruiser

Tordenskjold-class coastal defence ship

Torpedo cruiser

Torpedo gunboat

Trafalgar-class ironclad

Truxtun-class destroyer

Unprotected cruiser

USS Ajax (1864)

USS Arapahoe (1864)

USS Bagley (TB-24)

USS Bailey (TB-21)

USS Barney (TB-25)

USS Biddle (TB-26)

USS Blakely (TB-27)

USS Callao (YFB-11)

USS Camanche (1864)

USS Castine (PG-6)

USS Catawba (1864)

USS Catskill (1862)

USS Chickasaw (1864)

USS Columbia (C-12)

USS Craven (TB-10)

USS Cushing (TB-1)

USS Dahlgren (TB-9)

USS Davis (TB-12)

USS DeLong (TB-28)

USS Don Juan de Austria

USS Du Pont (TB-7)

USS Ericsson (TB-2)

USS Farragut (TB-11)

USS Foote (TB-3)

USS Fox (TB-13)

USS Goldsborough (TB-20)

USS Gwin (TB-16)

USS Isla de Cuba (1886)

USS Isla de Luzon (1886)

USS Katahdin (1893)

USS Keosauqua (1864)

USS Kickapoo (1864)

USS Lehigh (1863)

USS MacKenzie (TB-17)

USS Mahopac (1864)

USS Manhattan (1863)

USS Manley (TB-23)

USS McKee (TB-18)

USS Milwaukee (1864)

USS Mondamin (1864)

USS Montauk (1862)

USS Morris (TB-14)

USS Nahant (1862)

USS New Ironsides

USS Oneota (1864)

USS Ossipee (1861)

USS Passaic (1862)

USS Patapsco (1862)

USS Porter (TB-6)

USS Roanoke (1855)

USS Rodgers (TB-4)

USS Rowan (TB-8)

USS San Francisco (C-5)

USS Sangamon (1862)

USS Saugus (1863)

USS Somers (TB-22)

USS Stringham (TB-19)

USS Tahgayuta (1863)

USS Talbot (TB-15)

USS Tecumseh (1863)

USS Wanaloset (1865)

USS Wasp (1893)

USS Watauga (1864)

USS Willamette (1865)

USS Winnebago (1863)

USS Winslow (TB-5)

USS Wyandotte (1864)

Velasco-class cruiser

Vettor Pisani-class cruiser

Victoria Louise-class cruiser

Victoria-class battleship

Vitiaz-class cruiser

Volage-class corvette

Wacht-class aviso

Warrior-class cruiser

Wittelsbach-class battleship

This history of iron and steel warships is complented by illustrations, photographs and accurate standard-scale drawings for most classes.

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