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Eragon (Inheritance) by Christopher Paolini

Eragon (Inheritance) (original 2002; edition 2003)

by Christopher Paolini (Author)

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In Alagaesia, a fifteen-year-old boy of unknown lineage called Eragon finds a mysterious stone that weaves his life into an intricate tapestry of destiny, magic, and power, peopled with dragons, elves, and monsters.
Title:Eragon (Inheritance)
Authors:Christopher Paolini (Author)
Info:Alfred A. Knopf (2003), 528 pages
Collections:Your library
Tags:Fiction, Fantasy, Young adults

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Eragon by Christopher Paolini (2002)

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Eragon is a book about a boy named Eragon and a dragon named Saphira. These two go on many adventures. Eragon lives in the mountains in a small village named Carvhall. His brother and Grandfather live a little way from town on a farm. His brother is leaving with a trader to go work and learn how to trade. So, when the traders are in town still, they spend time together before he has to go. When his brother leaves with the trader, Eragon goes off into the spine in the mountains to hunt for game. When he is in the forest, he finds an elk in a clearing by itself, and he strings his bow getting ready to fire and shoots but misses by an inch. The elk runs away as he watches helplessly as that may be the last thing he can hunt. Eragon sees something glistening in the moonlight. It is a beautiful stone, so he puts it in his pouch to see if it is worth anything. He comes back to Carvhall and goes to the butcher’s shop, who dislikes him. Eragon tries to trade the stone for some meat but is not able to get anything. When he wakes up in the morning, the stone has a single crack on it. As Eragon looks at it to see what happened to it, cracks open when he touches it, and there is a baby dragon inside. Eragon shocked; he touches the dragon and feels a burning sensation on his hand, and then he passes out. Waking up feeling light and hungry, he brings some meat back from the kitchen, and he takes it up to his room, and he sees the dragon thinking that it is probably hungry. It eats all the meat that he brought up for him and the dragon. Eragon decides not to tell his family but instead to tell them after winter because it will be hard to tell them about a dragon who can eat more meat than all of them in one sitting. Two weeks later, winter has come, and the snow has arrived. Eragon goes to town to find Brom the old storyteller and ask him about dragons and how big they get. Walking out the door, he sees a couple of strangers approaching people and asking questions about a stone. So, he quickly goes to the dragon to see if it is all right. Eragon needs a name for the dragon, and so he started naming dragon names that he learned from Brom, and when he said Saphira, he felt a presence in his head that said yes. He makes this mental link stronger as he talks to her about his worries. Days passed, and Saphira has grown too big for her to stay near Carvhall and hunt there, so he told her to hunt in the spine where most people but himself dare to hunt. When he comes back to his house, he finds fire ravaging the house looking around, he picks up the same cloth that he saw those strangers wearing, and he swore to hunt them down and kill them. He starts looking for his Grandfather and finds him under a log dead. He starts packing up his things and going to find these strangers. He stole some meat and leather from the butcher and started to head out, but Brom confronts him. Brom asks why he is stealing, and Eragon says to get revenge on those strangers who killed my Grandfather. Brom said he is going with Eragon so he can tell the story of Eragon and Saphira. Eragon, confused, asks how he knows about Saphira Brom says that it is a secret for another time. Eragon did not know how he found about Saphira. Brom explained what had happened to his Grandfather and who those strangers were. Soon afterward, they set off to Terim to find an old friend of Brom’s. Brom said that the sign on his hand that every dragon rider had and that all riders could do magic. Though Brom taught Eragon how to do magic, he wondered how Brom knew of Magic. When he asked questions, Brom would always change the subject. When they get to Terim, they look for his old friends Jud’s house. When they finally find it Jud welcomes Brom and Eragon. Jud tells Brom about the problems he has been having with his ships. He says that he thinks it is because he has been sending supplies to the Varden, and the king's army found out about it. Eragon asked if he knew of the Razac, the strangers who killed his Grandfather. Jud says that the records are in the main hall and are kept stored they can maybe find out where they are going if they passed through. If they can break into the main hall, they might be able to find the records. They break into the main hall at night and find records of Razac coming in through the gates and find that they came through here looking for a stone. The clues that they find lead up to Brom and Eragon traveling East to Dur ham. When they arrive at night, they set up camp behind the city. In the middle of the night, Eragon hears Saphira's voice in his head saying that there are people here, and he wakes up Brom, and the Razac ambushes them. Brom and Eragon fight furiously but are beaten and then tied up. In the darkness, arrows come flying toward the Razac and hit one of them in the shoulder, wounding it. The Razac flee the scene on flying steeds, but Brom fatally injured, asks for the wine sack and rub the wine on his hand. Eragon finds a rider’s mark, and Brom says that he must find the varden and travel to the Elves to go through the rest of his training. Eragon is crying and, a man comes up from behind and pulls him away from Brom. Eragon was tired, he could not stop thinking about Brom’s death. The man’s name is Murtagh, and he says that he has been to the Varden so he can take Eragon him there. They travel long and fast, sleeping on shifts. Eragon rides Saphira but mostly the horses. When they get close to the Varden's hideout, they hear an Urgal hunting sound. Urgals are a type of monster that eats humans and are in clans. When they hear the sound getting closer, they find a cave where they take shelter. Inside they find an injured elf wondering where it came from. They tend to the injured elf, and in the morning they start moving. Murtagh sees big footprints in the ground saying these are Urgal tracks and that they need to move quickly get to the Varden. Eragon and Murtagh have an army of Urgals chasing them. When they get to a lake, they see a big waterfall seeing they only escape route they go through finding the doors opening and dwarves and humans coming out ready to fight they get inside and are taken to a room where the dwarf that escorted them here said that their minds were going to be searched. Eragon was in pain when his mind was searched, but Murtagh is resisting the force of his mind being probed he is imprisoned. When Eragon met the leader of the Varden Ajhad, he asked some questions about him and Saphira and his journey and the Elf. He and Saphira stayed in the dragon hold where there was enough room for both of them. The next morning Eragon was escorted by a dwarf who was named Orik. When Eragon was finished with everything around Farthern Dur, he went to speak with Ajhad about the Elf. Ajhad said the Elf Arya was sent to give the egg to Brom but was ambushed by shade and Urgals. Eragon was told that a dwarf fatally wounded came here and said that Urgals were coming through the tunnels being commanded by a shade. Farthern Dur readied for war, and so did Eragon and Saphira. The Urgals started coming through the tunnels only to be shot or slain. This went on for many hours, and the urgals just kept coming to Eragon and Saphira getting tiresome of the fighting. He was contacted by Ajhad to close up tunnels further into Farthern Dur. He was frightened, seeing the shade a sign of death. Eragon fought as hard as he could with Saphira out of reach Eragon was cut on the back and wounded severely. Saphira broke through the giant ruby above breathing fire, distracting the shade. Eragon stabbed the Shade through the heart, and all the Urgals stopped fighting and started to fight each other. When the battle was over, the Varden had lost many troops, and Ajhad was dead which was mourned over. Murtagh was also dead even though they had become quite acquainted. In the end, Eragon and Saphira have grown, and he was also even being called a shade slayer. The Council also had to decide on who the successor the Ajhad will be.
This is a well-written book in my opinion, but it contains much unnecessary information about other people who are not active in the story. This book contains lots of detail and thoroughly explains the situation in the story. It also explains about people Eragon knows, especially his family. It makes you feel like you are actually in the story because of the detail the author puts in about Eragon’s surroundings. It also gives you a vibe of how the main character Eragon is feeling. One thing that I would suggest to be in this book is some illustrations like during the war at Farthern Dur. This was one of the better fantasy books that I have read. ( )
  LBallard.ELA2 | Oct 18, 2019 |
Pretty good fantasy. ( )
  lynngood2 | Aug 20, 2019 |
OK. I skipped over some of the descriptions of clothing & of the dwarves' city. Naive farmboy gets connected to a newly hatched dragon, goes to a local bard for more information on dragon-rearing and gets involved in country-wide rebellion against a harsh king. ( )
  juniperSun | Aug 18, 2019 |
Eragon is happy living on a farm with his uncle and cousin, though he would’ve loved to have known his mom and dad. When he finds a unique blue stone in “the spine” one day he takes it, hoping it will be of value and his family can sell it for money. Eragon has trouble finding a buyer, but one night unexpected sounds start coming from the stone. When a dragon hatches, Eragon’s life will never be the same. Right from the start he and his dragon, who he names Saphira, have a special connection. That’s always the way it’s been with Dragon Riders. There are few Dragon Riders left, and the ones that are around are forced to work for the Empire. Terrible things happen and Eragon must quickly decide what to do. As he tries to escape, a man he's known all is life, Brom, offers to come with him and teach him ancient ways. But their path is dangerous, filled with people and creatures who may or may not be able to be trusted. Eragon’s small farm world expands as he sets out to learn more about the place that he's lived all his life. Will Eragon and Saphira be able to survive? Can Brom teach Eragon all he needs to know? Is it possible for them to get away from so many beings that want to capture and kill them? How will Eragon ever know what he should do with his new Dragon Rider power? Jump aboard this fantasy and soar into a world where anything is possible.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini has been around for over ten years. Ever since I first heard of it I've been curious about the story because it was written by a teenager and the book's journey to publication fascinated me. I listened to the audio and the narrator, Gerard Doyle, did a fabulous job using a variety of voices and inflections. I feel like I know the characters in the book and I connected with them- especially the main characters. I cheered on Eragon when things went well, and I was frustrated when I felt he was doing the wrong thing. I tried to judge the characters he was encountering to see if I would trust them or not too. Being a Dragon Rider sounds fascinating, but it definitely would be scary to have people trying to capture you because of your power. This is a book that involves a new world, ancient languages, magic, and creatures of all kinds. For those reasons I would recommend this book to kids in middle school and up or anyone who enjoys fantasy. I just found out there are four books in the series. I do look forward to finding out what happens, but it may take me a while to make it through all those books! ( )
  Robinsonstef | Jul 10, 2019 |
The world that Paolini has built is fantastic. It has all of the elements of an amazing fantasy story, and yet it doesn't feel redundant. This story has not been told before and Paolini brings it to life with this first book. The problem with it is not the story itself, but rather the writing. The author spends a good chunk of the book reiterating things that have already been clearly stated through dialog or narration. Despite this, he continues to spell everything out for the reader and does not expect the reader to be able to pick up on foreshadowing or to read between the lines. Paolini does not trust his readers to infer what he hopes to express in this book, and instead leaves them to feel as though there is little mystery left to read. ( )
1 vote bookworm148 | Jun 28, 2019 |
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''Eragon,'' for all its flaws, is an authentic work of great talent. The story is gripping; it may move awkwardly, but it moves with force. The power of ''Eragon'' lies in its overall effects -- in the sweep of the story and the conviction of its storyteller. Here, Paolini is leagues ahead of most writers, and it is exactly here that his youth is on his side.
Eragon and Saphira run off with the village story teller, Brom, after the ra’zac kill his uncle, Garrow. They start to hunt the ra’zac in order to achieve revenge, however, Eragon received visions of an elf, Arya, who had been captured. They then instead went to the city she was held at, but Brom was killed. Eragon and Saphira were only just saved by their mysterious new friend, Murtagh. They go to the city where the elf is held, and, after Eragon himself got captured, they freed the elf. The elf is poisoned, however, so the group rushed to the rebel group, known as the Varden, in the dwarvish capital Farthen Dur. She is saved just in time to defend the city from an attack by the urgal, a monstrous race of beings being controlled by the powerful shade, Durza. In the midst of the fight Eragon, with the help of Arya and Saphira, defeats the shade bringing the battle to an end

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This book is dedicated to my mom, for showing me the magic in the world;
to my dad, for revealing the man behind the curtain.
And also my sister, Angela, for helping me when I'm "blue."
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Eragon knelt in a bed of trampled reed grass and scanned the tracks with a practiced eye.
Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent that would change the world.
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It has been one hundred years since the last of the legendary Dragon Riders was slain by the evil Galbatorix, whose tyranny now weighs heavily upon the vast land of Alagaësia. Only three dragon eggs survived the slaughter, and when one of these eggs hatches to a farm-boy named Eragon, Galbatorix dispatches his most fearsome minions to hunt the new Rider down. With his dragon to protect him, Eragon manages to survive the king's first attack, but his uncle is not so lucky. Before long, Eragon finds himself on a quest for revenge that will take him to the far ends of Alagaësia – but an epic power struggle rages around him, and he will soon come to understand the monumental weight of the legacy he has inherited.

AR level 5.6, 25 pts.
Doubleday Children's Books. Hardcover. Book Condition: Fine. 0385607881 Doubleday, 2004. Hardcover. Book Condition: Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Fine. 1st Edition. flat signed on title page by author. Includes Eragon Bookmark
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