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A tagmash is a search for the intersection of two or more tags.

How does it work?

Simply enter the tags, separated by a comma into the main search box at the top right. When you get the results, click on 'Tags' in the left sidebar. Then choose the 'See a tagmash of....' link at the head of the new list of tag results. If you are the first person to try that particular tagmash, the system will take a moment to calculate the results.

The search returns works that have been tagged with all the tags in the list, not necessarily by the same user.

Results are arranged in order of relevance. Works present in your library are marked with green check marks.


Looking for another urban paranormal fantasy to read? Search for books tagged with urban, vampire, werewolves and get a list of books that users have tagged that way to browse through:

urban, vampires, werewolves

Excluding tags

Preceding a tag with a single hyphen demotes it; two hyphens exclude it from the search

switzerland, railways -- books about mountain railways in the Alps
switzerland, --railways -- books set in Switzerland but not about trains
switzerland, -railways -- books set in Switzerland with the trains at the bottom of the list


Where members have combined a tag with other tags having the same meaning (see Tag combination), these are automatically included in your search.


If you search for 19th century, adventure:

19th century Includes: 19th century, nineteenth century, 1800s, 19c, c19, 19th c., 19th c, 1800's, 19th_century, 19thC, 19. Jahrhundert, 19e siècle, 19e eeuw, 19th-century, C19th, 19th cent, 1800-tal, 19thcentury, novecento, nineteenth-century, 19 Century, XIX century, XIXe siècle, 19. Jhd., 19. Jh., 19th cent., 1800-talet, siglo XIX, 19. sec., 19-th century, 19c., ad.19, 19.Jahrhundert, 19.Jhd., ce19, 19 c., 19 th century, 19th Cty, 19th century ad, 19th.C., XIX secolo, CE 19thC, 19th-c., século xix, XIXth century, s.XIX, 19century, 19th-C, ad 19th century, 19eme siecle, 19th centruy, 19th century., siglo 19, 19. Jhd, nineteenthcentury, 19e siecle, 19th cenury, 19th cenutry, XIX wiek, nineteenth centruy, "19e eeuw", 19. århundrede, 19 århundrede, xix siècle, nineteeenth century, 19e si�cle
adventure Includes: adventure, Abenteuer, avontuur, aventura, adenture, adventure., adventrue


  • Tagmashes do not exist until someone enters them. If you are the first person to search for a particular combination of tags, it will take a little while to generate the page. Thereafter, it will be quicker.
  • Because the search is an "AND" combination, it doesn't usually make sense to search for near-synonyms (e.g. "humor,humour" would find only the books that have been tagged humor by some users AND humour by others).
  • If you use too many tags, you will get zero results.
  • Some tags will give unexpected results (e.g. some users might tag David Copperfield "German", because their copy happens to be translated into that language).
  • The more precise a tag is, the more likely it is to give you relevant results in a tagmash search.
  • You can also enter tagmashes in the tag box on the main Search page, or search for single tags from the tagmash page.

See also

You can also see your tagmash statistics -- information about how your collection stacks up against common LibraryThing tagmashes. See http://www.librarything.com/profile/MEMBERNAME/stats/tagmash.

See also the Tagmash FAQ page

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