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Works by Sierra Simone

Priest (2016) 1,211 copies, 17 reviews
Sinner (2018) 630 copies, 5 reviews
A Merry Little Meet Cute (2022) — Author — 574 copies, 23 reviews
American Queen (2016) 526 copies, 13 reviews
Saint (2021) 493 copies, 2 reviews
Midnight Mass (2015) 262 copies, 4 reviews
American Prince (2017) 251 copies, 5 reviews
American King (2017) 231 copies, 7 reviews
Salt Kiss (2023) 212 copies, 1 review
A Lesson in Thorns (Thornchapel Book 1) (2019) 173 copies, 7 reviews
A Holly Jolly Ever After (2023) — Author — 166 copies, 4 reviews
Misadventures with a Professor (2018) 74 copies, 3 reviews
Misadventures of a Curvy Girl (2019) 71 copies, 5 reviews
Dark Fairy Tales (2020) — Author — 65 copies, 2 reviews
Feast of Sparks (Thornchapel Book 2) (2019) 59 copies, 4 reviews
Cards of Love: The Moon (2018) 56 copies, 2 reviews
Duke I'd Like to F… (2020) — Author — 52 copies, 1 review
Salt in the Wound (2023) 49 copies, 2 reviews
American Squire (2019) 46 copies, 2 reviews
Door of Bruises (Thornchapel, #4) (2020) 42 copies, 3 reviews
Harvest of Sighs (2020) 41 copies, 4 reviews
Once Upon a Dream (2021) 34 copies
The Fae Queen's Captive (2022) 34 copies, 1 review
Rake I'd Like to F… (2021) — Author — 33 copies, 1 review
Misadventures in Blue (2019) 28 copies, 1 review
Naughty Brits (2020) — Contributor — 27 copies, 2 reviews
Honey Cut (2024) 24 copies
Forbidden Trinity (Misadventures) (2023) 22 copies, 1 review
1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Ten [six novellas] (2017) — Contributor — 20 copies, 2 reviews
Villain I'd Like to F… (2022) — Author — 20 copies, 1 review
Porn Star 17 copies, 1 review
Sherwood (2022) 17 copies, 1 review
Hope Valley (2021) 15 copies
Hot Cop 15 copies, 1 review
Twelve Naughty Days (2021) — Author — 12 copies, 3 reviews
The Chasing of Eleanor Vane 10 copies, 1 review
The Wedding of Molly O'Flaherty (2017) 9 copies, 1 review
Markham Hall Series Bundle (2015) 9 copies, 1 review
Supplicant (2021) 9 copies, 1 review
Unwrapped 8 copies
Sanguine 8 copies, 2 reviews
The London Lovers Duet (2015) 8 copies
Alphas of Seduction (10-in-1) (2018) — Author — 5 copies
Gloria 2 copies
Printul Americii (2020) 2 copies
Red & White 2 copies
Sfantul (2021) 1 copy
Regele Americii (2021) 1 copy
Gustul Pacatului (2020) 1 copy
Confesiunea Unui Preot (2019) 1 copy

Associated Works

Cocktales: The Cocky Collective Anthology (2018) — Contributor — 102 copies, 3 reviews
Christmas in the City (6-in-1) (2019) — Contributor — 48 copies, 4 reviews
Hot for the Holidays (2019) — Contributor — 21 copies, 1 review
Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 5 (Best Women's Erotica Series) (2019) — Contributor — 16 copies, 1 review
Modern Fairy Tale: Twelve Books of Breathtaking Romance (2019) — Contributor — 15 copies
Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings (2017) — Contributor — 14 copies
Wrap Me Up: Holiday Anthology (2023) — Contributor — 7 copies
Filthy: Erotic Love Letters (2019) — Contributor — 5 copies, 1 review


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Simone, Sierra



This book came recommended to me when I looked up smutty dark academia books, and then learning everyone was bisexual? I was super eager. I did enjoy the book, but not quite as much as I thought I would. I found the characters felt flat, and never really developed enough for me to be invested by the end. It was a decent read but I will not continue the series.
AmericanAlexandria | 6 other reviews | Jun 6, 2024 |
If you enjoyed the series "New Camelot" you will definitely enjoy this as it takes place in the same D.C. Universe as New Camelot and you get references to the characters from it.

Also, if you haven't read "Salt in the Wound," you need to. It's the prequel to this series, setting up one of the dominant relationships. The more I think about it, I would honestly say to read it after reading this book. If you don’t read it first, you will have the same views as Tristan in this book. However, after reading this and because you are eager for more of the story, you can go to the free prequel “Salt in the Wound” to learn what you didn’t know and gain a better perspective on Mark and Isolde.

I was under the impression that this book would be all about the Tristan/Isolde part of the relationship because like anyone who hasn't read that story, I googled it and just read that bit about the journey to the wedding where Tristan and Isolde fall in love. So, I went into this book thinking that it would be about that journey. Well, color me shocked when it was really about the relationship between Mark and Tristan and Isolde is not even mentioned in the story until she is brought out as the fiancée to be escorted from Ireland to D.C. when Mark was unable to do it himself. This part the Tristan/Isolde part of the story takes up the last 15% of the book.

The story in a nutshell:

Mark Trevena - Very kinky, rich and goodlooking owner of D.C.'s premier and ultra elite kink club "Lyonesse" has need of a very personal body guard. He is also engaged to Isolde Laurence, the only daughter of a major bank owner. She isn't brought up until much later in the book.

Tristan Thomas - Recently honorably discharged war hero who just happens to be the son of the man who just married Mark Trevena's sister. A younger man who still is a virgin and has the uncomfortable "curse" of "becoming too attached" to someone who kisses him with any real emotion. He is battling his own demons having to do with what he had to do while in war. He misses the regimented life of the military and agrees to become the bodyguard to Mark.

Tristan quickly becomes infatuated with Mark, and the feelings end up being reciprocated and a D/s relationship blooms. That is this story. It fleshes out the relationship between Tristan and Mark so that we have a reason to want Mark and Tristan to be together. In fact there is no mention of an engagement or Isolde at all except in allusions that go over Tristan's head. Out of 35 chapters in this book Isolde isn't even brought in until chapter 24. HOWEVER, despite Tristan's initial determination to hate Isolde, as soon as he meets her eyes, they fall away and he ends up as lost in her as he was with Mark.

If you read the "New Camelot" or otherwise known as "American Queen" series and enjoyed it here are some character matchings to help

Mark Trevena = Maxen Ash Colchester
Tristan Thomas = Embry Moore
Isolde Laurence = Greer Galloway

The D/s dynamics are the same as well as a lot of the surface personality traits. However, that is only the beginning. It was almost like the author knew that people really enjoyed the previous series and the chemistry and dynamics of that thrupple and decided to offer a bit of the same here so that people will gravitate to it as well. While they are NOT a rehashing of the same characters the familiarity of the general relationship and characteristics will put people immediately into the story.

I waited a while to read this and honestly only did because I am in a book slump and anything that Seirra Simone writes is without a doubt going to break that slump. I had hoped to wait until more of the trilogy was out because the books take a long time between them, and only because "Honey Cut" is coming out in less than a month, I figured I could chance it.

Definitely this is a great beginning, and like I said if you enjoyed the authors previous books, you will enjoy this one.
… (more)
Library_Breeder | May 27, 2024 |
Donnela | 22 other reviews | Apr 30, 2024 |
This was really good and very sexy but I am realizing Sierra Simone's writing doesn't really do it for me anymore. Her sentences are overwrought and I find myself laughing at the absurdity of it all. I have zero plans to read the Camelot series or whatever Sherwood is the beginning of. Anyway, I own a few more Simone books that I plan to read and then I will move on from the author.
s_carr | Feb 25, 2024 |



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