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fiction/mystery, standalone sequel - set in the desert plains of Australia during a fair-weathered season.

enjoyed this sequel as well as the first, though with fewer bodies it took a while to get into (it's ok--I don't need to tear through every book). I was able to piece some clues together (there are a couple of puzzle clues and I half-figured out the easier one) but still plenty surprised during the multiple reveals. Would recommend ☺.
reader1009 | 9 other reviews | Feb 11, 2024 |
Following the success of his debut, Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone, Ernest Cunningham is delighted to be invited to a writers' convention taking place on a train that runs down the center of Australia from north to south. He's less delighted, of course, when his fellow authors begin to drop dead...

A worthy follow-up to the first book in the series, with a couple of nods toward Christie, but with its own mode of storytelling. I think this book could stand well enough on its own, though I enjoyed the first one just as much, so you might as well start there. If you read it a while back and your memory of it has faded, don't fear diving straight into this one. Good fun for mystery readers.… (more)
foggidawn | 9 other reviews | Feb 6, 2024 |
Second in this mystery murder series is better than the first!

This book is filled with wry humor, cryptic clues, sardonic asides; it's quite witty and clever. At times I laughed out loud as the author in the story writes his first-person account of a trip he takes on a train. This isn't just any old train, it's the luxury Ghan, and on board are writers, publishers, agents, reviewers, and fans who are attending the Australian Mystery Writers' Festival.

The fictional author is none other than Ernest Cunninham who had made his true crime debut writing about the murders that took place during his family reunion. His book sold well, but his agent wants him to take a stab at writing fiction. He's on this train with his girlfriend, Juliette, whom he met at the resort where the family reunion was held. They plan to attend all the of the panels, workshops, and discussions while Ernest works through a bit of writer's block. Lo and behold, one of the more famous authors is murdered and finally, Ernest has the inspiration he needs for a book.

You will remember, having read the first book, that Ernest is very direct and speaks to the reader about the rules of writing detective novels and he's a stickler to following them. He points out the obvious and also throws in some tantalizing hints of what the reader should be figuring out. It's all great fun and he invites the reader along on his mission to out the killer and solve the case.

I enjoyed this one so much more than the first. May be because I do love trains and the Ghan is unique. I'll definitely look for more titles by Benjamin Stevenson in the future as I love the style of the writing and the way he tells a story in this unique way.

Thank you to NetGalley and Mariner for the e-book ARC to read, review, and recommend.
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CelticLibrarian | 9 other reviews | Feb 6, 2024 |
Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone opens with Ernest (Ern) Cunningham driving to a family reunion at a resort lodge in the mountains as a blizzard is on its way. The family is gathering to welcome home his brother Michael whose spent that past seven years in jail, thanks to Ern’s testimony that he witnessed Michael murder a man they buried in the woods.

It’s clear they come from a family with no great regard for police. His father was shot during a robbery where a police officer was shot. His mother isn’t speaking to him. His wife is preparing to divorce him. And he’s preparing to be snowed in with them all. It sounds like great fun (for readers.)

The family’s adventures start off with the murder of an unidentified man. A cop shows up, but he’s hapless, not even certain the man was murdered. Clearly, it’s up to Ern, with help from his stepsister, the one member of the family that seems to still like him. Why Ern? Because he writes books about writing books, mysteries to be exact. So if he knows how to write mysteries, he should be the one to solve one, right?

I loved Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone. As an expert on the rules of detection fiction which are kindly published at the start of the book, Ern explains how their mystery follows or transgresses the rules. He carries this conceit through the story, a way of distancing from the piling up of bodies and the danger at the resort. It soon become clear that everyone in his family has killed someone and he explains how.

With all the expertise Ern has developed over the years, he narrated a mystery that was fair, with compelling characters, and in a setting that feels so real the entire Pacific Northwest experienced an ice storm while I was reading it.

Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone at Harper Collins
Benjamin Stevenson

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Tonstant.Weader | 49 other reviews | Feb 5, 2024 |



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