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Front Page Fatality (2013) 98 copies
Buried Leads (2013) 43 copies
Small Town Spin (2014) 36 copies
Cover Shot (2015) 20 copies
Fear No Truth (2018) 19 copies
Devil in the Deadline (2015) 18 copies
Lethal Lifestyles (2016) 17 copies
Deadly Politics (2019) 11 copies
No Sin Unpunished (2021) 8 copies
Nowhere to Hide (2021) 8 copies
Leave No Stone (2019) 7 copies
Fatal Features (2019) 7 copies
Tell No Lies (2023) 6 copies
Dangerous Intent (2022) 5 copies

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action-adventure, sabotage, suspense, thriller, intense, international-crimes, intrigue, investigations, underwater-investigations, Antarctica, teamwork, witty, friendship, wealthy*****

I came for the Norwegian crown regalia and stayed for the nonstop action/adventure. Great read!
Narrator Alan Carlson was good, portraying the male characters and emotions well.
I requested and received a free temporary advance audio from Dreamscape Select | Severn River Publishing via NetGalley. Thank you!… (more)
jetangen4571 | Jun 6, 2024 |
The General’s Gold by Lyndee Walker and Bruce Robert Coffin is billed as the first book of The Turner and Mosley Files. It is a read that is very reminiscent of early Clive Cussler books. We have shipwrecks, a hunt for treasure, and a plot by bad actors to get the loot first. It is also a fun and good read.

It begins down in the Florida Keys with Avery Turner. Young, recently rich thanks to the sale of her app to a tech company, she is a bit bored with her life. She likes being independently wealthy as well as her new home on an island in the Keys. But, something is missing. She is a bit bored.

She has recently taken up scuba diving and Carter Mosley is teaching her how to go about things safely. His passion is diving to shipwrecks, mainly modern-day commercial vessels. That has resulted in a growing social media platform. Like Avery, his efforts are attracting attention from the wealthy in his industry, and he has opportunities as well as obstacles to manage. He is also a bit of an adventurer and is one of those folks who likes jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

As part of her scuba training, Carter takes her down to the first wreck he ever dived, and the one that made him famous, Isabella’s Dream. The sunken freighter will be good training dive for her and it was.

She had a blast, but reality crashed in once they got back to the surface. A detective in Boston calls with the news that Mark Hawkins, friend, business partner, and more, is suddenly dead. Boston PD is treating it as a drug overdose.

She knows better and is soon on her private plane, along with her assistant, Harrison, as she wants to see the crime scene herself. Fortunately, Harrison worked with her mom long ago on the job and can make calls to help smooth the way.

At same time, Carter goes about his life in the Keys, aware that he is being watched. Who is watching him and why are two questions he can not answer.

Before long, both are involved in escalating situations. All events lead to a ship that went down during the civil war. It may have been filled with a treasure that would have financed the south after victory. Who knows what it could finance today?

What follows is a read that moves up and down the east coast in a hunt for the lost ship and its cargo. Multiple secondary story lines are also at work giving additional character depth as well as obstacles. The result is a complicated fast-moving adventure read that fully engages the reader. The General’s Gold is a mighty good read and well worth your time.

Both the publisher, Severn River Publishing, by way of NetGalley, as well as author Bruce Robert Coffin supplied ARCs for my use. In neither case was there any expectation of a review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2024
… (more)
kevinrtipple | 1 other review | Apr 20, 2024 |
This mystery/thriller bears resemblance to the Indiana Jones and National Treasure movie franchises. I like it! Read my full review here.

Publication is expected April 16.

#NetGalley #DreamscapeSelect #SevernRiverPublishing #TheGeneralsGold
joyblue | 1 other review | Apr 15, 2024 |
a great kick off to the Nichelle series. She's a crime reporter working on the story of a lifetime involving police, the mob, & backstabbing co workers. Who should she trust? Her boss, her police sources, the mobster, or just herself? With twists that keep you & her guessing all the way to the end.
LaneyLegz | 7 other reviews | Jul 29, 2023 |



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