What the blogosphere is saying about LibraryThing

"This tool might become one of my favorites, perhaps because of my love for books. Growing up, books became my connection to far away places and people. I found several great features of library Thing that takes the library as we traditional know it to another level, which is indicated in the examples noted below."

Thing One

"LibraryThing has sucked the soul right out of my mouth, leaving me gaping, drooling and forgetting to breathe through my nose. All I do all day now is try to come up with highly descriptive tags describing the books I've read."

Worn Ragged: Mommies on the Edge

"Library Thing is great. I should have been using it ages ago."


"LibraryThing is an amazing online service, a sort of Facebook for people who like books. I can share my library with others, and meet people with similar tastes. The experience is like walking into someone's home and looking at their collection of books. Within a minute, you know whether he or she is your type, and you begin to wonder what else you might have in common with them."

The Smart Life | Shekhar Bhatia

"I discovered this fabulous web site last year, librarything.com. It is for anyone obsessed with books, and it makes my collection look teensy."


"I needed a system to help me list and organize all my books. At first I considered building my own database from scratch but then I somehow got clued into www.LibraryThing.com. It's a FREE online database that allows you to create and organize an inventory of all your books. All you need to do is enter in the book's unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number...that 10 or 13 digit number over the bar code on the back of the book) and...Voila!...it's part of your online library with a photo of the book cover, pre-assigned categories, publisher, publication date and a whole bunch of assorted goodies."

Taschek Tales

"If you or your workplace have a decent-sized book collection, you might have thought of organising or cataloguing it in some way. If so, I recommend you give LibraryThing a try."

Get Net Savvy

"Wow! Where was this when I became a librarian. I wish I had been tracking all the books I read so I would have it as a resource when kids come to me for suggestions."

Avocado Ranch

"Of all the 23 things I particularly enjoyed rediscovering Librarything � especially discovering, through trial and error of a range of passwords, that I already had three accounts!"

Raspberrycrumble's Blog

"I took the tour of LibraryThing and immediately joined. I can't wait to show it to my book club. It has obvious personal applications for those of us who love to read. I joined the suggested book group and hope to read 50 books by next November 1st!"

White County Technology

"I love Library/Thing, I am always looking for book reviews but what I really like about this tool is the ability to keep track of what I have read. It is also great to read comments by others on books I have read. I definitely will be going back to check out more on Library/Thing. What a jewel!!"

library blog

"LibraryThing is a fun tool for keeping track of and categorizing the contents of your personal library."


"I liked Library Thing cause it was really easy to use and got me excited about reading again. I found myself finding more books that I like to read."

It's a small world

"Library Thing is too cool! I was able to add titles that I keep in my home to keep up with the collection of books I have. It was very simple."

Kindergarten Teacher's Education Journey

"This site is awesome and I will be using it."

Amy in the Library

"LibraryThing is AWESOME! Simply put, I love it. It has so many applications for librarians or patrons."

"23 Things and Me"

"Library Thing is so simple to use, I love it."

What's Hatching in the Byrd Nest?

"I love librarything.com!!! It is a great tool. I like being able to read reviews about books before I read them."


"It is late on a Thursday afternoon, and I must admit that my blog is behind schedule because I have just spent a couple of hours playing with LibraryThing.com. So before the day completely escapes me, I thought I would share my fascination."

Trapdoor Books

"I have fallen in love! Library Thing is amazing! I find myself getting stuck not knowing what I should read next."

Book Diva

"I enjoyed very much LibraryThing, it was a treat for those who have a considerable collection of books and have a hard time to catalog and classify. I was able to set up an account and play around performing searches, tagging, reading reviews, etc."

With a little help from my friends :-)

"I love LibraryThing! I only added my 3 favorite books but I can't wait to go through all my books and add them!! What a neat site."

Cissy Mattingly

"LibraryThing has some very neat features and it is also a fine addition to my technology addiction."

MMA, Politics and everything else

"Before I even signed on to LibraryThing, I was impressed with it's concept. All of the ther services and utulities that we've used/reviewed for the tasks are useful, sometimes extremely so."

Recovering Dilettante

"Collection analysis is one of the interesting aspects of LibraryThing. The statistics page reveals aspects of my own collection that I hadn't realized."

She's @ The Library

"I could see spending a great deal of time on that site. Could also be used in a book club type setting."

Laura's List of 23 Things

"Another fun tool. Allows you to interact with people that have the same interest in books. I could see this being really useful when it comes to a new classroom text book. Maybe interacting with other teachers that have used the book and discussing likes and dislikes."

My Masters Program

"I enjoyed playing around with the LibraryThing.com website and can see how this sort of collective intelligence can create a sense of ownership between the patrons and their library collection."

Rachel's 840 Learning Blog

"I love LibraryThing and use it to catalog all of my books and reviews."

Literate Housewife

"This is an interesting site and makes me pine for the times that I could sit back and enjoy a good book"

FPU Grad Program

"I wish I had known about this site when I was in high school because it would have helped me write my chapter summaries....lol! Anyhooo, this site is very valuable to those who are frequent readers because they can research a book before buying it."


"LibraryThing is amazing. I did not know it could do so much until I jumped on it just now and joined up. I can't wait to put all the book we have at home on it. Having all my books on there will make it so much easier to find out if I have a certain book."


"I found Library thing a very interesting website. People can go in and add their favourite books and see what others say about them. From a library point of view this is a good way to communicate to readers what books the library has and give them some advice. "

Jeff Gray

"This site can allow for a very broad, yet quick search. One can read what others have said about a book before they buy it should they want. I also like that English is not the only accessible language. This could be quite fun!!"


"What a super neat tool to have in ones belt. I think I will enjoy using this to catalogue my house of books."


"Web application LibraryThing lets you catalog all the books you own and use tags to organize your collection. Add book titles by entering a title and viewing search results from the Library of Congress or Amazon. ... LibraryThing is an impressive cataloging app that feels like del.icio.us for books."


"both entrancing and evil"


"What a fabulous invention."


"one of the Seven Wonders of the Web"

Book World

"I was pleased with the ease of inputting my books, the ability to merge information from Amazon.com and the Library of Congress, and the ability to leave my library open to comments from other users. The interface is simple, practical, and not over-designed. Clearly, thought has been given to the user experience of actually inputting your book-list, and it only took me about twenty minutes to input over a hundred books."

Mankind Minus One/Max Temkin

"[a] magical thing"

Gail McGovern

"My hat is off to Tim Spalding for a beautiful piece of work. I just added my first 100 books to LibraryThing and I am in LOVE!"


"Oh. My. God. I have not been this excited about the Internet since I 'discovered' blogging."

Postcards from the Mothership

"I discovered LibraryThing last night, and it is seriously the best thing that has ever been on the internet."


"It's excruciatingly easy to add books (by title or ISBN), and you can add tags to each title, too."


"I'm so worked up that I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight."

eengah (detailed review)

"LibraryThing holds about the same relation to Amazon that a brick-and-mortar library holds to your local brick-and-mortar bookstore. Amazon tries to get you to pad your shopping cart at every turn by pointing out related items, add-ons, and discounts; LibraryThing is more concerned with building a book community where people with similar tastes can connect."

David Louis Edelman's Blog

"I have to admit that this free library cataloging service is pretty cool! It is actually state of the art also."


"Fairly amazing application - lets you catalog your books - you type in a title, and it looks at the Library of Congress or Amazon to fill in the rest. Great stuff!"


On LibraryThing: "Highly recommended" (top place)
On Delicious Library: "Okay, we've cataloged our books and now they sit, like the Terracotta Army, silent and noble. And then what? Do we bring friends over and brag?"

PowellsBooks.BLOG (guest blogger Kevin Smokler)

"Timothy Spalding has put together this really interesting site, called LibraryThing, that lets you list your books, tag them, and share the list with others. One of the cool things: You enter a book into your list by typing in sloppy information."

David Weinberger (author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined)

"oooh fun! ... It's nice for once just relying on someone else to do the cataloguing - no worrying about incorrect deweys or bad subject headings!"

Canuck Librarian

Blogs in Welsh that are talking about LibraryThing

Blog Rhys Llwyd



Podcasts in Norwegian that discuss LibraryThing

Bibliotek 2.0 podcast

"...has to be one of the most cracktastic sites I've ever been on."

Dark Suburbia

"an elegant piece of work"

See also... (detailed review)

"I'm not sure why, but this brings me great joy."

The Dream Life

"This is beyond cool."

The BadgerMum

"Everyone who's been telling me about LibraryThing, you were SO right. I love it!"


"Check it out! You can catalog your own books online! How cool is this?!"


"LibraryThing is awesome! Very easy to use and quick. ... It's actually quite soothing and even a bit addicting."


"I will never work again!"


"Also, it's worth pointing out that .. [LibraryThing takes] more of a library approach than most .... A lot of the others seem to be emulating a bookstore/publisher model, which is more inventory than cataloging..."


"I know this is super nerdy and only for the book lovers, but my gosh I am just digging this. This is my new timesink.

Slacker Manager

" thought of something like this over two years ago. I told some people I knew who worked at Amazon that Amazon should do it. They agreed. It looks like Amazon didn't get around to it. Tough luck for them."


"... this blog is becoming more and more about Librarything, it's really addictive"

the chrisblog

"I fear this may become at least as big as LJ in my life. Being able to see what books I have in common with others? This is dangerous."


"I love it, I have to admit, because when I put in my most recent reads, it helped me map out my next set of books by showing me what others that read like me have in their shelves."

San Bei Ji

"This is the coolest thing ever."


"The best idea since Flickr"


"Isn't is amazing that the simplest ideas tend to be the best? I should have thought of this!"

The View From The Bottom

"LibraryThing is CHANGING MY LIFE"

Zugenia on Bookcrossing

"I love LibraryThing more every time I use it."

12 frogs

"Great. There goes another, like, hundred hours of my life."

Darren H

"Best. Site. Ever."


"f you are a bit of a list freak, welcome to your dreamland. Not only do you catalogue your books, you can see who has a similar library to you, post reviews and get recommendations for more books, based upon what other people have."

The Law Thoughts

"Did any of you people know about Library Thing? If you knew, were you avoiding telling me in order to protect me?"


"One of these days, I want to invent an application as cool as LibraryThings that allows book lovers such as myself to catalogue and tag the books in their collection online. What's even cooler about the tool is that you can find users with similar collections and allow others to comment and make suggestions about other books you might consider reading."

Ursula's Not So Secret History

"I've been getting bugged to catalogue my books for years now and I'm finding that LibraryThing makes it really fast to add in a book."
"You can export your catalogue as a CSV file. This is a big big big big plus!"

C. Callosum

"coolest website EVER"

Spike, Peanut & Me

"The coolest thing yet! Catalog your personal library w/ style & grace."

Search Party

"I feel a mad enthusiasm creeping up on me"

Kicking Over My Traces

"Once you begin to use the tool, you can quickly tell that a librarian had some input on it. It really is amazing tool. I only hope libraries can offer OPAC as rich in functionality as LibraryThing."

North Texas Regional Library System

Well, *I* like the name...

"While its got a ridiculously awful name, its really quite an interesting tool. ... Very interesting indeed."


"Though it has a somewhat unfortunate (though descriptive) name, LibraryThing is an awesome tool for those of us with large book collections."


"It's a nice idea, but I think they could have thought of a wittier name than LibraryThing."

The Book Pile [what a witty name for a blog!]

Per contra

"Even the name is enough to make you feel warm."

London Knowledge Lab: Social Software

"A clever name for a clever technology."

Pfitz's Miscellany

"this gets my vote ... for best name of a new service"

News research

"I love the straightforward, funky name of this Web site."


"Finally, a site with a name that is more generic than mine. I love this idea."

Library Stuff

"Finally there's an easy way to catalog your books online, without software or downloads! ... LibraryThing is the greatest invention since the glorious smell of paper and paste melded together in the spine of an old book."

The Republic of Geektronica

"My life is now...


"There's a little blog widget on the right hand sidebar that shows five random books from my library ... it'll say more about me than any profile ever could."

At the Edge of Britain

"[T]his is the coolest fucking web application EVER. Seriously, this is what the internet should be all about: highly useful, easily accessible, flexible means of storing, sorting and retrieving information for cheap or free. I, like, wanna marry this website."


"Man, is it cool."


"I just discovered LibraryThing and I am just geek enough to hop up and down with joy!! Wow! Imagine being able to catalogue your entire personal collection of books!"

Amazing Journey

"LibraryThing is the best thing that has ever been on the internet if you like books."




"I can't think of anything more wonderful."

The Brocante Home Chronicles

"I want to write a loving poem to it and send it a box of chocolates."

Possible Insect Swarms Ahead

"The site kicks ass!"

The Little Wife

"It's an easy-to-use online database of your books. Now you don't have to invite people to the apartment to show off your book collection. That means more beer and food for you."


"It is an enormous, wonderful time-sink"

I'm just here to watch other people....

"It's far more useful than Flickr, and even more fun."

Ephesians 4:14

"The service is an excellent blend of utilitarian usefulness and web 2.0 community goodness."

bobby-cloutier's Blog

"I had been admiring the bookshelf software called Delicious Monster, but LibraryThing is much better. It's net-based, and it's got the social aspects of del.icio.us and others."

Paracelsus Rambles

"library thing! oh how i love library thing!"

skulls and bats

"Throwing books on there is a snap- and they show up automatically with pictures and links to more info- woohoo! try it- you'll see."


"I am treating Library Thing like kryptonite. ... If I caught the cataloging bug, that would be it for me."

Anne on Word Munger

"Cataloging your books has never been this easy...or more social!"

Plastic Box (autumnday)

"It's the coolest fucking thing on the planet."

The Try-Works

"This is what a commercial site like Amazon can't do: allow people to exchange recommendations and book reviews without demanding personal information."

Household Opera

"I wish I'd discovered this before I'd purchase Delicious Library."

Somewhere out there!

"It sure is so way cool. Like, all the fun of going to people's houses and surreptitiously checking out their bookshelves, only without actually having to go to their houses, or be surreptitious."


"As if I needed another online addiction. But it's so utilitarian and fun at the same time that I can't stay away."

Always Thirsty

"It is a great site for cataloging your books, and has several unique features that make management and navigation very easy and pleasant."

David Orban's Blog

"I think I may be in love with it."


"Pretty cool tool that allows you to quickly catalog your books at home and share this info with others."

Sliding into Focus

"... the basic Web 2.0 principle in effect is that if you're interested in the same things (books, sites, you name it) as me, i might learn some new things from what else you're interested in. Even better, you get the mix of the personal perspective (via folksonomic tags) with the more structured and authoritative Library of Congress subject headings."


"LibraryThing is perfect for you."


"Tim Spalding is my official hero of the week."

SJ's Longest Now

"If you're a book-lover, you've gotta check this site out."

blurred line

"You'll know you're really addicted when you find yourself repeatedly paging through your library in graphical shelf view because it's just so satisfying to admire your collection, and checking your profile page to see if anyone new has cropped up on 'users with your books.'"

Bookseller Chick (comment)

"This thing is very cool."

sampled & sorted

"The librarian in me is doing sommersaults!"

any day a beautiful change

"When I discovered LibraryThing last fall it was the beginning of a torrid love affair. The interface! The virtual library shelf! The community of readers! But most of all I fell in love with tagging. How empowering it feels to be able to develop my own access points to my book collection!"


"Check this place out! It's for your personal library in general, but what a treasure trove for finding communities to discuss your favorite occult/pagan/related books, not to mention book reviews."

Witchcraft and dark spirituality

"Well, it sucked me in. ... The Fun Statistics are very fun indeed."


"this is the coolest website ever"


"You can take a look at the reading habits of people all over the world (including many, many bloggers)."

View from the Pew

"A warning for book lovers and obsessive personalities: this WILL hurt you. I came across Library Thing the other day, and being both a book lover and also somewhat obsessive, I can see this is going to be a problem. Think iTunes meets Flickr, only music is books... "

Three Minds @ Organic

"Like most other collector, I love to catalogue my stuff. I love it even more when there's pictures involved."

i am my father's son

"pretty hip from what i've seen so far"


"Beware, oh ye bibliophiles, lest ye find this website that lets you catalog your books easily and then, if you like, track to see who has a similar library and what books they're reading and would recommend. I say beware for ye shall surely become an addict, as I have."


"I think the most dangerous thing about this website is that it's basically cheap crack."


"...I'm madly, deeply obsessed with the author cloud."

Really Cunning Plans

"Browsing some other user's book collection is, of course, highly addictive in just the same, slightly indecent way that browsing someone else's physical bookshelf is."

Law & Society Blog

"what a cool way to connect with other readers and find new books to add to your collection."

Asian Fun and Then Some

"It is a wonderful web thingy."

...in the outer...

"Library Thing is like crack!!!!!"

My Somewhat, Maybe, Sorta, Kinda, Brillant Career

"You register (easy,) put in your personal books (very easy,) catalog (or tag) and review them as you see fit, take a look at your graphic bookshelf (cool,) and see who matches your reading tastes."

Cites & Bytes @ Bailey

"Just think, there are literate and intelligent people out there. I had quite forgotten."

Library Clocks and Quagmire Cocktails

"I took up Anon's (that's her tag, not just my ignorance) suggestion and got addicted to librarything. Oh oh, trouble that is."

Juju Loves Polka Dots

"I have found bliss in cyber form, and it is LibraryThing!"

Roberta's Retreat

"Of course I went. Signed up. Created my own virtual library. It's pretty."

Miss PenName

"Want to meet people who absolutely adored Clifford the Big Red Dog as a kid? You can do it here. Need a recommendation for books on German history. Put those tag labels in the search option."

FI Space

"some of the matches are pretty spooky."

Puerto Rico Outdoors

"Tim Spalding: I love you."

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli

"It is my new favourite website (and some people at the Wall Street Journal's)."

Read Alert

"it's kind of like a MySpace for avid bookworms, with the extra bonus that it has nothing to do with MySpace."

GO TO HELL: Words from dEFROG

"it's kinda fun to browse other's virtual bookshelves. It's like Facebook or Myspace for bibliophiles!"

Matthew Stevenson

"It is one of the best sites ever."


"Woohoo. At this rate, I hope they don't invent a MovieThing or a MusicThing because then that'd really be fatal for my social life."

Drenched in Color

"I was late to work this morning just because you reminded me about LibraryThing, and I looked up to see if I had entered a particular book yet, and got stuck noodling around, changing the view, visiting other people's libraries... It's endless fun."


"kind of neat for those rare books you figured you were the only person to own."


"Good, nerdy fun."

The Thinking Eye

"Another official announcement: Miss Lonelyheart is falling down the virtual rabbit hole, and may never be seen or heard from again in the non-virtual world. She has stumbled upon bibliophilic procrastintion/internet networking of the worst kind. She is starting to think this must be what it's like to be a compulsive gambler."


"Neato, neato I say!"

Writers' Blog

"Maybe I'm a dork or I really like making lists, but I love this site already. I'm addicted."

Life Miscalculated

"One of the most feature rich sites out there today"


"So I put in a sampling of my books and then look to see other users who had similar ones. Well, I found this guy. Not only does he have my *exact* tast in books, but he lives in Iowa, and his astrological sign is cancer, just like mine."


"I'm making Library Thing my homepage. Bibliophiles everywhere bow to your greatness."


"I've found what might possibly be the coolest social bookmarking/networking website around."

The Journey of a Sleep-Deprived Grad Student

"This is a dream come true to me. The site is incredibly well-designed and so easy to use, I got up and running in about two minutes, but then spent the next two hours on it."

Laura Matthews, C.S.

"it took me all of 2 minutes to be sold on it."

Lo-Fi Tribe

"that thing is addictive!"

It may be years until the day, my dreams will match up with my pay..

"it's a cool way to meet other bibliophiles who share the same interests as you."

PCC Library Technology Blog

"LibraryThing rocks my world. Rocks it!


"It's a bit like Amazon.com's book suggestion engine on steroids."

Daily Ideas

"It is yet another reason to be glad that we live in the age of the information super highway."

Bitter Lemon

"As a total book-a-holic, librarian wanna-be and frustrated organizer, this is the easiest way to catalog a library I've come across so far."

Undecided and Unfocused


3 to get ready

"The MySpace for Literature Lovers"

Mr. C's

"It's the perfect web based application for anyone with a decent book collection."


"If you haven't taken a squizz at LibraryThing, it's got a lot of play potential - how many people have listed which title, tags, clouds, all sorts of amusement - you don't need to join or list any books to play there."

Patterning the world

"a wonderful site that provides an easy, convenient way to catalog your personal library and, if you choose, network with other book lovers."

Doing Justice

"Best of all, once you've got some books in your digital library, you can compare and search for other folks on LibraryThing who share your reading interests."

The Cimmerian

"One of the highlights is cataloging a book of mine I would think nobody else would own ... but sure enough, there are others!"

I Keep Saying

"LibraryThing is just so full of interesting information that I could probably surf the site for days just looking at statistics!"


"You can find people who thought similarly of the book as you did, and then see what else they've enjoyed. You can also see people who's collection is very similar to your own, and then peruse it to see if they've got anything you might be interested in."


"I am so into this right now"


"Forget MySpace, this is neat!"

One Day at a Time

"You can play with others or poke about silently. I've discovered WAY too many new and interesting things I 'must read.'"
"It is really a great way for the bookishly inclined to loose tremendous amounts of time."

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis...all things books..., 2

"addictive and time-consuming in a good way"


"Cool stuff!"


"I admit it. I'm obsessed. But seriously, guys. Try it out."

To Be Perfectly Frank...

"All in all, it's a pretty sweet thing!"


"It's perfect! It's chockful of wonderful features like..."

ramblings from a gypsy soul

"So bibliophiles beware! If you go to LibraryThing, expect the same addiction."

The Red Hibiscus

"Hello to Web 2.0 social networking and ease of operations!!"

BiB Blog

"Adding a book is a point and click process that gives all of the bibliographic information as well as a picture of the book, giving that browsing through a massive study full of books feel."

Armchair Triathlete

"LibraryThing just gets better and better"


"This is one of the most interesting sites I've come across in a while."

Thank you for flying Church of England, CAKE OR DEATH!!!!

"...Library Thing, where you can find a Calvin & Hobbes anthology vying with NT Wright's Resurrection of the Son of God vying for top book, and John Maynard Keynes and Candace Bushnell in competition for worst author."


"Rather than a forced union (like a reading group), it's a set of intersections, which (from all brief indications) leads to a more accurately predictive pool of recommendations as well as a variety of insights from people with similar but often incongruous preferences in reading."


"one of those Web2.0 social media sites that end up being part personal organizer and part recommendation engine."

dishi's blog

"all kinds of lovely geeky things to make my heart beat faster."


"and i loathe you for introducing this to me.
i'm too obsessive to leave it alone."

angry stormcloud

"one dangerous place to hang out, too many cool recs..."

Kool Kitty Musings


Invisible Lizard's Unusual Oranges

"I love it so much. Go. Be dorky. Catalogue your books."


"my new favorite website."

Occasional Book Reviews

"I bring you procrastination. Terrible, terrible procrastination."


"Kind of nifty."


"Whoa, time for me to REALLY nerd it up."

hexasketch record

"a great way to find other people who share your interests in books."

I Buy Books

"The more books you add, the better the site gets."

Inside The Multiplexer

"Thanks to LibraryThing (now with Groups!) and Flickr, my books and photographs have more of a social life than I do."

12 frogs

"You can get some really good recommendations..."

Remnants of a Deeper Purity

"I have now discovered another fantastic Way to Avoid My Job."

Buried in the Slush Pile

"it's a book-cataloging web application with social networking features."

LiveJournals Considered Harmful

"The best part about the site, in my opinion, is that it links you up with other people who have catalogued the same books or have an interest in the same categories."

Just Thinking...

"keep an online catalogue of your books and do funky things with them"


"It is a terribly shiny toy."
"LibraryThing, you make my heart sing / You make everything / Groovy / LibraryThing, I think I love you."

Notes from the Labyrinth, 2

"an addictive new social network/cataloguing software."

The Twisted Librarian

"LibraryThing is elegant, it's clean, and if it's not unhealthy of me to say this of a book cataloguing web tool, well, it's sexy. It just works."


"I've always been one to put a lot of stock in the books I see in friends' libraries, as insight into both the friends and the books, so it makes sense I would be drawn to a site that allows construction of personae out of nothing but loaded bookcases."

Hanged Lone Loon

"It's a marvelous tool, and is getting better each day"

hidden city

"Aside from the random features like book recommendations, stats, and links to similar readers, it has one obvious advantage over my plain text catalog: pictures!"

annotated living

"...just got even awesomer..."

I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about.

"Saw it last night on This site and was a paid lifetime member in hours...."

a few figs from thistles

"for you social web thingy people, or book fans, or heck really anyone one."


"I've fallen in love ... And it's bloody addictive as well"

ypolita, the faire, hardy queene of scithia

"All the cool kids (if book obsessives have a "cool kids" section) are joining LibraryThing..."


"Now when I go to the bookstore, I will be able to figure out if I have this or that book or not."


"I'm after putting up the 21 books on the shelf nearest my desk - and the followed the people with 4/5 similar books - I'm hooked already."


"Library Thing has come to the rescue."

The Midnight Court

"Being able to access your catalog from your phone is a great feature. That way when your next flight is cancelled and you find yourself purusing the airport bookstore, you can get a list of suggestions from yourself."


"Library Thing is by far my geekiest pleasure"


"But the coolest part is that this site is just like going to a person's house -- someone you don't know well, or maybe someone you do know well -- and going through all of their bookshelves to form an impression of that person."

Literary Geek

"I was able to enter 400 books in just a couple of hours."


"I was on LibraryThing before it was cool."


"but one of the really, REALLY cool things about LibraryThing is that thanks to their coding magic, now i have waaay too many books that i want to read."

Poor Sue

"LibraryThing has the potential to mean I may never get anything done again."

cabbages and kings

"It's like going into a thousand peoples' homes and perusing their bookshelves. And if you're like me, that provides hours of entertainment."

The Canadian Writers Collective

"LibraryThing ... is the next best thing to pop up on the internet."

klavier88's Xanga Site

"God bless technology"


"when I stumbled across LibraryThing I was excited to see a Web 2.0 (whatever) social-networking site pop up that actually has some value for me."

Rusty: Unbalanced

"It also provides an extraordinary way to find suggestions and add to your reading list."

What Ralph Knows

"Impress your friends, and yourself! Easy to use! Create a username, add a password, and you are ready!"

It Girls Resource

"just when I think the intertubes can't waste any more of my time, something like this comes along."

Mixmaster Shecky

"hail LibraryThing!"


"LibraryThing.com is the next generation of book discussion and online collaboration for readers."

Sabah Karimi, Associated Content

"while it might just be the book equivalent of myspace, it's the virtual equivalent of poking around someone else's bookshelves."

The Sigla Blog

"it can show you interesting statistics, such as how common or rare your books are, or which user shares the most books with you."


"It also, and this is beyond cool, has a facility to check your library on your mobile phone when you are in a bookshop."

Me and My Big Mouth

"have a look at www.librarything.com and see if you can resist temptation."

the proof is out there

"this is too nifty."

The Prodigal Sun

"possibly the coolest site I've found in a while"

The Run Down

"basically a kind of mix between a Social Networking site and a Recommendation Engine."


"It's like crack."

Becky Wigmore's Journal o' Joy

"Not only can you catelog 200 books online for free, but you can also write reviews, chat with others who have similar interests, and see the books some of your favorite authors are reading."

Idea Mapping

"If you're not addicted to LT yet, go there and play around for a half hour or so ... it'll grab you!"


"You know Library Thing. You need Library Thing."

A Fuse #8 Production

"The coolest part is A) it's free (for your first 200 books) and B) the statistics are awesome!"


"LibraryThing is an ingenius online platform for people who love books. Easily create a tag-able, search-able, share-able list. Then show off your excellent taste in books with a sidebar widget (like I do)."


"What YouTube did for video, Flickr for pictures, LiveJournal for blogs, LibraryThing is doing for your list of books. ... Way cool (as my daughter might say)."

In Passing

"Adding books was blissfully simple..."


"I am utterly addicted to this! It's like MySpace/LJ/Facebook for booknerdz."


"[Cue music.] With Library Thing, all your cataloging cares drift away. With one little ISBN number or title and a simple push of a button, it completes the rest of the book information for you-title, publisher, date-you name it. It's all of the information in Amazon.com and the Library of Congress right at your finger tips. [Music fades.]"

Spring and Fall

"the book equivalent of Last.FM"


"Finally, a site I think is really cool!"

Library Biz



"handy for lending out books to my friends - they can look at what I've got, rather than it depending on my thinking to suggest something."

Angband. Also, Stuff.

"a great website for anyone who loves books."


"I think the idea of it is super cool."


"I LibraryThing."

Criminal Trespass



"What a great way to keep a list of books you have read with tags for details. Just think-no more journals and little scraps of paper with book titles!"

Hello Kitty and other things

"You know what I love? Books. And what else I love? Library Thing."

For Truth, Freedom, and the Blonde Way

"We needs a LibraryThing widget, precioussss! We wants it!"

System 13

"What a neat and potentially addicting looking website."


"...an extremely geeky web 2.0 project but I think it's a great idea."


"This is cool - if you're a bibliophile and I'm pretty sure I qualify."

North Western Winds

"Sweet, obsessive, book geeky joy."


"Thanks to the tags, LibraryThing shows you how books you'd never put together as neighbours in a bookshelf might have much in common thematically."


"It can actually become a part time job, because once you get started...well...you could just go on and on, and never have time to read anything BUT Library Thing."

Hanje Richards Design

"I have begun to think of LibraryThing as del.icio.us for physical books."

Cheerful Curmudgeon

"This is such a great resource."


"Pretty cool concept."

mixed bag

"As last.fm is for music recommendations, so LibraryThing is for books"

Two Sitting Ducks

"This is a great way to keep track of books you own, titles you want to remember, etc."

My First Blog

"The review and tag functionality is like Amazon's personal recommendations - but on steroids. One book leads to another. One reader to another. Endless exploration. I can wander virtually."

Red Inked

"cool as hell."

Slant Truth

"It is indeed one of the most awesomest things ever!"

Mildly Melancholy

"It seems to be like a Technorati for books and book people, I guess, with a little MySpace thrown in."

Claiming my Inner Bitch

"Yes, I already have a Bibliophil page; shut up, Library Thing is better."


"addiction to LibraryThing is spreading like a virus"


"This place has me COMPLETELY hooked... I think I need an intervention."


"Oh joy! Oh bliss! All I can say is that I'm in book heaven right now."


"I'm already obsessed."

Joyful Girl

"Sometimes I love the internet and this is one of those times."


"LibraryThing has become the fastest growing trend amongst internet-using bibliophiles as a way to catalog your books online and browse not only your own library but those of other users too."

DCL News vol 8 issue 2

"Joining is extremely simple...no first name, last name, secret question, email address, repeat email address, jumping through hoops."


"In fact, after about 15 minutes of playing around with it, I paid the $25 for a lifetime membership."

Theological Ruminations

"Think of it as a Myspace for nerds instead of hipsters."

We Fell into it like a daydream, or a fever

"possibly the greatest example of this web evolution"

Your Internet Guide

"tons of nifty little functions to play with. I love it!"

Homemade Jam

"LibraryThing is the last.fm for books. In a nutshell."

Delirious New York(er)

"Thank you, Tim Spalding, for creating and maintaining a website that will surely be a large, pleasurable part of my life in the years to come."

Yvette's Inner Geek Blog

"It's seriously a fun, useful tool."

Harnessed in Slums

"it's been called "MySpace for Books" and "FaceBook for Books." it works like del.icio.us and Flickr--only for books. it's an online personal catalog account for your books!"

Quiver of Eros

"It sort of reminds me of Delicious Library, but free and networked."


"may turn out to be the most addictive website ever."

...listening for patterns in the sound of an endless static sea...

"From a professional standpoint, this is the best second-generation web application I've seen this side of Flickr; some real thought went into the user interface."


"I love it."

I found a fatal flaw in the logic of love.

"this LibraryThing-ngamagic, I LIKE!!"


"It's a brilliant service, highly recommended. They even have a great user interface, with a single step signup, cool "cover view" mode for viewing people's libraries, and a nifty Zeitgeist page showing a lot of "most popular" stats."

Digital Crusader

"Start a library of your books, categorize them, write reviews, read reviews, have a dialog on your favorites. You can even track the popularity of your picks and find users who have the same titles in their own library."

How Bourgeois

"It's Amazon.com without the commerce! It's the Library of Congress without the Congress! ...Seriously, though, it's like a social club where everyone's into books and everyone can see all the books you own and love you anyway...or something."

Hand Twisted for Softness

"kind of like Facebook for literature. ... It's strangely addictive."


"Go there. Be a dork. You know you WANT TO."

A silvery voice, a marked moon

"possibly the best site to distract me in years."

Work In Progress

"Its a great service for the bibliophiles amongst us!"


"It's a little like meeting someone in your favorite section of the bookstore or library, looking at what books they're holding, and inviting them to have coffee with you and talk about books. What reader doesn't want to do that?!"

Out of the Cube

"it was to my ultimate joy to find this site."

Just Gotta Hang On

"Kind of similar to a Last.fm sort of concept, but for novels."


"I welcome Library Thing to my list of useful web thingies"

After Cycling and Running in The Sahara Desert

"But it's so much fun! You can compare you libraries with other folks' libraries, compare "author clouds" "tag clouds" and more; you can form a group or join one, talk about your books or get recommendations based on your library. I'm an addict."

The Morning Oil

"While I respect the necessity for structured classification I truly appreciate the freedom of personalized individual tagging."

Vicki's LIS 757 Blog

"quick and easy to use."

so happy together

"What a great way to keep up with what you read and what you would like to read!"

Library Diva

"Add a book to your catalog by just entering the title -- It's so easy that you don't even need MARC record training to do it"

MRRL Learning *Library* 2.0


Peppermint Kiwi's Spot

"I think it's rather ingenious, really. When you join it, you're automatically part of a large online network of book collectors of all kinds- you can make friends and stuff - see who else owns the books you own, among other things."

EnigMachine Gun

"Social networking for book worms"

Midnight Factory

"The interface is really clean and intuiative, things are exactly where you'd expect them to be and it's coded in a way to make the pages load quickly."

Learning 2.0

"...have stuck a spike in my vein called LibraryThing and now I am hooked...

Musings of a Post-Modern Hippie

"a very user-friendly site."


"Library Thing strikes me as a very useful recommendation service."

Halfway between Ca Mau and Sai Gon

"So if you're into books and love sharing your opinions and getting feedback from other like-minded readers, then do your thing, the LibraryThing that is."

aPleasant Suprise(s)

"So I had no idea that www.librarything.com would be so damn addicting!"

En este mundo

"LibraryThing is, indeed, the shit."


"This is w-a-a-a-y more than an online catalogue. It includes the kind of tech elements we should now expect as a matter of course (eg cellphone accessibility), social networking (blogs, reader reviews, sharing info with similar interest groups/individuals), as well as the more expected auto-insertion of LC bibliographic info."

Know-Go Zone

"very simple and elegant interface"

Life in Silico

"This site restores some of my faith in the human race as readers. Maybe libraries will not become defunct after all--because these, these are my people."


"One must admit that this is an exercise in vanity: 'look at all the wondeful books I've read!'"

The Zombie's Librarian

"a beautiful website that crossrefs Amazon.com and the Library of Congress, automatically supplying ISBNs and LCs and all the mind-numbing publishing minutiae they insist on printing in titchy, titchy script. Mein gratitude overfloweth: encoding everything in this house before term actually seems achievable!"


"Fun for bibliophiles."


"People even contribute cover art if the database you chose does not list that title with cover art. It is very cool!!!!! You can even check your holdings remotely if you have wireless internet access with your cellphone or PDA."

Wired Funny

"What a labour of love. What a work of genius and ingenuity. I got lost in the interdimensional stacks. It even comes in different languages, including Welsh!"


"You owe it to yourself to see how this system can make cataloging your own library a treat."

Friends of Northern Wisconsin Libraries

"a great way to network with people like yourself."

Dinty Does Chicago

"I particularly appreciate its thriving community"

UK Web Focus

"A Godsend of a Site that can only Get Better"

Behind the Curtain

"how to describe it, remove the shopping function of Amazon but keep the review platform, then integrate it with Flickr's tag function and allow people to join 'Groups'."

Freeyasoul Adventure

"All on the web, so your information is available to you from all over the house, not right next to the Mac. Or maybe you're at Barnes and Noble, and you have access to the internet on your cell phone. Bam! You also have access to your library catalog. I can imagine that being convenient."

Blather, Rinse, Repeat

"The Library Thing? Fun for the listmakers. Book-Geek heaven"


"The sheer number of participants may make this associative, subjective classifying scheme worth taking for a spin."

"Cataloging books has been the swan song of computer geeks for EVER, but I have never seen an implimentatino that is worth dealing with, until now....."


"a MySpace for people who read things other than just text messages."


"The site allows you to catalogue your books, import book lists, compares your lists to other members, provides a reader's forum, and a myriad of other bookish delights that will have you happily spending every free minute on creating a comprehensive record of your reads!"

The Eclectic Bookshelf

"For those who must obsessively track everything they own."

Comics for Short

"This is how one bares one's soul. By cataloguing one's books -- all of them -- online, for everyone to see (and judge)."

The Spy in the Sandwich

"librarything is somewhat reminiscent to itunes' sexy cover artwork library"


"It's just simply mind boggling that after all this years that Amazon has been in existence, someone else builds a better solution."


"I find new features every day."


"the love child of Melvyl Dewey and Web 2.0. ...Right now, LibraryThing has the feel of a beta product being developed by someone with smarts, passion and an understanding of what users value. It's got real promise."

Mary Ellen Bates - Tip of the Month

on the UnSuggester

"I think I have fallen in love with the LibraryThing unsuggester."

Neil Gaiman's Journal

"UnSuggester sort of dares you to read the book you never would have touched."

MobuzzTV daily vlog

"With the tunnel narrowing features like selective RSS news feeds and niche base social networks popping up everyday, it's become relatively easy to hear only what you already know you want to hear. UnSuggester can be refreshing chance to expose yourself to books outside your usual preference. And who knows, maybe I would like Confessions of a Shopaholic."

Monkey Bites (Wired Blog)

"Recommendation systems are so serious, so it is fun to see LibraryThing have theirs show you the both the best and the worst match for a book. That is, if you like Diplomacy by Henry Kissenger you won't like Thud! by Terry Pratchett. Seems like a safe bet."

Most Casual Observer

"finally a useful tool... for book unsuggesting."

Too many topics, too little time.

"I could go on all day."

From the Heart of Europe

"I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but it looks to me like the LibraryThing folks have themselves a pretty accurate algorithm."

Moore Reason

"It could make an interesting collection development tool--or at least a fun way to expand your horizons a bit, even if you don't read the opposites."

Ab's Blog

"How wonderful!"

Tom Roper's Weblog

"One of my favourite thinking styles is to turn concepts on their head and view them from another facet. So this is what can happen!"

Stephen's Lighthouse

"a delightfully startling technology"

K.G. Schneider, ALA TechSource

"a piece of pure, devious genius."

Rest and Restlessness

"Ideal for helping you choose the perfect Christmas gift for that oh-so difficult to please relative :-)"

Karen Blakeman's Blog

"but there's nothing better to help mix up your writing than to contemplate two opposite works (Polya's How to Solve It vs The Devil Wears Prada) and come up with a synthesis of the two."


"Looks pretty accurate to me!"


I mean, this is a psychologist's dream.

where is angela?

"I think I love the UnSuggester a lot more than I've ever loved a suggestion tool. ... Try it! It's a total time suck!"

Books in Bed

"It comes up with some bizarre (and obviously unsuited) pairings that you'd be hard-pressed to find in a single user's LibraryThing catalogue."


"The Unsuggester, however, gives me cold, hard, indisputable proof that there are books that I'm likely never to own, much less read."

Syntax of Things

"eerily accurate."

Gertrude & Heathcliff

"This is awesomely odd."

Poor Mojo Newswire

"Winner—in a landslide—of the 2006 bookofjoe Bizarro World Book Selection Tool Award™."


"a delightfully tongue-in-cheek webtoy that turns product recommendation portals on their head."


"That feature is a stroke of genius and reason enough to use Library Thing. The spiffy interface and general usability of the site are just an added bonus."

Andrew Channels Dexter Pinion

"it makes it drop dead easy to create your virtual bookshelf, all the books you want to manage, search, tag, share."

Open Resource Centre

"There are lots of ways to find new books to read, suggestions and unsuggestions are all intriguing - imagine looking at a library catalogue and seeing the words 'Don't Read This' above a book! Makes me want to read it!"

Info Junkie

"you can pick and choose the exact cover that you have on your lovely book. you can review it, rate it, tell people it rocks. they have bits and pieces that will look at your library, compare it to others, and tell you (surprisingly accurately) what other books you might like. they even have an unsuggester, which pretty much tells you which books you *won't* like, so's you can avoid 'em like the plague."


"If someone asked you how many books you have ferreted away around your house, would you draw a complete blank? Have you every purchased the same book twice because you forgot that you already had it? Have you ever tried to recommend a book to a friend only to find that you can't remember the name? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions than it is crystal clear—you need to catalog your book collection."


"It's what I always had hoped Amazon would be"

I'm older than I look

"...one of my favorite things about Librarything is that I can add in books that I plan to read [I always mark them as 'Not Read' until I get to them], or that I love and don't yet own: I think of it as my 'spiritual library', though I suppose 'virtual library' might be more accurate--certainly more pragmatic."

The Continuing Saga of Suzanne and Ian

"2006 was a good year because it was when I discovered LibraryThing"

My Library World

"One of the most convenient features is a mobile page that allows you to access LibraryThing.com from your mobile phone. Nothing better than standing in the used bookstore and looking to see if you already have a title. I can think of several instances when I personally could have used that feature to save duplicate purchases!"

New England Historic Genealogical Society eNews, No. 312, March 7, 2007

"here are many good features in LibraryThing, but the most useful one is probably the ability to add your own personal tags to any of your books - even the name of someone to whom you've lent one of your treasures."

inCite : March 2007 : Webbs web

"holy addicting."

Far From Home

"So why can't library catalogs be half as fun and flexible? I know, I'm hardly the first to say this, but - really, why not!?"

barbara fister's place

"OMG, I am in heaven! Actually, I'm a little concerned. Library Thing is totally addictive, and I think I may have a problem."

read akimbo

"As a former librarian I was, of course, an instant fan of LibraryThing the site that lets you catalogue your books... It spawned a host of imitators including recently Shelfari which claimed to be the first social networking site for people who love books. Sorry but LibraryThing was there well before you."

On the edge

"Cataloging has long been the exclusive realm of librarians, but now LibraryThing has made it easy for anyone to do...While cataloging may only appeal to individuals with a library fetish, LibraryThing has many other options."

Healey Library Beacon

"Wheeee! I'm having so much fun with LibraryThing! :D Is it sad that I'm so excited about this? :P"

An Unrelenting Love

"LibraryThing! Oh Yeah! I've got upwards of a thousand books that I've struggled to catalog over the years. Never found a good way to do it. Until now. If you need to get control over your books, this is the way to go. Simple. Thorough. Loaded with all kinds of extra stuff. And priced right. Really! Take a look."

Grumpy Lion

"I'll be constantly adding so this could take a while. What exactly have I done, to undertake this? I must be insane. Ah, I love the smell of musty paper in the morning."

Teluinriel's Blog

"I've been on LT for a while now...it's always great to let your friends know what books you have so you can borrow back and forth."

Library Geek

"If you want to know what the web will be good for in its next cycle this is a place to visit and reflect upon. If you're a book geek you'll have found a new home...I am utterly confident, given how accurate they seemed to be for me, especially given the tiny set of titles and the oddities of my tastes, that other users will find their recommendations on target...All in all a neat place. Useful, easy to use, powerful, and interesting."

Lafayette Pro Fiber

"I could play around this site for a loooong time."


"Library Thing is very cool! I like it a lot and think if people who I knew would sign up too it could be very cool!"

Library Chickadee

"I'm falling in love with books all over again. This week I found LibraryThing. I love this site. I've begun the arduous task of cataloging all my books and it's been an interesting adventure finding a world of new and must read books to put on my to-do list."


"LibraryThing is a wonderful site which I use to keep track of all of my books. I can't recommend this site enough. I've tried other cataloguing sites but LT does it the best with the best attitude. Unlike some sites it's not free in its unlimited form, but $10 a year or $25 for life is extremely reasonable for all this site has to offer. As I said, there are other sites and will point some of those out in later posts, but this is the best."

Lucid Ink

I have been sucked into the realm of Library Thing, and I may never return. If you're not familiar, Library Thing is a superb site where you can actually catalog your entire library. (I actually just typed in "wardrobe", but that would be an entirely different site. Different, but very cool, and if nobody has invented it yet, they SHOULD.) Anyway, at Library Thing, you upload your books and they are automatically alphabetized. There are a number of ways to upload them, and I have to say, I was astonished at how simple it was. I just typed in a title or author and up they popped. I logged fifty books in less than ten minutes. I have elected to keep the free membership which limits my library to two hundred books, but you can easily upgrade to a fee membership and upload every last thing you own. You can also peruse other people's libraries, which is voyeuristic AND helpful because you can find all sorts of delicious things you've never read. Here is the link in case you want to check it out, but don't blame me if you never come back.

Blog A Go-Go: Everything Deanna Raybourn

"If you have a lot of books to catalog and do not mind paying a small amount, LibraryThing is perfect. The barcode scanning, the language support and the availability of Dutch databases did it for me. LibraryThing is the winner for me."

Kimbooktu: Gadgets for Book Lovers

"LibraryThing. I didn't know this existed. It's great."

Copper Project

"Dear LibraryThing, It started with the tags. Then came the appeal of being able to choose or create a display style for the books in my library. Then I became obsessed with your widget that I could add to blogs (except for MySpace). Now I've added a couple of reviews! Each time I log in, I learn how to do something new. I especially like the recommendations (LibrarySuggester) that you give based upon what's in my library. I can get recommendations for fiction or nonfiction and recommendations for only certain tags. I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship. Yours truly, Sarah"

My learning experiences during SCPL's 23Things program.

"Do you use LibraryThing (LT)? If not, perhaps you should. It is a social networking site that is specifically for bibliophiles."

In The Corner with Matt

"If you love books (you work in a library, don't you?) you might get carried away with this project. That's all right. Go at your own pace. Three or four 20 minute visits to LibraryThing might be enough for you to do a little of everything listed below. Of course, if you get the cataloging bug you might burn through all your free time for the next month in LibraryThing. Hey, I've seen it happen!"

LibraryStream: Watching the Flow of the Social-Networking Library

"The problem is that once you start adding your books , you just can't stop! There should be a health warning. I started on Friday and have spent every spare minute since then, plus some minutes that were definitely not spare, entering details of the books on my shelves."

Random Distractions

"Luckily, this is probably the coolest thing ever. Not only was it easy to sign up for, but it's really cool to scroll through different books and see how many others have your favorite on their list as well."

Hot Chocolate Is King

"People, this is list freak, book lovin' heaven."

Beyond Bluestockings

"Ok, I admit it. I am afraid of LibraryThing. My online friends all got into it last year and they were obsessed. They would stay up all night entering their books ."

egb63's weblog

"LibraryThing is a site that I see can be used by small libraries to make it easy to catalog books. I could use it for my personal collection and share with colleagues and friends. I like the idea that you can rate and review the books and see what others have to say. It is also neat that you can see others' lists. I love to read, and I appreciate recommendations from others about new books or authors."

Digital Sticks

"Cho and Hooker and I are writing an article entitled "Social cataloguing: an overview for health librarians." What surprised me about SCSs was when Tim Spalding sent me a list of health libraries or organizations using LibraryThing — one of the better social cataloguing sites. Where have I been on SCSs? To be honest with you dear reader: it's been on the periphery of my awareness but I've been too blogged down. I should thank Hooker and Cho for bringing it to my attention."

The Search Principle Blog

"I was fortunate enough today to attend a presentation delivered by Tim Spalding, the creator of LibraryThing - a site which I've been a member of since 2005 (back when I was a library assistant - not even a copy cataloguer and probably before I'd even heard of the MLIS). Even so, I learned from Spalding that I had barely scraped the surface of what LibraryThing in particular, and social cataloguing in general has to offer. One final thing that I took away from the presentation was that before we even embrace Web 2.0, libraries need to embrace Web 1.0. Catalogue entries aren't searchable on Google and OCLC since it locks participating libraries into restrictive arrangements that prohibit outside data sharing. He made a compelling argument and I hope librarians throughout the world join his call to arms."

Pete's Professional Development

"If perchance you happen to be an aficionado of books and reading you need to visit The Library Thing website."

Barboursville Observer

"As a school librarian this looked very interesting and I was looking forward to checking it out. I haven't had lots of time to spend but can see lots of ways I can use it both personally and at school. It seems nice and user-friendly too so that is a bonus! Hoping to put a link on the school webpage."

GTHS Library Blog

"This week, we are going to take a peek into the LT CueCat. No sales pitches here - I'm really curious to see if anyone is using one! I don't have one yet...I have thought about getting one as I want to get better (quicker) at uploading my books into Library Thing. I'd LOVE to use it to catalog our dvd collection! We've got a ton of dvd's and don't even know what we have...hmmmm - I could keep track of who has borrowed what...this could come in handy. :)

Wendi's Book Corner

"I now have a Librarything account! Come check out my profile and book collection and start your own."

Your Daily Hermes

"As an alternative to these subscription based tools, there are several Web 2.0 tools that are available free to the individual or available to libraries for a small fee. Enter LibraryThing and more specifically, LibraryThing For Libraries. According to the LibraryThing For Libraries Web Page, it "enriches your library's online catalog with the power and fun of Library 2.0." FUN. In the Library. Really! The success of LibraryThing as a tool for readers lies in the tagging and reviewing features of each record...The user content is more interactive and easier to understand because it employs natural language that seems to be missing from the controlled vocabulary of LC subject headings...Social media is making the world smaller, one LibraryThing at a time."


"Are you a booklover? Do you enjoy finding lost and forgotten gems to read? Would you like an easy way to keep track of what you've read or want to read? Or, would you like a way of finding books by what they're about in a way that a standard library catalog just can't? Then LibraryThing may be just the tool for you...Libraries have started using LibraryThing. Small libraries are using LibraryThing to catalog their collections. Libraries are using the LibraryThing widget on their web pages to recommend books and list new titles. There is even a LibraryThing for Libraries available that works inside library catalogs, too. So why not join the fun and create your own library online? With over 680,000 registered users and over 44 million cataloged books in LibraryThing as of September 2009, you're bound to discover something new."

OCL Web Challenge 2009

"Always on the look out for a free book, I checked out Library Thing (see my Additional Links). I put in my name for several books in exchange for reviews. The first book came yesterday. "Dirty Little Angels" by Chris Tusa. I gave my honest review after I finished reading it. Library Thing is a user friendly site with all different types of books and e-books. If books are your thing, check out Library Thing."

Bridget's Daily Diary

"LibraryThing is very interesting to use. I searched for apples, juvenile. I got a message that nobody has made that tagmash before. It said to wait while it recalculated. It did pull up a list. There were some unique spellings of juvenile that it pulled up (juvenil, juvenille). It did pull up a list with apple books and others that were just juvenile and not related to apples. Library Thing will be useful to try some new titles for storytime. I am very excited about the area to save a list of books to read. I can get rid of my snippets of paper!"

Vacation fun

"I already had a LibraryThing account, but haven't really done anything with it. I looked at it again and was surprised by a few of the features. It had book reading events in Madison listed on my home page, and had a section for readers to pick out free books to review. I think the most useful feature is the recommendations. Similar to Amazon, it picks recommendations based off of the books added to your library. When I was at ALA I went to a presentation where the founder of LibraryThing talked about it's application for libraries. One library I know of that uses the service is the Milwaukee Public Library system. It inserts tags from LibraryThing into their catalog. Wuthering Heights, for example, has tags like 19th century, British, gothic, romance, and English literature. Patrons can click on one of the tags and find books that are also connected to that tag. Clicking on the ling to the book leads them to that item in the catalog. I also know that there are some really small libraries that catalog their collection on LibraryThing instead of having an OPAC. Some of them even have flash mob cataloging parties to get their books on LibraryThing. I haven't heard of any yet in Madison, but that is a party I would like to go to. :)"


"I loved this challenge!! I no longer have a need to keep a notebook filled with the books I have read or want to read. I think this is a great tool for any person who likes to read. I don't know how many times I have picked up a book and had to read a few pages to know if I had raed it alreday. Now there is no need I can keep a full list of each book and add them as I go along. I also like that I can keep a list of books I would like to read because a lot of times I find a book that I want to read while I'm in the middle of one book and then forget the title when I am done.

webchallenge 2009

"I know exactly how I will use this site! It is a requirement for my upper level students to read in Spanish daily and for that reason they are always on the look out for good books in Spanish. I will have my students explore this website and explore all of the Spanish books that are out there. I think that I will have them look up some books by authors but also by themes that they like. I searched for books written by my favorite Mexican author Juan Rulfo and found some good information about his books. I also like that you can just click on the right box to buy, borrow or swap the book that you are looking at. This makes finding good books to read very easy."

hernandez 23 things blog

"This is a wondeful site. I have and will spend a lot of time on this. I have enjoyed creating my own library and seeing the links thus created. I can see the children enjoying this one and really brushing up on their review writing skills as there is a real/ virtual audience. Many children will race to read the first 10 books to add to their collection so that they can access the recommendations section. What a great "thing"."

wal's wandering

"I can't remember now how I discovered LibraryThing (might have been from a magazine) but as soon as I did find out about it I joined it. It seemed like something right up my alley. I was right, it is totally something I dig, but I have yet to really put a whole lot of time into it. I like that you can look and see what other people are reading, and it's neat to see books that you have in common with people. I have yet to make any LibraryThing "friends" and I probably won't go seeking out strangers. What I like to do the best is see find other readers who have some of the same books in their catalogue as I do and see what else they are reading for ideas."

Welcome to the Sublurbs

"The programmers over at Library Thing have worked hard for over two months to create a new feature that will help us users of the site to see where the books we are looking up are available... more details here. This is easy... you go to a book page, and there is a new link on the right hand side under the "Quick Links" section called "Get this book." On the picture to the left, it is the 3rd from the bottom. When you click on it, it gives you a page that explores all the ebook versions available, online audio, and regular books (including swap sites, used books, new books, local stores, etc). Why is this important???? I can think of two really great reasons, and I'm sure you can think of even more. :) First, if you are looking for a specific book (on your wishlist, or want to give as a gift) you can see the versions available, and a whole range of prices at one glance, including swap sites, which is great, especially if you have credits available somewhere! Second, if you are ready to trim down your bookshelves, you can see how many copies are "wanted" on swap sites, and you can see the low used prices on many sites. Over at the LT blog, they used Romeo and Juliet as an example... here is the page. I took the time to look up a few books myself (see below if you are interested... the links on the title should take you to the "Get" page for the title, and if you are logged in, you should see your Local info instead of mine... crossing fingers) "

Wendi's Book Corner

"LibraryThing. It is a site that allows you to catalog all of your books (I used part of my classroom library) by title, author, and tags that you create to classify the books. There are even reviews on many of the books available. This would be another tool for my students to be able to go to my classroom library with a plan at hand as to what books they would like to take out, rather than looking through all of the baskets I have. I could coordinate the tags with the baskets to help narrow their search (this seems a lot easier than alphabetizing all of my books!). Library thing also offers forums where you can chat with others who have the same interests in books that you do and read some of their reviews. If you go to the local tab, you can find out about events and bookstores in your area - great way to find out about author visits!"


"Wow, LibraryThing is on a roll of late with the introduction new services and Founder and Developer, Tim Spalding, must not be getting a lot of sleep these days. (-: Of course, Tim's reduced hours hitting the pillow means new, cool and useful services for info pros and the public. In other words, his lack of sleep is our gain."

resource shelf

"LibraryThing is the thing."


"LibraryThing.com is an amazing website where you can link up with other readers, review books, display what you're currently reading and most incredibly of all you can display your library shelves to all interested."


"Don't ignore this one: LibraryThing. It's social cataloguing for all your books. That means you catalogue your books online and can find out who else is reading the same books. You can then use a huge range of online resources, one or two clicks away, to find that book in an(other) library or buy it."

Fans of Toronto Public Library

"I found this site extremely interesting with endless possibilities. The most appealing feature was the "recommendations" segment."

King For 3

"I have discovered LibraryThing. I am now addicted to cataloguing my books, which may possibly make me the most boring person alive."

The Little Bookroom

"I think this website is great. Instead of having to write down what books I have read, I can just add the books here and keep a record."


"I am so excited to find LibraryThing. This great tool can definitely be used in the classroom, but I was happy to find it for my personal use."

Alison's blog

"We hope that using LibraryThing, with its social cataloging capabilities, will inspire new ways of thinking about and researching the materials in our collection.

For instance, take a look at our tag cloud. I never realized we had so much controversial literature! ... Kind of piques your interest, eh?"

The Carmelitana Collection

"If you don't know what Library Thing is - you are in a great place to learn about new things, and if you are an old pro, stick around and share your wealth of information!"

Wendi's Book Corner

"As a busy, mom, librarian and student this is a great way to participate in a book club without ever having to leave your home."

Elaine's Excellent Reads

"Library Thing seems like a great resource for librarians and book lovers. I already joined two groups"


"Wow! I think this is probably the most fun (and useful) "thing" I've learned yet. I can see so many uses"


"Library thing is fabulous - my library has recently added library thing to our catalouge and it's been really helpful with readers advisory."

Client Services Librarian

"I love the way people can trade recommendations on books, bookshops, libraries and get information on book signings, festivals etc."

From archaeology to technology

"I enjoyed the LibraryThing site. It is good to be able to change some things about how the book is catalogued. I particuarly enjoyed that I was able to find the book my grandfather wrote (with more than one listing) as it is not a well known book."

First blog ever

"I really like library thing. It's easy to use and the chat rooms also look very interesting. I can see myself spending way too much time there! I will definitely use it again and explore it more thoroughly."

Vivavoce welcomes you!

"Library Thing is certainly a good way to keep track of the books you have read."


"Library thing is not at all what I expected. I had the impression that it was another very "social" site. In fact it does a terrific job of being both functional and social."


"Very Cool! I had no idea how terrific LibraryThing really is, even though a few friends have been plugging it to me for some time now."

Mocha Mutt

"I love library thing because I am always keeping lists of books I have read so I can recommend them to friends."

mem online

"I find LibraryThing more convenient than blogs for discussing books of interest. Check it out. It's a fun thing, and they recently started a MB discussion group."

Uphill's blog

"The LibraryThing site is wonderful. I have had fun enjoying the various options available. I have put several of my books from home to start my library."


"I love LibraryThing! It is such a great tool."

Welcome to my World

"I thought Library thing was clever. It was neat to create a virtual book shelf with books that I have read with all the information I would ever need at my finger tips. I think I will use this application again."

Why Betty?

"LibraryThing is terrific!"

The DAISY (ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005) Connection

"Okay, so I'm a member of that Library thing now. I predict many more hours in front of my computer."

and then what?

"Librarything has just been going from strength to strength lately. I've been a member since 2006, and Librarything became my favourite *thing* ever when I moved all of my books from San Diego, California to Manchester, England late last year. I had a list of every book, organized by box, painlessly scanned in with a barcode scanner. In fact, the only bit of the process that was disorganized was me-I stopped about every third book or so, distracted by favourite paragraphs."

Unabridged Opinions

"Library Thing is one of those resources I'd heard about for a few years but never got around to actually looking at until it was assigned as part of SPL's 27 Things learning project. And now, not only am I hooked, I'm pretty sure my bookworm husband is as well."


"I think LibraryThing is a pretty cool site. It allows me the opportunity to do something that I've been wishing I could do pretty much my whole life: list all the books I own and tell people what I think of them. :)"


"Best of all, the sites founder and developers are consistently adding more features (and unlike so many sites, they're actually quite useful!)."

Ulf's Lair

"I was so impressed by Library Thing. What a wonderful way to recommend books to my students"

The Librarian Writer

"I love the idea of LibraryThing"


"This is beneficial to me as a language arts teacher."

A Gal Named Al

"I love love love LibraryThing for keeping track of my books, reading reviews and the EarlyReviewers program among a few features."

Obsessed With Books

"It's so simple: catalog the books you own, assign tags to your titles, rate them, review them and join groups to discuss them."

Queen B.'s Library Beta Buzz

"I love LibraryThing. I am in the process of adding all of my books to it - much more fun than a simple database."

Paperdoll's 1st blog

"Wow! That was fun! I really like LibraryThing. I sat down in front of my bookcases, set up an account and added 25 books."


"This one was so fun! I loved looking around in LibraryThing, and all it has to offer."

J Up With the Chickens

"This is a wonderful tool to have."


"Okay, I really liked LibraryThing and I did have fun looking around."


"Over the years in library work, from time to time people ask how they can make a simple catalague for the book collection of a society, for example. LibraryThing is one very easy answer.

Piano, Piano

"Everything about this project makes sense."

Charkin Blog

"OK, I'm hooked on this now. I've entered dozens of books in less than a half-hour ... I love, love, love this."

Pop Culture Junk Mail

"DO: LibraryThing
What: Catalog books you read and discover new ones through peeps with your same tastes.
Why: You're an open book."


"LibraryThing is the purest example of 'collaborative filtering', i.e. using other people to (jargon alert) recommend stuff they like to you from the 'long tail' or millions of products. It doesn't make these decisions based on newness, press coverage or bestseller status: it is probably more likely to recommend a book that was published years ago than last week. Which means it is meritocratic, personal and extremely valuable."

Times emit

"This is way more cool than I expected."

Miss Charity's Home for Wayward Plants

"immensely cool"


"This blows Amazon's 'other people who bought this book also bought X' all to smithereens."

Stumbleupon: Lisuebie

"Best Internet Thing Ever. EVER!"


"LibraryThing.com is the greatest invention in the world of computing since Al Gore came up with the Internet."

rjohara.net [this is my personal favorite]

"It's just so easy to use."

Early Modern Notes

"LibraryThing is soooo easy."

One Day at a Time

"... it makes cataloging (a task I always dreaded) supremely easy"


"When I visit someone's house for the first time, I sneak a look at their bookshelves as soon as politeness allows. Who knew that there was a virtual equivalent? ... Library Thing, my pick for high-concept website of the year."

Lorem Ipsum (Cambridge, MA Bookstore)

"A great service just keeps getting better!"

Moebius Recursive

"Have you heard of LibraryThing yet? For book lovers, it will surely be the Coolest Thing Ever. For obsessive catalogers, it will be even cooler. As a making-book-connections tool, LibraryThing will certainly surpass Amazon..."

Raising WEG

"It is my dream web app. With it, I get to spend a sick amount of time playing online and playing with books at the same time."

12 frogs

"Library Thing is a revolutionary leap forward in book cataloging."


"LibraryThing is like a dream come true for me - I have always wanted to catalogue my books but it's always been too hard, and too time consuming."


"The coolest thing since sliced bread."

Josh's Life

"I often find myself looking for new [books] to read and that's where LibraryThing once again proves it's usefulness: book suggestions."

Coyote Mercury

Number 2 in "7 Web Sites I Love"

Happy Catholic

"While we're on the subject of books, I'd just like to sing the praises of LibraryThing. It really is an excellent way to track what's in my library and what I'm reading and get suggestions for stuff I might enjoy reading."

Peskys' Apostrophe

"Registration is simple - give it a username and a password. ... Adding books is just as easy."


"Another fine feature is how your library is measured and mapped with other users, allowing you to see what other folks have the same books, and how they rated them."

The Potter's Clay

"It has all of the features that I need to be able to catalog my library the way I want, plus it's web-based, so I can set up a link on my blog to my book collection."
""Getting the books in the system is really easy."


"The raddest thing I've discovered in ages on the interthing just happens to a LibraryThing (BETA)."

Nowheresville, USA

"Love, love, love it."

Queequeg's Content Saloon

"the lovielist thing ever"

La Belle Dame de Merci

"I am in heaven."

Writing with Zette

"... one of the best Web 2.0 type services anywhere"

Family Man Librarian

"It's really fun. And exciting. And I am giddy.

Grief Bacon

"Bibliophiles everywhere will like this simple, powerful library cataloging program."

The Bandarlog

"I'm definitely digging this new thing Josh showed me called Librarything.com. Check out my catalog, make your own. Dang this is fun. Oh, the English major in me is going berzerk."


"LibraryThing is soooo sweet."

Monkey McGee’s Wild Ride

"Even if you have no desire per se to catalog your books. Once you've played with this web app for a few minutes you will, like me, want to catalog your library, just so you can keep playing. ... LibraryThing, I think you move me."

Book-Blog.com/2 (Debra Hamel)

"Here's a next generation application that could teach something to libraries and Amazon alike."

Sirsi's Lighthouse (blog of VP of Innovation at SirsiDynix, a Library software company)

"once I get my social security disability, you may be seeing my $10 ... linking to LC catalog information? priceless."


"Now this thing called LibraryThing has turned up, and I am hooked."


You can have a private library if you prefer. Otherwise it could become a bit Flickr-ish.


"This is the application I've been waiting for."

Everything and Nothing

"completely addictive"

Bibliobibuli who also has an excellent list of "some of the great things about Library Thing"

"This makes me tingle."

Comments on yoko.typepad.com

"I highly recommend LibraryThing."


"So very. very. cool."

Confessions of a Would-Be Writer

"It's like librarian Friendster"

(Blog comment)

"It's Facebbok for Book Freaks ... look out all you book freeks and fiends here it is, the site that will consume your reading hearts."

Lunch Break Matinee

"I've started using the amazing cataloging powers of Library Thing to keep track of our books. One of their nifty features is this little box that will randomly display 5 titles from our store of books."


"Better then Myspace but just as self-indulgent."


"I love it. Perfect use of AJAX, very usable, and friendly."


"uniformly awesome"


"It's so easy to use, and useful, too--where has LibraryThing been all this reader's life?

Ruining My Eyes

"I'm in love. LOVE!!!"
"I've been using that site since late September and I am MADLY in love with it."
"*looks up website*

herewiss13, Mecurtin, pearl_o

"It's six kinds of wonderful. It's all the wonderful."


"a cataloguing killer app"

Snail Races

"Library Thing, The Next Cool Internet Thing"

Heute hier morgen dort

"Man! I'm not going to get anything done today."

not falling down

"I'm giddy with excitement over this discovery."


"OK, I think I just discovered a new favorite web site. ... I love the reviews and recommendation service on Amazon, but it's even better on library thing... I think that it could be really useful even if I never use it to catalog my own books.

Cindy's Place

"Library Thing is a pretty neat site that lets you catalog, tag, rate and review your books *really* easily. Just type the name of a book and it pulls up a list of results ... Why would anyone want to spend time doing such a thing? To find people who have similar books, read their reviews, and see what else they're reading!




"I highly recommend LibraryThing. Here is my collection and the tag cloud to click directly to each topic.
"It's totally awesome, and I'm totally fooling around with it rather than doing homework."


"Library Thing is great fun. And the more people who join, by gum, the funner it is."


"Seattleites, the most literate urbanites in the country, should eat LibraryThing up with a spoon."


"I am completely and utterly addicted to this site. I feel like running out to buy more books so I can log them in."

More Coffee, Please...

"LibraryThing, a new online service, is excellent. It works by allowing users to catalogue their books in the LibraryThing database. To simplify the task and save keying, records can be retrieved simply from Amazon or from an increasing array of libraries, including the Library of Congress. ... The Beta version is improving rapidly and I like it a lot."

not too much

"LibraryThing is like a dream come true."

Miss Library Person

"I've been thinking I ought to get some software to catalog my library, but this is more fun."

Chicken Butt

"I can't tell you why creating an internet catalog of my books is needed, useful, or entertaining... it just is."


"Perhaps the most interesting bit about LibraryThing is the ability to tag books..."


"... it has the best 'sign-up' process I've ever used"

I dispute with my friends

"It's really nifty, allowing you to visit other people's libraries, and links you immediately to those who share your interests."

The Busybody

"A friend of mine clued me in to a fabulous website called LibraryThing. It's fantastic!"

Debi's Thoughts

"Oh, it's so lovely!"

Spontaneous Things

"I love the setup and the navigation, I hope that more people will discover and use it!"


"well i *was* going to make an entry and then i discovered this! librarything a place to catalog your book collection and also to see who else has the AWESOME taste you do!"


"Sometimes in my traipsing across the Internet, I come across something so shocking that I have to just stare at the monitor with my mouth agape. Today's example of that is Library Thing."

the tortuga papers

Librarians say

"John Klima, the Teen/Systems Librarian at the Franklin Township Public Library in Somerset NJ, recently blogged about his podcast on SLJ.com that details how he is using Library Thing as an RA tool for teens. What a great idea -- simple to set up, relatively easy to maintain, and (best of all) free."

Library Garden

"a mix of good, reliable, professionally developed metadata, lots of options for user input and customization, and numerous ways to connect with other people who enjoy the books and authors you enjoy."

Tom Peters, Smart Libraries Newsletter

"Cataloging content is only one of the amazing parts of Library Thing. Anyone who visits the site can learn about titles in a particular genre, with a particular theme, with a certain type of character, and so on. It's a great tool to use when creating "more like this" lists and to connect with readers with similar interests."

Peel Education Campus Library

"The website has the atmosphere of community where members share resources and reviews, seek out others who share their interests, discuss their ideas."

High Tech Learning

"What I believe I enjoy most about LibraryThing is the FRBR-ization; seeing all the different covers and editions collocated in one place."

Horseless Library

"It has been invaluable to me for those times when someone is looking for a recommended read. Although I am always reading, I have a hard time remembering the last book I read, never mind any titles beyond that. With just mouse click I have my reading library at my fingertips and can offer titles from any genre and to any reader. My list displays with book titles, book covers and I am able to rate the book, tag, and connect with other people who are reading the same books."

The Pesky Library Blog

"Library Thing is the future of book management. I'm convinced of this."
"hands down, my favorite tool of 2005"


"a clever, very low-tech and vey affordable way (i.e., free) to automate the process of displaying jackets for newly acquired books."


"The recommendations one gets here beat anything I could find on Novelist (my favorite authors are too obscure) or amazon (buying gifts for people or collecting on a couple subjects or authors in a year really pollutes the data). Instead, librarything data is based on what one decides to keep in one's collection over one's life and thus this sample provides better fodder for a reader's advisory tool."

Mikysa 2.0

"great for letting a reader know what other readers with their interests are reading. Isn't that what we want a readers' advisory to do? Wouldn't it be great if we could link these to our own library catalogs so readers could advise one another?"

State Library of Ohio News

"the social networking potentiality alone is enough to send the average book-geek into uncontrollable spasms of wonder"

Ann Arbor District Library

"A librarian's dream!"


"One of the best ways for a library to use LibraryThing requires the least amount of work. You don't have to create an account or add your collection or pay or anything. Instead, you can use it as a collection development tool. Just do a search for any title and you'll get a list of books that 'People who own this book also own...' ...Foreign language works are also available, which makes LibraryThing a better choice for those kinds of books than Books In Print, which is pretty sparse in the non-English category."

BiblioTech Web

"In celebration of last week's Teen Read Week, I added the nominations for the Teens' Top Ten to my Library Thing account. I've read several of them, but Library Thing will help me keep the titles handy to use for recommendations or programs."

My Little Corner of the World

"Social networking technologies often allow for people to express their own opinions. A teen can set up their own blog in less than five minutes, post a comment on a forums board, or share what materials they are reading through LibraryThing."


"LibraryThing is a service near and dear to the hearts of many librarians who have long wanted a catalog of their very own."

Michelle Boule, ALA TechSource Blog

"It's so easy to use and a great idea to be able to keep track of the titles I have read. I suggest all our borrowers should access this facility. How many times have we been asked for a list of past loans that a borrower has had?? This way they could keep track of their own titles."

Doris' Learning 2.0

"Part of the joy of LibraryThing is the communal nature of the experience. When I add a book to LibraryThing, I can immediately see who else in LibraryThing owns this book, how they rated the book, what they said about it, and what else they're reading."

Free Range Librarian

"a fast and good starting place for book suggestions/readers' advisory."

Scrappy Librarian

"A very cool idea! We could do this on our main page or for our individual branch blogs, Myspaces, etc. "

Kat's Learning... Learning 2.0

"LibraryThing is easy to use even for Web 2.0 novices and applicable to libraries."

Librarian Renee

"Okay, so I'm not nearly organized enough to catalog every book I've read or would recommend to others. But thanks to those book lovers who do take the time to put their library into LibraryThing, there's now a great way to find out what other people have read and liked and would recommend. (Yes, Amazon reviews have been providing this kind of functionality for a long time, but this is different.) In the Book Suggestions area, you can type in a title of something you've recently enjoyed and generate a whole list of other books you might like. Liked The Boyfriend List? Try Prom. Liked American Born Chinese? Check out The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation. And if you find someone whose taste seems to match your own, check out their whole library in Zeitgeist or Groups. And so on. Albteenlib says check it out.

albteenlib of the Albany, CA Public Library

"This is the coolest reading site on the web, in my humble opinion. It's called LibraryThing. When you click on the words "My Library" you are taken to a list of what we've been reading in reference here at Manhattan Public Library. We've chosen to only include books that we rate at 4 or 5 stars, so it's all good stuff. You can also look up specific books in the search function and see what it has been rated and read reviews, or find a book you've liked for a long list of suggestions for read-alikes. Play around and see what fun it is."

Little Apple Bookworm

"One cool tool for librarians is "Library Thing." As I prepared to review this Web 2.0 tool, I immediately began to put it to use by categorizing my own books. I would say that I personally own at least a couple of hundred books. This tool is so user friendly that it can be utilized quite easily. To get started, submit a user name and password. No profile is required other than what you want to submit. It is a free online cataloguing website service and involves no additional software or downloads. It was quite easy for me to jump right in cataloguing my personal collection. I did this to test the product. I was surprised to find how easily the system sought and found my books...I can totally see how I would use this to promote a book discussion group, or library program in a branch or academic setting. The creative possibilities are endless. "

The Creative Librarian

"Are you a book lover or cataloger at heart? Or do you enjoy finding lost or forgotten gems on the shelf to read? Then LibraryThing may be just the tool for you! Developed for book lovers, this online tool not only allows you to easily create an online account and catalog of your own, it also connects you to other people who have similar libraries and reading tastes."

Harris County Public Library's blog, iSTAR

"A bibliophile's paradise, in other words! Now obviously, we do have a proper catalogue for all our books, but we thought that our readers might also like to have the access to the extra social data from the LibraryThing hive mind for books we have recently acquired."

Vere Harmsworth Library

"I like being able to have an image of the book and other members' listings and reviews. You can find photos of authors and suggestions for more reading. It's easy to add in books as LibraryThing does all the work for you using data imported from booksellers and a long list of libraries."

BooksPlease: Ramblings of a Book Worm

"I came across this really cool site ... Internet...I love you."

Paper Bride

"Its quick, its easy, its cheap, its cool and it is so, so addictive."

Eating Muffins in an Agitated Manner

"What a great website!"


"It's easy to use, yet very useful"

The Learning Librarian

"here is a way cool little deal that is a lot like All Consuming, but I don't know, I like the feel of Library Thing better. I like all the clouds and tags and neato little graphics."

kybruno's blog

"almost like a friendster for nerds"

Ed thinks...

"i just can't get enough librarything."


"It's. Oh my god. I CAN'T STOP GEEKING OUT OVER THIS. It's a book website, right? That allows you to catalogue all your books. No, shut up, it's AWESOME. Because not only can you list everything, but you can add tags, and ratings, and reviews, and you can look at tag clusters to see what else you should be reading, and it's seriously the coolest fucking thing I have ever seen."


Vlogs talking about LibraryThing

"And on their groups page there is something for every kind of bookworm - from feminist sci-fi to origami. So you don't even have to wait to run into that person reading your favorite book on the metro - you can find them! Seek them out!"

MobuzzTV daily vlog

"this is making me happy in ways i cannot describe to you."

One piece at a time...

"...if you love to read, it's a great source of leads on the books you like. The more books of your own that you add, the more recommendations the site can give you from people who read the books you do. I just started to play with it tonight, but I am really looking forward to exploring it. Now the next time I really need a new mystery novel, I can check for some recommendations and go from there. Very nice."

Caritas Christi Urget Nos

"LibraryThing.com is a pretty cool project."

So Misguided

"It's a really streamlined cataloging system. It's a community of readers who catalog, review and rate all kinds of books -- over 3 million books since last year."

Schmanz World

"Funny, I think I don't have that many books, but then I start putting them on LT and in a matter of minutes I've got more than 60 books catalogued - but there are people on there with thousands of books listed, so I guess my library isn't so voluminous. ...Great fun for any fellow bibliophiles out there! "

A Life in Books

"...it's almost a MySpace for personal libraries."

Drake Memorial Library

"I like the idea of using LibraryThing to help me organize my book-packing."

Shut Up or I'll Cut You

"Library thing is getting even more interesting. With the ability to use Library Thing via a mobile device, I'll be able to access my listing of books while in the used bookshop..."


"This is a great way to keep track of your books, especially if you're collecting sets or a series."

Treo Today

"I continue to be incredibly impressed with Tim Spalding and his introduction of LibraryThing Mobile, something I plan to make use of on a regular basis. I cannot say enough good things about the ongoing excellence and customer focus shown by Tim and his growing team. Congratulations and kudos to LibraryThing! Here's to your ongoing success."

Family Man Librarian

"I am a bit of a fiend when it comes to cataloguing my possessions, music, films and books are at the top of this list. I came across a solution for my book collection a while ago called librarything. The good news now is the site has a mobile version."

Mobility Site

"I fell across LibraryThing one evening while surfing for I don't remember what? I was drawn by the exotic scent of organization to put in about 57 of my own books."


"Despite my infinite spare time, fooling around with Librarything has monopolised my other extracurricular activities (cycling, reading, taking pictures, sleeping)."

Where the Wind's Like a Whetted Knife

"LibraryThing.com is the bomb and I am addicted."

Savage Living in Oklahoma

"It is what Delicious Library could have been had it been revved up to life by the genie of generosity."

Fractured Compass

"I'm tempted to enter in all my books, just so I can have a solid record of them and also to know how many books I actually have. The funny part is that this is exactly what I do at work. It's like I'm a dentist who wants to go home and fill cavities for fun."

No Content Here

"This is one handy-dandy web-based utility. I can't recommend it highly enough!"

Meanwhile, at stately Mou Manor

"People, if you haven't started logging your book collection on ze library thing, I'm very disappointed in you. Do it!"

Cuidado! Llamas!!!

"LibraryThing, which I already love with a ridiculous passion (and a lifetime membership), now has mobile functionality."

Fair and Balanced Bird Droppings

"I have stumbled upon something that has become somewhat of a magnificent obsession"


"A whole inter-connected community of book lovers just brimming with enthusiasm and opinions about our dear printed words."

21st century soap-boxing

"books+list+organization = GEEK BLISS!"


"Joining was as easy as signing in, and adding books is almost as simple..."


"What's the point? Well, you can tag your book entries and create a great card catalog that allows you to research your own library (especially when it is rather extensive)."


"...the serendipity factor is nice, as you can discover new books and authors to check out."

LCM Research's Voice in the Wilderness

"Uh-oh. I have found something new to obsess over. librarything.com is taking over my life. I think this may be my favorite social software just yet."

Dr. Dolen's Divinations

"This is arguably the best thing I have come across on the internet .. ever."

Baggas' Blog

"i prescribe you librarything.com, which is one of those simple ideas brought into existence that, within a matter of days, seems to have always existed... in this way it's joined the hallowed ranks (for me) of google, wikipedia and the like."


"This. Is. So. Cool."

Throwing Marshmallows

"Pretty cool! And certainly a lot better than the wicked-ugly layout and blaring MP3s of most pages at MySpace and other traditional social networks."


"Thank god, my day has come."

leah in chicago: accidentally jewish

"Since deciding to catalog my personal library, I've become afflicted with a previously dormant obsession-slash-compulsion toward indexing. And book-centered competition."

signifying nothing

"In theory, this is -- or could become -- the most detailed and current, yet easy-to-use book index on the planet."

Selling Books

"I rediscover the joy of cataloguing my reading and books."


" Zero-step sign-up .. i likes. Why don't all sites work like this?? utterly brilliant."

a waxing wellspring

"a new killer app"

Gear Live

"...like myspace, but for the literary crowd."


"excuse me while i go and dissolve in a puddle of geeky joy..."

the readings of a lili

"Library Thing is ridiculously cool. It's procrastination that looks like work. Brilliant!"


"It's a dead simple application and makes me happy when I use it."

Kareem Mayan's Weblog

"I am basically lazy, so that tells you why I would probably use the Library Thing Tag Cloud as a collection development tool. The bigger the word, the more I'd buy."

Blog About Libraries

"...the MySpace for people who are over 16 and can spell - LibraryThing.com."

Blog of a Bookslut

"It's one of the most the most addictive things we've encountered."

Random Jottings

"WARNING. Do not start doing the Library Thing. I resisted for quite a while, but today I thought I'd give it a try, and it's addictive."

the sun rises in the evening

"You can create personal catalogs of the books you own/have read and share them with fellow nerds/dorks. And you don't even gotta provide your personal info. So, it's not a ploy for the spy-glass bearing Administration."

Out of a Gumball Machine

"Coolest library/book blogging site around."

Oceanographer from the Institute of the Mainland

"This is custom made for OCD people who like to read."

I am a Crazy Pants

"oh my weakness for things with thing in the title."


"I dig it."

Katie Karlson

"OMG, LibraryThing - I'm having multiple bookgasms rightnow."


"another site where you can while away the day and then wonder why your life is passing by so fast."


"...it is a very clever creation, with much of its cleverness lying in its simplicity."


"I can live out my librarian fantasies and actually enjoy the act of cataloguing!"


"maybe I'm just a sucker for these novel sites that allow us to connect with others and share knowledge."


"Oh, the organizational fun!"


"In sum, this website is great for getting a pulse on what other people with similar interests are reading, and connecting with them."

The Sci-fi, Fantasy, Surrealist, and anything Fantastic, Fiction Blog

"It's a constantly evolving social network of knowledge production and organization, all based on books. Kind of like Technorati or Del.icio.us, but for books."

Key West Literary Arts Scene

"it's like friendster for people who have a serious book fetish, and lets you look at neat-o statistics on your library..."

un gai savoir

"With handy features like widgets, rss feeds, and connection to your mobile phone so you can check to see if you have a book, what's not to like?"


"The site has lots of other cool features, but my favorite has to be the blog widget which allows you to see what I'm reading! How cool is that?"


"I think it's pretty damn fun cataloging my personal library online..."

What the...?

"Get an account. Everyone knows you're a geek; now it's time to come out as a bibliophile."

Dan's Webpage

"the hottest new website."

Meggie's Life Stories: I Digress...

"What it amounts to is a real-time, still evolving experiment in how the traditional library catalog can be adapted for the use of individual readers."

Seven Fifty Three

"It's really easy and pretty cool"

Go. Now. Go.

"I found this nifty, new toy over which I shall obsess for hours and hours..."

Little Drop of Poison

"an amazing social space, where cataloging meets 'Friendster.'"

IADS Check it Out!

"a nice way to inventory, tag, and get recommendations on books, as well as find others who are interested in the same literature."

SEO by the SEA

"For a lover of books this thing is awesome."

Musing the World

"Think MySpace meets your Library Collection."


"I'm usually the last to know about cool things like this - but that's ok. I've accepted my lot in life. The mere existence of this insanely cool website makes up for all that."


"[LibraryThing] allows you to find libraries similar to (but never exactly matching) your own library and hence to find titles that you don't have, but may be interested in... its all these extra statistical and sorting toys, er, tools, that make the site fun."

The Four Ages

"doo it"


"Every once in a while I dig through all of the junk on the internet and find something good. ... This is one of those somethings"

Tickle Fight!

"What I like most about the site is the recommendations function."

Where are the keys?

"After joining LibraryThing.com and tapping into the blog world of book afficiandos, I feel like I have found my people."

Nose In a Book

"I squeed with joy and all at once, I was a 12 years old and trying to Dewey decimalise my bookshelf again."

Afflict the Comfortable, Comfort the Afflicted

"Come over, join the dark side."

Drink Me...

"LibraryThing, a.k.a. crack"


"Oh geez, I just found another way for books to take up more of my spare time."

colleen's open notebook

"Input of books is fairly easy and it has been really cool seeing other books that folks are reading that are similar to what I am reading."

What If...

"more time sucked into this shiny metal box
it's like friendster for the nerds."

Gabe's LJ

"I simply MUST inform you of the best website I've found in quite a long time, which fulfils my lifelong need of a place to efficiently catalog my books, while simultaneously allowing me to feed the urge to rate and review them. My genius and I will be touting our collection over at Library Thing"

Maiden Voyager

"It's terrific if you're an avid reader."

It's looking a little Bloggy out there

"Quite addictive!"


"the thing has so much potential."


"LibraryThing continues to impress."

no, 2 self

"I can track what I've read and when, what my thoughts were, and I can even use those nifty zeitgeist tagcloud web2.0 thingamabobs on the site too. Hooray!"

Ted's Thoughts

"I found a new online geek toy that currently has me fascinated..."


That is all."

loose pages

"apparently it's not as hard to make my own library catalog as i had thought"

the (Frustrated) Over-Analyst

"But, this *this* rocks my bibliophilic little world..."

Subtle Shade of Grey

"I love this website. Why do Friendster when you can do LibraryThing!"


"I freaking love it ... your personal library + social networking for the stuff that counts."


"[I] haven't been able to stop using it."

Jamie Littlefield

"I really like the social side to it - what ratings others gave books I've read, etc. Basically, I can see this getting seriously addictive!"


"This is sweet."


"Can't get enough."

The Baby Dust Diaries

" I spent an hour this morning playing with the Library Thing widget option. There were so many choices for display and the JavaScript was created for me automatically."

Hypothetically Speaking

"Anybody who has ever spent too many hours on Amazon or Netflix rating and browsing will love LibraryThing."

MPC Publog

"You can rate books on a star system, review books, join groups, research by tags, tag your books, research by author clouds, and see the people that you share books with! Is there no end to the fun?!?!?!"

Queering the Apparatus

"I can just shamelessly oggle other people's libraries and weep with joy and jealousy at their collections."


"I'm enchanted and rapidly spreading the infection everywhere."


"Look how much information you get if you want to find out more about a book. ... There are links to search, buy, read reviews, and find readers who own the book..."


"I keep going on meaning to just catalog one thing and then looking up two hours later having clicked all the way through to obscure philosophy books."


"It's like Amazon's 'if you like this, you might also like...' but with more power, because it has all the books someone owns, not just the ones they bought recently from an internet service."

Penguin unearthed

"i am loving this website."

Sacred Safari

"disturbingly addictive"


"You can use LibraryThing in a number of ways: as a simple tool for keeping track of your own collection; as a way of generating recommendations from a non-commercial source as to what other books are owned by people who own specific books that you own or a similar profile of books; or as a social networking tool."

A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land

"But it gets better - because the site now offers a very smart "Talk" feature which uses tagging/linking from within comments (in a similar manner to Wikipedia) and then aggregates these links against your own Library so that all the comments made about a particular book or author appear in context - even if those comments were made on another page and by another user."

The Unreasonable Man

"Try it!!!"

Mask of Anarchy

"A most interesting website for bibliophiles and others passionate about the written word."


"it is almost addictive."

the stuff of earth

"It also provides an extraordinary way to find suggestions and add to your reading list."

What Ralph Knows

"You get to meet and talk with other people about your books. LIGHTBULB!!"

a wrung sponge

"The Library Thing allows you to catalogue your book collection online and, depending on how you look at it, it's either one big member measuring contest or a great community of book lovers."

Back Seat Drivers

"LibraryThing is THE book cataloging website. It's incredibly easy to use, and it pulls data from Amazon, the Library of Congress, and almost 50 libraries from across the world, so you're almost guaranteed to find your book somewhere (and can still resort to manual input if needed). It also tells you who else shares your book, and lets you browse other people's libraries (and they can look at yours, of course). The best part is that it just keeps getting better."


"I, too, heart LibraryThing."


"It seems tat the makers of LibraryThing add something new damn near constantly."

System 13

"All in all, Librarything rocks and I highly recommend it."

Chip Chick

"The sources range from Amazon (.com, .ca, or a few others) to the Library of Congress, and from the National Library of Australia to Bahria University, Pakistan. With so many sources available to search, it is rare to be unable to find the book you hold (down to the exact copy, publisher, etc.)"

Jon Nagelmakers, Newsvine

"it allows you to upload your entire book library and do a whole lot of other book related things including finding others who own the same books."

The Bibliophage

"Its like a last.fm for books - catalogue all of your books, rate them, review them if you have time, and browse other catalogues. RSS feeds, tags, recommendations, and all that stuff included."

James Galvin

"I want to hug the people who came up with LibraryThing!"


"Drool. My favorite obnoxious habit is to go to people's houses just to look at their collections of books. You can learn a lot about a person that way. Now I can peruse the libraries of virtual strangers. What joy."

LA Brain Terrain

"it's great for finding new things to read."

a series of unfortunate events

"Absolutely amazing tool for a book-geek."

Glen & Paula Davis

"Joining is extremely simple...no first name, last name, secret question, email address, repeat email address, jumping through hoops. Adding books to your collection is as easy as joining."

Blog U

"Why is this fun? It just is."


"Now this my friends is cool. Wow. Kudos to the designers."

Two Newtons

"I know I'm late to this party, but LibraryThing is so cool."

Anarkey's Slithytoves Corner

"a neato online program"


"list-makers and alpha-orderers can revel in this beta version"

Muse Ink

"Get recommendations, share recommendations and tag items to find similar reads. Link your blog for literary discussions."


"It's like walking into my house and browsing my bookshelf."

The Wisdom of Improv

"There are so many things I like about LibraryThing."

Eve's Alexandria

"...beyond the four-eyes bookworm trappings, there are plenty of the usual MySpace/Friendster social networking kicks in play (you can find out who else owns a favorite obscure book of yours, and then peep what else is in their "holdings"; you can see statistics about whose book collections have the most overlap with yours, and wonder how similar to you they might be, and whether you might enjoy chatting with them over a beer.)"

the cryptic semaphore

"an online service that combines my love of Delicious Library with the cool interactivity of MySpace."

johnny's blog

"It's simple to add books to your "library," rate them, and see what others like you have enjoyed reading."


"Join and be happy."

Legalized Bibliophilia

"My new love is www.librarything.com. I cannot yet fully express my adoration for this site... indescribable joy, that's what we're talking about here. I just spent an hour and a half adding books, reading posts, and generally mucking about in a happy little cyber-land dedicated entirely to books."

A Child of the Universe

"...And if you're anything like me, you'll probably experience a little OPAC envy after using this site."

Learning 2.0

"LibraryThing = God"

Angel of Saturday Night

"What's made this site that's never advertised (except Google Adsense for a few weeks) so popular? The ease with which you can enter your books. The site's interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Signing up is the easiest ever."

Creative Gene

"I used to think I have a lot of books, but now I see the sheer insane volume of some other LibraryThing-ers, and am shamed. I will work harder!"

The Grayt Booke of Stef, Part II

"It is a good way to compare titles, like material, explore new authors and keep track of what you own or have read."

Naughty Number 9

"It's ridiculously easy to sign up with, no software, no fuss no muss."


"How cool is that?"

Widening Circles

"I could see this as a useful research tool, to move from one book outward to find other similar work. Not unlike walking the stacks in a library, with the exception that this library is organized by what the online community is reading and how they categorize their works."

University of Puget Sound Politics and Government

"You can immediately see who else has the same book. Or who else's catalogue contains a similar collection of books, or who else has done a book review."

From Knowledge to Wisdom

"The possibility of cataloguing all of my books has me delighted and trying to find time to do it!"

Grad School Teen Girl Squad

"I love the concept and ease of use. Very nice and user friendly. Always a good thing."

Yada Yada Yadda

"an excellent place to find other books that I might enjoy."

Today's a Good Day

"A virtual personal library?!? Awesome!!"


"It's addictive."

Lord of the crumbs

"I liked the sign-up procedure. No email or anything!"

Marco's Dagboekje

"Beautifully simple to add books..."

The Thinking Mom

"I might already be addicted to LibraryThing."

Sarah M Jones

"This is one of the reasons I like LibraryThing. Even if the bookstores and public libraries don't make sense, I can organize my own library in a way that does."


"As we say in Boston, it's wicked cool."


"This is more or less to books what Last.fm is to music."

David Butler's Nimisis.com

"This is officially my new favorite site - I can see all of my books, check them from my cell phone when I'm book shopping and meet up with others that share my book interests. I am..In. Love."


"It's so much easier than the Excel spreadsheet I was trying to put the card-catalog system I had before into...enter an ISBN or an LC number and >poof< the whole job's done for you! This is when I love technology. I recommend it heartily."

Mickey Z

"I love the headings for other suggested titles; especially SPECIAL SAUCE RECOMMENDATIONS!. How helpful is that for reader's advisory?"

By Choice Not by Chance

"I started messing with Library Thing awhile back and really enjoyed the possibility of connecting with others that have similar reading patterns as I."

Matt's Notes

"And a social networking system shows you other people who have the same books and suggest books you don't have and might be interested in. Pretty cool."


"I have no words for my love of this"

My Life is One

"It's a nifty thing for the anal-retentive, the merely organized, or anyone who likes making lists in general."


"LibraryThing may be my new best friend."

Lunchtime Longhouse

"LibraryThing allows for even more of this book-perving."


"LibraryThing is one of these rather simple ideas that somehow, when coupled with the power of the internet, actually produce interesting results"

Light Side

"That, good sir, is one of the coolest things ever put on the web. It's run by a small group of people who love books. They're serious about them, but not to the point of losing the sense of wonder and fun loving books should engender."


"The fun is in finding out who shares your interests, what books they own and finding recommendations for yourself."


"I love it!"

Follow That Elephant

"this runs the risk of being even more addictive than LJ."


"it's a good pointer if someone wants to buy you a book as a gift."

The many faces of L.

"ohhhhhh mamma!"

Sister Scorpion

"It is amazingly easy to use, and I really liked the recommended titles feature"

SMc's Tracks

"Add your books. Tell 'em how you like 'em. See other people who read the same stuff as you. Put your books on your web page. Export your book list. Make popcorn. Repeat."

Bain Books

"It's a little like the Amazon 'you might also like', but to the power of a zillion."

Software Marketing News Blog

"The perfect site for that obsessive/compulsive bibliophile in your life".


"allows you to do a lot with studying the social interactions around books."

dance party maroc

"Unlike Amazon's recommendation engine, which picks books based on what you buy, LibraryThing makes recommendations based on what you own."

The Millions (A Blog About Books)

"It's a simple way to keep track of what I've read."

Hypothetically Speaking

"The sweet bit is that it enters most of the data, not you."

A Failure of Imagination

"Recently, LibraryThing hit the six-million book mark; one knock-on consequence of this is that it includes works of even the most obscure writers."


"a wonderland."
"It is the perfect online playground for the person who has trouble making eye contact but can't keep their eyes off of other people's bookshelves."

Dominion Family, 2

"This is my favorite "Thing" so far!"

Some Great Reward

"It's free, simple to use and pretty darn cool!"


"man, it's pretty damn impressive."

occasional fish

"Library Thing is all about building community around reading."

Peel Education Campus Library

"Oohhh! It's like audioscrobbler/myspace, but for books"

hidden mouse, sleeping kitten

"LibraryThing listed sixteen recommendations. I had already read eight. I promptly noted the other eight titles for future enjoyment."


"Using LibraryThing is like having a librarian do all the time-consuming research and data entry for you. And, in addition, it publicizes your interests to other book lovers and, thus, creates a community."

Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century

"There is even an Author Gallery that pulls pictures of your favorite authors. Pretty cool stuff."

The Diva Marketing Blog

"It's cool. Really, really cool."

Here Now, No Where

" Plus it has the easiest registration page ever. If you're not quite obsessive enough to catalog your personal collection, you can still use Library Thing to browse and find book recommendations based on other people's collections."

Hunter High School Library

"it even gives you some suggestions on what you can read next! Brilliant!"

The Pink-Haired Librarian

"the fact you can select the covers that other people have previously uploaded (as opposed to only being able to select them from Amazon et al) is pretty cool."


"Now you can use LibraryThing to connect with other people who have similar interests (and who are also already interested in books) and to find new books or authors that you haven't tried yet. What fun!"

Coffee Klatch

"a brilliantly self-absorbed on-line catalog of your print library"


"this seriously is the best website i have been to in a very long time."

bridgy's space

"A new and all-consuming procrastination that will only stop when I run out of books (or room to store books)."

Ampersand Duck

"Wow, wow and more wow"


"In a way LibraryThing.com is like a social group and electronic library with you or others being 'Your Own Librarian' rolled into one site."

Birdsong Research

"I found that I was thrilled when I saw that only one or two other users had a copy of one of my books, and near ecstatic when I had input a unique book. Unique to LibraryThing, that is. It's easy to get carried away."


"If you love books do yourself a favor and take the tour, buy the T-shirt and join the club."

The Boars Head Tavern

"being both a book lover and also somewhat obsessive, I can see this is going to be a problem. Think iTunes meets Flickr, only music is books..."

Three Minds @ Organic

"a terrifyingly fun site"

Permuted Press

"It feels more inviting to construct personal lists here than at sites like Amazon. It's got a cleaner, more focused look and feel than Amazon, and is obviously more of a social site than a selling site."

Soft Gadgets

"it's EASY and QUICK (one-click adding books... literally)"


"YouTube for people who still read books"

Its never too late to have a happy childhood

"I love things being in nice organized lists, so this is right up my alley."

Bean, bean, bean...

"Do you look at other people's coffee tables and bookshelves to see what they are reading? Would you like to organize your own library so that you could keep track of what you already own? You may be a prime candidate for LibraryThing"

HPL Book Hunt

"It's very accurate, much more so than Amazon's "people who bought this, also bought that" recommendation tool."

Janette Abroad

"I'm an organizational freak & plus, I love knowing what I have & what I don't have."

write it on my heart

"Yes. It. Is. AWESOME!!!"

Mom and Me

"The best thing about library thing to me is the "recommendation" feature."


"a completely addictive website"


"LibraryThing is easy to use, fast (except for yesterday when they were slashdotted!), and customizable. As an organizational enthusiast I find this just too cool."

The Miss Rumphius Effect

"the site rules."

Tablet Writer

"It's easy to lose oneself in"

Tria Corda

"I kicked my heels with joy (figuratively speaking) - this is exactly the kind of thing the Inter-web is for!"

The Remonstrance

"Since I have read quite a lot, and in areas I can't expect someone else at random to have read, I get very happy when I met with people whose bookshelves intersect."


"I've found a large slice of happiness, in the form of LibraryThing."

Variations on a Theme

"The consequence of this is a Del.icio.us like universe in which you can jump from books you like to books you probably will like too and from books you like towards books that other readers of this book liked as well. This is soooo web2.0."


"One of the things that made me use LibraryThing to manage my library is the ability to export my data."


"Very cool. If you're a total bookwhore like me."

...the importance of being, Andy.

"I think that for people who love books and are always looking for books that they will like, and aren't willing to slog though bad reading suggestions, LibraryThing is something to take very seriously."

Sure as a Blog Returns to its Vomit

"another excellent time-wasting website"

Confederacy of a Dunce

"the most hands-on & user-friendly online catalog I've ever seen."

The Graphic Librarian

"Yes, it deserves both exclamation marks."

Brooks Public Library

"You can "catalog" books in your personal library, post reviews, assign folksonomical tags to your books, and then do all kinds of networking with other users based on your books."

The Sacred Page

"Its last fm for books. But it can not only suggest new stuff for you to read but suggest stuff you will hate too. Nifty."

Even Less Exciting Thoughts

"It's easy breezy to use"


"This thing *is* pretty darn nifty"

The Quickest Girl in the Frying Pan

"You can browse people's collections, trade recommendations, and even develop relationships with people who share your interests. It isn't called social networking for nothing."

The 365 Ways Blog

"A big fat 5 stars from me!"

londonlady's blog

"It's cool because you can see how many other users have the same books, you can sort lots of different ways, you can add tags, you can organize by Dewey, and you can even get it to recommend new books to you based on your library."

Apartment Five B

"I love this site almost as much as I love my books."

Seagram's 7 and Corn Chowder

"Wowzers to LibraryThing for their creativity."

My November Guest

"by far my favorite social networking site."

An Online Communities Blog

"The best thing is that it has a very user-friendly and efficient format and great search mechanisms."


"The social pieces of Library Thing appear to be done very well. You can join groups and talk in forums. You can write reviews and help fix errors and tweak entries in the global catalog. Judging by the author tag cloud, it's a pretty literate group so far, with heavy bias toward early 20th century literature and science fiction."

Jules Says

"I love LibraryThing so much, it hurts."

rather . than . words

"I love LibraryThing. I could add books forever."

Minerva Shelved

"LibraryThing is a wonderful, amazing and wonderful (just to be clear) site that allows folks to catalog their personal libraries, connect with other folks, etc etc."


"The concept of entering your books into a vast, shared online catalogue so you and they become a part of something, that concept is killer. How cool is it to know how many other people have your book on their shelves or to learn what your book lead them on to read...so you can read it too?"


When LT had some downtime...

"LibraryThing is one site that I most frequently visit, but it's been down the last few days due to server problems. It's hard to believe how much I've come to rely on the website, which becomes indicative in its absence."

Novum Testamentum Blog

"My wonderful LibraryThing is down... However the many comments on the blog (and people are even writing tribute songs, and taking poetic pictures (including developer Tim's own) makes the case very clearly: LT is a winner - a great great website... It's cheap - and I have no reasons to think that the current problems will not only be temporary. The users are bright and optimistic..."


"LT is down... So they are running an impromptu bookpile contest using Flickr. What a great way to keep the community involved and occupied during the down time! By giving the users something to do they reduce the frustration of not being able to what they wanted. Bravo! It is this kind of thoughtfulness that makes LT users friendly and supportive of the site."

Carpe Futura

"It's like myspace.com for bookworms. Only better. You might discover your favorite writer there, sharing their research or favorite texts as an 'lt author.'"

A Bunch of Wordz

"Part of the beauty of LibraryThing.com is its Cinderella Story success and the passionate people who populate the site. Readers, writers, reviewers (of all skill level and seriousness), bibliophiles, librarians--everyone you meet there loves books in one way or another. It was novel when the site launched, and it remains so with every update and addition. But LibraryThing remains connected to the devoted users of their site with updates from the creators, blogs, and a genuine presence of the owners and creators not only on the home pages, but in the discussion areas and even, perhaps, in your personal library--something a Megacompany rarely can accomplish."

Lyrique Tragedy Reviews

"It's amazing, and completely addictive. (Wonder where I've been for the last week? LibraryThing.) It's really fun once you've input a few hundred of your books. Then you'll love exploring the "members with your books" list, and finding the fifty libraries most similar to your own. Or say you have a favourite - but very obscure - book. When you find that two other LibraryThing members own that same book, and that you can prowl through their collections... well. It's a great way to find other books of interest."


"I know librarians and booksellers who love it, but anyone who loves to collect or hoard books should find it a great place to get lost in. If in everyday life you like browsing your friends' bookshelves when you visit them, or if you compulsively scan displayed titles at a bookstore (or, like me, even when you're at a supermarket or convenience store), if you like to know what others are reading so you can know what you should be reading too, or even if you judge people by the literary company they keep (shame on you) then this is the site for you!"


"Librarything.com, a magnificent community for book lovers, is probably the best tool to find your soulmate. That one person that perfectly mirrors your own crooked mind."

The Luon Blog

"This is a great tool, and I will be sure to take advantage of it constantly, both in my personal and professional life."

Chess Players Mate Better: 23 Things Blog

"I was lucky enough to snag it [The Devil's Company, by David Liss] through LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program. Access to the Early Reviewers program is just one of the many reasons why I use LibraryThing to catalog my books online. You should check it out."

The Literate Housewife Review

"Great fun and quite interesting. Can see it's value for people really interested in sharing discussions and ideas about books and authors."

Sandra's Space

"I have used Library Thing for a few years but not for personal use. What do I use it for? I am able to take the Automatically Yours each month and set them up in Library Thing or I have used it for new books that have arrived. I put them in Library Thing to arrange the titles with authors and book covers so I can add reviews which I do by copy/paste into a Word document. Then I add reviews...As a social network of reading others reviews/opinions of books it is set up fairly well."

An OCL Challenger

"I love the opportunities for discovering new resources. You can join a group that discusses a particular author or book. I like to search for books that I love and then find other LibraryThing users that have added that particular book as a favorite...and see what else these users read and liked. ..You can really see a folksonomy in action. It is absolutely fantastic. Overall, I think LibraryThing is one of the best new Reader's Advisory resources out there. I have recommended this site to library customers that read a lot and are always looking for new material. I have also used this site to try and find book suggestions for a customer who has very specific tastes. A great, innovative, incredible site... LibraryThing for Libraries is perhaps the best contribution that LibraryThing has made to the library world! Basically, libraries can enhance their existing catalogs by incorporating tags and other content from LibraryThing. It really makes a catalog more user-friendly/offers more ways for customers to discover new items. Here is a list of libraries that have enchanced their online catalogs by using LibraryThing for Libraries: LTFL wiki."

Cassidy's LIS 635 Reference Blog

"Folksonomies work best with taxonomies. We need to realise that what works best in web systems like iTunes, Flickr, LibraryThing and Delicious is their ease of use. You are not forced to spend days laboriously adding metadata to fields that you don't even understand. LibraryThing and iTunes draw or harvest open metadata for us from other sources. We can then add our own tags, and in some cases even comments, links and reviews."


"This is a wonderful bit of technology! The possibilities are endless- I really like this one and it has so many applications classroom, personal, global...I love just seeing all the different artwork /covers over time."


"Also, very cool, LibraryThing collections can be made public. Check it out, there is a new widget in my right-hand column. The rotating pictures show you what we are currently reading. Clicking on the link in the text above the widget takes you to my book collection. You can make this private if you have something to hide. So, go ahead, browse our children's library! MOM! Pay attention! You can now go into our book collection and see if we have something before you buy it! How cool is that! Our home library is now catalogued just like at the real library. I can search my collection for books about dinosaurs, farms, or anything else. I'm not being paid by LibraryThing by the way, I'm just passing on information."

What DID we do all day?

"Any time is the best time to check out Library Thing! I don't have a particular time that I go to LT, because odd shift worker that I am, I don't have a particular time I do anything, including necessities like sleeping and such. But as to how I use it, usually I use LT as a research tool. As Wendi mentioned in her answer, I will frequently go to Library Thing to check the ratings and reviews on a book I see some out there on the World Wide Web. I also usually check out the author's page while I am there, to see else he or she wrote, if it is part of a series, what books they wrote are the most popular among LT members. I also like to check the books tags...you can get a lot of information about what a book is about from how it is tagged. Of course, I also drop in to Library Thing, maybe weekly, to add any new books that have come my way. Library books, borrowed books, bought books...or otherly acquired books. I really try to be careful about doing that because for me, keeping track of my books has always been my primary LT use. If I don't keep on top of that, a book will sneal into my life unrecorded and then chaos will take over the world. Like one of those movies where aliens take over the world and start blowing stuff up. One unrecorded book is enough to set it all in motion. I just know it! Yes, just a little OCDish maybe. And then there are the groups. I do read some of the threads on there, especially the Green Dragon forum, always one of the most popular posted to group on Library Thing. Silly threads, serious threads, all sort of discussions. Once I would read the threads fairly thoroughly and post the occasional comment, but since starting my wee blog, I find I don't really have the time to spend there that I once did. As much as I love Library Thing, and you know I do, there are other demands on ones time. I still scan the thread titles and will read one that sounds very interesting...but there is only so much time in the day."

a lovely shore breeze....

"Wow! I really like Library Thing. I think Library thing could be very useful for various book clubs. For example, I know my book club sometimes isn't sure what we should read next. Well, with the various suggestiong provided by Library Thing, we could easily come up with a title. I also think that highly motivated students could keep track of what they have read and what they think about the various books. Again, it would be a good place for readers to get other suggestions for reading. In addition, reluctant readers sometimes get "hooked" onto reading because of one particular title, and it just excites me to think that they could independently find other titles similar to that one book."

Librarian Letty's pursuit of media skills

"Enter Library Thing - a Web 2.0 social networking site that "with over 800,000 users and 40 million books" that "allows one to find some 'eerily similar' libraries and a Zeitgeist full of random information." While you can take a tour on your own, allow me to offer a couple of highlights here. Like many social networking sights, your profile facilitates your connection to those who share similar interests: Knowing who you are and behind whom and what you stand is, of course, insufficient--and certainly not why I checked out and joined Library Thing. Groups are the reason. And, groups they've got, hundreds: For now, you can find me trying to decide whether I'm more a Sofa Reads, a 75 Books Challenge for 2009, or a Build the Open Shelves kinda groupie."


"Anyone who uses LibraryThing will know that it is constantly evolving. Tim Spalding and his team are regularly pushing through new initiatives and the latest one is particularly interesting from the perspective of AbeBooks and secondhand bookstores in general. LibraryThing's latest innovation, introduced yesterday, is a 'local book search'. Basically, when you come across a book on LibraryThing that you would like to purchase from a local bookstore you are presented with a 'local book search' tab on that book's details page. By clicking through, you are presented with a list of your local bookshops and details on whether they have the book or not.LibraryThing lists AbeBooks' booksellers that have physical bookstores and that's something we are happy about even though, to some extent, it gives book-buyers the chance to 'go around the AbeBooks system' and simply walk into the bookstore and buy the book without using our site (so we miss out on earning commission). We're very aware Internet searching for local services and products is something everybody does, but we're also aware LibraryThing's local book search is another method of exposing AbeBooks' sellers and their listings to the book-buying public. LibraryThing attracts a community of passionate bibliophiles and bibliophiles are AbeBooks' target customers - this was something we definitely wanted to be part of. It's still early days for this new service on LibraryThing but Tim Spalding is already reporting decent interest. Local book search will improve as more booksellers go to LibraryThing and create a venue for their bookshop. We'll be encouraging more AbeBooks sellers to create LibraryThing venues. LibraryThing is deeply committed to supporting independent bookstores of all shapes and sizes, and AbeBooks is nothing without the thousands of professional independent sellers who list on our site, so we're looking forward to seeing how this service develops."

Reading Copy Book Blog

"Learning 2.0: a discovery learning tool for librarians. I confess that I am finding too many personal uses for these tools. I'm sure that almost everyone else already probably knew about this, but I didn't. I am elated. Reading is a favorite pastime for many members of our family. Because my children know that I like to read certain authors, they like to give me gifts of those books. I actually have a rather large collection of Agatha Christie books started probably 35 years ago or so. At times, even I run across a book and wonder - do I have that one. I also enjoy reading Alexander McCall Smith (as well as many others). This is great! I can "catalog" my books, share the link (https://www.librarything.com/catalog/Suneydew) with my family, and they will know (and so will I) whether I have a certain book or not. Not only that, but they can do the same, since I also am known to give books as gifts -- and often have to consult with them to see if they have the book, thereby entirely removing the element of surprise. With a group forum for librarians, reviews and recommendations, plus the huge and growing number of cataloged books, the value to the librarian is obvious. Kudos to Tim Spalding for creating this tool."


Notable others: Geekykewl, Palm Tree Pundit, Between Two Worlds, [c]onfusionism (unprintable), admiral_t (doing funny things with screenshots, yo).

Mainstream Media

"Web 2.0 applications such as LibraryThing have opened up new ways for people to share records for their books and other information resources and for libraries to make them available for indexing by Web search engines."

resource shelf

"I found LibraryThing very easy to use. The search engine was clear, simple, and user friendly."

Tales from the twilight

"Librarything.com is a fantastic place to find information on all sorts of stuff."


"I have happily been using LibraryThing, with over 1,200 books in my online catalog. ... LibraryThing is the clear winner when it comes to organization because of the many ways it allows you to organize your books."


"If you want a more-involved experience, check out LibraryThing.com. LibraryThing.com can turn into your online bookshelf, and gives users an opportunity to connect with other readers."

Orlando Sentinel

"[T]he concept will appeal to many serious and casual bibliophiles, and the implementation is, as they say, simplicity itself."

Jim Regan, The Christian Science Monitor
"Do your own LibraryThing"

"LibraryThing's own book-recommendation engine ... can generate dozens of undiscovered titles for a member's consideration."

Aaron Rutkoff, The Wall Street Journal Online
"Social Networking for Bookworms"
(June 27, 2006)

"Some of us just can't help ourselves. At every book shelf, we cock our heads and scan the titles. Now, with LibraryThing.com, we can peek at thousands of libraries."

Jan Gardner, The Boston Globe
"Net gain for readers" (July 9, 2006)

"Almost every day someone comes up with a use for the internet that makes you wonder why no one has thought of it before. Once a year, maybe, one of these good ideas gets built. Last week, one of these simple, brilliant ideas got built, and it's good news for anyone who owns the books they read."

Andrew Brown, The Guardian (UK)
daily digest "The Wrap"

"Perhaps my favorite thing about LibraryThing is that you can track down someone who shares your tastes and request a direct recommendation or ask them if a book you're thinking of buying is any good."

Cade Metz, PC Magazine
"LibraryThing" (July 21, 2006)
and Video Review

"But LibraryThing has evolved into more than just a handy tool; it has become a thriving community..."

C. Max Magee, Poets & Writers
"Strangers Meet in Virtual Libraries", (July/August 2006)

"At LibraryThing.com, old school met new media, fell in love and birthed a book geek's dream come true."

Colette Bancroft, St. Petersburg Times
"Bibliophiles, unite!," (Jan 21, 2007)

"one of the Net's sleeper hits, a testament to both the word-of-mouth power of the blogosphere and the enduring passion for books."

Kathy Ishizuka, School Library Journal,
"A Book Lover's MySpace", (Oct 1, 2006)

"I've seen the future of online catalogs, and its name is LibraryThing."

Steve Cohen, Public Libraries magazine (March/April 2006)

"...the classy-looking bibliophile network..."

James Knight, The Sunday Times (UK)
"Meet me at the clubhouse" (Sept 3, 2006)

"LibraryThing is a highly social service: find similar users, join groups, subscribe to watch lists or RSS feeds of your favorite LibraryThing catalogers, discuss books, and comment on others' collections."

Melissa L. Rethlefsen, Library Journal,
"Product Pipeline", (Jan 15, 2007)

"Now book lovers can join the tagging revolution. LibraryThing is like iTunes for books, except it's free. ... it's easy and oddly satisfying..."

Johnny Dee, The Guide (The Guardian), "Preview, internet" (Aug 12-18, 2006)

"One of the more appealing post-MySpace sites is LibraryThing.com."

Killian Fox, The Observer (Guardian), "Diamondgeezer, 66," (Feb 4, 2007)

"Create a virtual card catalog and meet like-minded book lovers..."

Whitney Matheson, USA Today
"Web Watch", (Aug 1, 2006)

"I really like what they're trying to do with this, which is to apply a sort of MySpace model to books."

Jason Jenkins, BBC Radio 4,
"Open Book," (Feb 18, 2007)

"If you love books, and love people who love books, LibraryThing is for you. Start by using the service to catalog your book collection: Tag your books by topic, share your catalog with others, and then endlessly browse the titles that they have on their shelves. The utterly book obsessed can add the LibraryThing widget to a blog to show visitors what they have been reading lately."

PCWorld (February 2006)

"LibraryThing is one of those tools you never know you need until you use it. Knowing which book is where is useful enough to justify it, but there are subtler joys too."

Kate Heartfield, The Ottawa Citizen
"An unusual website that bares your soul"

"Librarything is one of the best-known social networks for bookworms where one can swap reading lists and find soul mates. Another wacky feature on it is the 'Unsuggester', which tells which books you will hate based on the books you love."

Amulya Gopalakrishnan, NDTV.com,
"World Wide Web: A bibliophilic haven", (Aug 31, 2007)

"Use the site's social networking tools to set up book clubs, pick books of the month and set meeting times."

Jamy Pombo, TheBostonChannel
"Site Keeps Track of Your Books" (Sept 29, 2006)

"The beauty of LibraryThing is that the more people that use it, the more useful it becomes"

Jenny Shank, New West Boulder, "Addictive LibraryThing Aids Search for Western Books", (July 24, 2006)

"The fun begins when you compare lists and find out who shares your taste or discover new books. Authors, if they dare, can check who has read their work."

Susan Wyndham, The Sydney Morning Herald
"On Cloud Nine" (July 8, 2006)

"Find yourself yearning to talk about your favorite author, but none of your friends want to listen? ... Library Thing will match you with other readers who like similar authors and genres."

Winston-Salem Journal
"Incoming! Big book, or Good Book, or big Good Book: You can decide" (Aug 3, 2006)

"... my favorite feature is the reviews. The site has a lot of members, and many of them post comments on books. This comes in handy when it's time for a new book!"

Kim Kommando (Kim Kommando Radio Show Kool Site of the Day)

"Library Thing is an excellent, and free, solution."

Amber MacArthur, Call for Help

"It's strangely addictive and fun, and a way to share your literary prowess with readers of your blog, and lets you hook up with other people who have the same books as you."

Jessica Burgess, Dallas Morning News
(October 24, 2005)

"...users [are] discovering the communal joys of peeking at somebody else's book collection."

Chris Churchill, Mainebiz,
"Book value", (July 10, 2006)

"This week we're loving", OK! (Oct 9, 2006)

"Much like Amazon.com, B&N.com and other online retailers, LibraryThing makes book suggestions for members, based on their interests. Unlike online companies, LibraryThing has begun what founder Tim Spalding called "a humorous service" named the UnSuggester that turns the algorithm of "people who read Book X read Book Y" on its head."

Shelf Awareness, (Nov 14, 2006)

"Surtout, it permet une mise en contact des interautes afin qu'ils partagent leurs catalogues."

Clarisse Normand, Livres Hebdo
(May 4, 2007)

Rated as one of the "Ten Websites You Shouldn't Miss" (Christian Science Monitor 12/29/05)

The Mainstream Media's Blogs

"It's Library 2.0: the internet celebrating the book, not killing it. "

Mail & Guardian online, "ZA@Play", (Aug 3, 2007)

"Fantastic. Addictive and very, very cool."

The Guardian, Culture Vulture Blog

"If you're a bibliophile, you'll love the ability to tag your books the same way Flickr users tag their photos. Tags become a very useful source of recommendations for future reading lists, as do the reviews and ratings that users are encouraged to attach to book listing."

ABC News, "Social Networking"

"why I was so entranced... ...Firstly, because it proves I'm not alone in my fascination with other people's reading habits, secondly because of the inherent fun of finding out what a complete stranger has been reading, and thirdly because it's a great way of picking up tips for future purchases."

The Guardian, Arts blog

"So start cataloging, make a new friend or two, find a new book and start reading. You could be in for a delightful surprise."

Boston Herald Blog: Online Living by Rochelle Stewart

"Je sais, Amazon à l'art de me suggérer des titres susceptibles de m'intéresser sur la base de ce que j'ai déjà acheté des titres auxquels je me suis intéressé, mais maintenant c'est moi qui explore. C'est pas incompatible. C'est différent. C'est mieux."

Le Monde blog by Francis Pisani

"But the best part is signing up. It's ONLY two steps...less than 2 seconds."

The SLJ Blog

"It's essentially an online card catalog that lets you meet other readers."

USATODAY.com - Pop Candy

"Click on any cover and you can get library-quality data on that book, see who else owns it, and read what he said about it. ... It's like having your own personal librarian and know-it-all bookseller rolled into one."

Ladies' Home Journal, Miss Gizmo Blog

"For a booklover (with a lot of free time) it's heaven."

Daytona Beach News-Journal Online

"The website allows you to find other people with similar reading habits, or people to mock for their poor reading choices."

Quill Blog (Quill & Quire)

"I have a brand new tag-based obsession - Library Thing. It's Del.icio.us for your bookshelf, a literary Flickr, and it wastes hours and hours of time at work."

Quick Little Splinter

Should it be Illegal?

"oddly addictive"

K&E Research Services

"the booklover's equivalent of crack"

Music of the Spheres (long, detailed summary)

"I know I shouldn't be doing this, but this thing IS addictive!"

Open Goal (user opengoal)

"Sweet Goddess, is that ever addictive!

Comments on yoko.typepad.com

"Give it a try, but be warned: it's addictive!"


"Quite addictive."

Robot Filter

"I am completely and totally addicted to this website Library Thing."


"I finally headed over to LibraryThing and became instantly addicted."

A Day in the Life

"i have found a new addiction"


"This is heroin for book junkies."

Donut Age

"[L]etting me loose with LibraryThing is like letting William S. Burroughs loose in a smack factory."

The Esoteric Science Resource Center

"Introducing me to something like this is like setting an alcoholic adrift on a sea of vodka, in a leaky boat."


"Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous."

An Ergodic Walk

"LibraryThing, I think I love you."

Liora's Journal

"I came across LibraryThing last night, and just about had a happiness coronary"

The Notepad - Friday I'm In Love

"SpecialSauce recommendations - I don't know how this works, but it has prompted me to put 3 books on hold at my local library in the last week."


" My dear friends, you may of all just lost me to LibraryThing... I don't think I'm ever coming back out of it."

Sonja Blue

"LibraryThing is awesome. And evil. Awesome because it promises to solve my long-bothersome cataloguing problem, and just in the nick of time; evil because entering books is somehow addictive."

Rants & Musings

"This is the coolest thing I've found online since I discovered the blog."

MamasInk / The Mother of All Blogs

"I have to give the owner of the site credit - it's barely two months old, and he programmed it all himself. New features are being added on a semi-daily basis. That's no easy thing to do.

Eric's Blog

"Andate ad esplorare."

Taccuino di traduzione

"LibraryThing is a great new app that let you catalog you're books. ... it's a stellar start to what could be the next great website."
"[It has] such a usable sign up form that it almost made me cry."

Stefan Hayden

"a cool one step registration procedure"

Floating Feet on website usability

"Wow, I love this!"


"It's candy, sheer candy"

chroniques d'une fraise

"I'm horribly addicted to the Zeitgeist page..."


"I am going to tell you about [LibraryThing] now and come back later and write some more about it after I've tried it. I was just so overcome with excitement that I had to share it now."


Prizes, Awards, etc.

Internet Scout Report (October 7, 2005)
Yahoo New and Notable (Sept. 19, 2005)
Backwash Top 40 (Dec. 5-?, 2005)
Mac's Picks of the Week (Dec. 12, 2005)
Blogger's Blogs of Note (June 14, 2006)
"I love LibraryThing. I love the tags and find them useful for when I am looking for ideas for different books on different topics."

Anna's blog

"I looove Librarything. This site is great as it connects you to people with similar reading tastes."

New Experience

" It's so easy--don't know why I haven't done so before."

works in progress

"OMG!!!! I always knew I would love Library Thins and had sort of looked around once or twice before...but I never realized how much I would LOVE LibraryThing."

Learning 2.0's Blog

"I love the ability to share reading, to quickly have suggested supplementary titles and authors and to be able to assign real - person tags, rather than restrictive and not instinctive formal subject headings."

Noeleen's blog

"You don't need any special software or skills to use this site. I would describe this tool, if you take part in the social aspects, as a Facebook for book lovers."


"I loved that just by searching you could find the exact copy of the book you have."

Its all a learning curve

"Librarything is like facebook for bookworms."


"Look! An easy way to catalog and share your personal library! I am ridiculously excited about this, really."

Kat with a K

"I'm so doing this just for the sheer glee I feel organizing things."

Dena's Brain

"Oh, Library Thing. Where have you been all my life?"


"I Think I'm in Love"

Body Electric

"Right now the service is in beta, but the user interface is a dream and I can only imagine it will get better."

Library Geek Woes

"So the future is coming, and Library Thing is a step in that direction."

Workin' On It

"Wow! I've been looking for something like this for years. It's perfect!"


"a book geeks myspace"

robotrobotson (user: redbike

"I highly recommend this service to any lover of books."

A Librarian's Journal / Brian Ferguson

"In a matter of a few minutes you can add books to your online catalog, tag 'em, and rate them using a star system. Based on your selections, you can then see who else shares your excellent taste in their own book arsenals. Think Facebook for books."

Social Networking and Web 2.0

"It really took no more than two minutes to understand how it works and why I absolutely needed it since I was born. I subscribed, and will spend the rest of my life asking myself how did I get it up to now. Bravo, bravo, bravo from Italy."

Patrizia (by email)

"This is one of the greatest discoveries of all time. Jeff told me about it a little while ago (about 30 minutes ago) and I've already entered what few books I have here in Mobile. LibraryThing.com. Absolutely great. You need to check it out. And here's a link to my personal library (when I get to New Orleans, I might find that some are salvageable, and then I'll add them to the library. Until then, it's very small.) So cool."

Live from New Orleans

"It is quite a lot of fun to watch how my overlap changes as I enter books, and to see what books are common and which are not."

Listening to Myself

"librarything.com is AWESOME. ... This is great for all of us writers who are almost always book readers, too!"

Mom is always write

"I think this is cool, and I'm not even a librarian."

Overdue Media

"Been cataloging my library on librarything.com and I don’t think my blood pressure can take it."

Desperately seeking retirement

"LibraryThing has pretty much everything I've ever wanted in a library tracker, especially ease of use."


"Be still, my yearning heart."

Musings of a SilverRose

"Also LibraryThing is so ace, am getting lots of recs from other users who share the same books - like I have 79 books in common with one particular user, so I can look at her shelf for recs as we obviously have v. similar tastes."

Kool Kitty Musings

"The Library Thing will also crunch numbers for you in all manner of giddiness-inspiring ways: it will break down your library by language of publication or origin, by year of publication or date of entry; it will tell you if any of your books are owned by just one other user so that you can seek out the other misfits who were drawn to this strange corner of the literary world; it will even turn your list of authors into an alarming diagram which reveals that your snooty graduate school tastes will never outpace your secret love of mysteries and fantasy."

Sycorax Pine

"i'm seriously smitten."


"I've gotten completely hooked on this website, librarything.com. You can catalog your entire book collection. Yes, it's a bit obsessive, but when it comes to books, that pretty much defines me."

What is it you read?

"Aaiirgh! It's The Thing! Run away, run away!"

Librarian in Black

"I like the community of LibraryThing too. How else would I know that a librarian in Dublin, Ireland owns 48 of the same books I own? Or how else would I know that the three users who own Phyllis Richman’s The Butter Did It also all own Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop?"

(a)musings of a grad student

" simply must hop and down, shriek, and gestictulate wildly in the specific, shining direction of this."


"There are other sites like this, but this seems like one of the simpler ones to work with to me."

Philosophy Over Coffee

"My stars and little fishes! Library Thing ... has just come up with a version you can use on your cellphone! Think about this. There you are in your neighborhood used bookstore and you see some title you want to buy, but you can't remember whether you already own it or not. Poof! Use the internet function of your cellphone to call up Library Thing's mobile URL, enter your user name to log in, and search your catalog for the title in question. Brilliant!"


"Here's something that looks interesting and full of possibilities"

les Davey de France

"I have a new obsession. It really shouldn't surprise anyone because my love of books is far from secret, but LibraryThing has taken over my online life."

Five Second Dance Party

"Within a few clicks you can find other people who enjoyed Jonathan Livingston Seagull - even start a dialog of sorts with them by commenting on their user profile - while also finding other books like it you might be interested in that they recommend. Well, that is if you are into reincarnating seagulls."

The Splintered Mind

"I'm still in love with LibraryThing."

Laughing Gas and Ennui

"I realize I'm geeking out here, but this is really cool..."


"And if you're really feeling geeky, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds for your contacts and see what they're adding to their libraries. Why buy if you can borrow? ;-)"


"Tonight LT was also revealed to me and already my life has changed. I'm resolutely not an internet person in fact I've never done this before. What in God's name is blogger. I'm not sure about choosing an 'identity' but here goes..."

anonymous comment

"Why wasn't I told of this before?"

Suz at large

"I like that you can make comments/reviews and track when you read the book. This will be helpful for me as I tend to forget a book the second I finish it."

Do as I say, and I will be your slave.

"LibraryThing is a supercool online utility that lets you easily (oh, so easily!) create a catalog of the books you own or the books you are reading. I am using it to simply keep track of the books I read, because 1) I want to be able to brag with actual numbers about how much I read and 2) sometimes I forget whether or not I've read something already."

MTSU Library News

"If you're a book nut or a list maker, you'll be in heaven. If you're both, you may need a cigarette or cold shower after visiting."

daily pie

"Hey bibliophiles, this is a really cool site!"

Between the Stacks

"Love the idea of Delicious Library, but not necessarily the $40 it costs? Or love Delicious Library, but long for a way to share? To browse others libraries, allow them to see yours? ...Well, here you go..."


"it's perfect for the anal retentive in me."


"I think it's awesome. I would love to show you all my books! I would love to show me all my books! I love my books! In cataloging my books, the first thing I noticed was that I need more books! Seriously!"

Funky Smith

"if you're a dork you might love this as much as i do"


"It is a nifty tool for keeping track of your books, when you got them, when you read them, what you thought about them."

Swem Review of Technology

"Among a thousand more fantastically hip time-wasters, you can find other libraries "eerily similar" to yours, get recommendations, see your library on the internet (with pictures, of course), and even organize your books. But I can't do it justice. Check it out. It's addictive."


"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Personal cataloguing of books! I won't be available for the next several weeks because I will be doing this!"

Drama Queen 23

"Today, I lost my heart to LibraryThing."

Allan Jenkins' Desirable Roasted Coffee

"Now, a webpage that endorses the similarities and differences in the most solitary of all activities, and the one that makes us be more humane than any action done with another being... READING...."

ilussion of desilussion

"Create an account for yourself and see if you're not hooked in 5 minutes!"

Joe Wikert's Book Publisher, Author and Online Publishing Blog

"LibraryThing is designed to connect book lovers with each other, and above all, act as a waypoint for those who enjoy books to learn about new books (or books that are new to them)."

New Media Sense

"If you one of those people who keep every book that you have ever read prominently displayed in your house for all to see, social networking and web 2.0 now has a site for you."

93 South

"groovy online service"

Simple Tricks and Nonsense

"Picking Up Girls On Myspace? I'd Rather Read A Book!"


"But I like it and I like it because its easy. It is so easy that I have been entirely sucked in and in large part because I am not naturally gifted at order and the drudgery of data entry is, well, drudgery. With Library Thing I can catalogue all of my books and it couldn't be any easier. Somebody out there other than me may like it as well and I sit with smug satisfaction of having sent them there."

the poet in you

"The UI is a dream."

Jarrett House North

"LibraryThing is the most book-oriented and sophisticated, and it's the place where the real book freaks will go."

As Winston -> Infinity

"I got sucked in pretty hard and entered most of my collection last night..."

The Darkside

"It's like Flickr but for your book collection."

Hungry J Propaganda

"All in a user friendly, social networking schema."

Lost in Texas

"Very addicting."

The Voss Bender Memorial Blog

"it's kind of like last.fm for your book collection."

so dig this big crux

"I think Last.fm wants to be for music what LibraryThing is for books." [That's CRAZY--Last.fm is so cool! - Ed.]

Jarrett House North

"For those of you who do actually read and take pride in your bookshelf..."


"this is a truly wonderful thing."


"This library thing is just.. so awesome. It's free, it's fun, it looks at what kinda books you collect and then uses that data to determine what other books you would most likely enjoy. SO AWESOME."

Obsessive Fangirl Whoamg!

"For complete organization nerds like me a website to help catalog all of the books in my collection is the ultimate."


"This is not only a great way to see how strange or mundane your library is but also to discover new titles, recall old titles that you have read and forgotten and to find new authors."
"LibraryThing is the most innovatibe 'Book Thing' I have seen in years. ... [it] is jammed with innovative features and filled with possibilities..."

Eoin Purcell's Blog, 2

"Any bibliophile can get lost in there for hours on end."


"it's del.icio.us for the bookish."

Thursday Haiku

So that's pretty sweet."


"If the first thing you check out in someone's home are the book titles on their shelves (assuming in this day and age that they even have books) you'll get a kick out of it."

Circuit Mouse

"Whatever it is, it makes my little editor's heart very happy."


"I can have hours of fun with this..."


"It is so fun to see everything all organized and looking snazzy!"

The Bookish Girl

"I found Librarything, which is providing me with all kinds of amusement."

Everyday I Dream

"You want something sweeter and cooler than my space? How about an online networking site that has a point to it?"


"it's quite possibly the best internet thing I've used since Blogger."

Unquenchable Songs and Endless Praise

"If anyone was still wondering whether there was a god just for bibliophiles, LibraryThing has removed all doubt."

The eStory

"it's easy and fun to use, especially when you add their "Add to LibraryThing" button to your toolbar!"


"You can catalog all of your books online and see else has your books and leave comments and just browse and be happy with all the electronic evidence that reading isn't dead."

Jen's Tonic

"Now when I get a new book, it updates my blogs and website to let people know what I'm reading. Geeky fun."

The Blog of Stephen and Tammy Anthony

"Ok I am hooked."


"It's insanely easy."

Atomic Antelope

"Think flickr except with book titles instead of photos."


"It's almost as addictive as myspace and about 10 times as nerdy"


"I like it!"


"LibraryThing proves that social networking isn't just for strippers, bands, and needy teens - it's also for book lovers. If you're a book lover and not too secretive, visit as fast as you can."

Technology Owl

"It's impossible to get enough of Librarything!"

Meditations on Life

"www.librarything.com blows me away and sucks up my day/night/day/night."

As You Wish

"the most fabulous thing. Ever. No, seriously."

innocent heart

"awesome new features being added what seems like daily."

Dogs can't type!

"LibraryThing is not merely a way to keep track of the books we own, it's a fiendishly clever way to get more books. ... Our wish list is growing again."

Neko ni Koban

"So, LibraryThing now has Groups, bringing it one step closer to becoming the Myspace for bibliophiles."

That Rabbit Girl

"You can check your bookshelf quickly and easily from your mobile phone while you are standing in the bookstore trying to remember which books you've read by a prolific author. Catch me quick, I'm about to faint. I heart LibraryThing."

oz: the blog of glinda sims (the goodwitch)

"The site LibraryThing seems destined to succeed."


"i can't seem to stop updating my library"


"be forewarned. LibraryThing has almost quadrupled the size of my amazon wish list and has me searching the used book sites to replace missing titles"


"Cool site for tracking books you've read or are in your library"

Dave Sleeps With Cats

"Perhaps one of the best things about Library Thing is that you don't have to do a lot of typing."


"something fantastic for bibliophiles."


"Not only am I hooked, I'm shameless about it."


"Check it out, but watch out, you'll find yourself spending hours cataloging your books."

Only Wonder Understands

"It really is a cool thing, and the booklogging is much easier than I expected. Keyword search! No nasty ISBN typing!"

they must need bears

"my new big thing"

Boston Life as I Know It

"If the first thing you check out in someone's home are the book titles on their shelves (assuming in this day and age that they even have books) you'll get a kick out of it"

Circuit Mouse

"LibraryThing has what most community websites never achieve - critical mass."


"Like crack cocaine, it is."

The Debate LInk

"Fanning the flames of bibliophiliac geekery"


"My love of LibraryThing knows no bounds."


"oh god. this is SO MUCH FUN."


"[I] find, weirdly enough, libraries that match my own in spooky detail."

Chronicle West

"one of the neatest uses of the internet"

The Life of Brian

"It's fun; it's interesting, and who know where it will lead."

tracking changes/changing tracks

"really innovative new Talk feature that could make Librarything even more potentially addictive."

Expatriot Act

"Tim Spalding has taken discussion forums a big step forward over at LibraryThing. The concept is simple but could make a real difference because it allows forum msgs to be aggregated in multiple ways."

David Weinberger, Many-to-Many

"[Talk] improves the discoverability of and navigability to content that's potentially buried in long--or even old--discussion threads."

Dave's Microsoft Communities Stuff

"how neat is that?"

Jill's Frills

"I found the most fantastical, marvalicious, yummy, scrumptious website ever in the history of the world. I have no idea why I have never ever seen it before. ... Where was it hiding??? But I'm not going to worry about that because we are together now, never to be split apart."

Spincerely yours

"The temptation is to use Library Thing, not simply as an efficient cataloguing tool, but as a way to present yourself to the world..."

The Midnight Court

"Wow, this is my kind of community based website."

mystery experience

"The thing I really like is that you can choose what data source you use; there are 45 of them...The book recommendation engine is much better than Amazon's own, if you ask me."

James Higgs's Blog

"Reading is solitary by its very nature, but this takes the edge off it - at least for those of us who can't commit to a regular reading group or such like. It's a nig old world out there - chances are someone is reading the same thing as you!"

Kate's Book Blog

"it's a pretty nifty tool"

The Naked Truth

"I'm having so much fun with LibraryThing that it's almost pathetic."


"...new features are constantly being added every day."

Jared's Rants and Raves

"I think it might just be time to take all weekend and catalog my brain out."

Biblio File

"The really cool thing is that you can generate clouds either by tag, author etc."

Geoff's new new blog

"The cool part is where you can browse your friends' libraries, and if you have the same book they do, you just click on 'Add to my library.'"

Rabu Study Day

[On the blog widget] "It's like a bookshelf on your blog."

Girl's Gone Child

"LibraryThing Is So Rad"

Get Hooked

"Man oh man I'm loving Library Thing!"


"if you haven't tried that out, you should get over there soon"


"It's a fun site if you like books at all, and it's very easy to use--and free"

So Many Yarns

"You simply type the title, a list comes up, you click the book that's yours, and that's it."

Tamara Eden

"...infected me with another internet addiction"...


"The sheer number of options is staggering; you can tag your books, compare collections with other LibraryThing users, and even connect with others that have similar interests."


"It's the internet incarnation of those wonderful old wood card catalogs with the tiny brass-labeled drawers, only much simpler to use."


"On LibraryThing, your own list of books isn't in a vacuum. You're not just putting up things that you happen to own; you're putting up components of your cultural identity. Just as when you're appearing on a TV show, or writing a blog, you're creating an on-line simulacrum of yourself."

Cultural Snow

"I am in love with this site. You can add in comments on each book, reviews, ratings, tags (like: have read, own, want, fantasy, sci-fi, etc) and link to other people's lists and reviews as well."

Laura and her thoughts

"Anyway, I was beside myself with glee when I discovered Library Thing recently. I feverishly started inputting my favourite books into my virtual library for little other reason than to see the old bibliographic automagically appear before my very eyes again."


"This website has got all the elements of dork appeal that I love so well."

jump4sushi's Xanga Site

"It's a Nerd Thing... And a book-lover thing. It's Library Thing!"

The Crafty Weasel

"Library Thing gets two thumbs up from me, and I'm looking forward to exploring it even further."

Johnny K

"this is a great way to find out about other books you might like too."

Jessica B.

"a pretty fun little toy."

Slowly Going Bald

"LibraryThing rocks."

Dude, Where's My Blog?

"the mad need to catalogue brought on by www.LibraryThing.com has fully bloomed and this seemed like exactly the next step I need to take. Yes, it is an affliction. A welcome affliction, but a disease all the same."

Life is too short to read bad books

"There is so much wonderful information about books on that one site."


"I was surprised at the small amount of time it took to sign up. There were no lengthy forms, just your username and password."

Amy's Appetite

"I don't know why it's so addictive. It just is."


"It resembles some functions on Amazon.com, but it's oriented more towards social functions than commerce."


"This is one of the best sites on the web today..."


"what could possibly be more fun than an online catalogue of all your books? I tell you I can think of very few things, and certainly nothing that you can do without the aid of a woo woo or two. Because a book catalogue is not just a list. Oh no. It's about peering into your soul."

Distant Aggravation

"Sort of like Flickr, but with books. This could be bad. Or this could be very, very good."


"LibraryThing rocks."

John League

"I found this site extremely easy to use. Probably the easiest thing I've signed up for and used online and I thought it was fun too."

My World in Review

"The interface is simple - I decided "Oh, I'll enter a few books as a break from work" and the next thing I knew I had 87 books in the system."

Thousand-faced Moon

"It's such wonderfully time consuming fun, isn't it?"

Joyful Girl

"It's a mash-up of several things I really enjoy: books, thinking about books, looking at my books, talking about books, meeting people who like the same books I do, and leveraging internet technology to engage in our real-life passions and interests in new, dynamic and global ways."


"I've only added books I've read this year and based on those, the service is suggesting quite a few which I've previously read, which is, in other words, pretty much smack on target."

Sven's Web

"It's also a great visual to how many books you've actually read in your life...."


"it's utterly wonderful!"

The Road Less Unraveled

"It's a nifty way to keep track of all those great books other people recommend that you jot down on scraps of paper that never seem to be with you when you finally get to the library or Borders."


"Really a very well-designed site."

Ersatz Express

"In case you guys have wondered what deep dark hole I've fallen down... it is called LibraryThing, and I am addicted. Be careful, or you will find yourselves addicted too."


"the user interface is rich, intuitive, and gorgeous"


"Can you see the obsessive compulsiveness bubbling?"

Third Addiction

"I know I praised Library Thing several posts ago, but I must do it again, because they just added a feature that is pretty sweet. Now, you can search My Library right in the side bar, with out leaving the page."

Musing the World

"it's very easy to do, you search for books by title, author or ISBN, click on the one you want...and it's in your library"

What's IT all about

"It's kind of paradise for book freaks like me!"

The Big Red Dog

"It is a fun way to organize books."

theologia viatorum

"... totally cool and addictive..."

Writing With More Cowbell

"O LibraryThing ! O constant purveyor of new internet delights!"

Sycorax Pine

"I love Library Thing. I love the name, I love what it does, & I love the idea of spending some quality weekend time with it."


"Sort of a virtual bookshelf, searchable, commentable, sortable."


"I was going to get a lot of things done while my roommate was out of town for a week, but I didn't. I blame LibraryThing."

Word up

"What is especially noteworthy to fellow bibliophile bloggers is that LibraryThing allows you to create widgets for your blog's sidebar."

Alone in Public

"Very satisfying."

Sacred Profanities

"it's pretty sweet."

White Boy

"I have seen the term "geekgasm" used around the internets, and I think I understand the full meaning of the word now..."


"This is amazing and just what I was looking for."

for a good life, we just might have to weaken

"incredibly fast and simple"

Preacher Smith

"I couldn't help it! I had to get on this thing!"

Witness to Hope

"This website is really cool, you can upload your book collection, read book reviews, get reccommendations, and chat on a message board about your favorite books."


"This is perfect for blogs that talk about books. All those book covers will also appear on the widget if you set them that way. Maybe you could even schedule your blog entry postings so that you could use the recent books option and review those recent books on your blog at the same time! What are you waiting for? Go to Library Thing, sign up and get those widgets"

Bloggy Widgets

"Man, this is my Site of the Year. Add your library, find out who has collections most similar to you, find out what books you should read next. Hi."


"It is a cool way to see what others are reading or (if they are like me) how they define themselves through books."


"Though there are other cataloguing programs available (and I've mucked with some in the past) there's something sort of cool about being able to maintain your collection online at a consistent web address. Makes it easier when someone says, "Hey, you got any good books?" You can just answer, "Here, check out my collection.""

Caught in the Blog

"Cool hey!"

Library 2.0

"What a smart idea! Using the existing library catalogs to build our personal library catalog, and also links people with similar reading taste!"

Catch Up Library Learning 2.0

"an excellent way to present to my book club members our previously read books."


"Isn't this fun? Is it just me? Do I have too much time on my hands?"

Kell's Bells

"Chamomile tea and one-thirty in the morning and I want nothing more than to stay up cataloging books."


"LibraryThing is the last.fm for books. In a nutshell."


"The implication is that if you own a set of books that overlaps with the books another person owns, then the books that don't overlap are likely to be interesting to each other. ('Oh, you like that book? Then you should read this one!')"


"easy and simple to use."

Ana Braga-Henebry's Journal

"Cool bits include: the 'Joy' section, spreading all kinds of holiday cheer; translations in over twenty-five tongues (including Thingamabrarian, some dude's 'ideal language'); tag options; and ease of navigation at a third-grade level."

Void Magazine

"I think I just may have a use for this puppy."

Scurvy Jake's Pirate Blog

"This site is really a wonderful tool for sharing information about books. You can rate them, trade them, recommend them and chat about them in the forums. If you don't use Library Thing yet, I strongly suggest you go over there and check it out. The more people that use it, the better the conversations there!"

a wrung sponge

"MySpace/Tribe for Bibliophiles"


"For people who love books, or love organizing things, or both, it's really a fun little site."

She's Knitting Again

"a huge online book club"


"LibraryThing is a very good thing."

Wilson's Blogmanac

"They're able to do things I've never seen any library do. LibraryThing moves at the speed of light."

Beyond the Beyond [Overheard at IDEA2006]

"One of the really fun areas of library thing is the Zeitgeist tab which gives insight into top-rated authors, lowest-rated authors, top taggers, books added in the past 24 hours, etc..."

About: Contemporary Literature

"This is a cool thing; a LibraryThing to be exact."

Mercurial Musings

"Holy crap, this is the most fun an on-hiatus librarian can have outside of a bricks-and-mortar building."


"'Yo, it's like MySpace, but for dudes who read.' That's how one friend put it. I'd prefer to think of Librarything as a mildly pretentious social cataloging application that allows you to share your taste in books with other literates (or thingamabrarians as they like to refer to themselves on the site)"

spit up and shut down

"As a book-lover and a library cataloguer, I find this doubly intriguing"

Claw of the Conciliator

"it has already become to me as essential as Last.fm and flickr. In a word, it's brilliant."

Stephanie's Pillowbook

"LibraryThing allows folks to expand on the popular blogger topic of 'what books are on my nightstand.'"

Thinking in air

"I am once again infatuated with using Library Thing."

Hypothetically Speaking

"fast & easy to use"

the portsmith

"Excellent tools for book-tracking and whatnot."


"best thing that ever happened to my library..."

brainstorms [next bit]

"who can resist a barcode scanner that looks like a cat and promises to work with LibraryThing to give you a great home-grown online-catalog? Mine is on its way, watch out world!"


"It's extremely cool. You'll find it a lot easier to use than off the shelf library software"

Roland Parker

"It's easy-to-use, intuitive and if you spend a little time on defining decent tags, can give you a very good idea of what others with similar interests are reading."


"It's addictive, I swear!"

not to shiver at an english winter

"And it's a dream come true for perfectionists like me who want to upload their own scanned book covers. It's so much fun to see that there are other readers out there who share the same exact book as me, yellow cover and all."

a green flash

"Not only can you catalog your library with ease, but you can find other users with the same taste and interests. LibraryThing creates a great community of readers."

Purity is Obscurity

"It does what I want(ed) del-icio-us to do! It sorts through the libraries of other users and finds the people who have the same books you do (not all, of course, but overlaps) and calculates the ranking taking into account rarety (or banality) of the books-in-common."

More Procrastination

"a cool book-centric social networking site."

B12 Partners Solipsism

"a very intuitive web application."

I will never give up

"If you have any sort of interest at all in books, or have a collection that fills a bookcase or two, LibraryThing is your cup of tea. It's certainly mine."


"Well, I think it's rad. So there."


"Its social bookmarking for books, and its addictive."

Better Living through Chemistry

"not only can you catalog your books easily, but since it's an online community database, it will offer you suggestions from other people's personal libraries that have similar book tastes as you! how cool is that?"


"I like the way you can create a new account just by pretending to sign in."

G&eaacute;lril nýnsi

"This site is as addictive as myspace!!!"

evil side-kick pottery girl


Pat and Bee's Life

"Other cool features are the color cover photos, the customizable search by tags, the personal ratings, and seeing how many other people own the same books I do"

von Darkmoor's thoughts

"It's got great features, like an author gallery with pictures of some of the authors of my books, and it's really easy to use."


"In case you don't know about librarything, it's basically a site where you list your books and tag them connect with other people and dammit, it's cooler than that. Just go. It's free."


"Of all the applications currently available, LibraryThing is the only one that succeeds equally well as both an online cataloging tool and a social space."

Gapers Block

"a social high-tech interface to the less-social low-tech world of people's collection of books"


"I love it, I love it, I love it."


"This is a great idea and it is very well done."

Rob's Blog

"librarything goes into orbit by integrating your library with millions of other books cataloged by people all over the globe."

Light Along the Journey

"It makes me happy."


"Very, very, very easy to do. Very!"

Flip That Library

"LibraryThing is just perfect: a simple but great work of genius, and I couldn't have asked for anything better."


"It's brilliant."


"It's amazingly easy to register and use."

I quote myself

"A fantastic site for bibliophiles who are interested in not only organizing what they have, but discussing books, authors, and genres. You can rate texts, review books, and see how others around the world rank the same books on your own shelf! The Unsuggester might keep you rivoted to your computer for a while, just to check and double check that it is reading your mind correctly! Muhaha! No, seriously... go check it out. I promise it's addictive!"

comment from LyriqueTragedy

"It's also not gaudy, has no hidden clauses, and unites people not on "u look pretty" but on what they choose to read."


"Best of all, you can see which other user you have most in common with, and you'll get a kick out of seeing which handful of users have the same obscure book in their collection."

Karate Bearfighter

"this site is manna from heaven"

psycho sahm

"holy #@^@%, Does LibraryThing (hereto-after referred to as LT) rock as a powerful social net app."


"LibraryThing is the perfect combination of two of my favorite past times: list-making and voyeurism."

Prairie Knitter

"Catalog your library and see who your bibliophilactic soulmate might be!"

Matthew Stevenson

"I found LT to be among (if not the) most intuitive, easy to use, fantastically fast interface of any social site I've seen yet."


"This is the site that I have been waiting for!"

@Voskenslaan: Ghent, Belgium

"For the record I've used both LibraryThing and ReaderWare and can recommend both - ReaderWare is fine if you want a self-contained database on your computer; I've mentioned LibraryThing many times here - it's a great web-based cataloging solution with lots of extra features, plus a good source of book information even if you don't want to catalog your books there."

My Mind on Books: books on the mind, consciousness, cognitive science...

"I use Library Thing, which I like. I was reading in other places that some people don't like it. Like, it's too meticulous or something? ... sometimes I just like to look over my list and I feel somewhat accomplished that I've read those books and that I still read regularly. Plus I just love the list aspect of it. It warms my OCD-riddled heart."

Surprisingly Shallow

"Of all three of the book cataloging sites I have tried, I still favor LibraryThing. It may not be as pretty, but it does have the most useful features, at least in terms of what I am looking for and want in a site for keeping tabs of my books. LibraryThing is easier to navigate when I want to look at books with certain tags, tag multiple books at once, and pull up various lists based on criteria I am interested in searching under. And of course, the Early Review program is a big bonus."

Musings of a Bookish Kitty

"The great thing about LibraryThing is that you can talk to other users and find out what it is that they want. LibraryThing's blog also enhances that transparency by responding quickly to the needs/wants of users (unheard of from most traditional library vendors). If I want to email for help, I've got six names and addresses a single click from the homepage. It makes LibraryThing seem like they...well...care."

clifflandis.net: tech tech tech tech BOOM

"Poteva mancare il flickr dei libri?"


"Prima Idee und praktisch umgesetztes Web 2.0!"

Text & Blog

"una herramienta fantástica"

Bloc de periodista

"Disponible en una gran variedad de lenguajes, incluyendo el español."


"L'organizzazione del proprio 'scaffale' virtuale è molto duttile, e oltre a questo ci sono le solite opzioni, molto internet 2.0, di social networking: trovare gente che ha letto gli stessi libri, commentare, recensire."

il piede in due scarpe

"Il existe de nombreuses fonctionnalités, dont la possibilité d'importer et d'exporter."

Weblogue du ClubMed

"Creo que una de las causas del éxito del sitio es poder ordenar en la pantalla tu biblioteca o colección a través de las portadas de los libros (como en la imagen). Para un bibliófilo es importante."

El bibliómano

"LibraryThing ist so etwas wie del.icio.us für Bücher. Oder eine erweiterte Form der Buchempfehlungen von amazon."

Mac Professionell

"L'idée est à la fois simple et géniale"

Les Fleurs de Tarbes

"el Last.fm de los libros."

Sushi Knights

"Librarything, que permite catalogar todos os livros da nossa colecção e organizá-los por tags. E é muito fácil e rápido de utilizar! Depois, também há as comunidades com gostos semelhantes, tops, etc..."

planeta tsetse

"Librarything.com é como um last.fm para livros."


"J'ai trouvé un nouveau gadget pour nerds..."

Mérgezett Terulet

"Croissance et innovation puisqu'il réunit le meilleur des deux mondes, folksonomies ET taxonomies."


"Simple et assez brillant. ... C'est formidable !

La feuille

"LibraryThing é minha nova cachaça. E que cana!"


"Das ist wirklich verlockend einfach."


"El día de hoy descubrí un pequeño tesoro en linea: Library thing es precioso. Puedes catálogar todos tus libros y con la ayuda de Amazon es facilisimo. Estoy impresionada y llevo toda la tarde catalogando y creando pequeña biblioteca."


"Tout ça est très web 2.0, non ?"


"C'est formidable !"

La feuille

"Je m'en vais suivre l'évolution de tout ça..."
"L'interface est très claire et le temps de réponse lors d'un ajout de livre est très court."

Gatsu Gatsu

"E a sua biblioteca pode ser servida via RSS!"


"LibraryThing tiene varias listas de libros que me recomienda, dados los que ya le dije que tengo (apenas llevo como 160, que son como la mitad de los que hay en mi librero). La lista es fabulosa y ecléctica. Y muy acertada, en mi opinión, con títulos que ya tengo pero no le he dicho, muchos otros que conozco de fama y que definitivamente he querido leer y muchos otros que suenan muy interesantes."


"Me parece una idea estupenda, teniendo en cuenta que los programas de catalogación suelen ser bastante costosos, ofrecer la posibilidad de catalogar tu biblioteca mediante la web con una herramienta que a primera vista es bastante potente para el usuario doméstico..."

La Brujula Verde

"Avec le web 2, ça donne un site où échanger des idées et des recommandations avec d'autres amoureux des livres, sur n'importe quel sujet."

Tech Bee

"je trouve ça génial de pouvoir archiver ses lectures sans devoir chercher soi-même toutes les images et autres infos."

Un jour ou l'autre

"LibraryThing.com permet de garder traces des livres qu'on lit ou qu'on a lu, de les taguer et de partager ces infos avec d'autres."

Des gôuts et des couleurs...

"O LibraryThing é o máximo e eu estou a adorar."

livro em flor

"Librarything est une des choses les plus excitantes qui soit arrivé dans le monde des bibliothèques depuis plusieurs années."

legrenier : toute la nostalgie du futur, avec de vrais morceaux de passé

"Voici une application sociale particulierement interessante. On peut l'utiliser pour cataloguer ce que nous sommes en train de lire ou encore inventorier toute notre bibliotheque. LibraryThing est un outil web, simple et de qualite qui nous permet de s'approcher de ceux qui s'interessent aux memes livres que nous."

Le blog de Jeannot Chapdelaine

"For a book whore, Library Thing is a blessing and a curse all rolled up in one evilly tempting and easy-to-use package."

Dust In a Sunbeam

"So I am happy to see I can use Library Thing once again for my one stop book needs."

a lovely shore breeze....

"LibraryThing is an awesome networking and Readers' Advisory tool."

Laughing Stick

"I like LibraryThing as a personal tool for keeping track of books I have read. I can see some good applications for English teachers especially."

Helen's Web 2.0 stuff

"I have played with Library Thing before, but I'd forgotten how much I like it - does that mean I'm really a cataloger at heart??"

Kezza Does 23 Things

"Oh, goodness, I've belonged to Shelfari, since March 2007, GoodReads, since March 2008, and I've recently also joined LibraryThing in June. I have to say that out of all them I find LibraryThing the best place to catalogue all my books first (and my wishlist.) So, that's what I have started to do."


"Now this is an application I really like! I look forward to exploring it more and have added it to my iGoogle desktop. It is certainly useful for my own reading - 20 others have posted about the book I'm currently reading, and I found out more about it. Recommendations of similar books flowed as soon as I added 3 books in one of my favourite series to my library collection. I intend to investigate adding it to the OPAC at my work library, and to the library website (under construction)."

Word Nerd

"If there's one thing that geeks have a plentiful supply of, it's books. We just revel in them, whether it is a software manual, a science-fiction novel or the latest comic book. But as with everything else you collect in life, there comes a point where it becomes virtually impossible to keep track of what you have. Volumes pile up in huge toppling stacks that randomly pop up all over your home (prompting your partner to deliver the ultimatum 'it's either me or the books!'), friends borrow books promising to 'return them soon' (a cardinal sin in my house) and you eventually can't find what you're looking for when you need it the most. That's where Librarything comes in to save the day. It's book cataloguing on steroids."


"Another amazing organisation that I only discovered a few weeks ago is the LibraryThing. Anyone who enjoys reading anything and finds it hard to let go of a book they've enjoyed is likely to jump at the chance of organising/cataloguing their real books in a virtual library, where they can rate each book and/or write reviews.The LibraryThing must be one of the biggest book-based clubs in the world - it calls itself that, and with its community of 850,000 booklovers, it's probably true. Someone reading this might be able to put me right here and tell me that there are more Bookcrossers than LibraryThing members. Whatever! Take a look at this site - if you've not come across it yet, it'll blow your mind."


"Overall I think the idea of what I had in mind is nearly represented in this piece of software. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a kindred bibliophile and at the same suffers from liking to have things in neat orderly classifications. Though I will point, the neat orderly system of the library only exist for the virtual part of it, not the physical."


"Hard to see an immediate work use for LibraryThing, but it was fun to look at and easy to use. I 'catalogued' 5 books I'd read recently...and to my delight recommendations for 'related books' that I hadn't even heard of came up...so I can see a great use for LibraryThing in finding new books to read. In fact the more I look at it the more it looks like a wonderful resource for people like me who love to read."

lotte's lot

"I can keep track of my books with Library/Thing. I like that that I can see how many others like the same books as I do. I also like that I am able to read comments by others on books I have read or am interested in reading. Library Thing is a good thing."


"I'm enjoying getting to know my way around Library Thing. I've added a few of my old favourites as well as a few of my recent reads. This application will give me something to do in the school holidays, as I've just moved house and it will give me the motivation to sort and organise my library. I'm looking forward to it."

Gale's Blog

"For awhile now I've been using LibraryThing to promote new books in our collection that would interest religious studies students. LibraryThing lets me embed a tag cloud and a jacket viewer so folks can get a quick view of these new titles...LibraryThing could be an interesting way to promote our collections beyond our users."

My So Called Librarian Life

"If you love books or organizing or connecting with other people who like books or organizing, here's a wonderful timewaster for you: Librarything! Librarything is like facebook for bookworms."


"Why should I use it [LibraryThing]? Because, if you like books (which is probably a given), it's a lot of fun, and, as mentioned before, there is talk of using it in our catalogue. Actually, it might well be the future of cataloguing. No - really."

23 Things

"Too bad I have to do more homework tonight, or I would just play with LibraryThing"

And Now for 23 Different Things

"I was down on LibraryThing until I searched a few books that I genuinely love and I found a few people who feel similarly about those books. I can't exactly put my finger on why it feels different reading those comments about the books as opposed to reading comments on Amazon. The interface of LibraryThing just feels much more grassrootsy, "lo-fi" to use music terms. "

Water Bottle

"What a wonderful way to spend an hour (or 3!)...I could spend many hours adding in all of my own books, and if I even began to include books I've read in the past...I really like the recommendations, reviews and statistics areas - I hadn't realised that I was such a fan of female science/fiction authors!"


"Ok, so the title is lame, but I am in love with LibraryThing. LibraryThing is a website that lets you put your books in an on-line searchable catalog. And if you have as many books as I do, you have said, "Hey, don't I have that book?" at times. Now, when in a used book store or garage sale, with LibraryThing, I can look up my on-line catalog from my phone, and find out."

Roy's Word

"I wish there were enough hours in the day to to properly use this site. "

Have a Say!!!

"Now we come to a website that I absolutely ADORE. I was introduced to LibraryThing a number of years ago by a friend who is an avid reader. Ever since then I've become a LibraryThing addict. If you're not familiar with LibraryThing - shame on you! :) Just kidding.... LibraryThing is a book lover's paradise. I've used this site several times in my work as a reference assistant when doing Reader's Advisory. NoveList is often slow to load on our reference desk computers, so I'll often use the reccomendations portion of LibraryThing as an alternative. So in summary, I LOVE LIBRARYTHING because of it's usefulness both personally and professionally!!! :)"

23 Things

"One invaluable web tool is LibraryThing, a service that uses information from "all five national Amazon sites," the "Library of Congress," and "over eighty world libraries" (www.librarything.com/about) to organize and catalog titles online, from any collection. LibraryThing is more than just an accessible-from-anywhere (even mobile phones!) catalog. It is also a social network for booklovers oft-likened to library facebook. By tagging and editing information, users can make their libraries searchable for themselves and others, provide means for the service to make reading suggestions, and even post personal reviews. Very small libraries can use LibraryThing as a main catalog (cataloguing <200 items is free- >200 items requires a nominal fee), but all collections can benefit from the ability to create pathfinders for patrons based on their individual reading interests, review possible titles for acquistion (including foreign language titles), and easily host distance book clubs...LibraryThing is a web tool for every librarian and bibliophile, no matter your tech skills. Whether you're the organized type and just want to keep your classroom library in check (Ha, ha. Get it? In check? - little library humor) or a school librarian looking to beef up your OPAC with more user created data, LibraryThing can be useful for you. If you would like more information, take a tour of LibraryThing here: http://www.librarything.com/tour/1 or, take a tour of "LibraryThing for Libraries" here: http://www.librarything.com/forlibraries/tour/1."

Jennifer Wiederhold

"Oooh this one's great! Love the idea of being able to catalogue my home library so simply and graphically. (Yeah, like that's going to happen - bit like those boxes of photos I'm always going to sort out!). But what a great idea. And being able to read such a variety of reviews - well i think that's a good thing!! "

Sal's Stuff

"I Loved the Zeitgeist Overview which included top tags, largest libraries, most review books, most popular books, top rated (& lowest rated) author...and the data continues providing book lovers with the power of community information."

1, 2, 3...Now In Progress

"I learned to use Library Thing just this last summer session for my YA class at Clarion. What a wonderful tool. I love seeing the pictures of the book jackets, being able to check out the reviews, and organizing my books in categories that work for me."

Artzy Librarian

"It's nice to virtually organise on one of my favorite book websites, LibraryThing.com I purchased a life-time rank to LibraryThing for $ 25 over three ages ago (still the same cost) and hold happily basked adding books to my virtual book assemblage ever since. For book lovers, LibraryThing goes an superfluous valuable resource after they 've entered most of the books from their personal library, wishlists, library books read, e-books,etc., because of the powerful recommendation/anti-recommendation features LibraryThing incorporates. Want to bump a new book? Look no farther than LibraryThing to point you in the right way...So even though I love purchasing and reading new yoga books, I besides love holding them formed, recalling what I savored about each book, and bumping future reading in a merriment, simple mode. LibraryThing holds a ton of other features, and for the yoga bibliophile, or only apparent old bookaholic looking for a trifle virtual book organisation, I highly urge LibraryThing."


"Library Thing now has a Link box on the right hand side of Author pages where authors and LT users can add/update links... including Twitter! And the neat thing about Twitter?? If you add it, they will post it...I quickly found a few I could add just to test out this neat new feature, and sure enough - it felt great to see those Tweets show up on the author's LT page. :)

Wendi's Book Corner

"Shipped now from Arkane Systems, another useful tech demo in the form of Library-y, the LibraryThing robot for Google Wave. Simply add Library-y to your wave, and then on, in every blip you submit (shift-enter/Done button), all the ISBNs it detects will be automatically converted to links to the work page on LibraryThing. Understands both 10- and 13- digit ISBNs, with or without hyphens! To use Library-y, simply add library-y@appspot.com to your Google Wave contacts, and thence to your wave. The rest is automatic."

CEREBRATE'S CONTEMPLATIONS musings of a carbon-silicon fusion

"LibraryThing is a free, immense tool. You can catalog book collections in two simple steps. If you and your spouse, or friends, have different book collections but want only one account you can create new "collections" or "libraries" within your account. LibraryThing allows you to export all of your books into an expansive Excel sheet, where you can sort all of your books anyway you want. LibraryThing lets you rate, review, and research books you are interested and/or own. This is a great tool for any book lover or library looking for a new way to catalog books."


"LibraryThing is an on-line service to aid people catalog their books. People catalog together, so LibraryThing connectsthem with others who hold the same books, it comes upwardly with suggestions for what to read following, etcetera. As constituent of the LIANZA (Library and Information Association New Zealand Aotearoa) Conference kept in Christchurch from the 12th to Fourteenth Oct, we were lucky enought to speak to keynote utterer Tim Spalding, Almighty of LibraryThing. We complete our interview with Tim Spalding of LibraryThing, speaking about societal networking and sharing, and different fashion of seeing the macrocosm. Tim on Facebook and societal networking book applications: "To some extent they're competitiors, to some extent they 're gateway drugs to LibraryThing."


"A while ago I mentioned that I'd won some books by entering various blog contests, and someone in the comments asked WHICH books I'd won. I forgot to answer that question in a timely fashion, and I've had latent guilt ever since. So, since I recently won a couple MORE books - some just for posting in the comments on the right day, but some for more creative efforts, like Carrie Harris's Rename Twilight Contest - here's my chance to make good with a cool LibraryThing widget of all the books I've won on the internet since I stared blogging. Not all of them have been delivered to me yet, but I am patient. Oh, and I also won my choice of ebooks from an erotica publisher, but I'm not telling you which book I picked, because y'all don't need to know that much about me."

Heim Binas Fiction

"I knew about library thing, but never considered joining before now. This is a great way to network with other book lovers and chat about BOOKS! This could be a very good and/or a very bad thing. Good for obvious reasons (networking), bad in that it could be a place where I spend too much time in the pursuit of just having fun! Maybe off in that far away world when I'm done with grad school classes and have time again! I did join the Librarians who Library thing group, and subscribed to the feed. I cataloged the 5 books that have impacted me the most: The Little Prince, The Gift of Nothing, Edward Tulane, and recently The Book Thief, and Scaredy Squirrel! And believe it or not, there is another person out there that has 4 of my 5 books on their list too...lol! Author chat and book talk groups could be used with older kids. I'll wait for an author I know and check that out. When I have more time I'll devote it to the site. This will be fun!"


"Library Thing is another sharing site that I have known about for a few years and even created an account. The idea of being able to check what I have on my bookshelf (remotely) would have saved me from having multiple copies of a number of titles. However, I really don't buy too many books, at least not fiction. I go to the library...what a concept! (An aside - I just laugh when I see these articles about how to save money in this economy. The suggestion: Get a library card and save all the money you would have spent on bestsellers! Where have these people been all this time?) I do like the features of "if you liked that, try this", though some of the suggestions seem just a bit off. And I would probably look through some of the messages posted in the different groups, especially Library Media type folks. However, I probably would not post what I am reading, at least not my personal leisure reading books. I'm much too private for that. I'm more of a lurker and not a sharer on this type of site. I might show some of my students in the media center the groups and YA suggestions. Sometimes I get stuck when asked for "more like this one", especially sci-fi/fantasy which is not my favorite genre. Nothing like another teen to suggest what to read next!"

Treager's Info Tips

"Perhaps the site that set the tone for book sharing and virtual libraries is LibraryThing. Touted as the "world's largest book club," it has well over 900,000 members and over 45 million books cataloged. LibraryThing allows you to use a tagging system to your organize your books. Previewing its Zeitgeist Overview Page, you can find actual authors who are members of the site. Many of them include their own virtual library for public viewing. The member libraries can be viewed not only by titles but also by book covers, which is the best way to browse. The site includes a large assortment of literary groups and discussion threads, such as Science Fiction Fans, Young Adult Lit, Historical Fiction, and "Books that made me think." Adding books to your library page is as simple as typing in a book's title, ISBN or name of the author. When you select a book to add, all the pertinent information about the book is included for you. If you're a serious about maintaining your virtual library, you'll want to keyword or tag your books so they can be grouped together by genre, year or month read, and any identity you want to give them. You can also rate, review, and make recommendations to other members. Of the three sites introduced here, LibraryThing is the only one that lets you create RSS feeds for groups. I find this especially helpful for keeping up threaded discussions, because it means you don't have to visit the site in order to view discussion threads, or be bothered with daily emails about updated discussions. A free membership to the site allows you to catalogue 200 books for free, but the best option is to pay $25 for a lifetime membership."

3 Inspiring Virtual Libraries for Avid Readers & Book Lovers

"Everyone should know about LibraryThing.com - it is a site that allows you to catalog your books and share them with the world. You can cross reference with others to see if share the same interests. Lots of smart people have been doing great things on this site, including a group that lists the personal libraries of various Founding Fathers and other institutions from early America. It's a useful for me, but it might be fun for others to just poke around it if they aren't interested in any deep way in early American history."