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Pride Hunt is finished! The 2019 Pride Treasure Hunt is over. Check back next year.

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. We're honoring that history and celebrating with a Pride-themed treasure hunt!

  • Decipher the clues and visit the corresponding LibraryThing pages to find the rainbows. Each clue points to a specific page right here on LibraryThing.
  • If a page has a rainbow, you'll see a banner at the top of the page.
  • You have one week to find all the rainbows (until 5pm EDT, June 18th).
  • Come boast of your findings (and get hints) on Talk.

Win prizes:

  • Any member who finds at least one rainbow will be awarded a Rainbow Badge ().
  • Any member who finds at least five rainbows will get their account upgraded to a lifetime membership.
  • Members who find all 21 rainbows will be entered into a drawing for one of five LibraryThing (or TinyCat) t-shirts. We'll announce winners on June 18th.

You missed it

Rainbow 1

An acronym (though a few letters short), that's part of the reason for the season.
This tag will find you a reading list
Of relevant works you might have missed.

Rainbow 2

This man’s yawp was heard round the world,
his verses building bridges across the Hudson—and America.
His blades of leaves grow in bookcases all around.
(Very well then, he contradicts himself.)

Rainbow 3

A man clutches a denim jacket.
(The summer was full of love and sheep.)
This slim novella became the film
that just "can’t quit you,"
in an unforgiving West.

Rainbow 4

Who really cares about another book
with a middle-aged washed up writer?
Well, take a another look,
At this narrative which makes the trope mightier.
It’s a hard one to pitch to friends without saying "gay,"
so I emphasize that part, I confess.
This Pulitzer winner was a surprise, they say,
A romp and love story, no more, no ____.

Rainbow 5

This warrior and poet
(a librarian too, did you know it?)
famously dropped a letter from her first name—
a New Spelling for her symmetrical brain.
She was an Outsider and a Unicorn;
her loss we greatly mourn.

Rainbow 6

Why did we put a penguin up top?
Because we keep finding them, gay.
In zoos around the world they build nests,
Exchange pebbles and love, no matter what anyone prays.

The couple in this protested children's book
could not make their own dance so they adopted one to go:
Neither lindy-hop nor salsa hot,
but rather their own baby Tango.

Rainbow 7

On a New York street only fifty years ago,
Some people finally had enough.
Though stereotyped as weak, they were not so,
When they threw a brick, heels-tall and tough.

The history of loving and being who you are,
Is one not always beloved by the police state.
So after years and years of harassment at our bars,
We started a riot and made a movement great.

Rainbow 8

It's in 1916 Ireland so you know things will get intense,
but they get sweet first.
The title's a play on an avian duo,
But about lads on the brink of a new nation, instead.

Rainbow 9

When I say a book has won a ___ award,
(what prestige it has scored!)
I don't mean sheep,
but something much more Greek.
It's Common Knowledge that we know,
this award that honors across the rainbow.

Rainbow 10

A memoir in graphic form
(partially set in a dorm),
and in a house being restored,
by a funeral director and his horde.
It's about a dyke and her dad,
a tragicomic showing all they once had.
Adapted into a musical that swept the Tonys,
we all weep at the ring of keys.

Rainbow 11

He's got a memoir coming out
(perhaps about coming out),
known for his award-winning poetry book:
before the Bruise, but with a more lyrical hook.
He just wrapped up a hosting gig
at a newspaper/reserve-for-gifs.
Not keeping up with the Joneses, but rather he is one:
two books in, and he's hardly done.

Rainbow 12

Therese sells toys and baubles in a store
and her days are quite a bore
until a new customer
comes onto her.
They go for a roadtrip full of cheer
(pepper isn't as dear).
The movie adaptation was acclaimed,
though it went by a different name.

Rainbow 13

Alas, they were left off the ark,
Drowned all to the last whinny.
Land-narwhals, they do not bark,
But gallop to fame, not ignominy.

Rainbow 14

Ride across country to Barbary Lane,
To see a landlady who's really quite sane;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
Mary Ann shall have neighbors wherever she goes.

Rainbow 15

This recent pub is bubblegum pink
And Red all over. A missing link
Between what makes you Blue and what brings you joy—
This sweet, snarky romance between a Prince and First Boy.
Don't have it yet? That's okay, we all grow in time,
At last resort Google "History, huh?" because damn, what a line.

Rainbow 16

We freely admit that we might be biased,
Towards authors close to our lives and home.
But also it's true that Maine creates writers
Like fiddleheads peeking up from the loam.

This author's most famous for her early-oughts memoir
Detailing her transition of gender and life.
She's also a prof and thus splits her time,
Between Manhattan and home in Maine with her wife.

Rainbow 17

This cult 90s hit is straight (well...) out of Taiwan,
(which just made same-sex marriage legal).
A pastiche of notes, journals, dialogue, and beyond,
About a reptile big enough to eat a beagle.

Rainbow 18

In this tiered ship to the stars
What deck you're from determines who you are.
(Or so think those in charge
On this space-faring barge.)
Our protag has some things to say about this focus,
In this book that finaled for a 2018 Locus.

Rainbow 19

Here's a city with hills ever so steep,
And a looming wander of gentrification creep.
A big red bridge and the street called Castro:
This is historically one of the places to go
If your little town on the edge of nowhere
Doesn’t seem to show you that they care.
Go West, my friend, where Alcatraz's the jailor
(just don’t forget to pack your inhaler).

Rainbow 20

Two young men, subjects of classical debate:
One a prince of Opus, the other a tempestuous hero, the prince's soulmate.
This modern retelling of their story
Is less focused on the hero's glory.
More on doomed young love and longing
In Miller's tear-jerker “Song."

Rainbow 21

Not to be confused with its anagram,
This tag remains (correctly) uncombined from Rainbow #1.