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Bah Humbug! The 2018 Holiday Hunt is over. Check back next year.

Happy Holidays! This year we're trying something new: 12 Days of LT, a scavenger hunt around the site. Starting today, we will add one clue per day through December 24th. Each clue refers to a page on LibraryThing, which is indicated with a pear icon when you go to it. Gather each day's pear to be entered into drawings for prizes!

Win prizes:

Bah Humbug! You missed it

Pear 1

On this first day of puns we’ll start you off right
A clue to point you, clear eyed and bright.
Where would a flock of partridges spent the night?
What type of fruit is both poached and raw a delight?

Pear 2

Through great lonely stretches of the American West
and in lying treaties and destiny Manifest
Came about this work in a genre typified
by Clint, horses, saloons and rattlesnakes fried.
This book became later a beloved TV show,
Which the older you are, the more you might know.
So go to the novel that became a hit:
and remember: uva uvam vivendo varia fit.

Pear 3

We call it “the brick” because it’s so thick
that one copy could break a window.
The plot intertwines through the hearts and minds
on page, stage, film, and musical show.
The redemption of man and some boys with a plan
come together in June ’32.
A copper Seine-d and several souls to mend
are part of the sprawling crew.
Vive la France! they yelled for a chance
and it all came to naught in the end.
And yet—with a book and a hard, wordy look
he built cathedrals with a pen.

Pear 4

Everything wound up not so peachy keen
But isn’t it great to feel so seen?
A summer fair in sweet North Italy,
Just you, my family, these classic statues, and me?
What if you never left at the end of your stay—
What if we had more than a few days?
I’ll hear my name as you whisper it aloud,
Between just us two, away from the heterosexual crowds.

Pear 5

What have I got in my pocket?
Seven for the dwarf lords but only one that matters
—a side note to epics, this unexpected trek.

Pear 6

The rhymes that stick
with choruses along
From children til now
We sing her nursery songs.
A bird that starts with G
(sometimes patê become)
and the origin of us,
each and every one.

Pear 7

Where’s Papa going with that axe?
asks another by this storyteller.
This book too is about animals
though not as sad as Old Yeller.
Singing to wed, born unable to sing,
what’s a cygnet to do?
Pick up some chalk and an instrument,
and croon til the honeymoon!

Pear 8

Oh lordy no, what have they done?
The bovines have ahold of some words.
One polite request, then several more,
then a general strike from the herd.
No milk for you! ’til their demands are met,
the farmer squeezed uddery dry.
This moo-ving picture book will make you giggle aloud
and support your local union, loud and proud.

Pear 9

This clue is more about the title than plot,
but you have to keep the author in sight.
Less Kafka, more Ovid, a synonym for
Chrysalises cracking, day into night.
The story within is among friends like itself
Adaptations of old fairy tales.
Twelve princesses disappear night after night
Avoiding their suitors, all male.
The author’s surname cleans a church,
(Hopefully that won’t leave you in the lurch.)

Pear 10

This flight-of-death is not so seasonal
But I bet you know him even so.
Split seven times and defeated by a lad—
To him the wanded bigots did go.
This Riddle is of an obvious sort,
Pale and Gaunt as one can be.
Go find this character’s page,
Tall, robe-garbed, and lacking nasally.

Pear 11

Whose rule is divine and comes with a crown,
adoring populace or revolution burning?
What creeps under the trains and through hill and town,
And for a Nutcracker’s death has a yearning?
Put these two rhymes side by side
to find the book that these words try to hide.

Pear 12

Into Scotland old, a woman fell out of time.
Around the globe, the fifes begin to start.
This fourth installment continues the work
Of a series with a great beating heart.
A score of years after the Jacobites bit the dust
This laird and lassie watch new embers brighten again.
The leaves fall in Blue Ridge hills—
Revolution stirs in the hearts of men.