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Boo! The Halloween Haunt is over. Check back next year.

Boo! With Halloween just around the corner, the ghouls and goblins on the LibraryThing staff have conjured up a bit of spooky fun: introducing the first ever LibraryThing Halloween Haunt! Much like our Treasure Hunt from last month, this is a game that encourages you to take your Trick-or-Treating online:

Win bewitching prizes:

Boo! You missed it

Candy 1

This series goes “bump” in the night
Giving middle-grade readers a fright!
What rhymes with moose
Is the first word that’s used
Of this title of this popular write.

Candy 2

Some witches have owls or toads
Some others have mushrooms and crows
But the witches of LibraryThing all do know
That help maintaining their bookly abodes
Is not found in a snake or a rat
But rather the helpful beep of a _____.

Candy 3

Is it ectoplasm or regret
That leaves these souls wandering, still?
Under sheets, through walls, exerting will.
Some malicious, some friendly, some headless:
Oh, why won’t you find peace and final rest?

Candy 4

O, thou misremembered creation
That sat so fair and misshapen
Under the tree and read of mysteries:
A Paradise Lost and other philosophies.
In film uncouth, lurching to and fro
Yet in this book a scholar thou art.
As all we are, but gathered parts
Given life and set out in the world to woe.
Not you but your creator t'was who crossed the line
The monster not, but Herr Doctor ___________.

Candy 5

"More Weight," he said, and breathed again no more
In this metaphor on stage writ so as to even up the score.
Where frightened children bleat out ergot-dreaming threats
Are really politicians, their swords now laid again to whet.
"Because it is my name," the good John did cry,
We seek the author of this witch-hunt gone awry.

Candy 6

A griffin guards the head office
Of this enduring pile of rocks,
Where children come to wave their wands
And catch a glimpse of Fawkes.
Skip the stair and wave "hello"
To the Fat Lady and a ghost,
Or follow dripping potion sounds
To the dungeons down below.

Candy 7

In far up north where the sun won’t set
Until it all of winter will
Do we find this type of literature met
With a bloody writing skill.
Does violence lurk beneath the snow
Or nearer to Oslo be?
Find out in this grisly show:
The update to an old category.

Candy 8

It’s "Lion King" with people
Frail and human as we can be.
A ghost, a skull, a prince yelling:
"Get Thee to a Nunnery!"

Candy 9

I wonder where you met this bard,
Which of his tales ensnared?
For us, we found him in our home state,
Though with the world we’ve shared.
Were you brought in by the bucket of blood,
Or the large dog outside the car?
Are you a squeamish writer type,
And his advice caught you off guard?
Do you live in fear of fans so wild
They would whack your ankle to stay?
Or did you come to Stand for awhile,
In this, the end of our days?
No matter what seized you first
What fears to your mind he brings,
You'll agree that Halloween belongs
To none but the great _______ ____.

Candy 10

They used to be Ladies Astor and Lenox,
The guardians of tomes from the mob.
"Come in! and present your card hence,
Our troves of knowledge you'll not need to rob."
Maybe you know Dewey, or some feline ilk,
Who lounge on shelves just waiting to pounce.
Paid in treats and bowls full of milk,
Patron allergies and mouse hunts they trounce.

Yet I do not speak of these feline good friends,
But other creatures that stir,
Tween rafters and shelves and careful bookends,
Their tiny grey bodies: a blur.
With an author—a Lies—penning wings into flight,
These flapping mosquito-hounds read their books by night!

Candy 11

Sugar and spice and everything nice—
How about vampires, intrigue, and plot?
Fangs, inner conflict, and friendship all rot,
By this master of the form, Ms. ____ ____.

Candy 12

Full of birds croaking "nevermore,"
This last place of young Edward and York.
Oh, what blood hath spilt o'er these mossy stones
Where royals, commoners, and nobles come to naught but bones.

Candy 13

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and thrice,
These witches want to turn children into mice!
A boy and his gran soon will foil their plot,
On two legs or four, he'll apply what she's taught.
In this tale by the lover of snozzberries and the peach,
Nothing for humans is within this mouse's reach.
How do you stop a coven run amuck?
A big hotel pot, and a fair bit of luck.

Candy 14

What drips and drains down to the floor,
Beating hearts and winding veins?
Blue while inside, red as the tide,
Humanity's thumping refrains?
We need it to live,
Without it we die,
Soaked through bandages and war.
Of all lettered types,
On the edge of a knife,
Vampires look up and say, "more?"

Candy 15

This meta-narrative is the worst:
Scaring kids year after year in one short burst.
Don't turn the page! The blue puppet cries.
But it is he who does so and lies.
For what is at the end but what we fear?
The "end of this book" makes everything clear.

Candy 16