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The Hunt is over. Find love next year.

It's the second annual LibraryThing Heart Hunt! In the grand tradition that brought you the Pirate Treasure Hunt, the LibraryThing Haunt, we're marrying the greatest love of all (reading, of course) with (mostly) rhyming clues for Valentine's Day. All clues are based loosely on the theme of love, etc. We hope our silly poems warm your heart. Have fun!

As if love of the game isn't enough, we're also giving away some prizes:

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Distribution of Total Hearts

Heart 1

It's Common Knowledge that this place is referred to as the "city of love."

Heart 2

The romcom's triumphant return!
(In Singapore, for a turn)
High stakes mahjong, kissing under lights,
The "prince in disguise" for the modern sight.

Heart 3

Not always the same old song and dance
Grown-up literature focused on love
Is often tagged "_________."

Heart 4

What if tears, fallen in a stew
Made those that eat it cry anew?
What if a dish's spicy ingredients,
Heated up guest and plate alike?
Sometime cookbook, sometime homefront,
Love longing and shower houses alight—
This work in translation was a movie made,
To viewers and readers both it delights.

Heart 5

This clue's a jaunt to recollect,
A true master of the form.
"See me" and kiss me in the rain,
Build me a house and with "every breath"
A new romance is born.

Heart 6

Pretty sure Billy Shakes has already writ
The most famous words there are about this thing.
In soaps, in oils, in petals all strewn over,
Or all original, in a crown like a fairy king.
Come pause a while and stick your nose
Into what is obviously now a ____.

Heart 7

Ah, the internet and all it's highs and lows!
In this youthful tale we see one winding path.
A confession leads to romance, but only sub rosa,
As to this day coming out can provoke in many wrath.
A perfect teen with a giant secret,
Riding a carnival ride like a beacon,
Waiting for his epistolary friend,
To put his loneliness to an end.

Heart 8

A goatherd and a shepherdess,
Discover love and kiss undressed.
But kissing doesn't quench their ardor,
And foolishly they go no farther.
A pit and pirates add some plot.
Short it is, but "Shortus" not.

Heart 9

It drips and freezes to equal acclaim,
From dark to light—all have their favorite kind.
Post break-up or in break room, eaten without shame,
Its endorphins are shown to mellow out your mind.
What do you get a box of mostly just once a year?
(What would you not mind more of, that you hold so dear?)

Heart 10

Unpredictable time travel, tragedy, and love are the themes—
No, not that one, the one with the librarian!
Less Inverness, more Chicago.

Heart 11

(But, again, that's just ONE of his books).

Heart 12

I'm sorry to say
That no matter how rich your friend is
He's still awful, if in want of a wife.

Heart 13

A girl's best friend, a token of affection,
Faceted rocks cut to capture light's reflection.
Sometimes in rings, to denote impending matrimony,
Cubic zirconia, if they're phony.

Heart 14

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The Spaniard's a righty,
The Man in Black too.
No more rhymes now, I mean it.
Anybody want a peanut?

Heart 15

To a dark lady or a comely young lad
These poems delight and puzzle us.
The first four a question
The second bit to explain more the theme,
Next four a solution
Final two to sew up the seams.

Heart 16

Our pal Edgar, he's got the beat:
Phantom music thumping under the narrator's feet.
A specific bird's-eye view of this story
Reveals something gory—
The narrator's confession complete.

Heart 17

Don't let the toilet on the cover fool you:
This children's book is a real tear-jerker.
A young boy grows up, as time passes, we see.
No matter his age, his mom's refrain stays the same:
"As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Heart 18

Two people with more power than time,
Stranded in a lift.
Agree to pretend to "be thine"
In a matrimonial guest grift.
This recent pub is rich in tropes,
But I highly suggest that you give it a go.