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Walk Through Fire

by Kristen Ashley

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Series: Chaos MC (4)

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After ending a loveless marriage, Chaos biker Logan Judd is stunned when the woman he has never been able to forget walks back into his life and, still reeling from her betrayal, discovers the real reason she broke his heart all those years ago.

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Walk Through Fire is the fourth book in the Chaos Motorcycle Club series. In this story, Logan "High" Judd and Millie Cross reunite after being apart for more than 20 years. A secret Millie kept from almost everyone caused their split, but instead of being honest with Logan, Millie lied and walked away, breaking both of their hearts. When she spots him in line at a local restaurant, she decides it is time to tell him why she really left, but before she gets the chance, she and Logan delve into a game of unhealthy sexual one-ups-man-ship that leads to even more hurt between them.
The first half of this book was very emotional and intriguing, even though Millie could have helped her cause a great deal by just telling the truth, but it did make for quick and enjoyable reading. Unfortunately, the suspense quickly wanes when the secret of why Millie left is revealed half way through the book. The last half of the book was much less interesting and seemed to be an after thought in order to make the book longer. After Millie is taken by Valenzuela, the decisions that were made by the characters were fuzzy and unclear. All in all, a decent story, but too long with illogical decisions made by the characters. ( )
  ftbooklover | Oct 12, 2021 |
Since we only hear of High once in a while and in a negative light I didn't know what to expect of his story.

Oh my, I didn't expect such heartbreak, loyalty, forgiveness, and an emotional roller coaster that left me crying more than a few times.

Logan "High" Judd and Millie Cross were 20-something and in love. Perfect for each other in the sense that their love accepted one another fully and gave freely. Talk of making a big family, her finishing college, and forever colored their young lives. Until one day Millie did something that drove High away and into such a tailspin that his Chaos brethren feared for him.

Twenty years after the deed Millie overhears Logan's voice while she's waiting in line at Chipotle. Hears him speaking of signing papers and getting his girls. Seems our dear Logan moved on, got married, had two daughters and is now getting divorced. This hits Millie hard. As we learn, fairly quickly, she has never recovered from sending him away, has never married, had children...fact is her life has been going through the motions but not truly living. Twenty years and she hasn't even had a single lover since Logan. Yup, she had it bad and is in truly bad shape. She figures the way out of this rut and back into the land of the living is to find Logan and give him an explanation. Can't wait to hear this.

True to form, when she finally manages to track him down he is not happy to see her. A revenge screw maybe but nothing more. Quick roll and a get the hell out of my life later Millie knows her heart never healed and she's as bad off for Logan as she ever was. Logan on the other hand starts to get curious as to why Millie is looking for him and why can't he get her out of his system.

Tyra sees the fall out of Logan and Millie together and decides her and her girls need to do something. Tack clearly tells her...stay out of it. Like when has Tyra EVER listened to advice. Elvira, Lanie and Tyra come up with a plan that back fires horrendously. All it gets is Millie upset and giving them a crate of 20 year old photos and mementos. Telling them to give it to Logan so he can finally get rid of them once and for all. What does Tyra do...she leaves it for High (Logan). All this does is set up the...maybe we should just screw each other out of our systems scene.

Things could have continued on like this for a while until the girl gang decide to bring in one of Millie's best friends to try and get them back together. Kellie gets her to finally go out and meet her at a bar where this cool band is playing. Candlebox's "Far Behind" will never be the same. (BTW I love, love love KA's taste in music!!!) The emotional scene there. God, my heart was breaking for Millie. I wanted to stand up with Kellie and get in Tyra's face...along with the Chaos guys. Hop, oh Hop, you were my hero and now I don't like you too much for that song and dedication. I know you did it out of loyalty to a brother but damn babe, did you have to destroy her?

Logan can't find her. She's run off to Paris (where they had planned to go together) to get her head together and make plans to finally move on. Can you say...sell the house and business and move to Arizona? In the meantime Logan is fixing up her house and making it safe...if only. She is welcomed by Benito Valenzuela... you read right....Chaos' arch enemy is sitting in her living room holding her at gun point. Scares her and gives her a message to deliver to Chaos. And that's what she does. I must say, that scene at the Compound left me utterly heart broken, sobbing and wanting to hug Millie and never let her go. Over wrought with fear and nerves she delivered the message then feeling backed into a corner let it all hang out. Gave Logan and the rest of Chaos and the old ladies who happened to be around the reason why she pushed him away. OMG... she really did walk through fire for him. Loved him so much that she wanted him to have it all and the only way that would happen is if he left her. And she had to do it a certain way because if not she knew he would not leave her and he had to...just had to to make sure he would get everything she ever wanted for him. Tack understated reaction made me cry even harder.

The truth is out so now it's time rebuild what they had. Be stronger and better than what they had. Learn to deal with each other's families and how to get used to older and wiser Logan and Millie. It's not all smooth sailing, meeting his daughters caught her unprepared. Meeting his ex-wife, Deb, was something else to behold. Who would have thought an ex could be so cool about things and want to help Millie win over her girls. Elvira planning a wedding when she has even been proposed to.(Malik goes to see Millie about planning the perfect pop the question night...YEA)

Now of course Benito isn't going to fade away quietly. It wasn't as traumatic as what happened to Tyra but damn...Millie put it on the line again. Woman is strong and truly made to be an old lady. I knew Tack and the boys weren't going to let this slide but Hound going rogue on this...not too sure about that. And what was that all about between him, Keely (Black's widow) and Tack? Is he saying that he's been in love with her for years but knows she is the one he can never have? And will that mean he's going to take foolish chances even though Logan has told Tack to pull back and let Benito get taken down the right way? Who saw Rosalie making a come back...and in that capacity?

Not sure who the next book is going to be about but between Benito and that other motorcycle, things look like they will be happening for a while.
( )
  ChachaJ | Feb 1, 2021 |
This is classic KA, except no bitchy ex and lots of focus on the emotional pull of the story.

In the beginning, 'High' is horrible to Millie, this is because he is hurt and angry at her but still i hate this sort of thing, the stuff he does, the things he says esp when you discover Millie's big secret is really hurtful and at this point its hard to like him.
Once you get to 40% the secrets start to unravel and at this point you are DESPERATE to know WHY? WHY? WHY? Millie made him leave when they were so in love. High then starts the process of trying to redeem himself to Millie and the reader. I love the realism, she made him leave but he chose to leave and not return when he knew her so if he thought further than himself he would have considered it was not like her and there must have been more to it.

Got to be honest i found the flashbacks a little boring, some are needed to build on the emotion of the story and help you see how much she hurt him and why he is so angry when he would have given her the world.

When the emotional breakdown comes, it is heartbreaking, on a par with 'Sweet Dreams' a previous book (Colorado Mountain #2), Ty and Roxie, my all time favorite.

KA deals superbly with the difficult dealings of step kid relationships and again Millie has a fantastic support network of friends, with lots of mentions of other lovables from other books and series, plenty of Tyra and Tack, some shirleen, Mitch and Brock.

She also sets the scene for future story lines, where there are issues with the club and i was pleasantly suprised she reprised the roles of a few characters we met before (don't want to mention names to spoil it).

Well worth a read, get a box of tissues and savor it while listening to Candlebox, Far behind. ( )
  izzied | Oct 29, 2020 |
Logan and Millie have history, when they were young they were mad for each other for three years until suddenly Milie blew him off in a way that left them both still emotionally bleeding 20 years later. After a chance encounter Millie decides to come clean with Logan as to why but he's an absolute ASS.
( )
  wyldheartreads | Jun 20, 2019 |
Millie Cross has ached and burned for the only man she has ever loved and Millie has had to walk through fire for him. When she was eighteen, Millie met the wild Chaos prospect, Logan "High" Judd. For three wonderful years they were happy and in love and they had dreamed of a family and to share their joys and sorrows through life together. But Millie had to make a sacrifice for Logan, a sacrifice that he couldn't know about. So Millie broke all ties with Logan completely. And for a very long twenty years, Millie has gone through life as an empty shell, craving and loving a man she can never have. But when she spots Logan at a local Chipotle, and learns that he is getting divorced and has two little girls, it sparks a flame inside Millie she thought was dead and buried. She decides to go in search of him, make sure he is happy and content with life and to apologize for hurting him all those years ago. Hoping that she will herself, find closure too and be able to find joy in life like she once did. But her reunion with Logan "High" isn't easy on her. High is furious upon seeing Millie again, he could never understand why Millie could hurt him all those years ago when they were so happy together. But as he investigates Milllie, he only discovers more questions about her. He doesn't understand why she never remarried or had children like she dreamed of. But through of fit of temper, Millie reveals the truth to him, and now High will do everything in his power to have Millie back in his life again....because she made the biggest sacrifice for him and he refuses to spend one more moment without her.
The Hero
Logan "High" Judd started out with a loving family. But then he was able to discover the Choas MC and he found a new family. He worked hard to become a part of this brotherhood. Where they fight and love for each other. Then he met a young and sweet woman, Millie, who stole his heart instantly. He never felt a stronger connection to anyone. High became a prestigious member of the Chaos Club, he fell into sync with everything about it. But when he lost Millie, High went through the toughest phase of his life. And even though he did remarry but only out of duty when the girl he had sex with got pregnant, he stayed with her for years and had two little daughters that are the apple of his eye. He would do anything for his kids. Now he is divorced, and when Millie walks back through his life...he is furious at her. The anger and pain come all back to him. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about High, because I didn't care for the brutal way he treats Millie at first. Wow, does he have some issues to work through. He is downright cruel to her. But that blows over, and we see the real man beneath all that anger and I LOVED him. He is a fabulous hero who fights for those he loves the most.

“Millie, I was given one good thing in my life, the family I was born into. I found one good thing, my Club .... But in all my life, I only earned one good thing. That’s you.”

The Heroine
Millie Cross has a passion for music and live and has a breathless energy. Millie loves her family, but when she meets Logan her world is changed. She finds desire and love with Logan. Even though he is a bad boy biker, he is tender and charming with her. Millie fell in love with Logan hard and fast but that love never died. She soaked up those precious three years with him. But when she learns a truth, a truth that would devastate Logan and his dreams, she did the only thing she could for the one person she would give her life for.....leave him and make sure he found that dream. Millie's life became dull and void, she existed for twenty years. She made a event planning business for herself, created a beautiful home, became a loving aunt to her niece and nephew. However, she never truly lived. Because when Logan left so did everything vibrant within her leave. After twenty years, she still yearns for Logan, to find some peace and happiness. Millie was a heroine that at first I had a hard time understanding her reasons. Because they aren't revealed for a while. But when you learn the truth about her reason for leaving Logan....your heart breaks.

“I gave you up, walking through fire to do it but I did it,” I told him. “I did it in the end. I gave you everything,”

We see the hell she has gone through, and even though it didn't break her, she isn't the same. But I felt in some ways I could really relate with her. I understood why she did what she did, because sometimes you have to make sacrifices for those you love.
Plot and Story Line
Walk Through Fire is an intense and emotional roller coaster that will bring tears to your eyes and laughter to your heart in those special moments. I think this is the most emotion I have ever felt in a contemporary romance before and this author really works her readers through some difficult issues. This story starts out at the present, but through the first 1/3 of the book, we see flashbacks. From their first meeting, first date and when they start living together. We see how special their bond is and I loved these flashbacks. Because I felt they were vital to the story. Most times I don't care for them. But in Walk Through Fire I felt that they were necessary. You see the depth of their love for each other those first three years. As we are taken to the present, we see that they each still love each other, but won't admit to it because the pain it causes them both.

“I'm done walking through fire for you, High! ... I'm done not because I'm done but because there's nothing left of me to burn. You have it all. You've always had it all! I gave up everything so you can have it all! Please! God! Leave me to my nothing.”

Thus we have the cavalry, the women that are loyal to the Chaos MC. Tyra, Lanie, Tabby, Elvira and Cherry. Elvira is awesome in this book, wow I LOVE her. But Tyra, sees the pain in Millie's eye and even though her man, leader of Chaos forbids it, she gathers her girls and tries to bring these two back together. She sees something in Millie, that the brothers of Chaos can't see, but she knows that they must fight for Millie.

What Millie and Logan go through is quite heartbreaking, and the tension is extreme at times. But when Millie unexpectedly blurts out the truth, not only in front of High but many other brothers of the club, I almost wanted to cry. I never expect that truth, but then everything for the reader becomes clear about Millie. You see her reasons, understand it and see that she gave up everything for the man she loved and lost and it tore me to shreds. Wow can Kristen Ashley write a story to reel you in with every range of emotion. Then things start to fall into place for Logan and Millie,as they do come to terms with the past and embrace the future by each others side, the fight doesn't end there. Both Millie and Logan have changed over the years, and they have one more battle to fight. Winning over Logan's two girls. Now this is one tough battle.

“You might not believe that but my heart breaks for you, what you want you can’t have and learning that so young. It’s tough, the toughest lesson you can learn in life. So tough, people a lot older than you don’t learn it until it’s too late. But sometimes we gotta let go of what we want when it isn’t to be had, find a new dream and work for that. I want that dream for your dad. And I hope you’ll find some way to want that with me so we can work together and give it to him.”

And I love seeing Logan and Millie reconnect with each other, and seeing Millie learn to love these two girls like Logan does. Its not easy though, and they will both have to walk through fire to get their much deserved HEA...but they obtain it. Whew what a story, this book has 100% endeared me to this author forever.

“I love you,” he declared. “Loved you then. Love you now. Never quit lovin’ you in a way I know I never will. You were it for me, the only one, the only woman I ever loved, and you never quit bein’ it for me.”

Kate Russell is superb....she is talented and totally perfect for this story. I loved her inflection of emotion and drama as she portrays the plot and the characters so well along with the emotion of the story itself. A Must for Audio lovers.
The Cover
I love this cover, you don't seem many with this grey like color scheme, but I loved it!! It really fits so well with the story.
Overall View
Walk Through Fire is a stimulating and tension filled romance that will take you on a wild and emotional ride that no romance lover wants to miss out on!! Guaranteed that these characters will worm their way into your heart and soul!! A BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY

“You love a man, Millie, you believe in him, you take him as he is. You go on his journey with him no matter what happens, even if that means you have to walk through fire.” ( )
  addictofromance | Mar 23, 2019 |
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After ending a loveless marriage, Chaos biker Logan Judd is stunned when the woman he has never been able to forget walks back into his life and, still reeling from her betrayal, discovers the real reason she broke his heart all those years ago.

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