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Works by K. S. Brooks

Triple Dog Dare (2013) 11 copies
Bad Book (2012) 9 copies
The Kiss of Night (2010) 5 copies
Odd and Odder (2011) 3 copies
Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm (2013) 3 copies
Lust for Danger (2001) 2 copies
First Chapters (2013) 2 copies


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Places of residence
Washington, USA
Children's Book Author
Maryland Writers' Association
The Arbor Day Foundation
Awards and honors
Jada Press Book of the Year Honorable Mention (2005)
Short biography
K.S. Brooks is an award winning novelist, photographer and poet. Her first novel, Lust for Danger, was published in 2001, The Kiss of Night, in 2010, and Night Undone in 2011. Ms. Brooks has also authored five children's books: The Mighty Oak and Me (2009), and Postcards from Mr. Pish Volume 1 (2010), Vol 2 (2011), Vol 3 (2012) and Mr. Pish's Woodland Adventure (2011). Odd & Odder, a collection of works with author Newton Love, was published at the end of 2011. BAD BOOK, a pop-culture parody, was co-written with authors Stephen Hise and JD Mader and published in 2012. Her articles, photographs, poetry, and blogs can be found in books, magazines, newspapers, galleries, and web sites worldwide.



Fun Comic

This is the first ebook comic I've read and it was a lot of fun. It reminded me of the TV batman. POW. The pictures flowed well on my device. Great images. Thanks for the laugh.
ElisabethZguta | Jul 18, 2023 |
If you ever thought that a collaboration between three authors might be a dodgy, even risky, enterprise, think again. Put three gifted, funny, witty, and clever authors together, and you get an utter gem of a book.

There’s a clue in the title – it is a baaaaad book; it’s rollicking good fun and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Our hero, Case, is – well, he’s really just your typical, run-of-the-mill hitch-hiker of literary genres and he glides from one to the other, hopefully, optimistically, sometimes painfully, and he finds himself traversing horror, sci-fi, and westerns, to name but a few, always cheekily, saucily and a little bit tongue-in-cheek. To say you’ll get mouth-ache from a permanent grin on your face is an understatement of an understatement.

Brooks, Hise and Mader complement each other to a tee and bring to the table their individual brand of humour, satire, and whimsicality and seamlessly braid their talents into a masterpiece.

Case tickled my fancy from start to finish and the end of the book came with disappointment. Where was I going to get my permagrin from now?

Excellent – highly recommended.
… (more)
Librogirl | Mar 13, 2022 |
How adorable was this little tome! History and geography were never my favourite subjects at school. But when you get snippets of historical and geographical facts in a book, taught to you by the cutest little terrier with one floppy ear and one very perky one, how can you fail to be interested?

This is No. 4 of Mr Pish’s adventures. He’s travelling through southern and western USA, stopping off at various places to take a few snapshots, absorb some fascinating facts and being kind enough to send us postcards. No, not to say ‘Wish you were here’ but to tell us how he’s getting on, what he’s seen and what he’s learnt.

It’s a delightful way to find out about the main highlights of the towns and countryside. The text is clear, concise and entertaining, exudes enthusiasm and is accompanied by some superb photos and a little map so that you know exactly where the little chap is.

Designed mainly as an educational learning tool for young children, the Mr Pish Postcard series cannot fail to capture the hearts, not just of those youngsters, but also oldies such as myself.

Utterly enchanting.
… (more)
Librogirl | Mar 13, 2022 |
If a book is written by either Hise or Brooks, you can be confident of a really good read. Put the two together, and you can be confident of an even better one: double the excellence!

These two authors have talent, skill, imagination, a solid sense of humour, and the ability to provide great entertainment.

Triple Dog Dare is a wonderfully light-hearted and funny story packed with ingredients: some hanky-panky, misunderstandings, an eensy bit of romance, a very gentle fun-poking at the dog-showing arena, but it’s also a story that manages to laugh at itself as well as with others.

It’s all a lovely embroilment of who is fooling who and who is going to be found out. Dogs—as you would expect—feature highly in this. One in particular. Well two. Or perhaps three… You could almost…almost…say they are the top-dog characters. They manage to annoy, please, enthrall, delude, irritate, endear, and just generally be the scene-stealing, show-stopping little darlings they always are.

This is witty, engaging, sharp, great fun, and written with tongue in cheek. The only disappointment was coming to the end!
… (more)
Librogirl | Mar 13, 2022 |


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