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Cooper's Big-Kid Day (2018) 68 copies
Disney Bunnies All Ears (2016) 63 copies
Disney Scary Storybook Collection [2017] (2017) — Author — 23 copies
Disney Tails Dumbo and Mama (2016) 15 copies
Lightning Was Here (2010) 12 copies
Shazam!: The Junior Novel (2019) 7 copies
Frozen: The Ice Games (2015) 5 copies
[Data Missing] (2017) 5 copies
Girls save the world! (2019) 4 copies
Annan syntymäpäivä (2018) 1 copy

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5-Minute Star Wars Stories (2015) — Contributor — 472 copies
5-Minute Star Wars Stories Bumper Collection (2018) — Contributor — 1 copy


Common Knowledge




Pretty dang cute! My seven year old LOVED it!
I think the artwork is really interesting and cool!

"In the end, what you really needed was a fun day with your friends, learning about the mysteries of the world!"

Don't we all, Spidey. Don't we all...
Stahl-Ricco | Dec 1, 2023 |
Cute story!

Perfect book for kids! Especially the ones who love the movie Frozen. Just read it in your Olaf impression voice.
Flyershutch | 6 other reviews | Oct 16, 2023 |
Sven and Olaf take over Kristoff's ice delivery duties for the day - without telling him. This one was a bit boring and not as funny as the other Frozen books. Target audience 3 stars, my rating 2.
funstm | 6 other reviews | Feb 11, 2023 |
A nice little collection of short stories with accompanying artwork. Funny and sweet stories about friendship, boredom and loneliness. 5 stars.

1.5 stars. The Frozen Monster by Rebecca Schmidt - Marshmallow gets lonely by himself so Sven and Kristoff get him to help with their ice business. I liked the artwork. The story was alright. Not the best of the bunch.

4 stars. A Royal Sleepover by Brittany Rubiano - the girls, Olaf and Sven have a sleepover. Pretty rough that Anna wakes Elsa up - and Elsa's still the last one to go to bed. They build a fort and tell scary stories, etc. I liked the illustration of the fort. Pretty impressive. My forts never looked so good.

5 stars. Olaf's Birthday by Brittany Rubiano - this was my favourite of the bunch, it was actually pretty funny. Lol "Oooooh!" Olaf said when he saw the lit candles. "Tiny fire!" and "Would you look at that," Olaf said. "Tiny fire makes big fire!"

4.5 stars. The Ice Games by Calliope Glass - Kristoff has always wanted to compete in the Ice Games so Elsa and Anna team up to make his wish come true. This one was also pretty good. The attention to detail in the illustrations was great. For instance in the first page Kristoff is reading a book titled; Reindeer Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit.

But the writing was funny as well; She and Kristoff gave it their all, swooping and speeding around the rink. Kristoff managed a little jump, and Anna only fell down nine times.

Plus I liked the following exchange; "What a sweet little girl," Elsa said. "She reminds me of someone else at her age." "Me?" Anna asked hopefully. "I said 'sweet,' Anna. Not 'annoying." Elsa replied with a wink.

I love Frozen but sometimes their relationship seems completely unrealistic. Little sisters can be pains in the ass, for all you might love them. It also had a nice message about being able to count on your friends.

… (more)
funstm | 6 other reviews | Feb 11, 2023 |

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