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Faye Kellerman was born in St. Louis, Missouri on July 31, 1952. She received a B.A. in mathematics and a doctorate in dentistry from UCLA. Instead of becoming a dentist, she decided to become a writer after being inspired by the success of her husband, Jonathan Kellerman. Her first novel, The show more Ritual Bath, won the 1987 Macavity Award for Best First Mystery. It also became the first book in the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus Novel series, which consists of over 20 volumes. Her other books include Moon Music, The Quality of Mercy, Prism written with Aliza Kellerman, and Double Homicide and Capital Crimes written with Jonathan Kellerman. She received a lifetime achievement award from Strand Magazine on July 10, 2013. She made the New York Times Best Seller List in 2017 with her title Bone Box. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Works by Faye Kellerman

The Ritual Bath (1986) 1,419 copies
The Burnt House (2007) 1,150 copies
Stalker (2000) 1,118 copies
The Forgotten (2001) 1,105 copies
Milk and Honey (1990) 1,090 copies
Stone Kiss (2002) 1,070 copies
Street Dreams (2003) 1,018 copies
Jupiter's Bones (1999) 1,006 copies
The Mercedes Coffin (2008) 998 copies
Serpent's Tooth (1997) 988 copies
Prayers for the Dead (1996) 974 copies
Sacred and Profane (1987) 955 copies
Day of Atonement (1991) 907 copies
Justice (1995) 900 copies
Sanctuary (1994) 891 copies
Grievous Sin (1993) 885 copies
False Prophet (1992) 843 copies
Blindman's Bluff (2009) 795 copies
Moon Music (1998) 778 copies
Hangman (2010) 703 copies
Capital Crimes (2006) 696 copies
Straight into Darkness (2005) 682 copies
Gun Games (2011) 549 copies
The Quality of Mercy (1989) 485 copies
The Beast (2013) 441 copies
Murder 101 (2014) 406 copies
Bone Box (2017) 362 copies
The Theory of Death (2015) 341 copies
The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights (2006) — Author — 291 copies
Walking Shadows (2018) 264 copies
The Lost Boys (2020) 206 copies
Prism (2009) 172 copies
Killing Season: A Thriller (2016) 137 copies
The Hunt (2022) 117 copies
Double Homicide Boston (2004) 56 copies
Sante Fe: Still Life (2004) 20 copies
Carrasco (2016) 3 copies
Malibu Dog 2 copies
Bonding 1 copy
L'impiccato (2017) 1 copy
Im Leben wie im Tod (2022) 1 copy
Kellerman Faye Header (1995) 1 copy

Associated Works

No Rest for the Dead: A Serial Novel (2011) — Contributor — 401 copies
Naked Came the Phoenix: A Serial Novel (2001) — Contributor — 303 copies
Half-Minute Horrors (2009) — Contributor — 272 copies
A Woman's Eye (1991) — Contributor — 269 copies
Hard-Boiled: An Anthology of American Crime Stories (1995) — Contributor — 181 copies
Sisters in Crime (1990) — Contributor — 125 copies
Women of Mystery (1992) — Contributor — 122 copies
Murder for Love (1996) — Contributor — 86 copies
Sisters in Crime 3 (1990) — Contributor — 79 copies
The Big Book of Female Detectives (2018) — Contributor — 76 copies
Diagnosis Dead (1998) — Contributor — 54 copies
Deadly Allies II (1994) — Contributor — 26 copies


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Read a Faye Kellerman a few years ago, and didnt like it, much preferring her husband's style, so have avoided reading this one for a while.[return][return]However, did enjoy it more than I thought I would![return][return]Synopsis: "While on a camping trip, Detective Peter Decker and his two young charges come across the charred remains of two teenage girls. Embroiled in a disturbing case, Decker's only unifying thread in a network of violence and corruption is the deaths of the two apparently very different young girls."[return][return]It's early in the series, so Decker is single, and is also struggling with his imminent conversion/acceptance into Judaism… (more)
nordie | 25 other reviews | Oct 14, 2023 |
Needlessly bad ending.
GerritM | 7 other reviews | Aug 27, 2023 |
Retired from the LAPD to be closer to his kids on the East Coast, Detective Peter Decker is now attached to the Greenbury Police Department but finds just as many felonies in the Five Colleges region of upstate New York. On the whole, the theft of a pair of Tiffany windows from the Bergman family crypt at the local cemetery looks like a professional job. Whoever stole the panels obviously took them one at a time, replacing them with fakes in planning to come back for the winter and spring ones later on. The fakes themselves, however, are amateurish... even Decker, who is in no way an art expert, spots one of them as a li counterfeit before Bergman descendant Ken Sobel and his son-in-law, gallery owner Max Stewart, confirm his suspicions. It’s not at all obvious who pulled off the switch, but it’s practically certain that the forger was Littleton College art student Angeline Moreau. Now it’s going to take the services of a talented "ghost whisperer" to question Angeline, who has been brutally murdered. Decker and his rookie partner, the insufferable Harvard grad Tyler McAdams, turn their attention to identifying her accomplice as Tufts postgraduate, John Latham, but then... he’s murdered also. Throughout the complications that follow.... which includes an intense rivalry among competing art galleries...the unsolved 30-year-old theft of some Russian mosaics...attempts on the two detectives' lives...enemy agents and government officials doing everything in their power to keep everything quiet...the presence of the conceited and clueless McAdams which gives Decker an excuse for explaining everything from simple police procedure to the kiddush blessing of the wine. Yeah...that's way, way, way too much info and this longtime fan of the series, grew aggravated and just wanted the whole thing to end. I love the Decker series...but this one?...not so much.… (more)
Carol420 | 23 other reviews | Jul 15, 2023 |
Once again, started out good...then dragged along...I'm reading this out of desperation because I've loaned my Nook to my BFF so she can read the Shades of Grey books....I do have to say that the plot was an interesting one; just not a big fan of how she writes. Time to go back to the library LOL
kwskultety | 25 other reviews | Jul 4, 2023 |



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