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Annuna by J. C. De La Torre
Apollo: God of the Sun, Healing, Music, and Poetry (Roman Mythology) by Teri Temple
Apotheon by Alientrap Games
The Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodesnot in English Common Knowledge
The Art of Walter Simonson by Walter Simonson
Atalante, tome 1 : Le Pacte by Didier Crisse
D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths by Ingri d'Aulaire
The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan
Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad by Rosemary Sutcliff
The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordannot in English Common Knowledge
Bulfinch's Mythology by Thomas Bulfinchalso Juno
Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable by Thomas Bulfinch
Challenge of The Heart: Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Changing Times by John Welwood
Chaos War by Greg Pak
Child of War-A God is Born by Lisa Beth Darling
Clash Of The Titans by Alan Dean Foster
Classical Mythology: The Greeks (The Modern Scholar) by Peter Meineck
The classics reclassified by Richard Armour
Cosmos: The Story of Cosmic Evolution, Science and Civilisation by Carl Sagan
The Darkest Secret by Gena ShowalterGreek Queen of the Gods
Dictionary of Mythology by Bergen Evans
Dionysos: The New God by George O'Connor
Discord's Apple by Carrie Vaughn
Eight Great Tragedies by Sylvan Barnet
The Encyclopedia of Amazons: Women Warriors from Antiquity to the Modern Era by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Eurydice and the Birth of Macedonian Power by Elizabeth Donnelly Carney
Fangs and Fennel by Shannon Mayer
Der Finger Gottes [Kurzgeschichte] by Bodo Baumannnot in English Common Knowledge
The Fire Thief Fights Back by Terry Deary
Gaia: Goddess of Earth (Tales of Great Goddesses) by Imogen Greenberg
A Game of Fate by Scarlett St Clairdeity
The Genealogy of Greek Mythology: An Illustrated Family Tree of Greek Myth from the First Gods to the Founders of Rome by Vanessa James
Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips
The Greek Alexander Romance by Ps-Callisthenesnot in English Common Knowledge
The Greek Myths: Stories of the Greek Gods and Heroes Vividly Retold by Robin Waterfield
Hags, Sirens, and Other Bad Girls of Fantasy [Anthology] by Denise Little
Harry Potter and the Classical World: Greek and Roman Allusions in J.K. Rowling's Modern Epic by Richard A. Spencer
The Heart of War by Lisa Beth Darling
Helen of Troy [2003 film] by John Kent Harrison
Hephaistos: God of Fire by George O'Connor
Hera: Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage by Teri Temple
Hera: The Goddess and her Glory by George O'Connor
Hercules & Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus by Lynne NaylorJoy Watson
Hercules [1997 animated film] by John Musker
Hercules the Legendary Journeys: And the Amazon Women by Christian Williams
Hercules the Legendary Journeys: the Circle of Fire by Christian WilliamsJoy Watson
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Season 1 by Christian Williams
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Season 2 by Christian Williams
Hisses and Honey by Shannon Mayer
Hold Your Own by Kae Tempest
Hyperion and the Great Balls of Fire (Heroes in Training) by Joan Holub
The Iliad by Homer
Ilios & Odysseus by Imme Drosnot in English Common Knowledge
Ilios : het verhaal van de Trojaanse oorlog by Imme Drosnot in English Common Knowledge
Immortal Beloved by Jonathan Clements
The Incredible Hercules: Dark Reign by Greg Pak
Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four Vol. 1 by Brian Buccellato
Jason and the Golden Fleece by Corinne J. Naden
The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan
Lords of Atlantis by Wallace West
Lords of the Underworld Bundle: The Darkest Fire | The Darkest Night | The Darkest Kiss | The Darkest Pleasure by Gena ShowalterGreek Queen of the Gods
Lore Olympus, Season 1 by Rachel Smythe
Lore Olympus, Season 2 by Rachel Smythe
Lore Olympus: Volume One by Rachel Smythe
Lore Olympus: Volume Two by Rachel Smythe
Mayenne by E. C. Tubb
The Muse of History by Jodi Taylor
Mythologie der Griechen und Römer by Morgan J. Robertsnot in English Common Knowledge
Mythology by Edith Hamilton
Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece by Stephen Fry
Les mémoires de Zeus by Maurice Druon
Odysseus : een man van verhalen by Imme Drosnot in English Common Knowledge
Oh My Gods! (OMGs) by Stephanie Cooke
Oh My Gods: A Modern Retelling of Greek and Roman Myths by Philip Freeman
Pandora Gets Jealous by Carolyn HennesyDeity
Pandora's Jar: Women in the Greek Myths by Natalie Haynes
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief [2010 film] by Chris ColumbusErica Cerra
Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan
La Religion des Spartiates (Histoire) (French Edition) by Nicolas Richer
Showcase Presents: Sea Devils Vol. 1 by Robert Kanigher
Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli
The Sky Throne by Chris Ledbetter
A Snag in the Tapestry by Amethyst Marie
The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
Star Wars: Kanan, the Last Padawan Vol. 1 by Greg Weisman
Star Wars: Kanan, the Last Padawan Vol. 2 by Greg Weisman
Stung with Love: Poems and Fragments (Penguin Classics) by Sappho
Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff
Tales of the Greek Heroes by Roger Lancelyn Green
Thor: Gods, Gladiators & The Guardians of the Galaxy by Len Wein
The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan
A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St Clairdeity
Traditional Epics: A Literary Companion by Guida M. Jackson
Treasures from the sea : sea silk and shellfish purple dye in antiquity by Hedvig Landenius Enegren
The Trials of Hercules: Book One of The Osteria Chronicles (Volume 1) by Tammie Painter
The War That Killed Achilles: The True Story of Homer's Iliad and the Trojan War by Caroline Alexander
We Goddesses: Athena, Aphrodite, Hera by Doris Orgel
Wheels of Fate: The Story of Pelops and Hippodameia (Mythologia) by Adam Alexander Haviaras
Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang Omnibus by Brian Azzarello
Wonder Woman by George Pérez Omnibus, Volume One by George Pérez
Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World's Most Famous Heroine by Tim Hanley
Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Gods and Mortals by George Pérez
Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Challenge of the Gods by George Pérez
Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Year One by Greg Rucka
Wonder Woman Volume 1: Blood by Brian Azzarello
Wonder Woman Volume 2: Guts by Brian Azzarello
Wonder Woman Volume 3: Iron by Brian Azzarello
Wonder Woman Volume 4: War by Brian Azzarello
Wonder Woman Volume 5: Flesh by Brian Azzarello
Wonder Woman Volume 6: Bones by Brian Azzarello
Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles by Greg Rucka
Xena: Warrior Princess - Season Five by Lucy LawlessMeg Foster
Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training) by Joan Holub