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Mathematics in fiction60 unread / 60kiparsky, December 2020
Math books I'm glad I bought14 unread / 14gmenchen, September 2018
Best web site ever?4 unread / 4Carnophile, March 2018
The Undead and the Hopf Bifurcation Theorem9 unread / 9TFleet, July 2017
Springer Books10 unread / 10cpg, December 2016
Grad School16 unread / 16tristero1959, December 2016
Perfectionism3 unread / 3elenchus, March 2016
Supreme Court rules that the word “orthogonal” is cool.3 unread / 3Carnophile, July 2015
Group picture3 unread / 3bnielsen, August 2014
On giving away Graduate Level Maths books.7 unread / 7guido47, June 2014
Come, let us hasten to a higher plane8 unread / 8Carnophile, February 2014
Math Popularisations...51 unread / 51tungsten_peerts, December 2013
XXXXXXX's Prime...8 unread / 8scarper, July 2013
Science for Mathematicians?17 unread / 17daschaich, December 2012
Logic self study2 unread / 2Carnophile, June 2012
Tau versus Pi in a locked-cage deathmatch!5 unread / 5ringman, May 2012
Maths for girls27 unread / 27Jesse_wiedinmyer, April 2012
Type Theory1 unread / 1mekeor, March 2012
Unusual reviews2 unread / 2scottja, December 2011
Good books on game theory?12 unread / 12Pablo_A_G, June 2011
Fractals - A Nonmathematician's Request10 unread / 10harryrickards, April 2011
Martingale problems42 unread / 42Carnophile, February 2011
music3 unread / 3avenjl, October 2010
Simple math question...4 unread / 4Jesse_wiedinmyer, September 2010
Books for Foundations for Higher Mathematics5 unread / 5stemkoski, February 2010
Elementary education, or not.23 unread / 23cdekeule, February 2010
Math wars2 unread / 2modalursine, January 2010
Axiomatic Set Theory -- A question about terminology2 unread / 2espresso-hound, December 2009
Mystery of non-Euclidean geometry10 unread / 10bertilak, July 2009
A Mathematician's Lament1 unread / 1modalursine, April 2009
overview on R and statistical analysis8 unread / 8scottja, April 2009
Power Laws and Distributions...3 unread / 3Jesse_wiedinmyer, January 2009
My Dad's purely technical (maths/stats) books: donations?5 unread / 5tor_g_math, October 2008
Looking for a math/poetry text(?) for high school/college used in early 1960's in Newark, NJ3 unread / 3mathdaniel, August 2008
Help perfecting my statistical idea?6 unread / 6MMcM, June 2008
Math-related Celebrations4 unread / 4selwonkcire, March 2008
Group Read of Godel, Escher, Bach?1 unread / 1philosojerk, March 2008
Free abstract algebra book4 unread / 4JDHomrighausen, January 2008
Trying to find an old textbook1 unread / 1sarahemmm, October 2007
Two questions.3 unread / 3szarka, October 2007
Mathematics Message Board11 unread / 11scottja, September 2007
Brushing up12 unread / 12szarka, January 2007
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