My Dad's purely technical (maths/stats) books: donations?


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My Dad's purely technical (maths/stats) books: donations?

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Edited: Sep 17, 2008, 6:53am

Dear group,

I am very, very gradually putting up my Late Dad's library onto LT. Some (the popularizations) I will keep.
Some, the German Literature books, I have already donated to Melbourne University. Hey, I am too old to learn German well enough to appreciate German Literature in the original. Dad seemed to have really enjoyed "Ernst Junger" sic. I think I would like to read a good translation just to see what his fascination was. Any recommendations? Why Junger?

But well onto my main theme.

Besides 20 or so years of "the proceeding of the Royal Statistical Society" (FSS) Series A and B with some C. Dad had a technical library that I would love to Donate to some one/some thing.

I would like to Donate these Technical (ie. I doubt I will -within my life time - ever understand them) books.

His mate (who was the last "Reader" in mathematics
at MU) said he had the same problem about donations. Modern U's don't have the shelf space for "old shit" Not their words but...

Thus if any LT'er has any thoughts (and do give me a little time to catalogue Dads holdings - say a year,
it is just emotion) I do want to hear your ideas.

I tried to contact the East Timorese Government. The Consulate wasn't even sure if there was a Uni. in East Timor.

A lot of the "stuff" is old... (50's - 80's) but, some is relevant to the day he died (2003).

I still remember that "Feynman" was influenced by "stuff" that came from the 19th century.

So, any feedback from a "practicing" MATHEMATICIAN/STATISTICIAN/HYDROLOGIST,
which is what Dad was, who would appreciate his books, is WELCOME.
Hey, how about ANYONE who loves Maths, is welcome.

Your, probably, over the top (a little drunk?) friend,


Edited to correct spelling of "Feynman"
Any more spelling/grammartical errors I give up!

Sep 17, 2008, 9:39am

Well, in our math dept, whenever a professor moves out or cleans office, there magically appears a stack of books with a "FREE BOOKS" sign and at least 90% of the go to loving homes by way of the other professors or the legions of grad students. Try contact local math/stat depts and seeing if they'd let you do an informal donation like that?

Sep 17, 2008, 10:20am

Dear anstate,

I appreciate your thoughts. Unfortunately I am not thinking of "young" professors (by the way an Australian/English "professor" has a bit more gravitas (I think?) than an American associate Professor)
Thus the summary of my Fathers life-time collection of books, given they came from a time when one book could be the equivilant of one weeks income, can't be equated to "stuff" you leave out side the office. I really understand that "STUFF" and that includes books, is just one aspect of materialism, and I do worry about THAT concept/thought. But we are talking through LibraryThing where BOOKS are...

Your interested friend,


Sep 17, 2008, 2:27pm

3> If universities don't want it, and you aren't interested in giving it to the people who do want it, I think you're out of luck. They're not valuable; a book loses a lot of its value the instant it leaves the shelf, and old technical books are either superseded, reprinted (and the new edition probably required for class) or obscure. You can hold out for the one true person, but I'd make some long-term plans for storage first.

Oct 15, 2008, 12:55am

You won't have any trouble finding a home for the book by Serre. That one's a classic.