Real Name
Bridget Bowers
About My Library
My taste in books is varied and undefinable. It is always a work in progress, and you just never know what treasure you'll uncover next.
About Me
I'm a lover of words. I love to read, and I love to write. I've always been encouraged to read from a very young age and feel in love with all the wonderful stories I could discover.

In the beginning, I was a horse-crazy girl, and I read everything that was about a horse, might be about a horse, suggested it was about a horse and had a horse on the cover.

Then I read anything and everything from fantasy to romance, science fiction to paranormal romance. Jules Verne, Frank Herbert, James Herriot, Stephen King, Linda Howard, Robert Jordan and Nora Roberts are some of my favorite authors.

I've also written as well as read. I have notebooks full of scribbled stories and ideas from ages ago. So, I recently self-published my first novel, an epic fantasy adventure. I hope to publish many more.