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Jun 18, 2006
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Harvey & Vicki Belovski
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My family’s library reflects a range of interests and obsessions. We have many volumes of standard (and not-so-standard) Hebrew-language rabbinical literature, which are not listed here, at least for the time being. Our English-language library includes Jewish academia and philosophy, classical and modern fiction, philosophy, contemporary Jewish and inspirational works, and a good smattering of other stuff too.
About Me
I am the rabbi of the Golders Green Synagogue in London. I also teach at the J.L.E. and L.S.J.S., work as a consultant for a number of Jewish organisations and I am a postgraduate student researching the Chassidic school of Sochaczew. My special areas of interest include Midrash, contemporary halachah and 19th century Polish Chassidic thought. I have been an avid book-collector (budget permitting) for close to 20 years. My wife, Vicki, is a mother and freelance journalist.
London, UK

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