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Bryn Hammond
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I began on Goodreads and my library remains more organised there.

I own a physical research library on the Mongols and other steppe peoples, which I've tried to put in virtual format here, with reviews. Failed to import my reviews from Goodreads so they are intermittent. This research is for my novels on the Mongols, under the name Amgalant.

Aside from that my loves are medieval (romances of chivalry) and what I call imagined fiction. In my past I've liked science fiction & fantasy and historical fiction, and there's an imaginative element that I find they have in common. Or, I just like elsewhere and otherwhen. I don't often visit my own century.

My dearest books are the Old English Beowulf and the works of Dostoyevsky. Random others: Don Quixote, Moby Dick, Pope's Iliad and Chapman's, Malory, The Once and Future King, The Faerie Queene, M. John Harrison's Viriconium, James Tiptree Jr, early Swinburne.
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